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The Final Battle

The Final BattlePopular
SubmitterMasterchiefMore Photos from Masterchief   CategoryTV and Movies    Last Update2012/11/2 3:50
Hits2386  Comments6    
The air in the warehouse has the distinct odor of Ozone and crackled with static electricity. Bella Donna slowly rounder the corner looking for the cells holding her missing team mates while trying to avoid the larger hunter-killer drones that patrolled the detention block where her teammates were being held. As she entered the rotunda of the detention block she ran right into a hunter-killer making its rounds. Bella-Donna quickly went on the offensive and fired her weapon in the hopes of interrupting the power build up the HK had initiated.

This is part of a challenge to post 3 images here by this afternoon or have my account terminated by JR for inactivity. That's 2 you Sheepherder!  

StarGate: Countdown

StarGate: CountdownPopular
SubmitterMasterchiefMore Photos from Masterchief   CategoryTV and Movies    Last Update2012/11/2 3:25
Hits2899  Comments5    
StarGate: Countdown will be on ongoing comic that I will be working on. Here is a brief Bio of the main characters and their reasons for joining the SGC.

Bella-Donna Masterson (USA) (Commander) Her brother Ryan Masterson was a Zeno-archeologist and a member of the SG8 team that opened the tomb. After reading the warning he advised Terry against opening the sarcophagus but was ignored in favor of Terry?s search for fame. After returning and testing positive for the plague, Ryan spent his remaining days trying to decipher the alien language in an effort to find a cure for the plague.

Riona Gallagher (Ireland) (Medical Officer) Her husband Miles was a civilian doctor that was pulling a shift in the emergency room of a London hospital when the first cases of the plague struck. Once he was informed of the 100% lethality of the plague for all infected male?s, he chose to remain at the hospital and work the sealed contagion ward until he was too weak to continue. Riona, wearing full containment gear treated him until he died. Riona continued to treat the hospital staff and admitted males until she was recruited by the StarGate Command to be part of the expeditionary force to find a cure for the plague.

Ashanti Okonkwo (South Africa) (Science Officer) Gerhard, her husband of 3 months was killed while delivering medical supplies to a military base by a mob of looters. She was informed of his death while attempting to find a nero-inhibitor that would slow the plagues progression. In an effort to keep her focused on her job, StarGate Command had her transferred to their NORAD base to continue her work and then offered her a transfer as lead Science Officer on the off world mission to find a cure.

Carmela Gonzales (Cuba) (Security) Carmela lost her 8 month old son Gomez and her husband Pedro to the plague while she was on a mission for the Cuban Special Services. Upon her return and learning of her husband and sons death, Carmela sought out and infected the doctors that allowed her family to die without treatment for not being a part of the upper elite citizens. Fleeing Cuba, she infiltrated StarGate Command and sought political asylum while kneeled on the carpet of General Hammond?s inner office.

Jabberwacky (Jabber jaws to his team mates) Is an Artificial Intelligence that was created by the late Steve Jobs. Transferred from the Apple company servers to a cybernetic body constructed by the Asgardians, Jabber Jaws is powered by a sub atomic dark matter reactor and is equipped with state of the art disrupter and photon weaponry. Equipped with micro pulse Doppler RADAR and sonic pulse motion detectors that provide a 360 degree protective screen out to a range of 1500 meters. Jabber Jaws has also added laser pulse communication transmitters that allow him to keep in constant contact with the members of his team as well as providing real time pulse communication with the SGC when the star gate is open.


Bubblegum Popular
SubmitterMasterchiefMore Photos from Masterchief   CategoryOther Comics    Last Update2012/1/4 8:44
Hits3335  Comments6    
Even the KnightSabers need to kick back and relax once in a while.

Christina Carter as Lara Croft

Christina Carter as Lara CroftPopular
SubmitterMasterchiefMore Photos from Masterchief   CategoryVideo Game    Last Update2011/8/24 9:26
Hits5730  Comments4    
Here is my take of Tomb Radier Lara Croft, I am still really lovin' my Christina Carter morph and I am starting to really get back into my art work... More to follow...


