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Kool Wolf

Kool WolfPopular
Submitterdarth_paulMore Photos from darth_paul   Last Update2017/1/28 9:04
Hits344  Comments2    
My latest grouping of characters, and my first for 2017, The Animals, begins appropriately with their leader, the marvelous Kool Wolf. While each of the rest of the rest of the gang each have their own unique individual jobs and talents that flesh them out as individual personalities in the bunch, Kool Wolf is a bit more undefined. He's just kind of their leader and that's it. Wolves are mysterious creatures anyway, so that's why I pretty much left him like that.

Pearl bio-sheet

Pearl bio-sheetPopular
SubmitterMFMore Photos from MF   Last Update2017/1/24 15:41
Hits338  Comments0    
The last bio-sheet for the Red, White & Blue comic book, this one of Pearl, the frail chief water bearer to Usurper Damascus.


SubmitterlordcoyoteMore Photos from lordcoyote   Last Update2017/1/12 14:17
Hits523  Comments3    
A commissioned pic

Usurper Damascus

Usurper DamascusPopular
SubmitterMFMore Photos from MF   Last Update2017/1/7 17:39
Hits350  Comments1    
A rough bio-sheet for Usurper Damascus, the first great villain my OC's Red, White & Blue will fight in their upcoming comic book series. His attitude is kind of a combination of the arrogance of Namor the Sub-Mariner, not just the nautical theme, and the megalomania of Dr. Doom.

The Miracle Makers 2017

The Miracle Makers 2017Popular
SubmitterdaswookMore Photos from daswook   Last Update2017/1/4 5:20
Hits821  Comments3    
It's been a few years since I've posted anything anywhere. Two jobs, two grandkids, and a house makes it almost impossible to have time to draw. Almost...

Oceana de la Noche

Oceana de la NochePopular
SubmitterMFMore Photos from MF   Last Update2016/12/31 16:30
Hits377  Comments2    
My last pic of 2016 is this bio-sheet for Oceana de la Noche, the right hand woman and bodyguard to Usurper Damascus, the first major enemy for my original superheroines Red, White & Blue. The bio-sheet for Usurper Damascus will be up in a week or so since my artist needs info about these characters to complete the first issue of the RW&B comic book which will be out (hopefully) very soon.

Angry Alligator

Angry AlligatorPopular
Submitterdarth_paulMore Photos from darth_paul   Last Update2016/12/28 5:52
Hits307  Comments3    
Angry Alligator and Cranky Croc are look alike cousins of the Creatures gang who act as the organizations tough-guy enforcers. For their names I just thought about how alligators and crocodiles just have surly temperaments and came up with some alliterative names along those lines.

Cranky Crock

Cranky CrockPopular
Submitterdarth_paulMore Photos from darth_paul   Last Update2016/12/28 5:51
Hits320  Comments3    
Cranky Croc and Angry Alligator are look alike cousins of the Creatures gang who act as the organizations tough-guy enforcers. For their names I just thought about how alligators and crocodiles just have surly temperaments and came up with some alliterative names along those lines.

Dumb Mutt

Dumb MuttPopular
Submitterdarth_paulMore Photos from darth_paul   Last Update2016/12/28 5:50
Hits310  Comments3    
This poor unfortunately named guy comes from the rather insulting term that has often been hurled at many a dog just trying to get some attention or perhaps protect their home only to get shooed away or worse along with the insult. However, upon creating this character, I just ran with it, and he really is a complete imbecile. This poor pooch is very lovable in spite of his sheer stupidity though and only lives to serve.

Creepy Cougar

Creepy CougarPopular
Submitterdarth_paulMore Photos from darth_paul   Last Update2016/12/27 6:18
Hits339  Comments3    
The only thing that I can say about how I came up with this guy is how cats both big and small silently creep up on their prey before they pounce which is very much a part of his bio above. I just decided to take the meaning of creepy much further and made him an absolute weirdo who no one except his partner likes to have near them, but they keep him and his buddy around due to pity since although they are a criminal gang, they aren't totally heartless.

Military Mite

Military MitePopular
Submitterdarth_paulMore Photos from darth_paul   Last Update2016/12/27 6:17
Hits348  Comments3    
O.K., this one is quite obvious, the best buddy of Battle Boar here is of course named after the term "military might." When I was formulating the members of this cartoony animal gang, it was just too good to pass this up when the idea came to me to make a partner for Battle Boar.

