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COSMO COMIX page4  . . . . by K?R1

COSMO COMIX page4 . . . . by K?R1Popular
SubmitterKER1More Photos from KER1   CategoryOther Comics    Last Update2009/5/25 7:22
Hits2115  Comments2    
Page four of this series. probably my favorite page.

RORSCHACH : remix . . . . by KER1

RORSCHACH : remix . . . . by KER1Popular
SubmitterKER1More Photos from KER1   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2009/3/7 12:03
Hits2965  Comments12    
Well in honor of the movie and ALSO because many have requested I "dirty up" the coat with a little dog's blood, I went in and reworked this joint that I did a while back.

DAREDEVIL/ELEKTRA . . . . by Rs. Luciano

DAREDEVIL/ELEKTRA . . . . by Rs. LucianoPopular
SubmitterKER1More Photos from KER1   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2009/3/3 20:12
Hits2992  Comments7    
I did these some time ago for a friend and they recently asked me to mash 'em together. This was the result!

Medium: colored pencils


WEB-O-LANTERN . . . by KER1Popular
SubmitterKER1More Photos from KER1   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2008/10/28 11:15
Hits2444  Comments8    
Just thought I'd have a little Halloween fun with Spidey!

Medium: Photoshop CS2

DAREDEVIL: Graff style . . . by KER1

DAREDEVIL: Graff style . . . by KER1Popular
SubmitterKER1More Photos from KER1   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2008/10/18 6:17
Hits2364  Comments6    
I did this some years ago at my job in marker and pretty much forgot about it, I saw it the other day and scanned it and threw it on a brick wall and figured I'd share. Haven't posted in a while so I figured "what the hell!?"

SPAWN: Remix . . . by KER1

SPAWN: Remix . . . by KER1Popular
SubmitterKER1More Photos from KER1   CategoryOther Comics    Last Update2008/9/8 8:36
Hits2441  Comments3    
I did this a while ago for a friend in his sketchbook. It was all marker and it came out pretty good.
I was recently goin' through some of my files and stumbled on it and decided to mess around with it
in Photoshop and this was the end result. Just bored I guess!

HELLBOY: Commish . . . . by Alex Maleev

HELLBOY: Commish . . . . by Alex MaleevPopular
SubmitterKER1More Photos from KER1   CategoryOther Comics    Last Update2008/7/9 14:13
Hits2094  Comments2    
Here's one I was lucky enuff to get from Daredevil artist Alex Maleev. If you haven't picked up his run on Daredevil (with Bendis) I STRONGLY suggest you do! Some of the best Daredevil art and stories you'll ever read!!!

HELLBOY: Commish . . . . by Tommy Castillo

HELLBOY: Commish . . . . by Tommy CastilloPopular
SubmitterKER1More Photos from KER1   CategoryOther Comics    Last Update2008/7/3 14:41
Hits2158  Comments3    
Here's another one of the commissions I got from one of the "pros" . . . I asked Tommy Castillo for a Black & White pen & ink and he just went nuts with his water colors instead! Great stuff!


SubmitterKER1More Photos from KER1   CategoryOther Comics    Last Update2008/7/1 6:02
Hits2582  Comments8    
I did this for one of my boyz in his black book. . . . . I always thought Hellboy was a good subject for the ol' hand stipple f/x! . . . didn't really feel like puttin' color to it, sometimes i just like crisp, clean black & white . . . . . but then I took it into the computer and played with the colors and liked the RED & BLACK look.

SPIDEY: Commission 2 . . . by KER1

SPIDEY: Commission 2 . . . by KER1Popular
SubmitterKER1More Photos from KER1   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2008/6/23 14:16
Hits2305  Comments6    
This was another commission for a different client, I always loved that old black suit!

Medium: Sharpie & 1 colored pencil


SubmitterKER1More Photos from KER1   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2008/6/21 12:18
Hits2774  Comments14    
Well I was sittin' in traffic yesterday for a LONG while (NY traffic sheesh) behind this pick up truck that had one of those little stickers on his window of Calvin pissin' on a Ford logo, you know the ones . . . well it inspired me to do this piece (don't worry there WILL be a DC version as well) it didn't take very long, but it was way fun . . . =0)

ARTIST NOTE: Was never too thrilled with the airbrushed version of this, so I did it this way instead.

Medium: Photoshop CS2

SPIDEY: Commission . . . by KER1

SPIDEY: Commission . . . by KER1Popular
SubmitterKER1More Photos from KER1   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2008/6/19 11:24
Hits2089  Comments8    
Here's a recent commission I did this month, I always have fun drawin' the ol' web head! The client loved it . . .