O-Girl Popular
SubmitterMasterchiefMore Photos from Masterchief   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2011/8/19 10:26
Hits4994  Comments2    
Here is a completed O-Girl render complete with the correct belt and outfit. This one is similar to the one that is being sent to Christina Carter, the real O-Girl along with the Wunder Woman image done earlier. For those that know me rest assured I will be returning to my fetish roots and yes I will be starting my comic back up soon. It is good to be home again. Some of you may be wondering why I go by Masterchief but my watermark says "A Shadowhawk2zero Production" well my comic is under my shadowhawk name so my comic and any comission work will appear with that logo.

Wunder Woman

Wunder WomanPopular
SubmitterMasterchiefMore Photos from Masterchief   CategoryOther Comics    Last Update2011/8/18 12:02
Hits3077  Comments4    
Here is my Christina Carter morph again but this time as Wunder Woman which she also plays. The boot texture is custom made by myself and it turned out pretty well. The suit is a hodge podge of TerryMcG and Tyler McDowells sets. This is one of several images that are being made for Christina Carter.


SubmitterMasterchiefMore Photos from Masterchief   CategoryOther Comics    Last Update2011/8/7 10:04
Hits6610  Comments6    
I know there has to be someone other than JR who will know who this is. For those of you who don't know who she is, O-Girl is a live action comic heroine played by Fetish model Christina Carter. You got to love the trouble she gets herself into each episode. This morph was created for me by a friend over at DAZ and I wanted to show her off. I have taken some liberties with both her costume and her powers, but being a fanboy lets me have that right.

Day Job: Wonder Woman stripper

Day Job: Wonder Woman stripperPopular
SubmitterMasterchiefMore Photos from Masterchief   CategoryMonthly and other challenges    Last Update2011/3/10 7:34
Hits6358  Comments3    
Now for the show you have all been waiting for... Just back from a sold oout tour at Justice League headquarters on the moon. You know her from such popular hit tours as Crisis on infinate earth and Justice League America, lets hear it for the Amazonian Princess, the one the only WONDER WOMAN!!

Hey it could happen!!!

Here is my submission for the March contest.

Tango Down

Tango DownPopular
SubmitterMasterchiefMore Photos from Masterchief   CategorySci-fi    Last Update2011/2/25 6:05
Hits3073  Comments3    
The soft rubber soles of his boots moved silently across the metal floor plates as he quickly moved into position. He glanced down at the clock built into the gauntlet of his new stealth infiltration armor.
?We?re cutting this a little too close.? He thought to himself as he rounded the last corner and came face to face with the engineering compartments main door. He quickly removed the access panel door and from memory, rewired the door to open slowly and silently. After replacing the panel door, he looked at his watch and hit the switch that would open the bulkhead door.
The door had only opened about six inches when he realized that one of the terrorists they were hunting was standing guard on the other side. Going with his judgment, he holstered his pistol and slowly pulled the rubber retaining tab from his knife and removed it from its sheath on his left shoulder.
He activated his suits comm. Scramblers and hoped that the techies that had installed in his armor had it right when they had told the team that anything within a 25 foot radius would not be able to send or receive any signals when activated.
Crouching slightly to give him a better angle to grab his target, he inched forward till there were mere inches separating them and as the door slid down below his knees, he lunged forward and grabbing his target by the helmet, yanked him backwards and down to throw him off balance.
He yanked his targets head to the side and just as the terrorist began to realize what was going to happen, plunged his knife into his neck. He felt his target stiffen and then relax as his spinal cord was severed.
Guiding the body slowly to the floor, he replaced his knife in its sheath and keyed his mike, ?Tango Down.?

Here are two more great armor sets, The first is the AR Ghost Marine add on set for the Sedition armor available at DAZ. The second is the Cyber Saw armor from Target View, both are amazing in their own rights and it is hard to decide which armor I want to render when I fire up Poser.

A simple slip of attention span...

A simple slip of attention span...Popular
SubmitterMasterchiefMore Photos from Masterchief   CategorySci-fi    Last Update2011/2/22 7:59
Hits2641  Comments1    
Can cause a world of hurt! While transporting a High Profile Prisoner, one of the rookies in Omega squad made the mistake of turning away to watch a shapely ass move away from him. The prisoner took that time to launch a devistating attack and quickly worked his way through the whole squad leaving none of them alive.
I was given the opportunity to Beta test this Rapier armor soon to be released at DAZ. It is an amazing set. It will be coming out soon.


