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"Well, that was easy!" by Pijon and B

"Well, that was easy!" by Pijon and BPopular
SubmitterBMore Photos from B   CategoryOther Comics    Last Update2016/10/28 1:17
Hits1739  Comments6    
Hellboy glories in his defeat of the mighty Googam, Son of Goom!

(But Abe Sapien suspects his ally may have overlooked something...)


A collaboration between myself and Pijon. He did the linework, I did the colours. We've been wanting to work together for a while, and finally found the time to do so. Hope everyone enjoys the fruits of our labours!

Period Piece: (Squirrel) Girl with an Acorn Earring

Period Piece: (Squirrel) Girl with an Acorn EarringPopular
SubmitterBMore Photos from B   CategoryMonthly and other challenges    Last Update2015/9/4 15:27
Hits1721  Comments6    

I have no idea where this came from.


(With apologies to Johannes Vermeer, whose 'Girl with a Pearl Earring' this rips off, erm, homages.)

Ms. Marvel

Ms. MarvelPopular
SubmitterBMore Photos from B   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2015/7/29 19:50
Hits2392  Comments4    
Embiggened and ready to kick butt!


A "rendermanip" (for lack of a better term) of Kamala Khan, the new(ish) Pakistani-American Ms. Marvel.

Why? Because she's awesome, that's why.


SubmitterBMore Photos from B   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2014/11/25 18:31
Hits2585  Comments10    
A pic of the awesome new alternative universe Gwen Stacy Spider-Woman -- long may she wall-crawl.

(Update fixes a couple minor issues with the hood and seams.)

March Maddness: Fudd's Wevenge

March Maddness: Fudd's WevengePopular
SubmitterBMore Photos from B   CategoryMonthly and other challenges    Last Update2013/4/2 4:03
Hits2002  Comments11    
"One day, Wabbit (and I pway fow both ouw sakes that day nevew comes) THEWE SHALL BE A WECKONING!"

[Edited to fix a couple spots which I stupidly forgot to colour...]

Sky-Rider of the Spaceways

Sky-Rider of the SpacewaysPopular
SubmitterBMore Photos from B   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2012/9/14 19:19
Hits1895  Comments6    
Pijon was bugging me to do more 3D... (Well, okay, he mentioned it once on another site. Close enough) ...but sadly, I've never really dabbled in 3D costuming. My skills in the medium are basically limited to creating environments and rendering naked dudes.

So here, then, is a naked dude in an environment.

(Figure in DAZ, background in Bryce, minor postwork in Photoshop.)


SubmitterBMore Photos from B   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2012/9/5 18:52
Hits2687  Comments8    
Batgirls #2 (Cass Cain) and 3 (Steph Brown). Again. Just because. DC keeps giving me such excellent reasons to want to remind people of their existence...

Still kinda in a drawing mood, I guess...

Sketched and inked in Illustrator over a 3D reference; coloured in Photoshop.

Thanks to Starchild for an advance critique of the inks, and to OCP for a critique on my previous drawing that I could belatedly incorporate into this one!

[Added 09/03, edited 09/05 to fix (hopefully) a minor issue pointed out by Thayne that was kinda sorta irking me...]


SubmitterBMore Photos from B   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2012/8/26 14:49
Hits2023  Comments6    
My favourite colour.

Steph Brown again.

Just trying to shake some rust out of the old pencil and learn a bit of Illustrator... drawing's not really my forte, but I like this.

Kate Bishop: Hawkeye

Kate Bishop: HawkeyePopular
SubmitterBMore Photos from B   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2012/8/23 18:56
Hits4333  Comments14    
This is Kate Bishop, aka the awesome new girl Hawkeye from Marvel's excellent (if oft-delayed) Young Avengers series. I found some excellent archery stock photos by Kxhara on deviantART ( and decided I had to do something with 'em.

