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Stolen Sweets Tempting Tales #1

Stolen Sweets Tempting Tales #1Popular
SubmitterDragondackMore Photos from Dragondack   Last Update2017/8/16 18:15
Hits546  Comments1    
It's that same Old Story,
Traveling Salesman on the Road.
On his way to a Sales Convention.
Lonely spooky old road on a dreary nite,
Lighting ,Thunder and Pouring Rain,
A Flat Tire with no Spare,
Cell phone completely Dead.
Spooky Old Mansion at the top of the Hill,Porch Light on,
Long Wet Walk to see if they could call for help.
Next Thing you Know it's....
"The Swappy Change-O Horror Picture Show?"

Adventure: Miss From SIS Mystery: Modesty Blaise Team-Up2

Adventure: Miss From SIS Mystery: Modesty Blaise Team-Up2Popular
SubmitterDragondackMore Photos from Dragondack   Last Update2017/8/14 18:58
Hits550  Comments4    
"Assault The Castle on the Hill"

Modesty & Pepper's New York Adventure though
the Back alley's of Chinatown and Harlum have
lead them to go to the closed upstate Jackson Sanatorium,
where they have now called in guns and help
from fellow SIS agent Salt.
Now with a Blaise of Salt & Pepper the trio
Assault The Castle on the Hill!

I would like to thank
For the use of this base to make this comic Team-up a complete piece.
Thanks alot WHIZ it was the perfect base to use to make this.

Red, White & Blue : Formal Wear

Red, White & Blue : Formal WearPopular
SubmitterMFMore Photos from MF   Last Update2017/8/14 17:34
Hits235  Comments3    
My OC's Red, White & Blue in the lovely formal gowns they'll be wearing at the end of Issue #2 and the beginning of Issue #3 of their comic book.

Urubu Man

Urubu ManPopular
SubmitterWLineMore Photos from WLine   Last Update2017/7/31 13:29
Hits234  Comments4    
My own creation from 1999.


SubmitterlordcoyoteMore Photos from lordcoyote   Last Update2017/7/25 15:59
Hits279  Comments2    

Two for two

Two for twoPopular
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   Last Update2017/7/15 15:11
Hits381  Comments3    
Well Spider-Man wasn't in danger in the slightest...I however was nearly eaten by cybernetic sharks...who does that to a shark anyway? Seriously. It isn't long before we're inside and I get to meat the rest of our "Gold" team. Let me tell you something...WOW...I recognize He-Man's sister immediately...and damn is she gorgeous. All the right curves...and that loooong blond hair..I have a weakness for blonds...and Japanese chicks too.  The other hottie i don't recognize, and that's a rarity. I make a few inquiries about her but come up with zilch lots of pictures but no real background data. Since my scanners are on the fritz I can't tell what her powers or abilities are. Whatever. I take one look at Spidey and it's like he's a different guy, and I don't need scanners to know he's eyeballing those girls like a starving man does a steak.

"Okay Sid, here's the deal..."

"Don't call me Sid."

"There's two of them and two of us so I was thinking..."

" a fifteen year old?"

"Exactly! So which one do you want?"

"Actually, and I know this sounds bad but...I'm kinda into powerful women...If we're gonna do this ...and by the way I married twice over...I'll go with the blond."

"See I knew you were cool, Iron-Man said you weren't but I knew better."

With that we go an introduce ourselves...Like Spider-Man needs an introduction.

Buddy Comic 'Security Risk'

Buddy Comic 'Security Risk'Popular
SubmitterMFMore Photos from MF   Last Update2017/6/26 17:18
Hits291  Comments2    
My latest Buddy comic strip featuring my new favorite genki girl Sedine from the hilarious new comic strip inSecurity by Bea R.

Red, White & Blue "...Almost ready!"

Red, White & Blue "...Almost ready!"Popular
SubmitterMFMore Photos from MF   Last Update2017/6/16 17:44
Hits295  Comments0    
Another pin-up of my superheroines Red, White & Blue getting ready for a bikini photoshoot in the second issue of their comic book, now in the works! (Hey, a little fan service every now and then doesn't hurt, now does it?)


