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Voodoo Queen

Voodoo QueenPopular
Submitterdarth_paulMore Photos from darth_paul   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2017/12/31 7:38
Hits178  Comments2    
The wife of the villainous Voodoo King, the Voodoo Queen, is also a thorn in the side of the Smiley Triplets, but only really by her association with her husband, because she couldn't care less for his feud with them, and sometimes if she's feeling bitchy enough she will actually help the Triplets with advice to spite him. She, still isn't a total ally though, and really shouldn't be trusted all that much. As with her husband, she has an overall native tribal warrior look to her complete with her mask-like yellow face with her scary green eyes and mouth and has every bit of magical voodoo power that he has.

Voodoo King

Voodoo KingPopular
Submitterdarth_paulMore Photos from darth_paul   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2017/12/31 7:37
Hits158  Comments1    
Voodoo King and his wife, Voodoo Queen, are the only other real villains of the Smiley Triplets other than their evil family members that I have created for them to go up against. I wanted them to have at least someone else to battle that weren't related to them, and I just happened to make a short comic strip in the early days of these characters where Super Smiley goes up against this goofy native warrior guy with mystical voodoo powers. It was just something that I came up with on the fly and went with it since the story took place on an island beach or something. While he and his wife are not related to the Smiley family, they still share the same design elements as far as their heads and faces go since they both have faces meant to be reminiscent of tribal masks, but still have the same yellow color and simple shapes for their eyes and mouths, which those kinds of masks also typically have.

Sir Smiley

Sir SmileyPopular
Submitterdarth_paulMore Photos from darth_paul   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2017/12/18 13:51
Hits182  Comments3    
Since I created Strange Smiley to be a Smiley family member from "a realm of the future," I thought I'd do the same with the past and thus here is Sir Smiley. Unlike, Strange, who can freely go to and from any time and dimension he wishes, Sir, doesn't have that luxury and was taken into the present of the Smiley family's world against his will by one of their foes. Tricked by the villain to go against his descendants, he wasn't fooled for long and turned the tables. Unfortunately, he has been stuck as a man out of time ever since, but as an honorable knight, he does his best to make do and help out in the family's fight against evil until his situation can be rectified.
He, of course, wears a suit of armor for his overall costume, and his initials are appropriately placed upon his shield and he also has his trusty sword. For the design of his face, I wanted him to be kind of stern and serious, but in a battle ready sense, not in a sense that he is an angry jerk all the time, but I do see him as something of a brash individual all the same. So, his mouth and eyes are all diamond shaped with two short lines extending from his eyes to infer "angry" eyebrows to show that he is not a person to be trifled with.

Strange Smiley

Strange SmileyPopular
Submitterdarth_paulMore Photos from darth_paul   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2017/12/18 13:49
Hits184  Comments4    
Strange Smiley is the member of the Smiley family from the future, and his name, and job title at least come from a combination of"Doctor Strange" and "Doctor Who," but that's where the similarities and inspirations end because he really has more in common with "Rip Hunter" than either of those two. Although there are supposed to be others with his occupation, I have yet to really create any of these "D.O.C.T.O.R.s" other than him, so I haven't decided if his suit is a standard uniform or just his own unique look among them. I just wanted to give him a regular futuristic jumpsuit style with his initials etched on his belt. For his face, I just went with another variation of the plain "yellow smiley face" with his more angular mouth coupled with the fancy headset and a mop of parted hair just because I thought it looked cool.

Silly Smiley

Silly SmileyPopular
Submitterdarth_paulMore Photos from darth_paul   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2017/12/17 17:47
Hits161  Comments3    
Poor Silly Smiley also falls within the "villain" side of the Smiley family, but she is more of a victim of circumstance than any real kind of bad guy ... or bad gal. With her selfish husband not doing much to raise their three children, she was left to her own devices to do her best, and since she is by name, a very silly individual, the results didn't turn out so great and two out of the three became real villains. For her look, I just tried to give her a kind of confused face with heart-shaped glasses combined with a grandmotherly style of dress. For the placement of her initials, I have put them on her broach.

