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Submitterbonds0097More Photos from bonds0097   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2007/11/8 9:17
Hits2771  Comments3    
Just a quick figure study to test some textures I made for my next Superboy render. I tried to match the costume colors from Superboy #8, so they're definitely lighter shades than the modern-day Superman costume.

The specularity and bump might be somewhat off, the textures were optimized for V-Ray but I just went ahead and rendered this in Poser since it's just a test. The actual image (which will also be from Superboy #8) should look better.

In an alternate version, I did some funky things to this image with Painter X but it didn't come out so great, I need to learn more about that program. :)

Superboy - The Early Years - Part 1

Superboy - The Early Years - Part 1Popular
Submitterbonds0097More Photos from bonds0097   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2007/11/7 9:42
Hits2878  Comments4    
The first in a series of nine images I'm planning for everyone's favorite boy of steel, Kon-El/Connor Kent. I plan on doing three images in each one of his costumes and hopefully capture some memorable moments (the first pic for each costume will be a pin-up though) and do justice to the hero that died battling Superboy-Prime during Infinite Crisis.


Submitterbonds0097More Photos from bonds0097   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2007/11/4 12:55
Hits2361  Comments8    
Pete is DAZ's D3 wearing his clothing pack.
Spidey is DAZ's D3 with Sturkwurk's awesome textures and Sharby's incredible spidey mask.

Rendered in V-Ray with no postwork save for the names.

Waiting for my Future to Come

Waiting for my Future to ComePopular
Submitterbonds0097More Photos from bonds0097   CategorySci-fi    Last Update2007/10/14 22:06
Hits2251  Comments3    
Can this be all there is?

Smackdown Round 4 - Black Adam vs. Mar-Vell

Smackdown Round 4 - Black Adam vs. Mar-VellPopular
Submitterbonds0097More Photos from bonds0097   CategorySmackdown    Last Update2007/10/10 7:52
Hits2336  Comments6    
A glimpse of what is to come. I plan on having the full image done by the end of the week, a full-page multipanel affair.

Kayresh the Vampyr Lord

Kayresh the Vampyr LordPopular
Submitterbonds0097More Photos from bonds0097   CategoryFantasy    Last Update2007/9/30 17:26
Hits1999  Comments3    
For thousands of years, Kayresh the Vampyr Lord has ruled the land of Janir in a state of eternal darkness and fear. How Kayresh came to be the grotesque creation that he is remains a mystery to all; what is known is that he is rutheless and brutal, all to willing to spill the blood of innocents to achieve his ends.

Recently, the neighboring kingdom of Yalynor experienced a stint of turmoil after its beloved ruler, King Jeremor was brutally murdered by an unknown assassin. Fortunately, a mysterious savior known only as the Traveler appeared and assumed control of the land, wooing the late King's daughter in the process. The Traveler is well-liked by his newfound people but he is a stranger nonetheless, and Kayresh hopes to capitalize upon the kingdom's instability and take it as his own, destroying the Traveler if need be.

Now, as Kayresh confronts the Traveler in his throne room, he is about to find out that wherever he's from, the Traveler is known for his martial prowess!

WH40K - The Aftermath

WH40K - The AftermathPopular
Submitterbonds0097More Photos from bonds0097   CategorySci-fi    Last Update2007/9/25 15:34
Hits2154  Comments3    
Meet Sgt. Jax, Cpl. Kael and LCpl Barradin, marines of the Ultramarine Chapter's 3rd Company.

This is my very first WH40K render, so I'm still getting used to the subject matter.

Dawn of the Empire - Ban Chitorn

Dawn of the Empire - Ban ChitornPopular
Submitterbonds0097More Photos from bonds0097   CategorySci-fi    Last Update2007/9/15 17:24
Hits2295  Comments3    
It has been nearly 30 years since the assassination of Emperor Pax and his family, and the galaxy has been plunged into a state of barely controlled anarchy as various factions vie for control of the once mighty empire. As anarchist forces seek out the sole rumored survivor of the imperial assassination, so too do remnants of the imperial force, hoping to find an heir to restore to his rightful place on the imperial throne. Meanwhile, the rest of the galaxy still struggles to pick up the pieces of a fallen empire and return to business as usual. Will the galaxy recover? Will the anarchists triumph over the imperialists once and for all? And who is this man?

Black Adam and the Black Hole - Epilogue

Black Adam and the Black Hole - EpiloguePopular
Submitterbonds0097More Photos from bonds0097   CategorySmackdown    Last Update2007/9/3 15:57
Hits2527  Comments6    
This took me way too long, remind me never to use Poser's Shader Tree in Vue, ugh...

Black Spidey

Black SpideyPopular
Submitterbonds0097More Photos from bonds0097   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2007/8/27 23:08
Hits2534  Comments6    
In honor of Yunner's release of his awesome Black Spidey texture for V3, I decided to make an image with it. I went ahead and put it on David and created a matching mask texture for Sharby's awesome Spidey Mask. Add in Sturkwurk's incredible cityswinger poses and you have a fairly cool Spidey image. This was a nice little break from angel renders and I'm certainly pleased with the result. Enjoy and thanks for looking!