Cover Flip Challenge: Moving Day

Cover Flip Challenge: Moving DayPopular
SubmitterBMore Photos from B   CategoryMonthly and other challenges    Last Update2012/8/19 18:07
Hits1794  Comments7    
I was planning not to do any more of these, to give myself more time to work on "proper" art... then I saw this... could... not... resist...

Original is Hulk Special #1.

Cover Flip Challenge: Alfred E. Neuman, Agent of M.A.D.

Cover Flip Challenge: Alfred E. Neuman, Agent of M.A.D.Popular
SubmitterBMore Photos from B   CategoryMonthly and other challenges    Last Update2012/8/18 16:53
Hits1682  Comments4    
Desecrating the great Jim Steranko's Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD #4 by crossing it over with the purveyor of another well known set of spies...

Thanks to DarqueImages for the idea of replacing Nicky-poo with Alfred E. Neuman. I'm ashamed I didn't think of that myself!

[Edited to make Alfred's face fit in better; 'twas annoying me.]

Cover Flip Challenge: Secret of Obama

Cover Flip Challenge: Secret of ObamaPopular
SubmitterBMore Photos from B   CategoryMonthly and other challenges    Last Update2012/8/18 16:01
Hits1551  Comments3    
Poking a bit of fun at the kookiest brand of conspiracy theorist whackjob... How much you wanna bet there's people out there who seriously believe this?

(No specific political message here, folks. I'm Canadian, so I don't like either of your parties! )

House of Mystery #101. I saw the cover and just knew I had to do something with it.

Cover Flip Challenge: House of Bieber

Cover Flip Challenge: House of BieberPopular
SubmitterBMore Photos from B   CategoryMonthly and other challenges    Last Update2012/8/16 19:07
Hits1660  Comments5    
The victim is House of Mystery 269 plus a bit of (gods help us) Fame: Justin Bieber. No, i don't know why the latter comic exists. It clearly has no right to.

B's Influence Map

B's Influence MapPopular
SubmitterBMore Photos from B   CategoryMonthly and other challenges    Last Update2012/8/15 21:22
Hits2189  Comments9    
'cos 5x5 grids are for sissies.  

Divided by medium, of course. I tried to mostly stick to formative childhood influences, but there was a few more recent favourites I couldn't make myself leave out. Such as those that convinced me to again take up the virtual paintbrush last year, for a start...

And there still wasn't enough room for everything... I'd particularly have liked to add some non-comics writers. That would've gone something like: Tolkien, Pratchett, William Gibson, Philip K. Dick, Le Guin, and that Shakespeare feller. Maybe I should've included Antarctica...

[EDIT 08/16: I decided this map need a compass rose and some dragons.]

Cover Flip Challenge: My Little Wolverine

Cover Flip Challenge: My Little WolverinePopular
SubmitterBMore Photos from B   CategoryMonthly and other challenges    Last Update2012/8/15 21:08
Hits1656  Comments4    
Tee hee.

This was actually the fourth idea I thought of for this challenge, but I did it first because it was the only one for which I immediately knew what cover to use. The others are hopefully forthcoming. Apologies if I've offended any My Little Pony fans who've infiltrated HM. I know nothing about the show save that half the internet adores it and that it goes with Wolverine like a honey badger goes with the Hubble telescope (thus making it the perfect choice for this image).

Source: The Incredible Hulk #340

The Black Bat

The Black BatPopular
SubmitterBMore Photos from B   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2011/9/25 23:42
Hits4075  Comments7    
Cassandra Cain, formerly Batgirl II, in her new identity as the Black Bat. (Or possibly Blackbat. DC doesn't seem to be able to decide...) Another character I love who's currently in limbo thanks to the absolutely-not-a-reboot.  

DAZ base, photoshop costuming.


SubmitterBMore Photos from B   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2011/9/1 10:34
Hits3998  Comments13    
Been a while since I did one of these...

This is Stephanie Brown, MY Batgirl, star of the best book on the stands over the past two years. Now unceremoniously dumped in limbo so DC Editorial can indulge their Silver Age fetish by going back to Barbara Gordon (who in any case is far, far better as Oracle). Figured I oughta pay tribute before she goes...