SubmitterMasterchiefMore Photos from Masterchief   CategoryOther Comics    Last Update2011/2/19 11:14
Hits2841  Comments3    
Greetings all, I will be submitting chapter 5 of the Lady Shiva adventures soon and I wanted to show you a hero that will be making an appearance in a future chapter as a nre recruit to the ECSS. The armor is from Targetview. If you have not seen it yet I encourage you to stop by the comic gallery and take a peek at the first 4 chapters of the story.


SubmitterMasterchiefMore Photos from Masterchief   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2011/1/30 12:13
Hits3139  Comments1    
Greetings fellow Heromorphians!
   I found this costume on one of the many freesites that I scavange for ideas. It was created by TerryMcG, maker of other fine 3D outfits such as Ms. Marvel and the always favorite tart of them all Wonder Woman. I deleted the bump map and went with the shiney purple that the suit came in. The lovely Echo, who is available in out very own Download Central was choosen to portray this sexy vixen. I chose not to add the facial tattoo mark of hers simply because I think it detracts from her beauty. Of course Echo couldn't get away without a few minor (3 cup sizes worth) augmentations. Well I hope you enjoy er and please don't slobber on your keyboard, it may short out and fry your tongue.

Are you going to come quietly?

Are you going to come quietly?Popular
SubmitterMasterchiefMore Photos from Masterchief   CategorySci-fi    Last Update2011/1/23 10:01
Hits2929  Comments2    
Dispatch: TK008 Answer distress beacon on TK916 and advise status.
TK008: Roger that Dispatch.
Dispatch: TK008, be advised distress beacon on TK916 has flat lined. Proceed with caution.
TK008: Dispatch, be advised I have arrived location TK916. Be advised large unknown hostile present.
Dispatch: TK008, standby, floater cam on scene.
TK008: Dispatch, Send backup, send lots of backup!
Dispatch: TK008, be advised, scene has been assessed. Be advised, your next of kin are being notified.
TK008: Dispatch...
TK008: Dispatch...
TK008: Dispatch...Is anyone there?

Hey all, thought I would post a new image that hasn't been posted anywhere else yet. Yes for all of those Star Wars fans those are Stormtrooper call signs, I figured that if we used modern armor and weapons they might look a lot like this. I tried to inject a little humor into this, just because I can.

Lady Shiva

Lady ShivaPopular
SubmitterMasterchiefMore Photos from Masterchief   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2010/10/19 7:03
Hits2827  Comments2    
Here is my newest character Lady Shiva, she was an evil sorceress that was imprisoned as a stone statue after her reign of terror was halted by Lady Kiko, a Priestess that was double crossed and also imprisoned as a stone statue by the high priest who sent her on the mission. While the imprisonment slowly drove Kiko mad, Shiva was able to see the error of her ways and vowed to be a champion of the innocent if she were ever freed, while Kiko vowed revenge on every male member of the human race. Both Shiva and Kiko were freed after a firefight in Shiva?s newly uncovered temple. Shiva was freed when the blood of Joyce Summers was splashed on her statue and she assumed Joyce?s identity after her death, vowing to protect the innocent of Empire City where Joyce lived. Lady Kiko was also freed and vowed revenge on all males and Lady Shiva as she followed her to Empire City where she assumed the identity of Salina Talbot a recluse Philanthropist bent on taking over the world. I am currently working on the 3rd and 4th chapters of this story and the first 2 chapters have been posted at another site. I am going to try and post the story here as well for all of you to enjoy.

Smackdown 4 WonderWoman finally gets to Jr. lair

Smackdown 4 WonderWoman finally gets to Jr. lairPopular
SubmitterMasterchiefMore Photos from Masterchief   CategorySmackdown    Last Update2009/9/15 13:51
Hits3959  Comments2    
Wonder Woman finally makes it to Jr.'s hidden hideout, late but she makes it. Now all she has to do is figure out Jr.'s drunk instructions on how to get in.

And I bet you thought you were going to get to kill Wonder Woman off this round didn't you? Just wait WW has a score to settle with Lady Heromorph so hang on to your hats fella's its about to get interesting!