SubmitterlordcoyoteMore Photos from lordcoyote   Last Update2017/5/20 12:22
Hits390  Comments3    
And not long Ravyne began regretting volunteering for lifeguard service after the twentieth attack by sharks that, strangely were not only invisible but also lacked teeth....

Adventure Miss From SIS Mystery Modesty Blaise Team-Up

Adventure Miss From SIS Mystery Modesty Blaise Team-UpPopular
SubmitterDragondackMore Photos from Dragondack   Last Update2017/5/2 4:49
Hits611  Comments3    
Here's a two faction team-up on
and in the backstreets and alleys
of Harlem & Chinatown.
Modesty & Pepper take on all comers
& taken it to the streets.
Because Agents from several agencies
are turning up missing in action.

Shirley Thomas bio-sheet

Shirley Thomas bio-sheetPopular
SubmitterMFMore Photos from MF   Last Update2017/4/28 17:50
Hits344  Comments0    
This is the bio-sheet for Shirley Thomas, Joey Q.'s personal assistant that will make her first appearance in the second issue of my Red, White & Blue comic book.

Adventure: The Miss From S.I.S. #7

Adventure: The Miss From S.I.S. #7Popular
SubmitterDragondackMore Photos from Dragondack   Last Update2017/4/22 18:16
Hits632  Comments4    
"The South China Sea Affair"

Agent Salt fresh after her nite out with an
old friend and pumping him for International
Crimes has learned that there are mysterious
disappearances of everything going on in T
he South China Seas?

She jet there and boards the company Junk to
investigate as mystery's afoot?


SubmitterlordcoyoteMore Photos from lordcoyote   Last Update2017/3/30 13:56
Hits347  Comments2    
Says the very chesty gal wearing a mask....

Red, White & Blue going casual

Red, White & Blue going casualPopular
SubmitterMFMore Photos from MF   Last Update2017/3/29 20:46
Hits284  Comments0    
My superheroines Red, White & Blue sporting their casual look that they'll be wearing n a few scenes of their second comic book, now in the works.

Adventure: The Miss From S.I.S. #6

Adventure: The Miss From S.I.S. #6Popular
SubmitterDragondackMore Photos from Dragondack   Last Update2017/3/15 17:41
Hits564  Comments0    
"The Water Sports Affair"

Kai-Anne Black has just got message from friends on her favorite tropical water resort.
They have a terrorist pirate problem.
The whole small island has been taken over and have put out a call for help.
Agent Pepper and a couple of Ex-Navy Seals who own her are going in to clear the Rat's nest.
So they will be able to enjoy the Paradise once more!

Phase 2.jpg

Phase 2.jpgPopular
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   Last Update2017/3/14 19:53
Hits407  Comments2    
Deep beneath Abominous's throne room lies a vast laboratory in one particular room he keeps live subjects for experimentation and on this particular day the subject being kept is here for more insidious purposes than mere experimentation...Abominous needs a powerful enough to challenge the mighty hero Infinity-Man.

As abominous enters the room he is greeted with a glare of seething hatred from the shackled woman within.  He simply smiles knowing there is nothing she can do to harm him. The collar around her neck has nullified her vast powers and the containment unit is powered by her own resistance. Abominous reaches for a glowing green crystal admiring it's facets and the swirling mists of energy that surround it.

"To think my minions had confused you with  Superion.  Hahaha, I'm sure you made them pay dearly for that mistake. They thought this pathetic rock would be enough to stop you. I guess they should've gotten better intel. But it didn't take much to put an end to your fighting, magic, plain and simple magic, a fairly common Achilles's heel among your kind yes?"

"Take off this collar and I'll be happy to demonstrate!"

"No dear woman I think not. After all you'd only seek to escape and you did just get here."

"I don't know what you want but I promise you the moment I'm free I'm going to wipe that smirk of your face permanently!"

"Such Bravado Guardian.  How about I make you a promise? I promise that when you finally get loose from those shackles that you will do WHATEVER I command."

A medical droid hovers into the room it's multi-tooled arms whirring and clicking ominously.  The guardian has not felt this helpless before in her life and she isn't certain she has what it takes to resist whatever Abominous has planned.

"What's your game Abominous? Why come for me?"

"My dear it is simple, there are roughly 4 people in the five galaxies who can go toe to toe with Infinity-Man and all but one of them are heroes. You are simply the first of many to come, who I will use to destroy that meddlesome powerhouse."