Slow Smiley

Slow SmileyPopular
Submitterdarth_paulMore Photos from darth_paul   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2017/12/17 17:45
Hits147  Comments3    
Slow Smiley is one of the "villains" of the Smiley family, while not truly evil or overly bad, he's not exactly a very good person either, and it is his self-centered nature that is in large part a cause of the villainy that his offspring engage in, causing trouble for the family and others of their city and world. He is named the way that he is not because of any kind of slow thinking or anything like that, but because he likes to take things slow and easy, yet with his inattentiveness to his family, one could say that he is also slow in the former. He is another character with his initials inscribed upon his hat, in this case a dapper top hat, and his facial design is meant to reflect a kind of "grumpy yellow smiley face" with his more angular frown and his dark round glasses.

Shy Smiley

Shy SmileyPopular
Submitterdarth_paulMore Photos from darth_paul   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2017/12/16 6:56
Hits149  Comments2    
As her name suggests, Shy is very nervous around others and tends to stay hidden as much as possible. So, I just gave her a face that looks a bit like a classic happy rag doll with rosy cheeks and glasses along with curly gray hair to show that she is a demure old lady. She too lacks any kind of "shape symbol," but as is befitting of her job as a cook, she simply has her initials inscribed on her apron.

Slick Smiley

Slick SmileyPopular
Submitterdarth_paulMore Photos from darth_paul   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2017/12/16 6:54
Hits158  Comments4    
When I created these characters, as I was fleshing out the entire family, I had the idea to give each of them an alliterative name with a double "S" and whichever words that I chose for each one would dictate what kind of personality each one would have and what kind of a silly face each one would have to go along with it. For Slick here, his personality is that of a perpetual prankster, and his face is something of a funny old man look in the stylized yellow smiley face ideal that they all have. His face also matches a bit with his son, Style, since they both have kind of the same big toothy grins. Slick has no shape as a symbol, but rather has his initials inscribed on his huge bow tie, so that is in effect his symbol.

Spy Smiley

Spy SmileyPopular
Submitterdarth_paulMore Photos from darth_paul   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2017/12/10 6:23
Hits157  Comments4    
Spy Smiley is the lovely wife of Surveillance Smiley, and of course her entire design is made to reflect that classic 1920's - 1930's female secret agent style, and for her face I just gave her a simple looking pretty cartoon face in line with the rest of the yellow smiley designs. Like her husband, her initials are inscribed into her hat.

Surveillance Smiley

Surveillance SmileyPopular
Submitterdarth_paulMore Photos from darth_paul   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2017/12/10 6:22
Hits149  Comments3    
Although he looks more like a typical jungle explorer than an espionage agent, I figured that since his entire personality is based around being observant of things through the use of his ever present binoculars, it wouldn't be too much of a stretch to have him do some international spying along with his globe trotting adventuring. His initials are inscribed upon his pith helmet, and his face is meant to be representative of the classic yellow smiley that shows surprise or shock which exemplifies his nature of seeking out new discoveries. I also thought that the beard and  monocle were nice touches.

Screwy Smiley

Screwy SmileyPopular
Submitterdarth_paulMore Photos from darth_paul   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2017/10/18 13:37
Hits157  Comments4    
Screwy Smiley is the crazy mother of Smart and Stupid.

Sick Smiley

Sick SmileyPopular
Submitterdarth_paulMore Photos from darth_paul   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2017/10/18 13:36
Hits135  Comments3    
Sick Smiley is the vile father of Smart and Stupid. Design wise he is something of a twisted version of his nephew Skinny. I don't remember why I chose to do this since it was so long ago when I created these characters. Maybe I was going to originally going to do another "evil-twin" thing, but then figured that I had too many of those, so I made him the twisted uncle instead.