Smackdown 4 Part 2 page 1

Smackdown 4 Part 2 page 1Popular
SubmitterMasterchiefMore Photos from Masterchief   CategorySmackdown    Last Update2009/8/4 12:24
Hits2570  Comments2    
Here is page 1 of part 2 of the 4th Smackdown. Page 2 is in the adult section

Smackdown Pin-up! Wonder Woman enters the race

Smackdown Pin-up! Wonder Woman enters the racePopular
SubmitterMasterchiefMore Photos from Masterchief   CategorySmackdown    Last Update2009/7/17 11:44
Hits5644  Comments10    
Hey guys, thanks for letting me join late. You all know her powers nothing hidden or secret just the powers DC gave her.

Welcome back Master

Welcome back MasterPopular
SubmitterMasterchiefMore Photos from Masterchief   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2009/6/14 13:34
Hits3482  Comments2    
Here is my wonderful Muse Kat dressed as one of my favorite fetish models, I don't think you need to guess who she is trying to be. Playing with a few new things that I have picked up lately, hope you like her as much as I do.

Oopps! Wrong apartment!

Oopps! Wrong apartment!Popular
SubmitterMasterchiefMore Photos from Masterchief   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2009/6/11 14:25
Hits4100  Comments8    
What else would a would be robber say when he picked the lock to Wonder Womans apartment? Well OH SHIT!!! comes to mind, but I am betting that is what he would be doing in his pants right about now.

Yes I am back in the States for 2 weeks so I will try to post a bunch of work and get in the shout box to say hey and bring everyone up to day on the life of MC. So stay tuned for more submisions both here and in the adult gallery.

New boots

New bootsPopular
SubmitterMasterchiefMore Photos from Masterchief   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2009/3/19 8:11
Hits3087  Comments10    
My new Muse Hellena from RebbleMommy and Countess has graciously aggreed to be my new muse since my last one was taken away in a straightjacket. Her she admires her nice new boots I bought  her to start her training as my new fetish model.
Just playing with a few things I bought today. I may not get a chance to post for a bit so I wanted to leave at least a little something to tide you over.
I will be sending renders to Hawk to post while my private internet is down. I hope to be back soon!

Techno Angel

Techno AngelPopular
SubmitterMasterchiefMore Photos from Masterchief   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2009/3/16 7:58
Hits2834  Comments3    
This is a freebie available here at HM. Sorry for not posting much internet over here SUCKS and I am trying to get a better set up!

Dr. Was

Dr. WasPopular
SubmitterMasterchiefMore Photos from Masterchief   CategoryOther Comics    Last Update2009/2/17 19:29
Hits3165  Comments6    
Dr. WAS tests out his new love potion out on his new assistant Nurse
Mandy. Was catches the unsuspecting victim as she turns to leave his
office for a special house call. As the drug takes effect on her she
decides that she must teach her new boss a lesson by sowing his her best

EWF Entry: Stone Maiden

EWF Entry: Stone MaidenPopular
SubmitterMasterchiefMore Photos from Masterchief   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2009/2/2 21:53
Hits2801  Comments9    
She knew the penalty for failing, but she didn't know that being to beautiful was just as dangerous. When she was taken from her home to dance for the evil wizard she was terrified of doing something wrong, but as time went on she became his favorite dancer and concubine. The wizard came up with a evil plan to keep her beautiful forever, while having her dance for him one night he passed a spell that turned her into a marble statue that would never age or die. Although her body was stone, her mind still lived on fully aware of what had happened to her, and over time she went from being angry at being turned into a statue to loving it as she would never grow old and she would always be with her Master.

Say Hello Coryn

Say Hello CorynPopular
SubmitterMasterchiefMore Photos from Masterchief   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2009/2/2 8:09
Hits3360  Comments5    
Everyone, this is Coryn. She is looking at joining my harrem of lovely ladies that pose for me. She tells me that she doesn't do Fetish though, Thats what she thinks!
So we started out with something simple a walk along the street and a quick shot or two with the camera here and there. I can tell she is warming up to the idea of doing Fetish, it is either my stellar charm and quick wit, or it is that bottle of Titto's I stole from Jr. house the other day. Stay tuned for more.

I said "NO Camera's"!!

I said "NO Camera's"!!Popular
SubmitterMasterchiefMore Photos from Masterchief   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2009/2/1 22:21
Hits2942  Comments4    
While working with a new model the other day, I found out that before she had started modeling she had been a ballerina until they told her that she couldn't have any tattos that showed. Well I convinced her to prove it and after promising no camera's, fingers were crossed behind my back, she found a ballerina outfit she would wear and a pair of balletboots and showed me that she could dance. While in a spin, or whatever it is called, I snapped this picture. I think there were more but after she beat me over the head with my camera this is the only one that survived. I guess she was serious about no cameras.

