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Silver - Old and Young

Silver - Old and YoungPopular
SubmitterMechaTravMore Photos from MechaTrav   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2012/7/31 23:20
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3 of a bunch. ;)

Tomoe on the left, 13; Vanessa on the right 21.

Here we have Vanessa Silverlynn before and after she began shadow work. Silver was born Tomoe, youngest daughter of the prestigious Ryuzaki family, one who could trace its lineage back to Feudal Japan. She was born an elf and so didn't have as a rough a time adjusting to the Sixth World as those who went through goblinization. In her youth, she was a rowdy, unpredictable tomboy, hell bent on raising as much of it as she could. Her family considered her the 'black sheep' and more or less wrote her off until a high-ranking official in Renraku Corporation, the megacorp her father worked for, noticed her beauty and 'persuaded' her father to betroth her to him in exchange for an upper management position. Hearing this, Tomoe ran away, even against the tearful begging of her twin brother Tomonobu. She fled into the night, bringing great dishonor to her family. She discovered later that her father soon vanished under strange circumstances.

Soon she found she had a knack for stealth, having to sneak and steal to keep from being caught. After a year or so on the streets, she came across a group of men attacking a lone person. Planning on robbing the man to support herself, she joined the fight, completely unprepared as the group turned on her as well. Her superior agility, youth, and a heaping helping of luck saw her and the man turn the tide of the fight, leaving two dead, three injured, and two others fleeing for their lives.

As she tried to sneak off after a moments' rest, she found herself restrained by the one who would have been her next nuyen.

"I saw what you did, don't even try to leave as though nothing happened..." A harsh whisper in her native tongue.

She turned to strike and soon found herself looking up through a red haze as the night slowly closed in.

Days later, she woke to find herself in a dimly lit cell. A single door with a small window provided the only view inside and out. The walls were plasteel, yet carved and stamped to resemble traditional bamboo. Angry fists pounded against the impassive door, high pitched insults and demands for release echoing into the empty hallway and up the stairs. A few moments of this brought the man who abducted her down the stairs and up to her window.

"Release me! Now!" she screamed defiantly through the bars.

The man answered by unlocking the door and kicking it open, sending her sprawling on the floor. He stalked in and jerked her head up by the hair, forcing her to look at his face. He traced a line of stitches down from his hairline to the lower area of his right jaw. "Do you see this?" He bellowed.

She spat in his face. He slammed her into the floor and raised her up again, grinning at the trails of blood streaming from her forehead and lower lip. Still she snarled.

"Someone owes me this blood, and you shall not be freed until this debt is paid. Prepare yourself, young killer. You work for me now." And with that he threw her across the room, his stalking steps and guttural laughter the last things she experienced as the night swept in yet again.

Over the next several years, she was roughly and brutally trained, her slightest mistake being met with bone crushing force. Her identity was stripped away, and a new one, forged in blood, both her own and that of her victims, was put in it's place. She went from a lowly street thug, killing people with lead pipes and loud firearms, to an elite assassin and intelligence gatherer, killing silently with razor steel and silenced gun, slicing through matrix security like a scalpel through flesh and extracting data like a malignant growth. In time she came to rely on her masters, as they had given her empty life purpose, though it was purpose hard earned. Her family would not recognize the young woman standing before them today, so different from the rotten child who ran away so long ago.

As she approached her 20th birthday, she chanced to ask her abductor of so long ago if she had paid her debt. A punishing backhand that sent her sprawling across the chamber brought him to his feet. He drew forth an immense sword from next to the table at which he sat, walking calmly towards her.

"Yes, your debt is paid, and I have no further use for you." He brought the enormous two-handed sword up and swung it down, hitting only air and carpet as the nimble assassin rolled away. No words were spared, though a seething rage burned in her shining, cybernetic eyes, a 'gift' the Heishino thought would serve them well. She drew her own sword, a custom built Ninja-to, and engaged the immense human in melee. The only sound was that of steel on steel, the occasional grunt as a kick or elbow told. The fight lasted for almost an hour, the student finally besting the master with a slash to his left thigh and a knee-breaking kick to his right, the tip of her blade resting at his throat.

The man smiled. "Finish me, assassin. Finish this and you will become the new leader of the Heishino. End me with honor." And he leaned forward, allowing a clean shot to his neck.

"No." And she kicked him in his chest, sending him up against the desk. She drew her pistol and leveled it at his head. "You took my youth, my innocence. You even saw fit to take parts of my body. You have no honor, dog." She fired once into his chest, curling him over in agony. She kicked him on to his back and took steady, cold aim at his head.

"And my name is Tomoe."

She had already turned to leave before the empty brass shell had hit the ground.

She fled Japan to Detroit, assuming the name Vanessa Silverlynn and starting over. Soon, she got teamed with a pair of lovely trolls and a new friendship was born.