Medium: Colored pencils and 1 Zebra brush pen for the outline

MIRACLEMAN . . . . .  by KER1

MIRACLEMAN . . . . . by KER1Popular
SubmitterKER1More Photos from KER1   CategoryOther Comics    Last Update2008/6/17 13:26
Hits2589  Comments8    
Well this is my first shot at doin' a Miracleman Piece, I remember a friend tellin' me about the books, and even reading them . . . pretty kool stuff! I was pretty happy with the outcome of this piece . . . .
Medium: Prismacolor colored pencils on Canson paper & 1  black marker

SADIE . . . . by KER1

SADIE . . . . by KER1Popular
SubmitterKER1More Photos from KER1   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2008/6/8 17:47
Hits2124  Comments5    
This was an original character I did some time ago and I happened to find this marker comp i did of her in a pile of stuff I was movin' from my office, haven't really figured her name out or her story but just liked her look so far, I'll eventually get to it some day!

Medium: Markers, colored pencils

DA HULK  . . . by KER1

DA HULK . . . by KER1Popular
SubmitterKER1More Photos from KER1   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2008/6/4 15:42
Hits2229  Comments7    
I always wanted to do a Hulk drawin' and I just kept puttin' it off, but finally I was able to get it outta my head and on to paper! Anyways this was a fun one to do, plus I figured since the flick is comin' out what the hell.

Medium: Colored Pencils, Zebra brush pen, Canson paper


BABY SPIDEY . . . by KER1Popular
SubmitterKER1More Photos from KER1   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2008/6/3 6:44
Hits2092  Comments4    
This was an old doodle I did at my job when I had some down time, don't recall when.
I might just revamp this at some point, figured I'd share just fer da helluvit!

Medium: Markers

IRON FIST . . . by KER1

IRON FIST . . . by KER1Popular
SubmitterKER1More Photos from KER1   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2008/5/27 12:31
Hits2058  Comments8    
I've had a few ideas about doin' an Iron Fist piece, and this was one of the styles i wanted to try out. I wanted it to be very simple and clean with no airbrushing or anything. Very grafik lookin' . . .it was a fun little side project.

Medium: Corel DRAW10 & Photoshop CS2

The REAL reason for Ray Palmer's disappearance . . . by KER1

The REAL reason for Ray Palmer's disappearance . . . by KER1Popular
SubmitterKER1More Photos from KER1   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2008/5/22 16:03
Hits2497  Comments7    
I don't if anyone has been following the whole "Search for Ray Palmer" story line at DC, but I guess he's missing or something . . . I thought it would be funny if he just simply stumbled onto a mouse trap and that was THAT! I figure sooner or later someone will smell something funny and find his little corpse and alert the Justice League, heehee!

Medium: Photoshop CS2


SubmitterKER1More Photos from KER1   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2008/5/20 6:19
Hits2562  Comments8    
Well here's another amalgam idea I played around with . . .  I always have fun drawin' either of these characters, and loved mergin' the two! So imagine a hero who not only has Spider senses but he can read minds, phase through walls and even shape shift if he wants! As well as the proportionate strength of a Martian hoo boy! . . . While investigating a murder scene in an old warehouse with radioactive drums, J'onn J'onz was bitten by a radioactive Spider that transformed his alien physiology and gave him all the powers of an earth spider!!! Jeez!

THE WASP . . . by KER1

THE WASP . . . by KER1Popular
SubmitterKER1More Photos from KER1   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2008/5/10 13:14
Hits2499  Comments6    
Just foolin' around with and old sketch I did years ago of a Faery for a friend and I kinda updated it to look like the Wasp, and yes that's Giant Man's shoulder she's hangin' out on!

THE RED SKRULL . . . .  by KER1

THE RED SKRULL . . . . by KER1Popular
SubmitterKER1More Photos from KER1   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2008/5/9 10:24
Hits1870  Comments5    
During Word War II there were many rumors that Da F?hrer turned to mystics and the occult to try and gain any advantage over the allied forces. In the most secret of meetings though, very few knew of Hitler striking deals with extra terrestrials, until this day many still are unaware of the machinations of The Red Skrull who's inhuman activities were legendary in many of the concentrations camps . . . . he was also instrumental in helping Hitler overthrow so many countries by getting close to head figures, killing them and then with his shape changing abilities assuming their roles without anyone knowing.

BATTY BOOP . . . by KER1

BATTY BOOP . . . by KER1Popular
SubmitterKER1More Photos from KER1   CategoryOther Comics    Last Update2008/5/5 15:41
Hits2435  Comments10    
Still in the "BOOP" mode . . . thought I'd make her Batgirl dis time 'round!

