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SubmitterMachobubbaMore Photos from Machobubba   Last Update2013/5/17 22:23
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After weeks looking around the forum to fix some Duplicate Formula, with the Head Morph, once I finally found a fix... I had to use it...

Zorr rides again

Zorr rides againPopular
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   Last Update2016/5/21 2:24
Hits614  Comments2    
A new character on the scene Roberto de la Vega descendant of the infamous Don Diego de le Vega dons his own mask in the fight against evil...armed with his Plasma Rapier and his Neuro-Whip and with his cyber steed Toranado 4.8...Zorro rides again!


Submitterhiram67More Photos from hiram67   Last Update2014/12/16 13:20
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SubmitterisiMore Photos from isi   Last Update2010/6/24 5:42
Hits1901  Comments3    
This is a personal project i started today...

I want to introduce in a more heroic way the 12 Greek Gods Of Olympus...

Im introducing Zeus the King of the Gods in Greek mythology. He is also called the "Father of Gods and men". He ruled the Olympians of Mount Olympus in ways representative as both a father as head of the family and a king. He was the god of sky and thunder in Greek mythology.


SubmitterlordcoyoteMore Photos from lordcoyote   Last Update2010/1/27 21:28
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SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   Last Update2015/4/11 0:29
Hits751  Comments3    
Many worlds have certain bans on select types of technology firearms, vehicles, and mecha, as well as aircraft, are often the most common contraband. On those rare occasions Obsidian has been known to comply with local authorities (Who are most often IGFW or worse yet Deities) and uses less conventional means of travel such as this Cyber-Horse. The steed itself, weighing in at 1200 lbs boasts some of the greatest firepower in his arsenal capable of obliterating entire cities (Which can be removed and stored) The horse also boasts a holographic matrix which can disguise it as any native 4 legged steed. The horse can run at speeds in excess of 265 mph and leap nearly 150 yards in a single bound. It cannot fly though it can use a limited boost leap vertically nearly 200 yards. As non-conventional construct the steed cannot be damaged by conventional weapons. It possesses a scanning package that allows it to be used to extend a small scanner's range by a factor of 10. The steed is capable of fighting independent of it's rider and can do considerable damage (like be attacked by a pair of wrecking balls. Obsidian's steed can pulverize non-conventional armored vehicles like paper.   As implied it has organic components in the inner frame, a horse's brain or at least parts of one, Obsidian say this feature is critical to give his steed a measure of unpredictability, instinctiveness, and loyalty you just can't get in an AI the horse's brain is augmented by an advanced AI which allows the steed to communicate effectively with Obsidian...His steed's name incidentally is Onyx.

Zero-Men Comic Cover

Zero-Men Comic CoverPopular
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   Last Update2014/5/3 23:05
Hits799  Comments3    
This is the official Cover for my Comic book. The one seen on this site was a quickie created with existing images but this one was made from multiple layers and is specifically for the comic. I hope you all like it.

zero hour

zero hourPopular
Submittervash99More Photos from vash99   Last Update2014/1/20 3:28
Hits980  Comments5    
my new pic and yes i would buy this album
"the latest band on the market zero hour with their first album femme fatale vol. 1"


Submitterhalcon89More Photos from halcon89   Last Update2017/1/3 12:15
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Submitterhalcon89More Photos from halcon89   Last Update2018/7/5 12:56
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Submitterhalcon89More Photos from halcon89   Last Update2018/3/19 11:37
Hits185  Comments2    


Submittervash99More Photos from vash99   Last Update2012/1/22 2:35
Hits957  Comments0    
meet yuki the demon buster her fragment is called sharp"can make any item deadly sharp as long as its in her possession" inspired by the anime needless shes also kinda flighty and a well known flirt  


Submittervash99More Photos from vash99   Last Update2012/1/10 1:33
Hits1065  Comments1    
this is inspired by the anime rosario vampire meet the demon witch yui  

Your Planet Your call.jpg

Your Planet Your call.jpgPopular
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   Last Update2015/5/28 5:24
Hits773  Comments7    
On his many travels across the Multiverse obsidian has come across some of the most notable people in all of sci-fi so it is no surprise to find that he counts Major Matoko Kusanagi among his many allies. Although since she is a police officer Obsidian defers to her authority while visiting her world. In truth Obsidian is not overly fond of cyborgs feeling too much is lost for what little is gained. Especially when power armor can give you the same advantages without having to sacrifice body parts...Besides which the full prosthetic cyborgs on this world could never harness magic. And technology is incredibly susceptible to Technomancy spells having no defense against such magics at all..


