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Dungeons and Dragons

Dungeons and DragonsPopular
SubmitterVagabondXMore Photos from VagabondX   Last Update2008/11/29 18:12
Hits2441  Comments9    
Back in the 80's there was a line of Dungeons and Dragons action figures. The characters were apparently created specifically for the toys and had no connection to the cartoon. I wanted those figures so bad but D&D was forbidden in my house. I looked them up recently and found the two I remembered best from the line. This is Warduke and Strongheart battling it out.


SubmitterKraschMore Photos from Krasch   Last Update2008/11/14 17:43
Hits1706  Comments8    
OK, so I FINALLY did something I feel good enough about to post here.

Did this for a custom portrait in Neverwinter Nights using DAZ's Michael 4 and Poser for the underpainting/pencils, then painted the final product in Photoshop using techniques from Brian Haberlin's excellent tutorial series.

I know it's not much compared to some of you incredibly talented people out there, but what do you think for a first effort?

Etched Fairy 02

Etched Fairy 02Popular
SubmitterJrMcDeathMore Photos from JrMcDeath   Last Update2008/10/6 10:32
Hits2350  Comments6    
The first image is the top left corner.... this is from the bottom right of the same mirror.

Here is a Fairy I just etched on a mirror.  It is Blurry because I was picking up the reflection of the surface etch in the actual mirrored backing.  Yeah, that might not make sense.  
Anywho... just thought I would share a few of my etchings.

Etched Fairy 01

Etched Fairy 01Popular
SubmitterJrMcDeathMore Photos from JrMcDeath   Last Update2008/10/6 10:31
Hits2396  Comments4    
Here is a Fairy I just etched on a mirror.  It is Blurry because I was picking up the reflection of the surface etch in the actual mirrored backing.  Yeah, that might not make sense.  
Anywho... just thought I would share a few of my etchings.


SubmitterJustinBLong2003More Photos from JustinBLong2003   Last Update2008/8/25 16:08
Hits3413  Comments9    
Here is a commission of Madusa.  You can see her victim in the background.  And she has turn on you.

The Heretic King

The Heretic KingPopular
SubmitterODSMore Photos from ODS   Last Update2008/8/17 17:27
Hits1679  Comments3    
Akhenaten, the heretic king.

Frankenstein's Monster

Frankenstein's MonsterPopular
SubmitterODSMore Photos from ODS   Last Update2008/8/17 17:26
Hits1597  Comments2    
Frankenstein's monster.  Kind of a blend of the Karloff creature and Mary Shelley's description.

End Of Silence

End Of SilencePopular
SubmitterPowermasterJazzMore Photos from PowermasterJazz   Last Update2008/6/19 18:03
Hits1482  Comments3    
This is based on the cover of RED's End of Silence album. If you don't know who RED is, check them out. They kick major ass.


SubmitterCrisdeLaraMore Photos from CrisdeLara   Last Update2008/6/10 4:25
Hits2568  Comments12    
I did this image for Iranim Media Factory and loved the result.
My idea was to show that she is not real, she is a kind of beautiful and special spirit... a legend coming for us to tell another legend ( her 1001's nights story)...
I used Photoshop CS.
Music: Desert Rose - Sting


SubmitterCrisdeLaraMore Photos from CrisdeLara   Last Update2008/6/9 6:36
Hits3373  Comments17    
This character is a warrior in front of her portal...
She is beautiful and young...her magical is in her stick
I created this image using Photoshop CS and Painter IX

Jolly Holloween

Jolly HolloweenPopular
SubmitterCrisdeLaraMore Photos from CrisdeLara   Last Update2008/6/8 11:29
Hits2482  Comments10    
This is one of my gallery's favorite images.
I would like to create a sensual and sexy Pinup for the next Halloween. Something with a little "moviment" not static and of course a charming and beautiful pinup (not every witch is ugly and really evil). The small cats are to enhance the idea of simple moviment, like a natural scene and I like to put details inside the image other characters beyond the main one. I guess viewers can imagine other things more than the main action in my pinups.
I decided to work only with photoshop and I wanted to achieve a result like the old cute, delicate, classic and also sexy pinups from 50/60 ages.
Another thing that I would like to point is the background patterns I used, it was inspired in Alphonse Mucha`s style, I really love use patterns to make a better composition.
I hope you like a lot.

Alice Cooper Unleashes KISS

Alice Cooper Unleashes KISSPopular
SubmitterNebulaStudioMore Photos from NebulaStudio   Last Update2008/6/1 21:27
Hits1544  Comments2    
In a dark,alternate dimension, the prince of darkness known as Alice Cooper is about to unleash his disobedient children of KISS on an unsuspecting world.The floating island is from a comic called WeirdWorld.

17 Long Years.

17 Long Years.Popular
SubmitterVagabondXMore Photos from VagabondX   Last Update2008/2/5 22:25
Hits1690  Comments5    
Bear with me folks but the Giants haven't won a superbowl in 17 years so I have to enjoy it now since it will probably be another 17 before they can do it again.

Santa Baby

Santa BabyPopular
Submitteralphazulu4More Photos from alphazulu4   Last Update2007/12/24 8:43
Hits3370  Comments19    
My Girlfriend was singing the song Santa Baby one night and I just had to paint this up.

