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Batgirl Cheesecake!

Batgirl Cheesecake!Popular
SubmitterMsVMore Photos from MsV   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2014/8/10 22:30
Hits4299  Comments3    
Joker has detained Robin and breaks in on Batgirl's aerobics workout.  Swiped my previous manip of BG and turned it sideways.  Swiped a Joker cosplay pic from a convention. Old-style cheesecake...  

La Bionda - the Jewel Thief

La Bionda - the Jewel ThiefPopular
SubmitterMsVMore Photos from MsV   CategoryOther Comics    Last Update2014/6/24 16:36
Hits4241  Comments3    
Franco Saudelli's La Bionda (The Blonde) was a fetish adult comic from the 1980's.  She was a jewel thief / heroine who ended up in ropes a lot.  This was simple - as a manipper sometimes you just find two pics that fit together.  Legs & buns from a leggings ad; top from a bra ad; jewels from Tiffany.

BatGirl Defuses the Bomb...

BatGirl Defuses the Bomb...Popular
SubmitterMsVMore Photos from MsV   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2014/6/19 8:00
Hits4057  Comments4    
Torso from cosplay bondage (removed the ropes and added the bat symbol); Rt. arm cosplay (made glove); left hand & gun cosplay; head from previous manip; left leg and right leg from spandex models; bomb from 3d peril pic; background & villain swiped from a dA pic and manipped.  

Lady Rocketeer

Lady RocketeerPopular
SubmitterMsVMore Photos from MsV   CategoryOther Comics    Last Update2014/6/17 23:43
Hits3317  Comments5    
Yet another retro pic based on Dave Stevens (RIP) Rocketeer & Bettie and on cosplayers who have brought this character to life as a heroine in her own right.  Classic Airplane from an air show; jacket & helmet from cosplay; Stockings from an ad; gun from the NRA; head from Jennifer Connoly, who played the part in the movie

Domino Lady - Mad Hatter

Domino Lady - Mad HatterPopular
SubmitterMsVMore Photos from MsV   CategoryOther Comics    Last Update2014/6/10 18:34
Hits3111  Comments5    
More Cult / Pulp / Retro: Domino Lady from numerous previous body parts. Made the hat.

Domino Lady Captures Nazi!

Domino Lady Captures Nazi!Popular
SubmitterMsVMore Photos from MsV   CategoryOther Comics    Last Update2014/5/31 22:10
Hits3021  Comments3    
Domino Lady gives Himmel her slip.  Nazi from A.R.Tiste; Dress / Slip from Macy's; Stockings from an ad; Head from Scarlett Johansen; Gun from Smith & Wesson; Portrait from the Third Reich; Lipstick from Clinique.

BG: "The Casque o Amontillado"

BG: "The Casque o Amontillado"Popular
SubmitterMsVMore Photos from MsV   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2014/4/22 11:32
Hits4157  Comments1    
My attempt to photomanipulate a recreation of "Detective Comics 401" (by the great, late Gil Kane - see reprint at bottom) which was loosely based on Edgar Allen Poe's short story "The Cask of Amontillado".  BG body parts from everywhere; Background swiped and manipped from a great poser pic at dA.  

Honey West Covered!

Honey West Covered!Popular
SubmitterMsVMore Photos from MsV   CategoryTV and Movies    Last Update2014/4/2 23:37
Hits2887  Comments1    
Honey West was a 1960's TV and Comic Book Detective who drove a '65 AC Cobra and a pet ocelot.

"Past Reborn" Electrawoman

"Past Reborn" ElectrawomanPopular
SubmitterMsVMore Photos from MsV   CategoryMonthly and other challenges    Last Update2014/3/24 23:52
Hits2448  Comments5    
This is an unfinished work but it related to the "Past Reborn" theme.  Electrawoman & Dynagirl wss a 70's TV live-action cartoon superheroine show on the Kroft Saturday show.  This pic is a manipip of a bunch of EW poser pics. I was also inspired by the Batman cartoon shows.  

Domino Lady ShootOut!

Domino Lady ShootOut!Popular
SubmitterMsVMore Photos from MsV   CategoryOther Comics    Last Update2014/3/24 20:07
Hits2749  Comments3    
Domino Lady cover from Moonstone Comics (kept the dress...).  Right and left legs from two lingerie pics; breasts from a bra add; head from a cosplay model; made hair; made blood & gun flare.Bang! Bang! I was on a roll...

