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SubmitterRHSCreationsMore Photos from RHSCreations   Last Update2007/11/17 18:01
Hits2514  Comments11    
A past commission in done,Enjoy and thank you all again for your comments and viewings.


SubmitterJunFanMore Photos from JunFan   Last Update2007/11/16 14:40
Hits2284  Comments4    
Just a test render with some new toys, now that I finally got Poser back up and running correctly!

Black Vendetta

Black VendettaPopular
SubmitterGnostic85More Photos from Gnostic85   Last Update2007/11/16 10:37
Hits1472  Comments1    
Just an idea I came up with. What if somebody decided to go all "V for Vendetta" on the Saudi monarchy...?

Assault in the Sewers of Burothop

Assault in the Sewers of BurothopPopular
SubmitterStarChildMore Photos from StarChild   Last Update2007/11/11 21:30
Hits1646  Comments6    
A personal project I'm working on. Hope you like

Hunters Moon

Hunters MoonPopular
SubmittersturkwurkMore Photos from sturkwurk   Last Update2007/11/7 8:50
Hits1603  Comments3    
I had to try out Luthbel's Lone Wolf right away.

Character by GhostofMacbeth (Pirate for M3 at Daz3d)
Setting by Danie/Marforno - Trees by designfera

The Underworks

The UnderworksPopular
SubmitterGnostic85More Photos from Gnostic85   Last Update2007/11/6 0:03
Hits1267  Comments0    
"There are an estimated 6,000 people living in the Elitian Underworks. We estimate that at least 2,000 of them are sex offenders who got loose during the turmoil way back. My name is PJ Drake, and my job is to hunt through the city's worst stretch of real estate in order to find some of its worst offenders..."

From a new script I'm working on...

Everybody Knows your Feng

Everybody Knows your FengPopular
SubmittersturkwurkMore Photos from sturkwurk   Last Update2007/11/4 22:41
Hits1359  Comments2    

No Voodoo

No VoodooPopular
SubmittersturkwurkMore Photos from sturkwurk   Last Update2007/11/4 22:39
Hits1164  Comments3    
Just messing around.

saving the plane

saving the planePopular
SubmitterlongthornMore Photos from longthorn   Last Update2007/11/3 14:15
Hits1193  Comments1    
A basic Hero pose saving a plane in flight.

Castle in the sky take two

Castle in the sky take twoPopular
SubmitterlongthornMore Photos from longthorn   Last Update2007/11/3 14:13
Hits1065  Comments0    
Ok take two this looks right when I Preview it.  Now how do I take down the first one??  

The First Evil

The First EvilPopular
SubmitterlongthornMore Photos from longthorn   Last Update2007/11/1 13:58
Hits1065  Comments1    
The Dark Lord Yes the names been done a million times but with this cheracter that is the point.  He was there when the universe was first created.  In fact he had a hand in its creation.   However as the fist evil he?s allowed a simple, but very old name.  One that reflects his nature, and reason for doing what he dose.

Dare to Dream

Dare to DreamPopular
SubmitterlongthornMore Photos from longthorn   Last Update2007/10/31 13:28
Hits966  Comments0    
Just somthing to encourge others to follow their dreams.

Another Homage cover

Another Homage coverPopular
SubmitterlongthornMore Photos from longthorn   Last Update2007/10/30 0:56
Hits1268  Comments2    
This is our superman like Character we call Paragod.


SubmitterYunnersMore Photos from Yunners   Last Update2007/10/26 15:02
Hits1808  Comments2    


SubmittersturkwurkMore Photos from sturkwurk   Last Update2007/10/22 23:14
Hits1908  Comments7    
An alternate version of the cover for Issue 9 of my Heroine Chronicles web comic.  This one has all the text removed and a couple little tweaks.  - Enjoy.

If you want to see my web comics, they're at Renderotica's Premier section, and hipcomix.

The Wonder

The WonderPopular
SubmitterlongthornMore Photos from longthorn   Last Update2007/10/22 13:13
Hits1202  Comments1    
We worked out alot of history of our comic universe.  This is a look at past heros of the 40's of our universe with a twist on a old flash related cover.


Lady Thunder

Lady ThunderPopular
SubmitterlongthornMore Photos from longthorn   Last Update2007/10/22 1:50
Hits1251  Comments1    
Our Female Main Character.  The heir to the power of Thor.  Lady Thunder.  Pictured here with her nemsis the evil Loki.


Storm At Sea

Storm At SeaPopular
SubmitterYunnersMore Photos from Yunners   Last Update2007/10/17 21:12
Hits1654  Comments2    
No, not that storm, the weather one. :P

Anyway, pirates, arr.
A redo of an old render

Come In...Come In

Come In...Come InPopular
Submittercypher389More Photos from cypher389   Last Update2007/10/15 21:25
Hits1768  Comments6    
Welcome to our humble aboad.  Please excuse my lovely wife, she can be absolutely rabid 'till she gets her first bite of the night.  Make yourselves at home, we are just dying to get to know you....Muah-ha-ha-hah!!