DAZ base + Bryce background + Photoshop costuming. The face is based on Mia Wasikowsa.

[posted 8/25, updated 9/1]

Black Mary

Black MaryPopular
SubmitterBMore Photos from B   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2007/8/30 13:41
Hits3967  Comments11    
There was a bunch of images of the new bad girl version of Mary Marvel floating around, so I figured I'd show y'all how it's done. (Joke.)

I know not who the model is. Sorry, BB.


SubmitterBMore Photos from B   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2007/8/23 17:09
Hits3548  Comments11    
Hi, remember me?

My first post here in about 9 months or so... This is Dazzler in her New Excalibur costume. I wanted to do something involving power effects, and she seemed a good candidate. Body from Daz 3D, face collaged together from a variety of photos, costume and power effects from scratch.

The lighting on the face is wrong. I know this. I don't care enough to fix it. Thank you.

Daddy's Girl

Daddy's GirlPopular
SubmitterBMore Photos from B   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2006/9/10 20:54
Hits4478  Comments15    
Rose Wilson, aka Ravager, the daughter of Deathstroke the Terminator and current member of the Teen Titans. I've been working on this one for three and a half months, hopefully it was worth it. Before anyone (BB) asks, the model is mostly Vicky 3. I used Famke Janssen's chin, but it's so heavily altered it's not really her anymore.

Long detailed C2F art notes will be in the first post.

Ultimates: The Vision

Ultimates: The VisionPopular
SubmitterBMore Photos from B   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2006/3/5 16:47
Hits4503  Comments15    
Something I threw together for a C2F theme day while this site was gone. This is the Ultimate version of the Vision. Somehow, I found this one made me far more interested in doing a manip of her than the 616 version ever did... no idea why...

No, I don't know who the model is. (I mean, I know the body's a DAZ render. But the face...? Got me.)

Hope ya like it.

December Challenge: Xmas Gift for Winterhawk

December Challenge: Xmas Gift for WinterhawkPopular
SubmitterBMore Photos from B   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2005/12/25 0:58
Hits5824  Comments23    
Winterhawk signed up for C2F's XMas theme day, where artists are randomly selected to do request pics for another artist. Traditionally, these are manips of the artist making the request, but Hawk requested a pic of one of his favourite characters instead. (Apparently being manipped into Wonder Woman wasn't good enough for him.) I got picked as Hawk's Secret Santa, and this is my gift for him. Since Hawk is still primarily an HMorpher, I thought it was appropriate to post it here too so that everyone could go and lavish me with praise.

In case anyone wants a story behind this pic, my theory is that Blink's latest reality-saving mission is to deliver that Cabbage Patch Winterhawk doll under some poor sap's Christmas tree.

[EDIT: *sigh* Oops, I forgot to cater to BB's obsession. It's Sylvia Kaczmarek.]

Marvel Boy challenge - Jack Knight Ripoff Edition

Marvel Boy challenge - Jack Knight Ripoff EditionPopular
SubmitterBMore Photos from B   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2005/11/7 13:01
Hits2188  Comments9    
You happy now, Force?

My version of Marvel Boy. I couldn't think of any "proper" costume that was sufficiently distinctive to stick out from all the cool stuff other people have come up with, so I ended up going with the Jack Knight Starman option: t-shirt, jeans and jacket with some elements specific to the character (logo and bracers). There y'go, now you can all go and vote for someone else's version.


SubmitterBMore Photos from B   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2005/9/25 21:37
Hits6473  Comments20    
Yes, I've finally done a Supergirl manip. Pray for my soul. This was for a Cheesecake theme day at C2F (mmm, cheesecake...)

This is WWE diva Torrie Wilson as Linda Danvers, aka Peter David's version of Supergirl. I decided specifically to do this version of the character because (a) I'm a huge fan of PAD's work on her and (b) I cordially dislike the new version of Kara Zor-El and have some serious issues with her character and the writing in her series.