Scrupulous Smiley

Scrupulous SmileyPopular
Submitterdarth_paulMore Photos from darth_paul   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2017/10/17 13:42
Hits146  Comments2    
Scrupulous Smiley is the mother of the Smiley Triplets.

Style Smiley

Style SmileyPopular
Submitterdarth_paulMore Photos from darth_paul   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2017/10/17 13:41
Hits139  Comments3    
Style Smiley is the father of the Smiley Triplets.

Sinister Smiley/Mr. Moonstar

Sinister Smiley/Mr. MoonstarPopular
Submitterdarth_paulMore Photos from darth_paul   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2017/10/10 15:09
Hits185  Comments4    
The evil uncle of the Smiley Triplets as well as the uncle of Smart and Stupid, whom are in his employ. Their actual father, Sick Smiley, is a villain in his own right, but not quite to the level as this guy. More on him later, but for now,the spotlight is on Sinister/Moonstar, the main villain of the Smiley Triplets universe.

Stupid Smiley

Stupid SmileyPopular
Submitterdarth_paulMore Photos from darth_paul   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2017/10/10 15:03
Hits163  Comments3    
Stupid Smiley is the other half of the evil cousins of the Smiley Triplets. He is the perfect foil to his brother's schemes balancing out Smart's brains with his brainless antics. Hilarity ensues.

Smart Smiley

Smart SmileyPopular
Submitterdarth_paulMore Photos from darth_paul   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2017/10/10 14:57
Hits163  Comments3    
Smart Smiley and his counterpart sibling, Stupid Smiley are the evil cousins of the Smiley Triplets.

Sad Smiley

Sad SmileyPopular
Submitterdarth_paulMore Photos from darth_paul   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2017/10/3 16:32
Hits170  Comments3    
Poor Sad Smiley is always melancholy. He is the youngest sibling of the "Smiley Triplets," and while his two older brothers can usually keep him relatively calm, but it doesn't take much to scare and upset him. He also tends to wander, despite his fears, which only makes things worse for both himself and his brothers, but he can defend himself with a screeching sonic cry if cornered and things become more than he can handle. Besides, he's a living cartoon, so nothing can really truly harm him, but he doesn't seem to fully realize that and worries about everything anyway.

Sad Smiley was created as something of an antithesis of his brother Skinny Smiley, since Skinny was the first character of what would become the Smiley Family. As Skinny is based on a classic yellow smiley face, so is Sad based upon a frowny face. The "X's" for his eyes aren't meant to show that he is dead as such kinds of eyes usually represent, but rather to show that his eyes are always closed or at the very least he squints all of the time since he is almost always afraid and/or in tears. He is always drawn with at least one tear on his cheek, if there aren't more steaming out of his eyes like shown here, at any given time whenever he is present on a comics page.

Super Smiley

Super SmileyPopular
Submitterdarth_paulMore Photos from darth_paul   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2017/10/3 16:31
Hits171  Comments3    
Super Smiley is the oldest brother of the Smiley Triplets trio, but he doesn't get to lead them. That job goes to his much more level-headed younger sibling, Skinny. Super is great and all for his true heroism and all of his amazing super-powers, but he tends to take action first and think later, which is his greatest weakness, and that's just not very good for guiding others. So, he gladly lets Skinny do all of the thinking for him and their younger brother, Sad, who is too young and melancholy anyway, and just does his part to defend them with his abilities.

Super Smiley was created mainly to of course be a classic ridiculous Superman parody, nothing new really, but I have put my own original spin on the idea nonetheless. His face is also supposed to be something of a stylized "angry face" with his gritted teeth and the lightning bolt eyes meant to represent that he's always ready for action and don't cross him, or he will zap you with his "eye beams." He does exhibit other emotions, of course, but when in action this is his default look.