SubmitterlordcoyoteMore Photos from lordcoyote   Last Update2017/7/16 13:01
Hits422  Comments3    
Just what part of NIGH INVULNERABLE do they not ever get?

Your balls or mine? part 2

Your balls or mine? part 2Popular
SubmitterMasterchiefMore Photos from Masterchief   Last Update2009/1/31 10:13
Hits2307  Comments6    
I think it was Wolf that said he would have liked to see her using the 8 ball as an intracal part of the ballgag, so I am granting his wish. Wolf you are always quick to post a comment and a kind work. So this render is for you!
I hope you like her.
P.S.: for those of you waiting for a fetish image from me
I will be posting some of those too, soon I hope.

You will not

You will notPopular
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   Last Update2015/7/22 1:19
Hits792  Comments3    
Harley has a major conniption, as soon as i tell him of the Clan's decision, but he relents and accepts it. "Besides" he adds "She's kinda cute."
With that out of the way I manage to get back on track and hunt down that bastard that took my arm.  We finally track him down to a lava type planet within the Hadean Galaxy and under cloak. The lead indicates that he'll be in a refinery that has discovered a rich vein of Mythril.  The same metal the sword he used to remove my arm was made of.  Harley and I head planet side and begin hunting our quarry.  No sooner do we hit planetside when we are greeted by not less than 4 heavily armed hired guns.

In a pitched battle we manage to finish them off and since there's a shit load of lava getting rid of the corpses is easy.  

The suddenly, out of nowhere Harley lets out a scream, I turn to see him holding his stomach and standing a few feet away is Razor!

"Ha Ha Ha, Looks like your Chunin is still a little green."

"You got joke I see, I'll have you smiling out of the other side of your face."

"I see you got your arm fixed....Cybernetics huh? I should've known that cutting off a limb even one you couldn't heal wouldn't slow you down. New armor too? Looks like I made you rethink your whole strategy. Well you're not underestimating me anymore now are you?"

"I'm going to slit your throat and watch you bleed out as i watch the life fade from your eyes."

"That's a bit dark for you Obsidian...but then maybe that's who you really are. How about this, I kill your friend here while you watch!"

He raises his sword to land the killing blow when a purple blur lands in front of Harley blocking the deadly strike, and for a moment Razor looks stunned.

"Lady Orchid?"

"None other you bastard."

"What have you to do with these Gaijin?"

"You will not harm that which is mine!!! If you so much as touch one more hair on his head you WILL deal with me, and we both remember how that went last time don't we? Yes, you remember it like it was yesterday, only this time I won't be as merciful."

I can only stand there in stunned silence and while my mouth utters the phrase "DAFUQ?" no sound ever escapes my lips.  Zaeerah? It can only be her and apparently she has beat Razor at some point.  I'm floored, I assumed the Clan sent me some rookie Genin but I should have known better.

"Very well Lady Orchid, you can have your precious little Chunin his day, maybe I'll kill him later."

"If you  come near him again I'll carve out your heart and show it to you while it's still beating."

"Until we meet again Obsidian..."

Razor turns and bolts off.

Enraged I scream "Not this time you son of a bitch..." and tear off after him.  I give chase and he leads me on but good but there's no escaping me  this time...He manages to give me the slip and makes it to his ship...I pull out my pistol and lock an anti-matter grenade.  I pull the trigger and his tiny ship explodes into dust. As I admire my handiwork the Lillun calls me and informs me that another ship just jumped to hyperspace...  Dammit, he got away again!!!!   The Lillun can't jump to hyperspace, no hyperdrive, a critical flaw I intend to fix.  Until next time you bastard.

You know he's dead right?