"I'd have to be out of mind to go after him. He's not called INFINITY-MAN for nothing, his powers are limitless."

"Child what makes you think I'm going to leave you in your right mind?"

The maniacal laughter that follows chills her to the bone but it quickly replaced by her own screams as the droid begins it's work.  The God-King simply smiles, he will have his weapon, and the Scions of Justice will fall.


SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   Last Update2017/3/13 20:39
Hits281  Comments1    
In a regal throne room seated upon his throne in quiet contemplation sits the Immortal God-King of the Hadean empire.  Cautiously the Grand Vizier enters the room, quietly and nervously for he knows his master will not be pleased with the news he has to deliver.  The God-King is not known for his tolerance of bad news...or the deliverer of bad news.  Which is, in fact how he became Grand Vizier in the first place.  He clears his throat nervously and kneels before steps leading to the massive throne.


The booming voice fills the vast empty room sending a chill down the Vizier's spine, and a wave of fear washes over him despite how many times he has been in his master's presence the fear never quite goes away.

"Your Majesty, I have news from  Derimar 7. It seems that your uh specimen, has been liberated."

The fear inside Malik rises as the mighty being rises to his feet and descends down the steps...methodically..and deliberately step by terrifying step, and for a moment Malik fears the worst.

"How did this happen?"

At 12 feet tall the massive visage of Lord Abominous is imposing to say the least. Malik's eyes stay fixed on the floor never once meeting his master's gaze for there were harsh penalties for something even so trivial as that. Penalties such as having one's eyes removed...without the benefit of anesthesia.

"The ones known as The Scions of Justice attacked the facility and our forces were overwhelmed."


Abominous roars. Malik tries hard to conceal the shivering from his fear while bracing himself for certain doom.

"There were 800 troops stationed at that facility and you're telling me that they were overwhelmed by a paltry few Heroes?"

Abominous gestures for the Vizier to rise. from the corner of his eye Malik takes note and quickly moves to his master's side and the two walk together. Nervously Malik replies.

"The infinity-man was with them, our troops were no match for his power."

"Bah, I knew he would become a thorn in my side. What is the status on the weapon?"

"The Scions have a powerful psychic among their number, it is safe to assume he will make a full recovery sire."

"So be it. Initiate phase two, and Malik..."

"Yes Lord Abominous?"

"Do not fail me again, or it's the pit, understood?"

"I-I swear I will not fail you my lord."

With a smile that frightens Malik to his very core his master says...

"See that you don't, and one more thing...summon my royal guard I have a mission for them. The Scions of Justice have interfered with my plans for the last time."

While you were out

While you were outPopular
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   Last Update2017/3/10 23:43
Hits356  Comments1    
After battling demons and narrowly escaping death, my friends bring me up to speed on what has been going on while I was "sleeping". Apparently my cybernetics were interfering with the brainwashing techniques my captors were using and so had to be  removed...I really have grown to rely on them though.

While I was under I was being used as an assassin to eliminate high profile political targets within the IGFW.  I was apparently chosen because of my political ties to the Sathari empire who were most likely going to be blamed for the hits. I have asked Emperor Analaeus to disavow me and list me as an enemy of the state until such time as this can be resolved. He has agreed but it is understood that I am not to be actively sought out  within Sathari territories. Unfortunately the IGFW has revoked all of my  bounty hunting licenses and issued a warrant for my arrest. They have allowed the scions of justice to apprehend me and investigate the allegations of murder as they see fit so I'm free...for now.  My ship has been impounded as has all of my resources meaning I have my armor, my guns my wits and my friends. None of us are sure if I can be triggered to kill and so we have asked Cerebron to check and see what all was done to me and possibly correct it.

"Obsidian, I can easily read your most inner thoughts, and for this to work I will  have to. I don't like doing is very...intimate, and intrusive.  However, whatever I may find I promise to keep it to myself save for the pertinent information."

"Do what you have to bud, I couldn't live with myself if I killed another innocent and the whim of whoever is behind this.  So whatever you need to do...just do it."

The others watch intently as Cerebron places his fingers at my temples and his eyes begin to glow.