Your balls or mine? part 2

Your balls or mine? part 2Popular
SubmitterMasterchiefMore Photos from Masterchief   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2009/1/31 10:13
Hits3306  Comments6    
I think it was Wolf that said he would have liked to see her using the 8 ball as an intracal part of the ballgag, so I am granting his wish. Wolf you are always quick to post a comment and a kind work. So this render is for you!
I hope you like her.
P.S.: for those of you waiting for a fetish image from me
I will be posting some of those too, soon I hope.

nothing left to give...

nothing left to give...Popular
SubmitterMasterchiefMore Photos from Masterchief   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2009/1/30 1:16
Hits5697  Comments15    
This image is an effort to quiet the demons that dwell within me. I have worked in Iraq now for over 4 years and before I go home I am trying to recover the broken parts, my mind mainly, and put them back together.
I had help from several people with this, one being Tyler, who saddly is not here at HM anymore, and Android, who showed me the way to brighten the base image and make the image darker at the same time. I also wish to thank all of my friends here that have taken the time to talk to me in the shoutbox when I was at my lowest points, Hawk, Jr., OCP, Bio, Tart, CO_04, Mr. A, Thayne, PeterCotton, SK, Alex, Walley, VL, Miss V, DW, and I know there are many more but I can't remember that far back at times. I wish to post this quote I found while in a paticularly dark moment I had recently, I feel it fits this iamge perfectly.

 ?In the name of the best within you, do not sacrifice this world to those who are its worst. In the name of the values that keep you alive, do not let your vision of man be distorted by the ugly, the cowardly, the mindless in those who have never achieved his title. Do not lose your knowledge that man's proper estate is an upright posture, an intransigent mind and a step that travels unlimited roads. Do not let your fire go out, spark by irreplaceable spark, in the hopeless swamps of the approximate, the not-quite, the not-yet, the not-at-all. Do not let the hero in your soul perish, in lonely frustration for the life you deserved, but have never been able to reach. Check your road and the nature of your battle. The world you desired can be won, it exists, it is real, it is possible, it's yours.?
Ayn Rand

Final stand

Final standPopular
SubmitterMasterchiefMore Photos from Masterchief   CategorySci-fi    Last Update2009/1/22 20:09
Hits3377  Comments6    
The Colonial Marine woke from his hibernation to find the ship deserted. As he moved about the ship looking for his fellow Marines and members of the crew, he found several spot that showed a brutal and bloddy death for most of the crew and his fellow Marines. In several parts of the ship he could swear that he was being watched. Donning his space armor and grabbing his weapon he moved towards the bridge to find a way to send out a distress call. On the way the bridge he stumbled into the creature that had killed the crew and was forced to retret to the bridge. Now the beast has foced the doors open and the final stand begins.

Darth Tallon

Darth TallonPopular
SubmitterMasterchiefMore Photos from Masterchief   CategorySci-fi    Last Update2009/1/22 19:31
Hits3227  Comments6    
After the Darth Maul's death his lover and secret student Darth Tallon made it her mission to seek out Palpitine and let him know that she knew who and what he was, forcing him to take her as his next apprentice. Her rage and need for vengence against the Jedi for killing Maul made the clone wars unneccesary as she made it her personal mission to hunt down and extirminate the Jedi Council one at a time until no Jedi would accept the job and the Jedi faded into legend. She did spare one Jedi to train as her apprentice and upon the death of Palpitine at her hands this universe would know the same fear of the name Darth Vader.

Hooters Girl

Hooters GirlPopular
SubmitterMasterchiefMore Photos from Masterchief   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2008/12/8 9:54
Hits3964  Comments7    
I was just messing around with a few bits and pieces and I got a wild hair to play with some textures in PS and a Hooters Girl ended up being the end product. I wonder if it has anything to do with going on R&R next wekk?
Custom textures for the Punk Girl Tank top, the shorts and shoes from the V4 Workout set, and a reworked texture and bump map for Billy T's pantyhose for his Office set. The character is Tamora from -Silver- at RDNA.
I will make a front view of her later, right now I am in love with that beautiful ass I gave her!

Photo No. 1-30 (out of 111 photos hit)
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