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End Game.jpg
End Game.jpgPopular
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   Last Update2015/8/3 7:15
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Finally, I track that sonofabitch down, and after another foot chase he tries to give me the slip by hopping in his ship again but I'm one step ahead of him this time and as I leap from the flight deck a thousand feet above the planet's surface, I summon the Wraith. In an instant it appears beneath me as if by magic. A split second later and I'm on his ass. For the first time since this began I have the upper hand and Razor knows it. He points his nose to the ground no doubt he figures his smaller ship can outmaneuver mine. He's wrong, the Wraith is a flying death machine of grace and beauty and she moves with agility unheard of for a craft of her size. We skim the surface just a few feet off the ground and around obstacles weaving in and out at blinding speeds. I never look at the controls keeping my eyes on the tiny craft as Razor desperately tries to escape. I know he wants to hyper-jump but he can't while I'm on him. He dips down into a canyon but it won't help him, the Wraith easily navigates the twisting terrain. Suddenly he pulls straight up and takes off like a shot. He's making a break for it but that won't help him either. I arm my cannons and fire randomly, I don't want to kill him just make him panic. As we clear the planet's atmosphere we scream towards a nearby asteroid field. Suddenly I hear Razor's voice over my comms.
"You know you can't catch me right? Not in that bulky thing. Sure you've got speed and you can maneuver in atmosphere but my ship was built for space. You won't win."
There's too much rage inside me and all I can muster is the phrase.
"You're a dead man."
He heads for a nearby asteroid field and we bob and weave though rocks the size of mountains and as soon as he's clear he makes the jump...just like I planned. I get his coordinates and punch them into the nav computer and make the jump to hyperspace. I come out just in time to see his tiny little craft slow down, he thinks he's lost me and that's when I let loose with a torpedo, it detonates taking out his shields and it's a simple matter for my guns to take him down. he treats off towards a nearby planet, at full burn, another base presumably. As we breach the atmosphere a dozen Hadean fighters join the fray, their funeral. I launch several F.A.F. (fire and forget) drones and continue after Razor. The drones will make short work of any pilots that were stupid enough to attack me. Their small size makes them hard to target and they pack considerable firepower. Razor's ship continues to fall apart and I watch as one of his engines explodes bursting into flames, an engine panel whizzes by my canopy but I never flinch. My scanners pick up a base nearby and I lock onto it with a heavy torpedo. The torpedo detonates a split second later leaving a gaping hole and destroying any possibility of rescue for Razor. His crippled ship makes a bee line for one of the few remaining hangars and I'm right on his tail. His landing isn't graceful in the slightest and he tears up the runway . As soon as the wraith is close enough I leap from the cockpit and onto the flight deck. Razor stumbles out of the wreckage with the grace of newborn foal. In an instant I'm on him, but I discover all too quickly that his clumsy staggering was a ruse. His blade narrowly misses my head as I slide under the stroke. I grip the ground fwith my gauntleted fingers for traction to slow my speed, and turn to face him in a three point stance. My blade instantly teleports into my hand and we square off. His armor is an even match for my own so just like our last encounter this fight is gonna come down to skill. Our swords clash, and I'm certain my 2 dimensional infinitium sword will easily lop his bullshit mythril blade in half, but no. One deadly slash after another and the sparks fly. Again and again, we test each other's skills and it looks like a stand off until I do something unexpected...
"Razor, you know you did something stupid right?"
"Oh, and what pray tell, is that?" We are evenly matched, there's no way you can take me."
"you're right." I say with a smile, "But you took too long to finish me and let this fight last long enough for my sword to charge. So you'll be fighting it instead of me."
Oh how I wish I could seen the look on his face as I release the handle and the enchanted sword flies of it's own free will. It is a sight to behold, and there's no way Razor can't keep both me and my blade in his sights, and I take full advantage. I tackle him to the floor with an impact hard enough to send his blade flying. Sitting on top of him I begin slamming my fist into his head repeatedly. Razor tries to use his clawed fingers to slice my mask while grabbing my wrist in his other hand. I edge my fist closer and closer to his face and just inches away I release the hidden mythril blade from my cybernetic arm I can feel the sudden panic as he doubles his effort to claw my face off.
"You, can't beat me like this Obsidian, our armors are too evenly matched. NNgh What do you argh, hope to accomplish?"
"We were evenly matched, until you cut my arm off."
I don't switch off the mic, as I tell my onboard computer:
"Computer, transfer additional power to cybernetics!"
Slowly my Arm-blade creeps toward the underside of his jaw millimeter by precious millimeter as he feels the point he tilts his head away but to no avail, the tip moves steadily closer. As the blade cuts through his armor he makes a sickening gurgle and I feel his grip tighten, as the tip sinks through the roof of his his mouth and into his brain he he squeezes tightly, his right hand opens and closes as if trying to grasp some unseen object and then suddenly with a final spasm and a shudder he ceases to be. His body relaxes and the blade plunges to it's full length until I can see an inch of the it poking out of the top of his helmet. I give a final twist for good measure and his body convulses violently and then goes limp. At last I have my revenge, the clan has it's debt, and I have his I walk back to my hovering ship I never look back, tossing an anti-matter grenade over my should as I leap into the cockpit. A moment later as my craft screams through the atmosphere the base explodes with 10 megatons of explosive power. I head back for the Lillun, with a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. Killing is never easy for me and killing slowly is even less so. I think I'm gonna go get drunk.

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Poster Thread
Posted: 2015/8/6 22:38  Updated: 2015/8/6 22:38
The Great Eternal Dragon
Joined: 2004/2/9
From: Edmonton,Alberta,Canada
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 Re: End Game.jpg
Posted: 2015/8/3 18:55  Updated: 2015/8/3 18:55
Joined: 2012/12/23
From: Oxford Michigan
Posts: 1088
 Re: End Game.jpg
One of us has a quirky monitor, Because I added grays and light as you suggested. I can see them clearly, I even differentiated their under armor patterns to make them easier to distinguish. So the question is How to make a scene that is contrast correct on all monitors...Not possible. So I have to work with what I've got and that's a TV. LOL Thanks for the suggestions though they are very much appreciated.
Posted: 2015/8/3 15:38  Updated: 2015/8/3 15:38
Kling on HM (WebMaster!)
Joined: 2004/7/19
From: My Box
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 Re: End Game.jpg
This image is kickin'!!! Great effects, camera angle, environment It all looks good!! Here comes the "BUT" But, other than the two helmets, most of the action is muddied up by lack of contrast in the costumes, or adding a little bit more ambient light, or even a soft direct spot to add a little light to the black mass that is two guys fighting, I think.
Other wise, great work.