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Photo No. 481-510 (out of 1361 photos hit)
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SubmitterMadChaoMore Photos from MadChao   Last Update2008/8/8 5:55
Hits2027  Comments3    
Do'ya remember the first issue of the on going Wolverine series,where he beats the crap out of like 500 pirates?I loved that issue.

Return of Onslaught

Return of OnslaughtPopular
SubmitterMadChaoMore Photos from MadChao   Last Update2008/8/7 6:04
Hits1908  Comments3    
Not a big fan of Onslaught,or the Ultimates Universe,but I seen this drawing in a preview,or on line or something and loved the composition.

Lady Mandarin

Lady MandarinPopular
SubmitterMadChaoMore Photos from MadChao   Last Update2008/8/7 6:03
Hits1835  Comments2    
another old manip,that still looks pretty good to me.


SubmitterMadChaoMore Photos from MadChao   Last Update2008/8/5 12:14
Hits1682  Comments2    
Ya'see the thing is it's expected to put a whole description of the variuos processes involved in making the pic,and it's just to long to remember everything I did to get it where it is,so I still have no idea what to write here.


SubmitterMadChaoMore Photos from MadChao   Last Update2008/8/5 12:11
Hits1979  Comments4    
I have no idea what to put in this box.

The Goblyn Princess

The Goblyn PrincessPopular
SubmitterMadChaoMore Photos from MadChao   Last Update2008/8/4 19:41
Hits2407  Comments10    
I've been working on this one for a long time

Iron Man Santa 3

Iron Man Santa 3Popular
SubmittergraffikMore Photos from graffik   Last Update2008/8/4 8:51
Hits2722  Comments12    
This is a modern remake of Iron Man Santa (a little early for Christmas this time)

Based on a 1970's image of Iron man with toys on flyer ads on Marvel

***editors note: Moved from the 3d gallery because it is not a 3d image.

Firestar Unzipped

Firestar UnzippedPopular
SubmitterWasmithMore Photos from Wasmith   Last Update2008/8/1 12:44
Hits8491  Comments17    
I did this one for Vampire Lover's Firestar Group, thought I would post it here.  I think it is OK for the public gallery.

I have lost the model's name.

Anyone wanna  go Bowling?

Anyone wanna go Bowling?Popular
SubmitterOCPMore Photos from OCP   Last Update2008/7/7 19:46
Hits2936  Comments11    
Want to do a fight scene with Rogue but can't figure out how I'm gonna do it...
So, until then... imagine this is a relaxing moment between battles.
Hey, even superheroes need to relax sometime...

Jean Grey:  Throughout the Ages part 2

Jean Grey: Throughout the Ages part 2Popular
SubmitterthestarkillerMore Photos from thestarkiller   Last Update2008/7/6 21:44
Hits2986  Comments7    
After the defeat of Factor Three in 1964, Jean was given the opportunity to design new, more colorful costumes for the X-Men.  This was what she designed for herself, although it begs the question, what the hell was she smoking?  I was never a fan of this costume, but I had to include it as part of the chronology.

Next up:  The X-Factor Years

UPDATE: fixed the belt buckle and added texture to the costume.


SubmitterHisstorymanMore Photos from Hisstoryman   Last Update2008/7/6 17:31
Hits2529  Comments3    
Callisto was born a mutant with highly evolved senses and extreme beauty. The last was stripped from her when she was attacked and scarred becaused of her mutant powers.

She fled underground, literally, to the bowels of New York City where she helped create a safe haven for other mutants deep under the city.  Callisto is an expert hunter, tracker, and knife expert.

This scene takes place in the abandoned City Hall Station in New York City.  Armed with her favorite weapon, Callisto also wears a souvenir of when she kidnapped the X-Man Angel.  In the lower left, fellow Morlock, Caliban pokes his head into the picture.

Notes: I cheated a bit on this one.  The leather vest/bodice were, obviously, already on the model. The pants were drawn by me as were the arm and neck bands.  The knife came from a sword web site and Caliban's head, I think, is the fighter/wrestler Butterbean.


Jean Grey:  Throughout the Ages  part 1

Jean Grey: Throughout the Ages part 1Popular
SubmitterthestarkillerMore Photos from thestarkiller   Last Update2008/7/4 2:11
Hits2571  Comments7    
This is the first in a series I am working on.  I'm going to use the same base image to depict Jean Grey in the various costumes she's worn over the years.  Beginning at the beginning, this is the very first costume she ever wore in X-Men back in 1963.