Just a little piece for my fav time of the year.

Gevruh: CHEREM

Gevruh: CHEREMPopular
SubmitterGnostic85More Photos from Gnostic85   Last Update2007/10/11 21:49
Hits1061  Comments0    
"On the night that Gevruh declared war on his adopted homeland, he wanted to give the people a message. Raising his arms to the sky, he fired beams of his horrible red energy upwards, moving them in what looked like random motions. Within an hour, though, he had carved a single, enormous word in the sky..."


"It was a very clear message, aimed especially at the religious among them - Gevruh intended to consecrate the Holy Land anew by annihilating the people occupying it.

"He then spread his arms out and released all the energy inside him in all directions. For twenty horrifying seconds, everything and everyone within a mile radius experienced disintegration at the molecular level. Those who survived described feeling as though they were burning alive.

"Then, having made the first strike, Gevruh flew off to await the inevitable response from the IDF..."

The Other side of Squall

The Other side of SquallPopular
SubmitterHalfbakedoneMore Photos from Halfbakedone   Last Update2007/10/9 20:17
Hits1259  Comments3    
When not fighting bad guys Squall is known as Tanya Hale.  A weather girl that does her reports from various locations.  How does she get around?  What's a hot weather gal without her hot Harley?

Storm Warning

Storm WarningPopular
SubmitterHalfbakedoneMore Photos from Halfbakedone   Last Update2007/10/9 20:15
Hits1328  Comments3    
Squall is an idea that popped into my head after reading Initiative: The Order.  This however is a woman with the power of a supercell thunderstorm.


SubmitterGnostic85More Photos from Gnostic85   Last Update2007/10/8 22:13
Hits1472  Comments2    
Once a great hero of the Israelis, Gevruh snapped from the strain of trying to defend a bitterly divided country. He went on a rampage, killing dozens, including his brother, the Promise, before he was finally subdued.

Gevruh has superhuman strength and endurance, and an ability to generate bursts of destructive energy. But his real talent is his brilliant strategic mind. He managed to pull off his rampage by stirring up racial/religious tensions so that while he was randomly killing civilians, the police force was stuck dealing with an epidemic of rioting. Because of his tactical abilities, he was transferred to a top-secret bunker and given a new codename Qlipoth ("husks" in Hebrew - has negative connotations in Jewish mysticism). Among the most hawkish members in the Israeli government, Qlipoth is viewed as the ultimate trump card in the seemingly unending struggle for the Holy Land...

HC Preview Panel

HC Preview PanelPopular
SubmittersturkwurkMore Photos from sturkwurk   Last Update2007/9/30 16:23
Hits1690  Comments6    
A snapshot from the upcoming webcomic, "The Heroine Chronicles" - The Gentleman Caller faces off against the Amazonian Queen

The Highwayman hunts

The Highwayman huntsPopular
SubmitterHalfbakedoneMore Photos from Halfbakedone   Last Update2007/9/29 17:29
Hits1370  Comments4    
an original character.  sort of a Robin Hood/Zorro type.

The Rejects Chapter 10 cover

The Rejects Chapter 10 coverPopular
SubmittersturkwurkMore Photos from sturkwurk   Last Update2007/9/26 23:35
Hits1568  Comments4    
yeah, the lighting is dark, I wanted it to be imperfect, "rejected" if that makes sense.  This chapter will debut in mid November at hipcomix

The Queen of Hearts

The Queen of HeartsPopular
SubmitterWinterhawkMore Photos from Winterhawk   Last Update2007/9/23 1:06
Hits1813  Comments9    
A character from my universe of characters. She is a villain. I altered her original design to fit the poser stuff I have. in the Past both Jr & Cy have done images of this character for me. But now people can finally see my own version of her.

End of a Hero

End of a HeroPopular
SubmitterMasterchiefMore Photos from Masterchief   Last Update2007/9/21 22:40
Hits1665  Comments9    
I made this while I was listening to old radio broadcasts from WWII about fighter pilots during the island hopping campain in the Pacific.  Some will say this is not comic related, but it is Hero related so I am posting it here.


SubmitterYunnersMore Photos from Yunners   Last Update2007/9/8 23:32
Hits1806  Comments5    
I'm not sure I got the splashes right... otherwise I'm happy with it.

Btw, if this is too cheeky, feel free to have it moved to the members secion.

The Rejects: Jungle Love

The Rejects: Jungle LovePopular
SubmittersturkwurkMore Photos from sturkwurk   Last Update2007/9/8 7:24
Hits1601  Comments4    
The Rejects web comic launched this week over at hipcomix.  This is the cover art for Chapter 7.

Photo No. 1741-1770 (out of 1865 photos hit)
« 1 ... 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 (59) 60 61 62 63 »