You know he's dead right?Popular
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   Last Update2014/8/27 19:28
Hits660  Comments0    
A techno-ninja stalks an IGFW officer aboard a freighter, his stealth suit enabling him to avoid the internal sensors. The final fate for this Rayalan officer...death. Techno-ninjas like their ancestors are intrusion specialists and masters of theft, sabotage, and murder. However,like any good assassin they are well versed in the use of modern technology to make themselves the ultimate in stealth operations. Holographic devices, universal translators, and nano-surveillance equipment make them truly formidable and place them in high demand.  Each member of their clan is expected (as in ancient times) to maintain multiple lives and be prepared to give his or her life for the clan.  They also enjoy the support of the clan and it's resources.

In game terms, players who opt for the vocation Ninja begin play with a selection of weapons and equipment provided by their clan, they also know the location of at least 2 safe houses and 3 additional operatives who can help them with fencing, forging, and stocking normal and specialized weapons. The only drawback is that the clan is fully in charge of who the Ninja can have as friends, where the Ninja can live, and who the Ninja may marry or date. It is possible to attempt to have allies adopted into the clan but this is a  rare thing indeed. Each candidate must abide by the rules of the clan and like The Ninja are subject to the same restrictions, any betrayal by an adopted member is the responsibility of the Ninja who sponsored the betrayer. As such, That Ninja is honor bound to hunt down, and bring in, or kill the traitor. The Ninja himself will himself be bound by a death pact if he cannot resolve the situation to the Jonin's (Clan leader) satisfaction either by clearing the culprit, Killing the traitor or forfeiting his/her own life.

You did what why

You did what whyPopular
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   Last Update2017/2/16 10:28
Hits521  Comments2    
The alien spilled his guts thought not literally.  In no time it's just myself, Shadawar, Thunderbolt, and Panterra. When we arrive at the aliens citadel, we discover that the place is seriously well guarded.  I make a call to the other Obsidians and the battle begins.  I fly in through the chaos with the Wraith, and slip in completely unnoticed. Thunderbolt who once said he wouldn't follow me into a shopping mall sticks to my plan and the aliens who found it so very easy to take down my alternate selves are finding this hero a bit more difficult to manage. The ones that don't get electrocuted, are pummeled into sweet unconsciousness.  My sensors can barely perceive the action but what I catch is pretty cool. Thunderbolt's speed is unrivaled in all the known galaxies and it truly is a sight to behold. As the guards drop by the dozen as we continue to fight our way inside to the inner sanctum until finally we reach the center. The room is spherical with a throne in the center and 4 control panels surrounding the massive pedestal on which that throne sits. Upon that throne sits an alien unlike the others, larger more intimidating and garbed differently than the others. He rises to his feet and simply lifts his hand and a massive forcefield  springs to life.

"I applaud your tenacity, but you will not go any farther here."

Thunderbolt's lightning bounces harmlessly off the field completely ineffective, as does Panterra's shield, and my own bullets. Even Shadawar's Psi-Blade fails to so much as scratch the thing.

"Your weapons and powers will avail you nothing against this barrier."

"That may be true..." I add "But you're stuck inside. And the second you step foot outside of that thing I'm going to put you down. With the help of my friends of course."

He sighs and shakes his head.

"You are indeed the Prime, none of the others took so much as a second to contemplate gathering their allies.  They each were confident they could protect their friends and loved ones.  Never once did they think that perhaps their friends and allies could have saved them.  The loss of those was a tragedy, had we known the effect that our scans had on them we would have stopped sooner and avoided all this senseless conflict."

His words have me at a loss, I thought they wanted this conflict.

"You have me at a loss.  You were the ones who attacked us.  You've killed us by the thousands and now you say it was all an accident?"

"Our troops were sent simultaneously throughout the myriad realities.  Their mission was to seek out the prime Obsidian, and gain his...your...assistance.  Time has not passed for us as it has for all of you. For my people it has been mere weeks since I order the search and my soldiers have only just returned. Their reports of your deaths were most alarming, and quite unexpected. The energy pulse we used was supposed to be harmless, but on those who were not the prime it simply destroyed their life force. When their allies attacked my men, they defended themselves. So much death, and now it has to end."

"Is this some sort of trick? Do you expect us to believe you meant no harm to us after your people slaughtered us by the thousands?  You have got to be insane."