Skinny Smiley

Skinny SmileyPopular
Submitterdarth_paulMore Photos from darth_paul   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2017/10/3 16:29
Hits168  Comments4    
Skinny Smiley is a character that I made back when I was in high school. He was made as a joke for me to have an actual character that is nothing but a stick figure. He is also of course based on a smiley face emoticon, or as they are called now, "emojis." However, at the time of his creation neither of those words existed. Ahead of it's time.  

Hot Dawg

Hot DawgPopular
Submitterdarth_paulMore Photos from darth_paul   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2017/2/1 13:16
Hits367  Comments0    
Hot Dawg is the other of my two newest creations for the Animals gang, having been created just recently along with Fearless Flamingo and not in 1995 like the rest of them were. Unlike Fearless though, he did not have any basis of his creation that was dependent on the re-imagining of any of the other previous members. Rather, his creation lied solely on just making something of an opposite number for Cold 'Coon. I figured, if I've got one guy on the team who always appears to be cold, then why not have another guy who always appears to be hot? And, here is the guy who is the answer to that, and as you can read in the bio above, I have explained all of the reasons why he certainly exemplifies his name

Cold 'Coon

Cold 'CoonPopular
Submitterdarth_paulMore Photos from darth_paul   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2017/2/1 13:15
Hits352  Comments0    
Cold 'Coon started out as just a silly little raccoon character that was always bundled up in his winter gear all of the time and that was basically his only defining character trait. However, when I began to think about what I really wanted to do with all of these characters and really started to give them each their own individual defining back stories and the Animals grew into this bunch of animated heroes who all have unique skills, jobs, and talents that they combine for the betterment of their society, I knew that I had to have him be something more than just a silly chilly raccoon. So, I began brainstorming ways in which I could incorporate his defining character trait into a job that he could do and contribute to the team with. Since most of the members of the gang all have high profile jobs where they can perform and raise money for charities and whatnot, I decided that he could be a snowboarder. Yet, I also figured that it doesn't come easy for him like it does for the rest. He actually has to work at overcoming his fears to get on the board and do the tricks that make him a champion at it because his constant wearing of heavy clothing no matter what his location or the temperature might be has more to do with his personal anxieties than any real regulation of body temperature, as it's more of a security blanket than anything. But, he is so inquisitive and playful by nature as well, that despite his carefulness and reservations, he is still motivated to seek out such thrills in order to overcome it all. This all stems from the actual natures of real world raccoons who can be extremely curious about things and want to explore and get into things like your trash cans for food, but then also be easily skittish and scared away.

Surfer Frog

Surfer FrogPopular
Submitterdarth_paulMore Photos from darth_paul   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2017/1/31 13:32
Hits302  Comments0    
Since the Animals were created back in 1995, I guess you could say that Surfer Frog is definitely a product of the times since he was created at a time when there were a lot of these extreme kinds of characters that participated in things such as surfing and other so-called extreme sports in media all over the place back then. I also made him something of a lifeguard to give him something of an extra talent besides just being the radical surfer dude of the gang, which I guess is partially influenced by the Baywatch craze that also perpetuated the 90's.

Sport Cat

Sport CatPopular
Submitterdarth_paulMore Photos from darth_paul   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2017/1/31 13:31
Hits341  Comments0    
Sport Cat is one of the oldest, if not the oldest, member(s) of the Animals gang. He's even older than their two leaders, Kool Wolf and Fearless Flamingo. That doesn't mean that he doesn't like hanging out with them and being a part of the team though, because even though he is older than them, it's only by a year or two, and he enjoys being a role model to those in the gang that are even younger still, because he's all about good sportsmanship and doing your best for yourself and others.

Lean Lizard

Lean LizardPopular
Submitterdarth_paulMore Photos from darth_paul   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2017/1/30 13:56
Hits324  Comments2    
Alright, if Phat Pig is the big guy who is always jovial and eating all of the time, then Lean Lizard is his complete opposite. He is the quite and not very talkative bean pole of a character who keeps slim and trim so that he can squeeze into all kinds of tight spaces and do the kinds of dirty jobs that no one else really likes to do. It's all in the name of keeping his city clean and helping out his friends though, and he would never use his talents for any wrong doing. That's exactly why he is with the Animals and not the Creatures.