I don't really know where else to place this on the site, so fantasy I guess it is.

Siren of the Serengheti

Siren of the SerenghetiPopular
Submitteralphazulu4More Photos from alphazulu4   Last Update2007/11/29 5:56
Hits3188  Comments10    
This was made for fun and turned into a mock movie poster idea. I still have to put in the movie billing block, but I like it. There's two versions, one with colored lines (This one) and one with black lineart instead. I'll be selling the final piece at a future comi con. I was instructed to try my hand and backlit images... so I did.

Happy Halloween 07

Happy Halloween 07Popular
SubmitterVagabondXMore Photos from VagabondX   Last Update2007/10/28 22:45
Hits1521  Comments2    
I really like Halloween. So much that I felt compelled to do a Halloween picture even though I hadn't had a good idea for one. So, I ended up forcing this one out and as usual, something that had great possibilities ends up much less than it could have and should have been. But here it is anyway. Happy Halloween everyone.


SubmitterLittle_LilithMore Photos from Little_Lilith   Last Update2007/6/20 6:04
Hits2593  Comments9    
Alice and Tinkerbell!!


Conan hues.

Conan hues.Popular
SubmitterVagabondXMore Photos from VagabondX   Last Update2007/6/17 21:32
Hits1484  Comments3    
Didn't take me as long as I thought it would.


SubmitterVagabondXMore Photos from VagabondX   Last Update2007/6/17 20:15
Hits1292  Comments1    
I've never been able to do a Conan piece that pleased me. This one is the closest I've ever come to being happy with. I never liked the Conans with just the furry undies. I always thought he would at least wear pants of some kind. He's from Cimmeria for cripes sake! I think it was really cold there! I'll put up a colored version as soon as I get it done. I'm gonna try to do it tonight if I can stay awake.

Sister Evelyn

Sister EvelynPopular
SubmitterODSMore Photos from ODS   Last Update2007/5/15 18:38
Hits1531  Comments6    

Mr. H. Potter & Friends

Mr. H. Potter & FriendsPopular
SubmitterODSMore Photos from ODS   Last Update2007/5/15 18:34
Hits1308  Comments6    
A drawing I did last year that I'm pretty fond of.

Witness the horror...

Witness the horror...Popular
SubmitterVagabondXMore Photos from VagabondX   Last Update2007/5/12 20:19
Hits1618  Comments9    
of the diabolical BIG OIL. I know this isn't the type of artwork that usually shows up on here. I just had to draw it. We are so powerless in the face of the greed that rules this world. Doing this pic didn't make me feel any better but I had to do it anyway. Ain't capitalism grand?

Did someone say White Rabbit?

Did someone say White Rabbit?Popular
SubmitterJeffSonMore Photos from JeffSon   Last Update2007/4/10 20:18
Hits1668  Comments5    
Maybe I'm just waaaay out of the loop, the only White Rabbit I ever heard of was from Alice in Wonderland...

Dragon Tattoo

Dragon TattooPopular
SubmitterVagabondXMore Photos from VagabondX   Last Update2007/4/9 21:20
Hits1645  Comments4    
Guy at work wants me to draw a tattoo of a dragon for him. I'm not great at drawing tattoos but this is what I'm giving him. I didn't spend much time on it since I figure he can just show it to the tattoo artist and have them modify it wherever he wants. Or he can just show it to them as an example of exactly what he DOESN'T want. :)

Innsmouth clay

Innsmouth clayPopular
SubmitterVagabondXMore Photos from VagabondX   Last Update2007/2/8 22:31
Hits1301  Comments6    
This might not fit great on this site, subjectwise, but I've been rereading some Lovecraft lately and wanted to try my hand at an interpretation of the infamous sculpture from 'The Call of Cthulhu'.

The Little Mermaid by DAGhoul Colored by Wasmith

The Little Mermaid by DAGhoul Colored by WasmithPopular
SubmitterWasmithMore Photos from Wasmith   Last Update2007/2/6 19:46
Hits1732  Comments4    
DAGhoul granted permission to color. Based on her posture (clenched fist, determined look) and the fact that Flounder looks like a man-eater, this should be titled The Little Mermaid...  This Time It's Personal.

Fairy by VagabondX colors by me

Fairy by VagabondX colors by mePopular
SubmitterFireyPhoenix2005More Photos from FireyPhoenix2005   Last Update2007/2/3 8:35
Hits1370  Comments1    
i really like this piece! it needed some really bright colors. hope ya'll enjoy. Lady Heromorph's challenge #2

Editor's note: 18th entry into Lady Heromorph's coloring challenge Click here to see the rest


SubmittergraphixrobMore Photos from graphixrob   Last Update2007/1/23 20:28
Hits1598  Comments7    
Is he a comic book character yet...


SubmittergraphixrobMore Photos from graphixrob   Last Update2007/1/23 20:01
Hits1410  Comments2    
From a few years back...

High Priestess

High PriestessPopular
SubmittergraphixrobMore Photos from graphixrob   Last Update2007/1/20 8:23
Hits1421  Comments2    
A combo 2d and 3d image..

Photo No. 91-120 (out of 167 photos hit)
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