All of my scans from Voice Stress Analysis, to Heartbeat Monitoring, say he's telling the truth or at least he believes he is.  Still there's a lot of dead folks to answer for. There is only one way however, to tell if he means what he says.

"Fine.  Let's say I believe you. Drop this forcefield and turn yourself over to my custody, and we'll talk."

he takes a deep breath and I wait for him to refuse...but he doesn't.

"So be it.  If that is the only way to end this I will surrender and my soldiers will stand down. We are at your mercy."

He gives the order to his men and the fight is over. We escort him to an interrogation room to be questioned as soon as we figure out exactly what it is we want to ask. I for one cannot believe how this has twisted around. They went from die hard enemy to just giving up.  It just doesn't kae sense.

"So egghead, what do we do now?"

Thunderbolt's question is the one on everyone's mind right now and I honestly don't have an answer.

'Captain, I believe our first step must be to ask the question: Why were they doing this in the first place."

"Captain?" Thunderbolt asks Shadawar wryly.  "Wait a second, you actually call this guy Captain?"

"Obsidian has proven himself to be a more than competent commander and leader.  As captain he always has his crew's best interest and we are each willing to lay down our lives for him and he for us."

"Well I'll be damned."  Thnderbolt says in disbelief.

"What?" I ask in return certain there'll be some smartass remark for my trouble.

"Well it just that I never thought you'd grow up. I guess it takes elves a bit longer but it happens, consider me impressed."



"Kiss my ass."

"There's the Obsidian I know."

"If you two are quite done we have more important things to do."

Panterra, ever the voice of reason is nonetheless right. We'll have time for useless chatter later.

So the question to ask is: Why did they need the Prime in the first place? Hopefully this whole nightmare will be over soon.

You Choose...

You Choose...Popular
SubmitterMachobubbaMore Photos from Machobubba   Last Update2010/8/4 21:58
Hits1514  Comments3    
You Choose how you want to go, My Little friend on the right, or my little friend on the left...


SubmittercattleMore Photos from cattle   Last Update2010/9/15 19:34
Hits1764  Comments0    
A friend created this character back in 1978.Then, Ultra girl was  teen with a pony tail and has grown to her 30's. She has supergirl like powers.

Ye must pick the lily at the peak of its bloom.

Ye must pick the lily at the peak of its bloom.Popular
Submitterrobert952More Photos from robert952   Last Update2008/11/23 18:08
Hits2249  Comments3    
This is done in DAZ Studio.  I used a high contrast lighting setup to get the cartoon-like effect.  THis is not done with a shader.  I liked the results (which is usually what counts).  What do you think?

Comments and Critiques welcome


Ya just gotta PLAY!!!

Ya just gotta PLAY!!!Popular
Submitterdlfurman2More Photos from dlfurman2   Last Update2009/2/20 17:26
Hits1876  Comments5    
Was reading a comic, got an idea based on a spot illustration and started to play.
Life "may" suck, but my suggestion to you all is just play.
You never know what you may come up with.

-Daz3D, Bice, Freja, Minx(Diane Salter)

Xia - Who's Next... - By Cyanure & Webgeek

Xia - Who's Next... - By Cyanure & WebgeekPopular
SubmitterWebGeekMore Photos from WebGeek   Last Update2005/5/18 19:12
Hits2414  Comments6    
Xia - the girl with the Jade gun returns as my character was created by the Poser Master Cyanure. THANKS CY!! She looks great. I added the victim and background. Yea I know he's smiling slightly... She was the last thing he saw...


SubmitterYunnersMore Photos from Yunners   Last Update2008/4/27 18:49
Hits1852  Comments6    
I have no idea what the title means. I think I might have made it up.

Inspired by the cover of Starcraft: Broodwars.


WTF HERO!Popular
SubmitterlordcoyoteMore Photos from lordcoyote   Last Update2012/1/11 15:30
Hits1092  Comments0    

Wrrong ship, wrong day

Wrrong ship, wrong dayPopular
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   Last Update2017/1/23 20:56
Hits528  Comments1    
With both ships docked we get to work on running full diagnostics and pouring over the Runt's logs. They were attacked with precision and the enemy knew where they were most vulnerable. Going over the schematics reveals some serious design flaws. No Infinitium plating, and no cloaking system. This ship is NOT my Runt. Moreover the Zero-Men running this show are still wearing our Generation one armors which crumble to dust with the slightest pressure. The chemical composition has been fundamentally altered. Judging by their backup armors their suits were composed of only Absorbium 80 which is great but inferior to my current armor's 120. No servos, barley and scanners to speak of, and positively none of their gear was flashed. Magical scans reveal a type of vampirism that literally pulled the life essence right out of them.