My very life begins flashing before me...I once said I had enough horrid memories from the war to scar me for several lifetimes...Now Cerebron has them too. So much of my life has changes since I got here...and all of it is laid bare before Mighty a breath it's over and he looks horrified as though he had seen a monster of unimaginable evil.

The others badger him for information and yet he keeps his promise and tell no-one of what he saw in my mind...not the centuries of warfare, not the multiple times I saved all of creation, not the Black Mantis none of it. He pauses for a very long time struggling with his words and trying desperately to grasp the gravity of what he now knows...the multiverse...power beyond his own imagining.  Finally, he chokes back his emotions and simply says.

"Thank you. I'm so very sorry.  There were triggers implanted but they are gone now and you are not a danger to innocent people. I-I would like to talk with you later about what just happened...and um...explain some things...yeah."

My mind is a dangerous place to go running around blindly.  I know far more than any one immortal elf should know about things like the fabric of the universe and such, and now so does Cerebron...and he is only mortal.

After some rest we formulate a plan to get to the bottom of this whole thing and uncover the mastermind behind it all.  My first impulse is to blame Dominion for this but he's retired now and of no real threat to anyone.

"Black Scarab asks me in confidence...does he know about...him now?"

"Look at his eyes mage, does he look like one who knows?"

"Indeed he does.

Throughout our investigation a single name keeps reoccurring, Aabo Immunus...better known as Abominous.  But why would he bother involving himself with me? More importantly , how do I prove I'm innocent, and clear my name?

Buddy comic "It's all in the jeans!"

Buddy comic "It's all in the jeans!"Popular
SubmitterMFMore Photos from MF   Last Update2017/2/26 16:53
Hits429  Comments0    
In my latest Buddy comic, I tried to make it look like a half page Archie comic but it kinda come out looking like a Sunday comic strip. Either way, I didn't realize how dated this joke was until I was about half way done with it. It's all about yoga pants nowadays, isn't it?

Adventure: The Miss From S.I.S. #5

Adventure: The Miss From S.I.S. #5Popular
SubmitterDragondackMore Photos from Dragondack   Last Update2017/2/22 15:58
Hits741  Comments2    
"The Casual drinks Affair"

Crystal-Lynn is out for drinks and tales of all
types with an old dear agent friend of hers.
She is just pumping him for general information on
the goings on of all the national and global crimes
for her own organization, But she is will to pump
him for other things after cocktails too?

Dungeons and not Dragons

Dungeons and not DragonsPopular
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   Last Update2017/2/11 0:17
Hits444  Comments1    
After questioning the traitor we discover that the Aliens that have been attacking us may not necessarily be doing it for sinister purposes.  We've gotten the temporal coordinates for a temple of sorts  and have infiltrated the place and are making our way through to the inner most reaches. As one might suspect the place is loaded with traps, as I assumed it would be. The whole scenario is playing out like some sort of bad movie. everything is so cliche. Panterra and Shadawar along with Obsidian Psi-Mage are close '
behind. As we make our way I can't help but notice the how ancient the whole  place seems.  My scan set it at millions of years and some of it is crumbling.  The walls are covered in ancient hieroglyphs which my computer is trying to decipher with no success. There's some magic at work here but it's carefully hidden.  We can detect is presence but not what type or purpose. Panterra begins sniffing...literally, as though he has caught a scent.  

"Stop" he says cautiously "I've picked up an unfamiliar scent, very fresh."

"Which way?"

"Ahead and then around the first corner."

"You have point then."

As Panterra moves to the front of our party the Psi-Mage speaks up.

"Are you certain that is a good idea? He's not one of us."

"I know and that's what I'm counting on. Speaking of which, how come none of you guys brought your friends along? Seems like a logical move."

"This was thought to be best handled by only the Obsidian's.  Our friends have no knowledge of these events."

"You kept it a secret? Are you guys all riding the short bus?  What did you think you were protecting them from? Nothing good comes from keeping things from your friends simply because you think they wouldn't understand, or because you're trying to protect them.  I don't do anything alone, as you'll soon see."