Phat Pig

Phat PigPopular
Submitterdarth_paulMore Photos from darth_paul   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2017/1/30 13:55
Hits315  Comments0    
This guy was originally just called Fat Pig, with just the regular spelling because he was just the stereotypical funny fat guy cartoon pig character that was always eating. In many ways he is still that kind of a character, but I decided that it would be better to change the spelling of his name to Phat Pig in order to, no pun intended this time, flesh him out, into a better character with more dimensions, even though he is just a 2D character. (OK, that one was a pun.) Now, instead of just being the funny fat guy who always eats, he is the funny fat guy who always eats who is also a celebrity chef complete with all of the hip style and attitude that goes along with it.

Smarty Fly

Smarty FlyPopular
Submitterdarth_paulMore Photos from darth_paul   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2017/1/29 10:22
Hits341  Comments0    
Smarty Fly is the super genius of the Animals gang. Every good team needs one, and he's their guy. With his brains he could be doing a lot more than just hanging around with the Animals and being stuck in one place, and I've mentioned it in the bio above, but what I also say is that while he could leave them and do so much more, he would also be very lonely and he values his friendship with the others much more than any desire to explore and learn more about the universe. So, he dutifully sticks with them to help them do what is good for his world and stays always the dreamer that someday his friends might be able to join him in his dreams.

Game Bird

Game BirdPopular
Submitterdarth_paulMore Photos from darth_paul   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2017/1/28 9:06
Hits354  Comments0    
As I noted in my comments about Fearless Flamingo, Game Bird here was originally the one who was a flamingo when I first created him back in 1995. However, since I like for my characters to have more than one meaning to their names, it didn't make much sense for a flamingo to be called a game bird, since birds that are hunted for game are chickens, ducks, quails, etc. and not flamingos. I could have just made him another rooster or duck, but I felt like those kinds of birds are too common in cartoons, so I decided to go with a black swan since it was different and it also allowed me to keep him with a similar design to his original look as a flamingo that ended up going to Fearless. He keeps the long skinny legs and neck while now being in line with what a game bird is, however, in my usual way of using word play, he is of course not hunted for game, but is rather an individual who hunts for games to play himself and is the undisputed master at it.

Fearless Flamingo

Fearless FlamingoPopular
Submitterdarth_paulMore Photos from darth_paul   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2017/1/28 9:05
Hits318  Comments0    
Fearless Flamingo is the co-leader of the Animals who works along with Kool Wolf in piloting the gang to doing good for their world, and it's very appropriate that he is indeed a pilot!

(Also, a bit of behind the scenes info about this character. The majority of this group of characters are actually quite old, having been created in 1995, but this guy and Hot Dawg, are new creations that I just made up now. I did this because, I needed to add two extra characters to make their numbers even with the Creatures, their rivals. Another thing with this guy is that the reason that he is a flamingo is that, Game Bird, another member of this team, was originally such a bird, but I did not feel that him being such an animal really matched to his name, so I decided to make him a different kind of water fowl that more appropriately fit, and he became a black swan, while this new character became the flamingo.)

Kool Wolf

Kool WolfPopular
Submitterdarth_paulMore Photos from darth_paul   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2017/1/28 9:04
Hits336  Comments2    
My latest grouping of characters, and my first for 2017, The Animals, begins appropriately with their leader, the marvelous Kool Wolf. While each of the rest of the rest of the gang each have their own unique individual jobs and talents that flesh them out as individual personalities in the bunch, Kool Wolf is a bit more undefined. He's just kind of their leader and that's it. Wolves are mysterious creatures anyway, so that's why I pretty much left him like that.

Photo No. 1-30 (out of 321 photos hit)
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