Bianca - Old and Young

Bianca - Old and YoungPopular
SubmitterMechaTravMore Photos from MechaTrav   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2012/7/31 23:16
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1 of however many I want in-depth background of. :)

On the left, 16 year old Bianca; the right, 25.

At 16, Bianca began her Awakening with the startling realization she could channel mana, making her a magic user. She considered herself lucky, as her little sister had grown a foot taller and turned green earlier in the year, but displayed no particular abilities other than being stronger than any other girl in her school.

As Bianca's parents nurtured the two girls, trying to help through this strange time in their young lives, Bianca was revealed to be somewhat of a magical prodigy, wielding magics far too powerful for one as unskilled as she should have been. Her father sought out the guidance of an old friend, Ender Zephram, to help the young lady harness her energies and focus them.

In the summer of her 19th year, however, she changed as well. Oh, the difference an Awakening makes...

Helen - Old and Young

Helen - Old and YoungPopular
SubmitterMechaTravMore Photos from MechaTrav   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2012/7/31 23:15
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Long time no post, just trying to get back in the swing of things after some life issues.

2 of however many I do. :)

Helen on the left, 13; on the right, 21.

The summer before Helen's 13th birthday, she went to bed the weekend she got out of school, and woke up with her head against her bed's headboard and her now-green feet dangling off the end. She had goblinized overnight, as many metahumans do, and it nearly destroyed her. She panicked, running across the room, screaming and crying to wake her older sister Bianca. The elder, scared initially until she realized this tall, gangly green person was indeed her little sister Helen, tried to console her terrified baby sis until her mom and dad came running up the stairs. They knew what had happened, but it still didn't lessen the impact of seeing their once short, slim Helen changed into something completely different. The 12 year old was now standing eye to eye with her father! Her cocoa skin, a gift from her lovely mother, was now a dark green, causing her terrified blue eyes to stand out even more than they already had. For weeks, the young girl stay closed up in her room, refusing to come out for fear of ridicule even though it was happening to kids all over the world. 'Why me? Why me?' was all she could think of, tears streaming down her rage reddened cheeks. In a fit of despair she slammed her clothes chest with her fist, sending it flying across the room to dangle precariously out the window. After a few moments of terror that she might get punished, the thought occurred to her,

'Wait a minute, did I do that?'

She walked slowly over to the end of the chest she could reach and reached out a tentative hand to touch it. It didn't budge. She gripped the foot firmly and pulled gently, it slid in easily. Her eyes wide with disbelief, she gripped two of the feet and lifted; the old oak chest moved with little effort and she gently set it back into it's place.

Still staring at her hands, amazed that she just effortlessly moved a piece of furniture that took her dad and uncle two shifts to get in the house, she never noticed her parents and sister in her doorway, stuck in silent shock that their little girl just performed an impressive feat of strength.

After that, though she was still quite nervous, she agreed to come out and start living again. Her mother took her shopping for new clothes, (thought she kept some of her old pants as they were now tight 'capris') her sister introduced her to some of her friends who had goblinized before, one of which was another troll, and they alerted the school that she had transformed, so they could take the necessary precautions relating to classes like gym and other physical education.

Helen felt confident going back to school that year until the first recess period, where she was taunted and made fun of away from the teachers. Everyday for her first few weeks she came home crying, with small bruises all over her arms and back and spitwads in her hair, just for being different.

Her parents went to the school to complain and got a generalized 'we can't control what kids do outside of these walls.'

Even with her father's constant assurance that if she 'fought back, just once, they'd leave you alone', she still took the abuse, fully aware that she could kill one of these 'humans' if she got out of control. It was that same month, however, that her sister Bianca showed the kids in that school just how magic in the Sixth World looked...

Also, poor Helen was made fun of because her eyes and lips were a bit too big for her small face, but I think she grew into them quite nicely. :)

Motor City Runners

Motor City RunnersPopular
SubmitterMechaTravMore Photos from MechaTrav   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2010/6/10 1:20
Hits1217  Comments1    
A neat, but huge render of the Sisters Stoner. The background is kind of lame, but it was the only good pic of Detroit featuring the RenCen that I could find.

Hey, it looks better than solid gray or black, right? :P

This might be my first 'cover' if I ever get this story off the ground. ;)

Summer Time

Summer TimePopular
SubmitterMechaTravMore Photos from MechaTrav   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2010/6/6 22:44
Hits1569  Comments1    
This. Bikinis. Self explanatory. :)

Also, the 'CENRED' on Bianca's top is actually 'CENSORED' but the 'SO' is lost in her boobs. :P Can't think of a better place to be lost, actually. :D

Silver Scabbard

Silver ScabbardPopular
SubmitterMechaTravMore Photos from MechaTrav   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2010/6/4 18:10
Hits1551  Comments4    
A bit of creepy butt fascination under the guise of 'light experiment'. :P My elf covert ops Silver and her splendiferous rear end.