Lady Domino's Wheels

Lady Domino's WheelsPopular
SubmitterMsVMore Photos from MsV   CategoryOther Comics    Last Update2014/3/23 21:50
Hits2633  Comments0    
Since these cult / retro / pulp pics seem to be popular, I thought I'd try another Domino Lady. Background swiped from Artiste1955 who swiped it from a 1958 Chevrolet promo ad; Miss Domino's slit-skirt gown from a comic cover; leg from a lingerie pic; head from Cameron Diaz; Gun from colt; syringe from a medical ad.

Domino Lady Dominated!?

Domino Lady Dominated!?Popular
SubmitterMsVMore Photos from MsV   CategoryOther Comics    Last Update2014/3/17 13:13
Hits3901  Comments7    
Pulp-Retro-Comic Heroine Domino Lady back again. (NOTE: I hope this is ok for the public gallery: it is story oriented; it is a re-creation of publicly available 1940's comics and pulps).

Domino Lady first appeared in 1936 Saucy Romantic Adventures (pulp) from Fiction House (pulps & comics).  She was California socialite/crimefightress (what else do debutants do?) after her DA father was murdered. Her weapons were a .45 and a knockout syringe (see props).

She was reissued by Eros Comics and more recently by Moonstone Comics and may still be available.

Background from Artiste 1955; Gun from cosplay pic; Head from cosplay superheroine; Legs from cosplay crime pic; Torso from cosplay lingerie pic; Dynamite from old Weatherman BG cosplay pic; detonator clock is 1961 "Doomsday Clock" from a Russian Bomber; Syringe from a medical site; made the chair. I'm exhausted.  

Inspired by Mikeall and Artiste1955.

Detective Cult Retro Magzine Cover

Detective Cult Retro Magzine CoverPopular
SubmitterMsVMore Photos from MsV   CategoryOther Comics    Last Update2014/3/9 20:28
Hits4523  Comments3    
Swiped & manipped body (same body different pose) from a detective mag; swiped head from a bondage pic and added hair; scanned in an old mag. Dedicated to Mikeall & Artiste1955.

Transforma Manipulated

Transforma ManipulatedPopular
SubmitterMsVMore Photos from MsV   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2014/3/7 19:17
Hits2421  Comments3    
Photomanipulation of Darth Paul's Transforma character (see original below). Swiped Machobubba's nude from the HAC Gallery; coloured her purple and manipulated her costume using some of Darth Paul's original.  Not really satisfied with it but I hope it's OK.

Cult / Retro / Pulp Fiction

Cult / Retro / Pulp FictionPopular
SubmitterMsVMore Photos from MsV   CategoryOther Comics    Last Update2014/2/22 20:07
Hits3398  Comments8    
Another attempt to recreate the Cult Retro Pulp magazine covers done by Mikeall and Artiste1955 (at dA).  Swiped the old cover from Mikeall; swiped the head from a retro pic; swiped the body from a lingerie pic; cockpit from a 1947 Tuvelo Bomber; clock she is staring at is a pic of the notorious  Russian "Doomsday Clock" fitted to bombers, submarines and underground bunkers in the event of WW III.  

PhotoManip of "Domino Lady"

PhotoManip of "Domino Lady"Popular
SubmitterMsVMore Photos from MsV   CategoryOther Comics    Last Update2014/2/5 21:47
Hits3718  Comments3    
Tribute to Mikeall's excellent cover for Domino Lady. (if this is offensive I'll take it down. This is the second time I've swiped and manipped his covers). Lady from a lingerie site; head from a blond; bad guy from a wine steward pic; wine from Bordeau (with ruffies added...). Hope you like it????  

BG, CatWoman and the Saw!

BG, CatWoman and the Saw!Popular
SubmitterMsVMore Photos from MsV   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2014/1/30 17:12
Hits9124  Comments0    
Remake of Batman TV Show and Detective Comics scene of Batgirl tied up for a "Pattern Cutter".  (Hope this is OK for the HM Gallery since it recreates a scene from comics & TV).  BG body from a previous nude I manipped; Head from an old Weatherman cosplay; Saw from a poser pic; Catwoman from Ertha Kitt TV promo still.

BaGirl and...Robin?

BaGirl and...Robin?Popular
SubmitterMsVMore Photos from MsV   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2014/1/25 15:42
Hits3558  Comments2    
BG body from a nude - digitally spandexed; head from a previous MsVee oic; thug made from pieces of a dA poser.  Similar to many of my pics but I liked it enough to post it.

BG - Stephanie - in Danger!

BG - Stephanie - in Danger!Popular
SubmitterMsVMore Photos from MsV   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2014/1/19 8:14
Hits3562  Comments0    
Legs from a spandex Cosplay; Head from a Cosplay; chloroform from Cosplay; made the rest...

BG: Bank Job!