As we turn the corner the place opens up into row upon row of pillars with what appears to be an altar in the center. Stealthily we make our way to the center and spread out to make a more difficult target. A lone figure stands in the center and what at first appeared to be a simple altar can now be seen clearly for the command console that it is. The alien operating it doesn't seem to notice us as we get closer and closer.  Then suddenly without warning he raises his hand and The Psi-Mage is gone, vaporized in a flash of blue-white light along with the pillar he was hiding behind.  The little bastard's victory is short lived as a red shuriken impales his hand.  A split second later it explodes removing said hand and sending the creature flying. Before it can recover it's lifted high into the air and dangles their unable to move thanks to Shadawar's Psionics. I draw my pistol and tell the red skinned being

"I'm not sure if you know how this works but I promise you two things: You're gonna answer my questions, and It's gonna hurt each time you don't."

Then he starts laughing, and it doesn't take long to figure out why.  In his good hand is a detonator. I scan the place frantically searching for explosives and find plenty.  The whole place is rigged to blow The thing speaks but my on board translators can't decipher itBut I know what he's saying...and before he can make good on it a voice comes over my comms.

"Don't sweat pal, I got this one."

The room lights up for just a split second and I know what just happened. I lift my faceplate and look right at the alien and say boldly.

"Go for it!"

He smiles smugly and depresses the button...but nothing happens. He looks puzzled and presses the button over and over and over Still nothing.  From the shadows a voice, the same voice from my comms, says.

"The thing about detonators is, they don't work without these..."

Stepping from the shadows Thunderbolt hold up a couple of tiny fusion batteries which only a split second ago, were in the detonator the alien was holding.

"Like I said, Questions, let's get started."

Hot Dawg

Hot DawgPopular
Submitterdarth_paulMore Photos from darth_paul   Last Update2017/2/1 13:16
Hits376  Comments0    
Hot Dawg is the other of my two newest creations for the Animals gang, having been created just recently along with Fearless Flamingo and not in 1995 like the rest of them were. Unlike Fearless though, he did not have any basis of his creation that was dependent on the re-imagining of any of the other previous members. Rather, his creation lied solely on just making something of an opposite number for Cold 'Coon. I figured, if I've got one guy on the team who always appears to be cold, then why not have another guy who always appears to be hot? And, here is the guy who is the answer to that, and as you can read in the bio above, I have explained all of the reasons why he certainly exemplifies his name

Cold 'Coon

Cold 'CoonPopular
Submitterdarth_paulMore Photos from darth_paul   Last Update2017/2/1 13:15
Hits360  Comments0    
Cold 'Coon started out as just a silly little raccoon character that was always bundled up in his winter gear all of the time and that was basically his only defining character trait. However, when I began to think about what I really wanted to do with all of these characters and really started to give them each their own individual defining back stories and the Animals grew into this bunch of animated heroes who all have unique skills, jobs, and talents that they combine for the betterment of their society, I knew that I had to have him be something more than just a silly chilly raccoon. So, I began brainstorming ways in which I could incorporate his defining character trait into a job that he could do and contribute to the team with. Since most of the members of the gang all have high profile jobs where they can perform and raise money for charities and whatnot, I decided that he could be a snowboarder. Yet, I also figured that it doesn't come easy for him like it does for the rest. He actually has to work at overcoming his fears to get on the board and do the tricks that make him a champion at it because his constant wearing of heavy clothing no matter what his location or the temperature might be has more to do with his personal anxieties than any real regulation of body temperature, as it's more of a security blanket than anything. But, he is so inquisitive and playful by nature as well, that despite his carefulness and reservations, he is still motivated to seek out such thrills in order to overcome it all. This all stems from the actual natures of real world raccoons who can be extremely curious about things and want to explore and get into things like your trash cans for food, but then also be easily skittish and scared away.

Surfer Frog

Surfer FrogPopular
Submitterdarth_paulMore Photos from darth_paul   Last Update2017/1/31 13:32
Hits312  Comments0    
Since the Animals were created back in 1995, I guess you could say that Surfer Frog is definitely a product of the times since he was created at a time when there were a lot of these extreme kinds of characters that participated in things such as surfing and other so-called extreme sports in media all over the place back then. I also made him something of a lifeguard to give him something of an extra talent besides just being the radical surfer dude of the gang, which I guess is partially influenced by the Baywatch craze that also perpetuated the 90's.