This is a labor of love for me.  Jean's always been one of my favorite comic book characters (I've got a thing for redheads), and I very much want to do this series justice.  So, any constructive criticism you may have for me will make this series that much better.

The model is Heather Carolin.  I was compelled to search out pics of her for a base Jean Grey image after seeing the incredible Firestar manips done by Wasmith over in the member's gallery.

p.s. I toyed with the thought of putting seams on the costume, but discarded the idea because I wanted to keep this first one simple.  The great thing about the original X-Men uniforms was their simplicity and I felt that adding seams all over the place would clutter the image and contradict the result I was going for.

Dark Phoenix - Jennifer Korbin

Dark Phoenix - Jennifer KorbinPopular
SubmitterJMPerkinsMore Photos from JMPerkins   Last Update2008/6/30 13:50
Hits3637  Comments11    
A recreation of "Phoenix Endsong". Took a couple liberties with the hair, but I tried to stay true to the original artwork.

And of course, I couldn't have done it without stunningly beautiful photos of Jennifer Korbin. My ideal Jean Grey and all her identities and clones.


SubmitterHisstorymanMore Photos from Hisstoryman   Last Update2008/6/30 5:17
Hits2930  Comments5    
UPDATE: Did a complete redo of the cape, added a texture to it, not sure why I didn't before.

A longtime member of The Defenders, Valk has had two hosts for her divine form.  The first was ocialite, Samantha Parrington the second and most famous was Barbara Norriss.

The word Valkyrie comes from, Old Norse Valkyrja "Choosers of the Slain".  The king of the gods Wooden (Odin) would send his warrior women to Migard (Earth) in order to collect the souls of the bravest warriors.  They would them bring them to Great Hall of Asgard where they would take part in never ending feasts and battles.

The Valkyries according to the myths actually rode on wolves, not horses as they are commonly depicted.  I elected to go the horse route for this piece.

Note: This manip started out as Wonder Woman International: Scandinavia, until I remembered that there was one, of a sort.  Marvel Comics' Valkyrie.  
I went through several models until a chance search at brought up Hannah Hilton.  After seeing her the choice became a no-brainer. The horse is a Lipizzaner stallion and
"Asgard" in the background is Edinburgh Castle.  The infamous rainbow bridge come from a clip art drawing that I "Warp Tool-ed"  the heck out of and then used the Overlay blend on.

Hope you enjoy it, and please do not be afraid to comment and rate it. I have a thick skin.

Model: Hannah Hilton

Kitty and Lockheed

Kitty and LockheedPopular
SubmitterthestarkillerMore Photos from thestarkiller   Last Update2008/6/28 3:40
Hits3047  Comments9    
This one took me a while.  I spent the last 3 days going back and forth between this and another project.  

The model was listed only as Anya on the site where I found the base image.

Lockheed was the easy part.

Sue Storm

Sue StormPopular
SubmitterthestarkillerMore Photos from thestarkiller   Last Update2008/6/25 11:34
Hits7760  Comments10    
The model is Katie Cannon.

I personally think I took a step back with this one, but I've done all I can do.  The only way I could possibly do better with this one would be to start all over and there's no guarantee that it would turn out better.  It looks like the definition of simplicity, but it actually turned out to be one of the more complex pieces I've done so far; definitely the most time consuming, anyway.

Any criticism and/or observations will greatly help me improve.

p.s. It is going to be a VERY long while before I work with white again.  Guess I'll have to put that Power Girl project on the backburner for a while.


SubmitterthestarkillerMore Photos from thestarkiller   Last Update2008/6/21 19:32
Hits2658  Comments7    
The delectable Gauge as Rogue.  Although, from her movies, we all know that Gauge can be touched, but she still leaves you drained afterwards.  Pulled this image from our very own cookie jar.

Do you guys think I should try adding the bulky leather jacket?  It seemed like it would be a bit much considering how much space she's taking up in the picture.


SubmitterHisstorymanMore Photos from Hisstoryman   Last Update2008/6/18 6:17
Hits2441  Comments4    
A quick, or so I thought, and fun, it started out that way, little project that I hoped to have done by Father's Day. Obviously that did not happen.

After three different models and upteenth redesigns of the hair, I present her to you.

Model: Sienna West.