Battle Boar

Battle BoarPopular
Submitterdarth_paulMore Photos from darth_paul   Last Update2016/12/27 6:16
Hits309  Comments3    
Another character whose name I have no idea where I came up with the idea for his name, but it might have something to do with a variation on the term "war pig." Whatever, the case may be, here is Battle Boar, militaristic gang member of the Creatures.

Buddy's Christmas '16

Buddy's Christmas '16Popular
SubmitterMFMore Photos from MF   Last Update2016/12/23 16:54
Hits361  Comments2    
Well, look who got caught under the mistletoe this year! Happy holidays everyone!

Funky Flea

Funky FleaPopular
Submitterdarth_paulMore Photos from darth_paul   Last Update2016/12/21 15:59
Hits363  Comments3    
Funky Flea is the member of the Creatures gang who is too cool for you, or at least so he thinks. Not really sure where I came up with the idea for his name since it's not really derived from anything. I guess I just heard something similar somewhere and a new character was born.

Bumbling Bug

Bumbling BugPopular
Submitterdarth_paulMore Photos from darth_paul   Last Update2016/12/21 15:58
Hits349  Comments4    
Bumbling Bug is the well-meaning, but hopelessly clumsy member of the Creatures gang. His name is of course derived from the word "bumblebee."

Serious Rhino

Serious RhinoPopular
Submitterdarth_paulMore Photos from darth_paul   Last Update2016/12/21 15:56
Hits338  Comments3    
Serious Rhino is the co-leader of the Creatures gang along with Jerk Rabbit. I came up with his name as a play on words with "rhinoceros."

The Package

The PackagePopular
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   Last Update2016/11/29 12:25
Hits601  Comments1    
Steam rises from the hot floor as Shenara makes her way to the rendezvous point. The job was as easy as it the man in black had told her it would be...the passcodes were all up to date, and the package was right where it was supposed to be. Not one alarm tripped, easy in easy out. The golden container was heavy but in her magical pouch it weight nothing. The medallion he had given her kept her presence concealed and the ring she wore made her invisible to just about all kinds of technology. She couldn't help but feel a constant sense of dread, and maybe even just a tad bit of terror. Something about this job was all wrong and she couldn't wait for it to be finished.  The man in black had offered an ungodly amount of credits and she just couldn't pass this job up.  It was the score of a lifetime and she was going against her instincts but this kind of opportunity comes along only once. The risks didn't matter she was tired of scrounging from job to job trying to peddle the exquisite pieces of art she could get her hands on. The risks had never been worth the reward. But this score, this score was different.  She wouldn't have to fence the goods, the client was paying and his credits were clean.  As she entered the factory floor the coming from the molten metal below made it unbearably hot. But the client said something about avoiding thermal scans.  Her gut feeling was that this may be a setup so she came armed, so a long range machine pistol was at her side. A weapon purchased with the down payment for this job ironically...Her hand squeezed the grip of the cold metal and her finger rested gently on the trigger.


The voice seems to come from nowhere and everywhere at the same time.

"A little" she answered back

"This job has put me a bit on edge and to be honest I just wanna conclude our business and be on my way."

"Let's see the package."

Shenara carefully removed the large golden orb-shaped container from her magical pouch and set it on the ground before the black clad figure.

"Perfect" the man chuckled "...simply perfect. here you go. You're every bit as good as my sources said you were...keep the magic items, and as here's fifty million credits"
Shanara couldn't believe what she heard, the payment was five times what they negotiated.

"We only agreed to ten, what gives?"

"Hahahaha, I'm feeling generous and besides, with this I have something worth much more than simple money.'

The man in black reaches down and lifts a nearby grate exposing the liquid metal underneath. The scary part is the ease at which he removes a grate    that must weigh several hundred pounds yet in his hands looks like it weighs but a few ounces. he then simply kicks the container into the white hot liquid below.

"What did you do that for?"

Shanara exclaimed in disbelief.  The degree of risk was astronomical.  The man's actions made no sense.

"My dear, I don't need the contents of the package and I have no intention of opening it but I simply needed you to relieve the previous owner of it."

"heh you guys have some kinda beef? Yeah I get it now, you just wanted to take something he enjoyed a bit of revenge. I can dig that."

"Ah small minds and limited comprehension, That's what I love about mortals.  No dear it was nothing so petty, it was just a spark to light a flame.