Spidey - David 3 by DAZ
Suit Texture by Yunners at HM
Mask by Sharby, texture my own.
Pose is from Cityswingers pack (available at Renderosity) by Sturkwurk.
Scene is Abandoned by Robotmonster.

Rendered in Poser 7 and postworked in Photoshop CS3.

The Rage of Sparta

The Rage of SpartaPopular
Submitterbonds0097More Photos from bonds0097   CategoryOther Comics    Last Update2007/8/22 0:11
Hits2481  Comments4    
My attempt at honoring King Leonidas of Sparta. The scene was rendered in Vue 6 Infinite and then postworked in Photoshop. I tried to achieve a grainy washed-out but high contrast feel. I'm fairly pleased.

Almost everything is a DAZ product here except for the sword and scabbard, which comes from the greek sword pack on renderosity.

Spiderman - The Grave

Spiderman - The GravePopular
Submitterbonds0097More Photos from bonds0097   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2007/8/7 17:29
Hits2602  Comments6    
Inspired by Amazing Spiderman #525 from 'The Other' story arc.

I'm quite pleased with how it came out but once I figure out how to use Cinema 4D properly, I think I'll re-render and add some particle rain and rippling puddles. :)

Spidey is Daz's David wearing his Utra Bodysuit. Scene is from DAZ's Graveyard and Lost in the Graveyard from Renderosity. Special thanks to Sharby for letting me use his awesome mask and Sturkwurk for his incredible textures.

As always comments and criticisms are more than welcome.

Pirate Vs. Ninja

Pirate Vs. NinjaPopular
Submitterbonds0097More Photos from bonds0097   CategoryFantasy    Last Update2007/8/6 1:06
Hits2113  Comments3    
I made this for a friend's birthday card.

Figure is DAZ3D's David with Rogue body morph. One is wearing the Pirate Set and the other is wearing the Defender of D'Akir set.

Smackdown - When Gods Meet - Part 3

Smackdown - When Gods Meet - Part 3Popular
Submitterbonds0097More Photos from bonds0097   CategorySmackdown    Last Update2007/8/5 23:48
Hits2281  Comments8    
This is my first time rendering in Vue, so I apologize if the quality isn't great. I swear, I'm finally getting used to one program and I switch to another!

Anyway, this was a fun one. :)

Shadow of the Bat

Shadow of the BatPopular
Submitterbonds0097More Photos from bonds0097   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2007/8/1 1:10
Hits2427  Comments5    
Bruce is standing in his study in front of a portrait of his parents, contemplating or whatnot, while the shadow of his true self looms behind him. My original idea was to have Bruce in some sort of everyday situation, say a WayneCorp board meeting, with the shadow behind him but I like this more because it incorporates his dearly departed mom and dad.

I tried to go for a sad, but not too sad, expression on Bruce's face. He is the Batman after all, not some whiny emo kid. :) Hopefully I pulled that one off.

For the painting, I rendered an old couple and then postworked the render to look like a painting (in CS3) and put it in the frame.

I used a bunch of stuff for this render, mostly DAZ products and of course P3DA's awesome superhero cowl (converted to work with David). The figure is the same as the one in my previous Batman Pic (he's actually wearing his costume in this picture but it's invisible :)).

The render was done in Poser 7 with very little postwork. I rendered the background, shadow map, and foreground figure separately and then composited them in CS3. The shadow is actually off because originally one of the ears was in a dark area of the painting and couldn't be scene. I was going to re-render it all but I made this pic for an Animotions challenge and didn't have to time so I just moved things over and tried to fix it with photoshop.

Again, comments, criticisms and suggestion are always greatly appreciated.

Oh, and another thing... the ledge on which the painting is sitting is all messed up. I'm not sure what happened but I think it could have been because I had smooth polygons on when I rendered, any other ideas? I'd like to prevent something like that from happening in the future.

Midnight Vigilance

Midnight VigilancePopular
Submitterbonds0097More Photos from bonds0097   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2007/7/29 17:06
Hits2539  Comments4    
Just another night for the Dark Night.

This is the first in a series of Batman Renders I plan on doing.

Basic figure is DAZ's David. Cowl is from P3DA's superhero pack, adjusted to fit David. Cape is ODS's awesome dynamic cape. Batman texture by me. Rooftop part of Urban Living by Stonemason and the sky background was done by me in Vue.

Comments are very much appreciated, I'm very very new to this. :)

Superhero Smackdown 2 Round 1 - Black Adam Pin-Up

Superhero Smackdown 2 Round 1 - Black Adam Pin-UpPopular
Submitterbonds0097More Photos from bonds0097   CategorySmackdown    Last Update2007/7/28 18:15
Hits2367  Comments4    
Once known as Teth-Adam, the champion of Khandaq, he was corrupted by rage when his family was murdered and his country desecrated. As punishment, the wizard Shazam confined him to a scarab for thousands of years.

Now Black Adam has returned. From high above, he observes the mayhem below and decides to join the fray. Only time will tell whether Adam is truly a villain or hero.

Black Adam

Black AdamPopular
Submitterbonds0097More Photos from bonds0097   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2007/7/18 22:26
Hits2493  Comments4    
My take on the coolest DCU character around.

Photo No. 1-18 (out of 18 photos hit)