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Mary Marvel New 52 - Lady Shazam?

Mary Marvel New 52 - Lady Shazam?Popular
SubmittercmezaMore Photos from cmeza   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2013/5/4 10:48
Hits2823  Comments7    
Here's my take on the new 52 Mary Marvel, only trouble is DC renamed Captain Marvel to Shazam so a name change is needed for Mary too... suggestions anyone?

This was done by maniping various illustrations found around the net, a new technique for me .

Emerald Amazon

Emerald AmazonPopular
SubmittercmezaMore Photos from cmeza   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2009/9/20 19:24
Hits3417  Comments16    
Wounded intergalactic peace keeper Abin Sur, heads to earth in hopes of refuge. His Green Lantern ring detects the perfect safe haven: the secluded island of Themyscira.
With his dying breath, the alien passes on his ring to the one selected as most worthy of the amazons, princess Diana.
With her newfound power ring Diana must decide if to take on the quest to protect sector 2814 or forgo the ring and accept the task of ambassador of peace, Wonder Woman.

Ok,  its been a while so I managed to work through my chronic procrastination and finally finish!.
This piece was made by frankesteining various action figures most notably CS Moore's She Dragon , Fathom and Witchblade models... enjoy!
A special thanks to the folks at the Hellfire club for the great design tips!

Spooky Marvel VS DC by OCP and Cmeza

Spooky Marvel VS DC by OCP and CmezaPopular
SubmittercmezaMore Photos from cmeza   CategoryMonthly and other challenges    Last Update2008/10/31 8:17
Hits3317  Comments8    
Its Marvel VS DC halloween style, our favorite heroes
and monsters all in one.
Starring FrankenHulk, MissMummy and WereWolferine Vs Superjason,
WonderWitch and BatVamp.
Let the voting begin, who would win this epic battle?

wonder woman sketch

wonder woman sketchPopular
SubmittercmezaMore Photos from cmeza   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2008/9/18 19:56
Hits2451  Comments7    
my first post on the 2d gallery! was sorting out some old files and came across this drawing I made ages and ages ago (maybe I should stick to maniping!) anyway thought I'd share it...Is it work a re-coloring? Or should it be stored back in the nostalgia folder? let me know what you think..

Lara-El Supergirl DK2

Lara-El Supergirl DK2Popular
SubmittercmezaMore Photos from cmeza   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2008/8/23 19:41
Hits3985  Comments11    
Daughter of Superman and Wonder Woman, Lara -EL.
I stumbled across this character while reading the Dark Knight Strikes Again, definitely the most interesting thing about the series...

The Return of Barbara Gordon

The Return of Barbara GordonPopular
SubmittercmezaMore Photos from cmeza   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2008/1/13 18:11
Hits4746  Comments13    
Amidst a worldwide crisis that has virtually every hero engaged elsewhere, Batman disappears mysteriously while someone has accessed Arkham security and freed the most dangerous villains upon Gotham. Gazing from her watchtour, Barbara Gordon (Oracle) must rise from her wheelchair and reclaim the mantle of the bat if Gotham is to survive. Will her new battlesuit and renewed confidence be enough to  appease the situation and find her former mentor before chaos takes over?

First post in about a year! This one was quite fun to do , as usual had lots of help from the thousands of alternative Batgirl suit designs floating in cyberspace, tips from the Hellfire Club and of course much help from Dr. Frankenstein.

Secret Santa DarkBlade's present: Blackfire

Secret Santa DarkBlade's present: BlackfirePopular
SubmittercmezaMore Photos from cmeza   CategoryMonthly and other challenges    Last Update2006/12/23 22:55
Hits3951  Comments17    
Only just made it This one was quite fun cause I had no clue who Blackfire was so it took a little research ... decided to include her sister Starfire (Teen Titans) too as an extra present...
Anyway , a very mery xmas to DarkBlade and Heromorphers everywhere!

Lady Heromorphed

Lady HeromorphedPopular
SubmittercmezaMore Photos from cmeza   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2006/12/10 19:24
Hits4655  Comments23    
Just a simple quicky tribute to our muse, the great Lady Heromorph, as designed by Biohaz.
Models: Adriana Lima (of course), Dj Wallis, Jelena Djordjevic and Katie Fey.

Elseworlds: emerald hawkgirl

Elseworlds: emerald hawkgirlPopular
SubmittercmezaMore Photos from cmeza   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2006/11/13 0:18
Hits4697  Comments19    
Growing up the daughter of Green Lantern John Stewart and Hawkgirl was not easy. Her mother firmly prohibited any intent to use her unique powers, whilst her father secretly trained her in the use of his ring.
But when the Green Lantern Corps recruits her as protector of New Thanagar's sector, she accepts her father's ring, not knowing that by doing so, she has sealed the fate of her parents marriage and created a new group of enemies in the planet she heads off to protect.  

Base model is Tyra Banks with extensive surgery by Dr Frankenstein. enjoy

Wonder W starspangled

Wonder W starspangledPopular
SubmittercmezaMore Photos from cmeza   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2006/8/15 11:02
Hits3908  Comments12    
As usual, its been a while since my last post, still a bit rusty but had to get back in the game. Finally payed a long overdue tribute to the amazon.

The Return of Jayna

The Return of JaynaPopular
SubmittercmezaMore Photos from cmeza   CategoryTV and Movies    Last Update2005/4/24 5:25
Hits3794  Comments15    
Her twin brother is found slain by forces unknown.
Her powers, unused for years, are gone.
Now, a reluctant heroine must reacquaint herself with a past life long forgotten.
Now, she must head out alone and come to terms with an unfamiliar purpose: revenge.
Can she regain her powers and uncover the shadow behind her brother's death?

lonely knight in Gotham

lonely knight in GothamPopular
SubmittercmezaMore Photos from cmeza   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2004/6/30 21:56
Hits5145  Comments17    
Salutations Heromorphers. This is my first submission (be gentle).
To be honest, if someone had said to me that Daisy Fuentes in a bat costume with a cape stolen from Alicia Silverstone on a background of Paris (minus the eiffel tower) would make a good idea for a manip, I wouldn't have believed them either.

Photo No. 1-12 (out of 12 photos hit)