BG: Bank Job!Popular
SubmitterMsVMore Photos from MsV   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2014/1/10 17:28
Hits3452  Comments0    
Will she wake up in time?! Legs from a cosplay; head from another cosplay; torso made by me; bank from a poser pic; chloroform and blackjack from Jr's stash...

BG: Beaten to the Punch!

BG: Beaten to the Punch!Popular
SubmitterMsVMore Photos from MsV   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2014/1/7 22:32
Hits3748  Comments4    
Put a digital Bodystocking on a nude; added a head from a previous manip; imported into a background swiped from a DAZ pic; imported a boxing glove from a Harley pic; unsnapped a belt from a cosplay tired of cleaning up edges...

Spicy Detective Honey West

Spicy Detective Honey WestPopular
SubmitterMsVMore Photos from MsV   CategoryOther Comics    Last Update2013/12/31 13:47
Hits3260  Comments4    
This is a tribute / rip-off of Mikeall's great pulp covers (which I swiped for the background). Pic is a manip of 3 different Cosplay pics manipped together to try to emulate old pulp covers and loosely based on the TV detective Honey West.

BG Drinks the Koolade

BG Drinks the KooladePopular
SubmitterMsVMore Photos from MsV   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2013/10/19 18:40
Hits3089  Comments0    
Sample Panel from my Comic.  Made BG out of a nude; background from poser; masked villain from cosplay.

BG Kidnapped to...

BG Kidnapped to...Popular
SubmitterMsVMore Photos from MsV   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2013/10/7 19:32
Hits2795  Comments2    
Last Episode BG was sold at auction modeling a gold navel bat-pin.

Batgirl Sold at Auction

Batgirl Sold at AuctionPopular
SubmitterMsVMore Photos from MsV   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2013/9/18 19:12
Hits3636  Comments3    
Page 7 of the Comic - with a new plot twist. First panel is a colourized manipped version of John Irving's interesting novel "In One Person"; BG's head is from model Melissa Jacobs - KnightGirl - from a parody video; Batman is from a cosplay pic; Bikini girl is from a swimsuit site, complete with "Iranian" background; BG head from a previous Vee manip (Carman Electra?); Flag from the U.N.  Stay tuned - next HeroMorph channel, next Vee time.              

WonderGirl Missing?

WonderGirl Missing?Popular
SubmitterMsVMore Photos from MsV   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2013/9/10 9:52
Hits3490  Comments2    
WG manipped from one of Machobubba's 3d models in HAC; dropped into a 3d pic from Captain Zammo at Wizards Lair; added villains head from a vid grab; WG's head from cosplay.  This is a reject for the ongoing comic: "Our Heroines Are Missing"

SpiderW - Kidnapped by Macho

SpiderW - Kidnapped by MachoPopular
SubmitterMsVMore Photos from MsV   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2013/9/4 19:38
Hits3485  Comments4    
Swiped one of Machobubbas great models from the HFC Gallery and manipped her into SW.  Pasted her into a Cosplay pic of WW being chloroformed.  Thanks Macho - hope it's OK!?

August Earworm - Mary Had...?

August Earworm - Mary Had...?Popular
SubmitterMsVMore Photos from MsV   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2013/9/2 13:17
Hits3240  Comments1    
Late entry.  Swiped my former Jr pic. Swiped the lamb from Mary. Swiped Mary Marvel from an old ElectraWoman manip and manipped her into a new costume. (the whole thing was a quickie). No actual digital animals were injured in the making of this pic.

BG Comic P. 6:  Flashback to the Beginning

BG Comic P. 6: Flashback to the BeginningPopular
SubmitterMsVMore Photos from MsV   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2013/9/1 18:36
Hits4158  Comments3    
P. 6 to the beginning of the comic.  Barbara Gordon overhears CW and HQ in the Gotham Library incorporating "Villains Incorporated" .  As Batgirl, she tries calling BC and WW... with no answer... CW from Arkham Asylum; HQ from a Daz pic; Barbara Gordon from a co_04 manip in the galleries;  BC from a DAZ pic in the galleries; BC face from CosPlay; BC legs from CosPlay; WW from previous MsV manip; BG from Cali Logan video clip.  Stealing is so exhausting!  

BatGirl: Heroines for Sale!

BatGirl: Heroines for Sale!Popular
SubmitterMsVMore Photos from MsV   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2013/8/30 20:37
Hits3650  Comments0    
Page 5 of the Photomanip Comic.  Swiped WonderWoman on the Pole from my old buddy BikerBot (see the Gallery original); swiped villains from a CosPlay; swiped Joker from the movie; swiped BG from my former manip.  Stay tuned for the next page - same bat time, same bat channel ...

Photo No. 1-30 (out of 78 photos hit)
(1) 2 3 »