Sport Cat

Sport CatPopular
Submitterdarth_paulMore Photos from darth_paul   Last Update2017/1/31 13:31
Hits347  Comments0    
Sport Cat is one of the oldest, if not the oldest, member(s) of the Animals gang. He's even older than their two leaders, Kool Wolf and Fearless Flamingo. That doesn't mean that he doesn't like hanging out with them and being a part of the team though, because even though he is older than them, it's only by a year or two, and he enjoys being a role model to those in the gang that are even younger still, because he's all about good sportsmanship and doing your best for yourself and others.

Lean Lizard

Lean LizardPopular
Submitterdarth_paulMore Photos from darth_paul   Last Update2017/1/30 13:56
Hits336  Comments2    
Alright, if Phat Pig is the big guy who is always jovial and eating all of the time, then Lean Lizard is his complete opposite. He is the quite and not very talkative bean pole of a character who keeps slim and trim so that he can squeeze into all kinds of tight spaces and do the kinds of dirty jobs that no one else really likes to do. It's all in the name of keeping his city clean and helping out his friends though, and he would never use his talents for any wrong doing. That's exactly why he is with the Animals and not the Creatures.

Phat Pig

Phat PigPopular
Submitterdarth_paulMore Photos from darth_paul   Last Update2017/1/30 13:55
Hits322  Comments0    
This guy was originally just called Fat Pig, with just the regular spelling because he was just the stereotypical funny fat guy cartoon pig character that was always eating. In many ways he is still that kind of a character, but I decided that it would be better to change the spelling of his name to Phat Pig in order to, no pun intended this time, flesh him out, into a better character with more dimensions, even though he is just a 2D character. (OK, that one was a pun.) Now, instead of just being the funny fat guy who always eats, he is the funny fat guy who always eats who is also a celebrity chef complete with all of the hip style and attitude that goes along with it.

Smarty Fly

Smarty FlyPopular
Submitterdarth_paulMore Photos from darth_paul   Last Update2017/1/29 10:22
Hits347  Comments0    
Smarty Fly is the super genius of the Animals gang. Every good team needs one, and he's their guy. With his brains he could be doing a lot more than just hanging around with the Animals and being stuck in one place, and I've mentioned it in the bio above, but what I also say is that while he could leave them and do so much more, he would also be very lonely and he values his friendship with the others much more than any desire to explore and learn more about the universe. So, he dutifully sticks with them to help them do what is good for his world and stays always the dreamer that someday his friends might be able to join him in his dreams.

Game Bird

Game BirdPopular
Submitterdarth_paulMore Photos from darth_paul   Last Update2017/1/28 9:06
Hits359  Comments0    
As I noted in my comments about Fearless Flamingo, Game Bird here was originally the one who was a flamingo when I first created him back in 1995. However, since I like for my characters to have more than one meaning to their names, it didn't make much sense for a flamingo to be called a game bird, since birds that are hunted for game are chickens, ducks, quails, etc. and not flamingos. I could have just made him another rooster or duck, but I felt like those kinds of birds are too common in cartoons, so I decided to go with a black swan since it was different and it also allowed me to keep him with a similar design to his original look as a flamingo that ended up going to Fearless. He keeps the long skinny legs and neck while now being in line with what a game bird is, however, in my usual way of using word play, he is of course not hunted for game, but is rather an individual who hunts for games to play himself and is the undisputed master at it.

Fearless Flamingo

Fearless FlamingoPopular
Submitterdarth_paulMore Photos from darth_paul   Last Update2017/1/28 9:05
Hits324  Comments0    
Fearless Flamingo is the co-leader of the Animals who works along with Kool Wolf in piloting the gang to doing good for their world, and it's very appropriate that he is indeed a pilot!

(Also, a bit of behind the scenes info about this character. The majority of this group of characters are actually quite old, having been created in 1995, but this guy and Hot Dawg, are new creations that I just made up now. I did this because, I needed to add two extra characters to make their numbers even with the Creatures, their rivals. Another thing with this guy is that the reason that he is a flamingo is that, Game Bird, another member of this team, was originally such a bird, but I did not feel that him being such an animal really matched to his name, so I decided to make him a different kind of water fowl that more appropriately fit, and he became a black swan, while this new character became the flamingo.)

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