Shanara had no idea what he meant bu his tone and the fact that he had called her "Mortal" was enough of a Que to get the hell out before thjings got weird, but there was one lingering question she couldn't resist.

"Say, how did you know that wasn't a fake?  I had more than enough credits to get one. Not that I'd do ANYTHING that stupid."

"Please child, I know Infinitium, and there's no way you could get your hands on enough to pull that off."


"Exactly my dear, it's been a pleasure, don't let the door hit you on the way out."

This job just gets weirder and weirder still Fifty million? She was set for life!  Now to get as far away from this mudball planet as that kind of money can get her.  Thank the gods this job is over and the best part: There's nobody looking for her or that stupid sphere. The down side she could never tell anyone about the score of a lifetime.


SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   Last Update2016/11/26 12:19
Hits443  Comments2    
In an ages old tradition of comic companies stealing from each other, I introduce the newest addition to my universe (and a complete ripoff of a much more famous Ble clad hero with a red cape)....SUPERION!!!

Powers include: Invulnerability (Type 1), Hurricane breath, Super-speed (Land based), Super-speed (Flight), Energy blast (Heat via eyes), Vision. X-ray, Enhanced Senses (All), Enhanced Reflexes (Super-speed control), Super Strength (Cosmic category 3), Telekinesis (Limitation: Must be in physical contact allows him to lift massive objects without them crumbling apart), Molecular regeneration\Healing (even when severely injured Superion can heal himself rapidly by recharging in photonic or nuclear radiation.  

Nuclear Battery (Superion must replenish his power in either nuclear or photon radiation (typically being outside on a sunny keeps him well charged)
Magic and magical weapons of any kind including weapons with something as simple as a Light spell cast upon them.  
Torbernite a radioactive, green mineral, found in uranium-bearing deposits is far more lethal to Superion than it is to most other life. Simply being in the same room with the gasses it produces weakens him instantly, while being within a few feet of it will render him unconscious, and is fatal to him with hours of exposure.  It is interesting to note that he has no vulnerability to the Uranium that produces Torbernite.

Overcharge: Superion can enter a nuclear reactor or fly high into orbit and absorb greater amounts of energy albeit temporarily. During this overcharge he is completely invulnerable to physical injury (even from magic) and all of his powers double. The overcharge dissipates quickly however lasting only about 5 minutes.

Superion has Solaran parents and while it is known that he is not a GenAb,  His planet of origin is as yet undiscovered.  

Allies:  Infinity-man who he considers a kindred spirit.
The Black Scarab
Dora Chang a reporter for TMM  news.
Batmaster who he knows is a true vampire and admires for his indomitable will in conquering his bloodthirst.

Now before anyone asks Superion is actually an analog of not just the Blue guy but also the ripoff by marvel, aka the guy in red and yellow. I like to have some originality but this guy...not so much LOL. I did take aspects from both characters and cram them together.

Packing up

Packing upPopular
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   Last Update2016/11/9 6:55
Hits447  Comments1    
No, not just no but hell no! I don't need this, and when I say i don't need this it's only because I would rather walk through hell wearing a suit of ignited plasma than have one wife let alone four that that I didn't even ask to marry me.  To make matters worse I only know one of their names...this is not how you begin a relationship...then again this was really more of a business transaction wasn't it?  I despise primitive cultures...some of their practices are completely ridiculous no matter how much tradition and custom their steeped in. I have issues with a lot of aliens species that are like that too so I guess it's not exclusive to primitives. What am I going to do with 4 wives...and what about Aini? Dear gods I am so screwed. What's worse is I can't even spare the time to deal with it because of our current situation. We need to get out of here as soon as possible, actually it's not so much about getting out as getting home.  Landing in the shuttle bay I grab a nearby security officer and order him to "Escort" my new brides to my quarters, he looks at me like I'm some kind of deviant and before I can say anything to him about it who should walk in but Aini.  I take a deep breath and prepare for the backlash...that never comes. Instead what I get leaves more than just me wide eyed with surprise as Aini squeals with sheer delight.

"Oh when I got word that you had new wives I didn't think they'd be this pretty!  Or this exotic, oh my master you do have excellent taste."  

I'm practically speechless

"Huh say what now?"

"I am so happy you made this decision though I wish I could've been there for the wedding Master."

I'm very confused right now.


"yes master."

"Are you screwing with me?"

"No Master. You look puzzled."

No.  Not puzzled dear, downright confounded would be more precise."

"About what?"