"Somebody was feeding?"

I say out loud without noticing.

"Not feeding." a voice from behind says "They were taking the life energy and collecting it."

I spin around to face the voice from behind me, weapons drawn and ready to go.  Before me stands a woman roughly my height and wearing armor similar to the one I wore during my stint as God of Intrigue.  Hers however, is covered in purple webbing and there's no sense of divine anything about her. Next to her at least another me again wearing my old armor. In fact it's the armor I wore during The Infinity-Man crisis. It's also composed of Absorbium 80, no servos but it has a few perks.  God slayer is extended and the golden blade has their attention, and they appear to know exactly what it is capable of because neither of them make a move. The female speaks softly, calmly as if trying to talk down a crazed gunman. I'm not crazed...freaked out, but not crazed.

"Relax Obsidian, we only came here to talk."

"So talk."

I point the blade at the guy in my old armor.

"You be silent."

He doesn't seem happy but he complies.

"Okay sweetheart, you don't have long, security is on it's way and they are standard issue Mantis style troops so this better be good or it will be a very short conversation.

"Right.  Okay here's the jist of it: An alien force of unknown origin and number is targeting the multiverse looking for the myriad versions of Obsidian Mask, aka you. Some of the survivors have banded together to combat them. Thus far with little success.  They are Immune to magic, save for the most powerful type such as your sword, and are capable of negating Absorbium 80. They also seem to be searching for one Obsidian in particular, a Prime Obsidian if you will. We don't know what they want with the Prime but we're trying to get to him or her first."

"How do you know the prime isn't one of your group?"

"Because they're still searching."

"Okay, I have recently been through some serious clone crap and some life altering alternate reality crap.  How about I call in a favor and see if the Black Scorpion can help?"

"That's a good thought," says the one I told to remain silent, "But the entire empire declined. In nearly every reality and time.  They don't want to be involved."

"After all I have done for them?  We'll see about that."

I call up Karr and he gives me a speech about temporal imperatives and protecting the multiversal time lines and a bunch of other crap that basically means they're no gonna help. But I don't let him off that easy.

"Fine, I get it Karr, but now it's time for me to collect on your debt. You said NOTHING was off the table and what I want is a simple request."

"We won't get involved directly."

"I don't need you to, I need you to send me something you already have. Something the Black Mantis designed just for me."

"Heh Heh Heh, I'm a step ahead of you my friend."


"You've had it this whole time."

"Seriously?  That bastard lied to me?"

"He used to do that pretty much regularly."

"Fine, then I rescind my demand for another time if it's all the same to you."

Purple can't believe her ears or eyes. Apparently she's never interacted with Mantis or his people and is somewhat stunned by the fact that I have a direct line.

"You know them? Personally?"

"I would assume we all do."

"No, we don't." interjects the one who was supposed to remain silent.

"Then how did you contact them?"

"Obsidian God of Intrigue"

At that moment the ships alarms nut out.


The three of us make a Beeline to main engineering.  If it's who we think it is, he's in the wrong place, and this is NOT the right day to be screwing with me or my ship.

The doors open and the first thing I see is Sabrina laid out against a nearby station her limp body slumped over. the engineering crew is in similar shape meaning their attacker is no joke. The two Obsidian's and I move cautiously into the room.  Seemingly out of the shadows the lone alien figure grasps the male version of me by his helmet and I watch in horror as the life saving ore disintegrates in it's grasp, my alternate self lets out a scream for an instant and falls to the floor with a sickening thud. It turns it's attention to me and I smile beneath my domed helm.  
I move to avoid it's grasp but it's faster than it looks and it grabs a firm hold of my...Infinitium Helmet. The Black Mantis deceived me when I told him not to modify my armor and to only upgrade it. This guy DID NOT get the memo and until today neither did I. He seems confused and attempts to dissolve my faceplate once again but I'm done with this. My weapons unlike my brethren's ARE flashed and I show this bastard exactly what that means as put three very large holes in him blowing his head clean off his torso. As it hits the ground it begins dissolving into an unidentifiable puddle of goo.