Medium: Photoshop CS3

HELLBOOP . . . . by KER1

HELLBOOP . . . . by KER1Popular
SubmitterKER1More Photos from KER1   CategoryOther Comics    Last Update2008/4/28 12:24
Hits2735  Comments14    
I was involved with a monthly theme contest at another site and the theme was to combine 2 characters from comics, cartoons, etc. This was one of them . . . hee!

Medium: Photoshop CS3


SubmitterKER1More Photos from KER1   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2008/4/23 18:48
Hits2849  Comments9    
The lush green Planet Kryptearth was doomed for some time now and only ONE scientist from this race of plant like people was willing to accept it's fate but before the final explosion he decided he would send his only son in a rocket to the stars where he might survive on another planet . . . . upon landing on Earth in the Florida swamps, the crash landing was noticed by Jonathan and Martha Sallis who were out on their air boat in the Everglades. They went to investigate the site and to their shock discovered the space pod, when it opened they found a strange tiny creature that looked like nothing more than a pile of moss with two large orbs for eyes. . . . . Being the environmentalists that they were they believed all life was sacred and decided to take care of it.? As the little creature grew it started to exhibit a personality so they named him Klark, and loved it as if it were one of their own but they knew they had to keep him from the world, because many would try to harm him because of his appearance. They also discovered that he was developing strange and amazing powers due to this world's yellow sun and photosynthesis and learned that Klark had decided he wanted to try and help the environment and champion all living things with his gifts and so he called himself SuperMan-Thing. With a costume made from materials from his space pod made by his mom,? he would go out into the world and try to save as many living creatures as he could by day. Klark had dreams of being of a reporter for the Daily Planet to expose many of the injusticeses done to the planet and to help with finances for his aging parents, but because of his appearance he would have to settle for telemarketing for Greenpeace at night. The End.

DEATH . . . by KER1

DEATH . . . by KER1Popular
SubmitterKER1More Photos from KER1   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2008/4/16 19:12
Hits2407  Comments6    
Vertigo comics has a comic character called Death, it was a pretty good book back in the day . . . haven't read it recently but always thought she was pretty kool.

Medium: Photoshop CS3

SPIDER-WOMAN by VL . . . Inked and colored by KER1

SPIDER-WOMAN by VL . . . Inked and colored by KER1Popular
SubmitterKER1More Photos from KER1   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2008/4/10 15:54
Hits2257  Comments6    
Every once in awhile someone puts up a piece of art that I say "Man I just GOTTA ink that"! . . . When I saw Vampire lover's piece with Spider-woman and Firestar, I thought it was very kool and I wanted to do something with it . . . so I tweeked it a bit with my inking style and then had some fun coloring it up!

With much respect hope ya like it VL!

Medium: Photoshop CS3


SubmitterKER1More Photos from KER1   CategorySci-fi    Last Update2008/3/29 12:47
Hits3973  Comments13    
Stormtroopers were known throughout the galaxy as great marksmen . . . . with dreams of being part of an elite squad some day little TX-412 would run around with his pal Dewey, and would practice shooting at anything that moved with his trusty squirt blaster.

Medium: Photoshop CS3

BABY FETT . . . by KER1

BABY FETT . . . by KER1Popular
SubmitterKER1More Photos from KER1   CategorySci-fi    Last Update2008/3/22 9:12
Hits3366  Comments8    
Lil Boba's pappy always told him not to mess with nature, and that some day nature would pay him back for bein' mean to the baby Sarlacc . . . well we all know how that turned out . . . heehee!

This was another fun project in my "BABY" line!

Medium: Photoshop CS2

BABY VADER . . . by KER1

BABY VADER . . . by KER1Popular
SubmitterKER1More Photos from KER1   CategorySci-fi    Last Update2008/3/16 20:08
Hits3594  Comments14    
Since I did the BABY MAUL I just couldn't resist doin' a BABY VADER!!!
I imagine him sayin' to his Teddy ?I find your lack of faith disturbing.?

Medium: Photoshop CS3

BABY MAUL . . . . by KER1

BABY MAUL . . . . by KER1Popular
SubmitterKER1More Photos from KER1   CategorySci-fi    Last Update2008/3/12 19:34
Hits3003  Comments7    
I am indeed a HUGE Star Wars fan and one of my favorite characters is definitely Darth Maul, I had a blast workin' on this lil bad ass . . . even at an early age they new he was gonna be trouble!!! hee!

Photo No. 1-30 (out of 117 photos hit)
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