"You're not angry? That I have wives, not a wife but four of them? You're not upset that you're not one of them?"

"Master, I was never meant to be a wife." to which she adds her cute little giggle.

'I am only meant to be a companion, the perfect companion yes but not a wife."

What kind of psychopathic, lecherous, sycophant, genetically engineers the perfect mate without the intent of marriage? You're telling me you're just made to be some over agreeable sex toy? That's INSANE!!!"

'To be fair master, my creators never meant for me to bond with mortals or those of the mortal realm.

"Ugh, this is making my head hurt."

"Don't worry master I'll take your wives to your quarters and help them settle in.  I can't wait to find out all about them."

'yeah..okay...that'll be...great."

Aini takes Ai by the arm and speaking fluent Elvish takes her and the others away.  Now don't get me wrong I have encountered worlds where concubines and polygamy are a way of life...they're just not my way and usually even where it's acceptable there's often friction between the ladies..and honestly I don't think it's fair for anyone's life to be a thing to barter's just...inhuman.  I don't have time to immerse myself in these moral quandaries right now though, I have to get us home.  Actually Sabrina has to get us home.  Hopefully the scavenging crews got some usable replacement parts and with the Kkryllian crew on board we have extra hands on board. Captain Drizna has been assigned to the wraith until we get home and while it's a small ship he is more than a little impressed with it's power and performance. The wraith can accommodate 30 or so of his crew  and the shuttles a few dozen more. We've cleared out our sickbay, and the cargo holds and made the best of things.  As I pass by crew quarters filled to capacity I ma relieved to see the integration going so smoothly. I make my way to Engineering to get a Sit-Rep from Sabrina who is hard at work with the retrofits. Despit the the caos she notices my entry even with her back to me.

"Welcome Captain, to what to do I owe the pleasure?"

"I'm here to get a status report. Whats running and what's not?"

'Well Captain we have our Shields and Warp Drive, as well as our Slipstream engines.  Our replication systems are  up and running but I have restricted their use to manufacturing parts for the time being until we're one hundred percent in the green."

"Were you able to salvage anything from the Kryllian ship?"

Definitely and with her crew here we have had almost no problems getting things adapted properly minus some systems that are just too different. Which of course is why we're not up and running."

"So how long before we can head home?"

"Id say roughly six hours."

"Finally some good news, alright six hours. I'll be on the bridge waiting on pins and needles."

"Yessir. Oh and Captain..."

"Congratulations." she says with a snicker.

"yeah thanks...smartass"

Everyone's a comedian, I thought I was done with the joke with Harley and Ray...seems that's gonna just follow me. Ah well such is life.  Back on the bridge my helmsman is tapping keys frantically, searching and scanning and even without being able to see his face I tell something is wrong. I walk over to his station to see what's going on.

"What's up? Having difficulties?"

"You might say that sir."

"What's the problem?"

"It's the Vortex sir, we've been tracking it since we've arrived in this system."


"Well sir, it's not on my instruments."


"I've tried everything sir, the entire spectrum of scans and its put it simply...we're stuck here sir."



Submitterdarth_paulMore Photos from darth_paul   Last Update2016/10/29 6:46
Hits522  Comments2    
The final member of the amazing Anizonz is probably their most powerful, but she lacks the confidence to fully live up to her potential, and she lost a portion of that potentially devastating power to mysterious circumstances forcing her to seek out other mysterious means to gain it back which led her to becoming a part of this team. Only the future will tell if she can ever figure out how she got to be where she is today and if she can truly use her powers as a beautiful gift or an ugly curse.


Submitterdarth_paulMore Photos from darth_paul   Last Update2016/10/29 6:45
Hits365  Comments0    
The second-in-command of the Anizonz behind Dust Bunny. She is one of a race or dog-like mutants from the planet Stoneton in the CSCU, it is the same world that one of the characters of the Super-Mutant Nine, Kole Rock Head, is also from. Coincidentally, Rock Head is also the second-in-command of his team, and her bio here explains that he was something of a mentor to her, so she has somewhat followed in his footsteps to co-lead her own team. One thing that I did not explain in the bio though is why she is called "Terrier." Well, it's just simply that's the kind of dog that she is based on, no more no less, and her full real name of Kerry Airedale Bedlington is made up of the names of various breeds of terriers.

Pack Rat

Pack RatPopular
Submitterdarth_paulMore Photos from darth_paul   Last Update2016/10/29 6:43
Hits357  Comments2    
Pack Rat is the resident techie of the Anizonz ... oh, and she's also a were-rat!