This actually was a lighting experiment. It just turned out very nice so I kept it. I'll start doing backgrounds eventually. :P

Helen Solo

Helen SoloPopular
SubmitterMechaTravMore Photos from MechaTrav   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2010/6/4 18:07
Hits1439  Comments1    
A re-shoot of my 'Helen Collector's Card'. I liked how that one came out and this one, a full body shot, looks a bit better I think. Just her bikini top, jeans, jacket, guns and lots of delicious green muscle. :)


Bianca Mid-Cast

Bianca Mid-CastPopular
SubmitterMechaTravMore Photos from MechaTrav   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2010/6/4 18:03
Hits1288  Comments1    
My troll mage Bianca tossing one spell or another. What I like most about this is the way her face turned out, and the outfit in general. For thos wondering why a mage is wearing jeans, cowboy boots and a midriff top, this is Shadowrun. It happens. :P

Enjoy and sorry about the HUEG file. The smaller res one just didn't look nice enough. :)

New machine, new images. :)

New machine, new images. :)Popular
SubmitterMechaTravMore Photos from MechaTrav   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2010/5/30 20:29
Hits1872  Comments4    
Long time no post everyone. I got me a new a machine now and have been testing it's rendering capacity, and I must say I'm pleased. :)

The first one off my new mcahine is of all four of my heroines mugging for the camera. I'll post up more of the dwarf in the back shortly.

Silver's Collector Card

Silver's Collector CardPopular
SubmitterMechaTravMore Photos from MechaTrav   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2009/12/11 7:24
Hits1281  Comments1    
And the last CC, the elf assassin Silver. A bit dark, I know, but it turned out okay, so I kept it.

Last of three

Silver Assassin

Silver AssassinPopular
SubmitterMechaTravMore Photos from MechaTrav   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2009/8/28 15:44
Hits1258  Comments1    
My elf assassin, Silver. I emphasized the darkness in this pic, as she normally works under cover of night with her pistol of choice, a Mk24 SOCOM II Silenced. Her eyes are normally a silvery-black, but I plan to use different colors of glow to represent her separate vision modes, in this case green for night vision. Also, due to her smartlink, the laser is pointless, I just thought it looked cool. :p

Helen Comparison

Helen ComparisonPopular
SubmitterMechaTravMore Photos from MechaTrav   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2009/2/6 19:41
Hits1841  Comments2    
Been a while, I know. Computer problems and other crap.


I got things sort of straightened out and started tinkering with Daz again. For some reason, my original hair style for Helen wouldn't render and would kick me out of the program, so I gave her a new one.

Figures though, after fooling around with the new style for hours, messing with fit, style, and color, the old one magically works again... And now I can't decide which one I like more. :P

New style on the left, old on the right.

Nothing To Lose

Nothing To LosePopular
SubmitterMechaTravMore Photos from MechaTrav   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2008/10/9 0:56
Hits2041  Comments6    
Her's my elf again, Silver, taking on a werewolf in downtown Detroit. (Yes, this is an occurrence that could happen in the Shadowrun universe.) I know the lighting sucks, as it's one of the things I'm having the hardest time learning, but I imagine this to be a scene late at night, under a street light, with no one else around. She's a wizard with blades and brass knuckles, which from this point of view are obscured in shadow. And the wolf is in a generic pose because every time I tried to move him my machine locked up for a bout 5 minutes so I just said 'To hell with it.' :P

Also, her sword is quite ordinary but her brass knuckles are impregnated with pure silver, meaning they can't stop a hit for crap but she can punch holes in weres and vampires alike, her only other advantage being her agility, as she's faster than pretty much anything on the street or in the shadows.

This took 6 hours to render... eeesh...

Hope everyone likes it though! :P

Winterhawk's She Hulk and my own version.

Winterhawk's She Hulk and my own version.Popular
SubmitterMechaTravMore Photos from MechaTrav   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2007/7/1 12:57
Hits3584  Comments9    
hey guys. I'm new to this 3d modeling thing, so go easy on meh, okay? :P

In this pic, we have She-hulk as laid out by Winterhawk, a lovely set of textures and I can see a lot of work went into her!

Next to her, is my 'slightly' modified vision of her, having considerably more bulk and, um, 'roundness'. Yup. For as long as I have been into comics, I've always thought Jen could use a little more muscle, and I've tried to balance a powerful build with a bit of sexiness too. my girl says she loves it, but I think she might be biased. ;)

I'll post more if anyone would like to see them.

What do you think?

Photo No. 1-14 (out of 14 photos hit)