The spider lady is stunned. Quickly I run over to Sabrina who is luckily still alive, although a bit broken. The remaining Engineers are in similar shape. Medics arrive in no time along with a forensics squad.

Spider Lady walks up and like a winded fangirl exclaims  

"That was freaking AWESOME!!! You totally  Owned that alien asshole!"

Staring down at her partner her tone becomes more somber.

"That's usually the result of our conflicts, if they touch you, you die. No ifs ands or buts about it."

Through my own communications I hear my voice

"42 what is your situation, we detected an anomaly report."

"We're all good here sir, our guy took out one of the invaders, and sir...They touched his face."

"I think you may have located our Prime."

"Why's that?"

"The invaders abandoned all other Ops almost simultaneously. All groups are reporting back...You better bring your guy in. How is 22?"

"He...he didn't make it."

"Understood, he was a good man. Report back ASAP."    

She turns to me but before she can speak I stop her.

"Let me clean up this mess and get the ball rolling from here.  You stay till I'm ready, a day, two at the most and then I'll come meet your friends."

I don't like any of this but her friends may have answers I need. For now I need to get some things squared away here.

Wraith Sighting

Wraith SightingPopular
SubmitterHalfbakedoneMore Photos from Halfbakedone   Last Update2007/12/21 19:27
Hits1682  Comments3    
In our current events news there was another sighting of the masked man that has come to be known as "The Hell's Kitchen Ghost" by many of the city's other papers.  We here at the Express have it on good authority that the criminal element in that battle zone of a neighborhood has another name for him.  They tell this reporter that his name is Wraith, and he has managed to scare the ever loving pants off of some of the local gangs now for months.  Interestingly the NYPD says there is no Wraith and if there were then they would be hunting him down for indictment as a vigilante.

Worst. Workout. Ever.

Worst. Workout. Ever.Popular
SubmitterLiarsSmileMore Photos from LiarsSmile   Last Update2010/1/23 22:14
Hits1359  Comments2    

Worst day of my immortal life.jpg

Worst day of my immortal life.jpgPopular
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   Last Update2015/8/6 9:31
Hits807  Comments1    
Back aboard the Lillun I put the mages to work on breaking the enchantments of Razor's sword. After a couple of weeks they come up with a way to allow Harley, and myself to heal normally again. Which is great news.  As soon as I get this Nechronos business out of the way I'll get my arm fixed but for now I am going to take full advantage of the cybernetics and put a few more tricks into the wiring.  As I get to the lab I hear what sounds like someone throwing a fit, and I assume it's ray having a conniption over a misplaced tool or some other trivial thing...I am so wrong, and what happens next becomes the worst day of my immortal life. The door opens and figure clad in a purple and black nano-armor suit turns to face me. I don't how he got onto my ship or why the scanners didn't detect him but I don't wait for an explanation.I pull out one of my pistols and take a shot.  Imagine my surprise when this guy extends an arm-blade like the one in my cyber arm, and deflects the bullet I just fired. Okay he's got skills, I summon my sword to my hand and lunge, and lo and behold his arm-blade gets sliced in half. it's gratifying to know that still works on some people.  This guy does not miss a beat though and with his off hand grabs my wrist and flips backwards twisting my arm. The move is very specific to my Ninja clan and I recognize it right away, I only have 2 choices, flow with it and release my grip on my sword, or keep my sword and get a dislocated wrist and elbow for my trouble. I know something about my sword that he doesn't and this guy just signed his own death warrant. I release my grip and he has my weapon, his funeral as the enchantments allow me to command anyone holding it to die...and then they die. This fight is over. As he stands there menacing me with my mystical weapon I utter the command phrase.