A side benefit of doing Linda is that it allows me to use a somewhat older model than I could for the teenaged Supergirl... but I'm still not a huge fan of the casting here. Ah, well.

Costuming from scratch, ditto the rooftop she's standing, the background is a photo of New York with some alterations. The sky and easter egg I made in 3D in Bryce.


JLA vs. Avengers by B and Dan

JLA vs. Avengers by B and DanPopular
SubmitterBMore Photos from B   CategoryOther Comics    Last Update2005/9/3 21:23
Hits4540  Comments22    
A collaboration between myself and Dan Perceful, this is a recreation of a page from JLA/Avengers #2. The (very, very long) art notes will be in the first comment.


SubmitterBMore Photos from B   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2005/7/31 17:56
Hits3283  Comments7    
This is a manip of two of the original characters I'm working with. On the right is Eve, who may be passing familiar to some folks (I've done a few other pics of her), on the left is her girlfriend, Chloe.

Not gonna go into too much detail about how I did what... the base pic was a 3D render in DAZ Studio (a freeware wannabe Poser clone, for the uninitiated), I stuck on the faces of Audrey Tautou (Eve) and Alexis Bledel (Chloe), made all their clothing from scratch, and did the background in 3D using Bryce 4 with some lighting and texture touchups in Photoshop 7. If anyone wants any more details, email or PM me, or take a look at the ridicolously detailed art notes for this image over at comics2film.

Hope y'like it.

Spring-heeled Jack

Spring-heeled JackPopular
SubmitterBMore Photos from B   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2005/6/19 15:42
Hits3941  Comments13    
This is my submission for the June challenge at Bold Comics.

Spring-Heeled Jack is a sort of urban legend of early Victorian London. I'm not sure what the deal is with this version of the character, but he's probably a scientist who experimented on himself, mutated into a weird, superhumanly powerful demonic creature, went borderline psychotic and became a (likely very violent) vigilante. Probably.

Photoshop, based on a photo of a crouching guy and another of Big Ben.


SubmitterBMore Photos from B   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2005/5/12 18:36
Hits7947  Comments29    
Songbird of the Thunderbolts -- one of my favourite characters.

The base pic was a girl jumping, the face is Dido (not cause I'm an especial fan, but because I wanted to use a singer to get this kind of expression, and she was the only one I could think of who looked even remotely right for the character). Costuming from scratch, energy effect from scratch, background done in the 3D program Bryce.


SubmitterBMore Photos from B   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2005/5/1 20:14
Hits2438  Comments4    
So, I wanted to do an Animal Man pic, cause there just aren't that many around. But I just couldn't get it to look right... the arm, that was the problem. It looked mummified and I just couldn't fix the damn thing! So, I got frustrated and erased the pic. Sorry.

Really, though...

Oldie alert! This is about a year old, it's not a recent pic at all.

I was posting some stuff over at Bold and came across a few pics I never posted here. And I figured, what the heck, why not post them here too?

This is "Mr. Stock Photography" as Grant Morrison's Animal Man. The body is entirely from scratch, based on photo reference. The background is a Bryce (3D program) wireframe. The pencil is a from-scratch Bryce model. The arm is *supposed* to be too small. That's why the pic's being erased, yeah? Anything else is a genuine screw up and is fair game for criticism.

Gallery of the Endless: Desire

Gallery of the Endless: DesirePopular
SubmitterBMore Photos from B   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2005/4/22 20:46
Hits3414  Comments8    
My fourth Endless pic: Desire, the anthropomorphic representation of love (and of hate).

The model was rome random smoking chick. The eyes are frankensteined in, the model's were closed. The lighter's mostly from scratch, ditto the flame. The backgrounds a microscope slide of lung cells. It was supposed to be heart cells, but this looked better. The text is from _Sandman_ #21.

Photo No. 1-30 (out of 48 photos hit)
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