Submitterdarth_paulMore Photos from darth_paul   Last Update2016/10/28 12:50
Hits390  Comments3    
Introducing another member of the amazing "Anizonz!" The super-spy of the team,"Spydra!"

The Sage

The SagePopular
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   Last Update2016/10/23 5:41
Hits544  Comments2    
The central database on Namae 4 directs me to a desert region on a remote colony and indicates that a lone mage is the foremost expert ie sage, on vortex phenomenon. We make a bee line to a group of pyramids where stands a temple dedicated to the gods of light. Outside hovering ominously is a small spaceship created and sustained entirely by magic. I love those but in a dead zone they're done and you're probably gonna plummet to your death.  As Aini and I approach the temple we are greeted by a man named Gygas. he opens his arms and greets us with open arms and a smile.

"Welcome my friends!"

"Um have we met?"

"No no my friend, but I am happy to see anyone in this remote location and I've been doing research here alone for months. I assume since you're armed to the teeth and haven't removed any of your weapons from their holster that you must be a friend yes?"

Can't really argue with that logic so I od and drop the subject.

"Actually um we're here to find  the foremost expert in the five galaxies on the subject of.."



"Well you're looking at him, what can I do for you."

"Ghost planet, has developed one."

"I'll pack immediately and meet you there."

"Whoa there pal we are not heading there now and I wasn't offering an open invitation to join us."

"Of course not, but you'll not get the information you need unless I'm there to see this firsthand."


"I'll need to bring my ship it has a lot of specialized magic for this type of research."

"Sir," Aini interjects, "My master will require a complete list of all items before they can be brought on board our ship, including any and all magical items and weapons."

"Your ship? I thought I would be following your vessel here."

He gestures at the Wraith  and Aini lets a giggle escape her lips.

No sir this small vessel will be parked in the main shuttlebay of a much larger ship."

"I see very well then is there room for my ship as well?"

"Yes sir, plenty."
We head back to the Sable and in no time Gygas is on board with his sullies and a thorough manifest. Our next stop...The Ghost planet.


Submitterdarth_paulMore Photos from darth_paul   Last Update2016/10/15 7:48
Hits448  Comments3    
Makeover is a traitor to the Xel Empire, or at least that's how the Empire sees her. She's really just the only one of her kind that sees through the evil of the Empire and seeks to use her knowledge and training as one of their former operatives against them for the greater good of the universe as a rebel who works with their enemies to put a stop to the spread of their conquest so that no more planets or people must suffer under their rule.


Submitterdarth_paulMore Photos from darth_paul   Last Update2016/10/15 7:47
Hits375  Comments3    
I was going through my archives of characters that I need to make bios for and I found that I had forgotten to include this guy when I did the rest of the characters of the Xel Empire! Well, I guess it's better later than never, and his skeletal death-bot vibe certainly fits in with the spooky month of October, so you could say that the timing has worked out in my favor after all.

Jungle Killer

Jungle KillerPopular
Submitterdarth_paulMore Photos from darth_paul   Last Update2016/9/27 5:09
Hits523  Comments3    
"Jungle Killer" is the arch-foe of "Jungle Justice," her lust for power and greed and the need to destroy the environment to gain that power know no bounds.

Jungala the Raindancer

Jungala the RaindancerPopular
Submitterdarth_paulMore Photos from darth_paul   Last Update2016/9/26 12:25
Hits417  Comments3 Was the first character that I posted for my Jungle Justice team when I did my series on her and her sisters. Now, I am finishing the rest of the group. This is Jungala the Raindancer, mystical protector of nature on any world that needs it.

Jungle Jagwara

Jungle JagwaraPopular
Submitterdarth_paulMore Photos from darth_paul   Last Update2016/9/26 12:24
Hits418  Comments3 Was the first character that I posted for my Jungle Justice team when I did my series on her and her sisters. Now, I am finishing the rest of the group. This is Jungle Jagwara, the clawed protector of the environment in all its forms.

Jungle Jasmine

Jungle JasminePopular
Submitterdarth_paulMore Photos from darth_paul   Last Update2016/9/26 12:23
Hits437  Comments3 Was the first character that I posted for my Jungle Justice team when I did my series on her and her sisters. Now, I am finishing the rest of the group. This is Jungle Jasmine, the leader of the team.

Photo No. 121-150 (out of 1389 photos hit)
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