"Drop Dead!" my utter horror...nothing happens. He laughs and turns for the door. In an instant I'm on top of him, but he twists as I make contact and instead of tackling him I'm impaled on my own weapon. The 2 dimensional edge easily penetrates my armor and just barely misses my heart. I push off of the intruder to prevent him from sliding the blade left or right and cutting me in half and flop to the floor, he managed to sever my spinal cord and I can't feel anything from the middle of my torso down. I'm done for, I can't escape,and that's when the worst day of my immortal life unfolds. As he moves in for the kill, Moonshadow arrives to help me, but this crazy bastard turns to challenge her instead of running. You would think he'd have enough sense to run but he must not know she's a demigod, or he just doesn't care. I'm horrified as I watch her attack him only to be run clean through with my weapon, the look of absolute shock is burned into my memories as everything seems to slow and time itself stops for just a moment. Mercifully, he pulls the arcane weapon from between her breasts where it had just severed her heart.  I try to scream but nothing comes out. As Moonshadow's body slumps lifelessly to the ground I struggle to try and stop this maniac but with my injury I am powerless to do anything, all I can do is blame myself and wonder how could I be so careless? Just then I manage to spit out the words "Intruder Alert" along with what feels like a pint of blood. In an instant my troops are all over the place and the intruder simply teleports away. when I regain consciousness I find myself in the sickbay with my wounds healed and my spine reattached. I spring from the table and grab the doc by the arm.

"Where's Moonshadow?"

I'm screaming now, and the doc places his hand on my shoulder to clam me.

"Her wounds are not that severe, but I cannot help her. Within the next hour...I'm sorry."

I just look at him puzzled, and then I remember that my sword was created with divine magic and is capable of mortally wounding a god and can kill one if wielded by anyone who is at least immortal or has divine power. I could kill a god with that thing because I'm immortal although anyone could could cause a temporary death like state to a god with it.  In the hands of a mortal a god would be technically dead, although it would only last a few years typically the god could not return within the wielder's lifetime. However, if used by an immortal...there is no way to heal the wound and any fatal wound will kill such a being forever.  Slaying a god is not just a matter of killing them though as their place in the universe must be maintained.  This means anyone slaying a god typically takes there power as well but one has to be there at the time of death to do that and that purple bastard teleported. I don't know what will happen now I only pray he wasn't immortal.  As I walk into the room I see Moonshaddow lying there, he skin ashen gray no longer the vibrant black that has warmed me for many nights now. My heart aches as I look upon her fading visage.

"My darling, come closer."

The voice that used to calm me to my core is now only a whisper as I sit by her side.

"Listen to me my love, the one who did this to me was an immortal."  My heart sinks at the words, and I can't help but cry.

"You don't know that."

I say as I hold her close. What she says next break my heart and practically shatters my soul.

"I can feel the power in me leaving. he didn't claim it as his own and so it is mine to give.  I give it to you...I'll want to avenge me...but don't throw away your life...Live have forever.  I  love you."

Her last I love you is escapes her lips like a sigh, and a glowing light hovers just above her now lifeless body. Her voice echoes in the air and the last words she says to me changes me forever.

"Take this power with my love."

Reluctantly I reach out with tear filled eyes and embrace her ghostly image as this new divine energy courses through me...instantly my mind is cleared and a feeling of peace washes over me. I rise from the bd and kiss Moonshadow's body on her head and walk away.  I had love again...and it was stolen from me again. I don't know who that guy was or what he wanted and I don't care but I am going to find him...and then I'm going to squeeze the life from him.  

I'm lost in a rage I can't describe, it's more overwhelming than anything I have ever felt, and I am reminded that divine beings exemplify emotions and they are more intense for them. How Moonshadow must have felt for me. To love with a divine heart must have been truly amazing.  My thoughts are interrupted by the sound of thunder.  Thunder? On my ship? Oh god, it can only mean...


The voice echoes throughout the ship, it can only be.


I have never seen him angry, in 300 years not once has he ever raised his voice but with the death of Moonshadow...I am horrified at the thought. Just then he bursts through the door. Normally they open side to side but today they're swung inwards, and are very broken.  Lightning courses around the Black Mantis's body and he seems to glow. His diminutive 4' 3" stature stands a hulking 8 feet tall, and a cape flows behind him and in his right hand is a massive, spiked, Hammer.  His simplistic costume has been replaced by one of pure divine power and I am more terrified than I have ever been in my life.  The god of storms and chaos wants answers.

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