Emma Frost

Emma FrostPopular
SubmitterthestarkillerMore Photos from thestarkiller   Last Update2008/6/14 2:31
Hits4012  Comments11    
My third manip ever!  I keep getting better with every project.  I can already see the flaws in this one.  For instance just looking at her damned hair draping over the costume is making me want to pull MY hair out.  Let me know what you think.

Wolverine - Hugh Jackman

Wolverine - Hugh JackmanPopular
SubmitterJMPerkinsMore Photos from JMPerkins   Last Update2008/6/11 14:01
Hits3579  Comments11    
Hey guys,

Here's my next image. I found the source when I was looking for images for a different picture and decided I wanted to give it a shot. I know there's a lot of folks out there that don't like Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. I think he does a really good job.

Enough of that. Any feedback and comments are greatly appreciated.



Submitterwildman10More Photos from wildman10   Last Update2008/6/7 10:47
Hits3030  Comments10    
I Thought that the model would really make a great looking Namorita!

Blink (Improved Quality Version)

Blink (Improved Quality Version)Popular
SubmitterBiohaz_DaddyMore Photos from Biohaz_Daddy   Last Update2008/5/25 8:16
Hits2987  Comments6    
Holy Crap was my original post of this image craptastic! I didn't realize how horrible I was at optimizing a jpeg. I blame Dar!

Click Here For Extra Large Gold Member Version

ISA: Ghost Rider for Propane

ISA: Ghost Rider for PropanePopular
SubmittermatrixblurMore Photos from matrixblur   Last Update2008/5/22 18:39
Hits3413  Comments16    
Nobody fears a bald-headed Spirit of Vengeance.

Emma Frost*

Emma Frost*Popular
SubmitterNanojonMore Photos from Nanojon   Last Update2008/5/20 21:42
Hits3638  Comments10    
Second submission.  Hope you all enjoy

Warning:  Polaris in Training, Do Not Disturb

Warning: Polaris in Training, Do Not Disturb Popular
SubmitterbuttonMore Photos from button   Last Update2008/5/15 1:41
Hits4099  Comments12    
Haven't posted in a while, but when I saw this photo series, it screamed "Polaris" to here it is!  Hope you like.  Comments appreciated.

Goblin Queen

Goblin QueenPopular
SubmitterWolverine1607More Photos from Wolverine1607   Last Update2008/5/14 19:07
Hits7539  Comments19    
Well what to say about this one. Took a little while here. Lots of paths and lots of stuff with the pen tool. Four Days straight work, and about 4 hours or so a day. Not happy with some things but they are good enough. The Model is from MC Nudes her name is Dora. This was for a guy I work with here. And I liked the way she looked. Besides the model I borrowed a 3D Goblin that was from a google search. Edited him up a bit. The rest my friends is mine. Someday I may get a tablet, might make it easier? Dunno. But I do like the way this came out here. Of course take a look, and always glad for comments. Of course all respective items and character are copyright of Marvel here.

ISA: Logan's Beauty Products

ISA: Logan's Beauty ProductsPopular
SubmitterOCPMore Photos from OCP   Last Update2008/5/13 5:41
Hits2597  Comments11    
Thankz Bio for the idea.

Spider Woman

Spider WomanPopular
SubmitterRifferusMore Photos from Rifferus   Last Update2008/5/11 20:23
Hits4632  Comments9    
A recent manip of everyone's favourite pheremone spewing superheroine, the lovely Jessica Drew ...  here played by model Seren Gibson

I've provided the base photo to show what I had to work with

Hope y'all like


Editors note: updated to remove before and after as those are not allowed  in this section of the site.


SubmitterOCPMore Photos from OCP   Last Update2008/5/5 15:34
Hits3271  Comments9    
She-Hulk must be one of the easiest characters to manip.
This is just a quickie, took me more time to find a model than to make it, about 30 min. doing the manip.

Background by Biohaz's Background Pack 1.

*update* : Fixed the gloves and upper back uniform.
Thankz bhm, Hisstoryman, Android, BRaZZZil, Dryad and chowyspizz for your comments about the errors on this image. My only excuse was I was only paying attention to the colors and forget the other things.

Spider Woman

Spider WomanPopular
SubmitterOCPMore Photos from OCP   Last Update2008/4/28 16:01
Hits2891  Comments9    
Found this image in the jar (Thanx, Bio) that just scream Spider Woman.

Photo No. 481-510 (out of 1361 photos hit)
« 1 ... 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 (17) 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 ... 46 »