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Challenge Of The Artists: Absorbing Man vs. Hulk

Challenge Of The Artists: Absorbing Man vs. HulkPopular
SubmitterSquedgeMore Photos from Squedge   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2006/8/6 16:17
Hits2861  Comments5    
I really never thought the Absorbing Man would appeal to me, but I had fun with this?
Not bad for my second pic out of retirement? Whaddya think?

Squedge's Art Notes in the first post.



SubmitterSquedgeMore Photos from Squedge   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2004/10/18 9:13
Hits3873  Comments6    
Here I am, submitting some of my older stuff... The fun stuff I'm a little more proud of than the rest... This is all frankensteining and digital painting. I lifted the background...

This is a scene from the classic "Lobo's Paramilitary X-Mas Special".

Here we have Tyler Mane as Lobo (well... as Lobo's head. Lou Ferrigno provided the body/pose and sword) and Tim Allen as Santa's severed head and body.

CZJ as Wonder Woman

CZJ as Wonder WomanPopular
SubmitterSquedgeMore Photos from Squedge   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2004/7/11 0:12
Hits6448  Comments6    
Another of my older manips. Couldn't go into too much detail on the process.. It's been too long.

Head is CZJ. Body is some unknown model. Clothes are painted on (except the boots which were just recolored and touched up --badly.)

The toughest work on the piece was with the background, cause this chick was posing in this old putt-putt course or something, and the "cave" walls had holes in the plaster where the chicken wire and stuff showed through...


SubmitterSquedgeMore Photos from Squedge   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2004/1/27 16:54
Hits3748  Comments3    
The last thing I'll post tonight...

Probably my favorite of all the pieces I've done. The base pics/poses were rendered as nude bodies (without genitalia) in Poser, and then wverything else was added digitally. Costumes, hair, background, etc... All digital painting.

The ONLY bit that's real is the smidge of Edward Norton's face that I used for Hornet's face... Oh... And I lifted the logo from a comic book, then touched it up and textured it (glossy/-ish).


SubmitterSquedgeMore Photos from Squedge   CategoryOther Comics    Last Update2003/12/15 14:28
Hits4164  Comments4    
*updated production notes*
If I keep getting all these compliments, I'll get a big head! (Not that I mind...)

I keep getting asked the question, so here's a pretty basic answer:

How did I do the Fathom pic? Well... I'll try to explain it. I started with the concept. I wanted to do a Fathom pic that both showed her body and her powers in an interesting way, so I settled on the concept of her in water form swimming in the ocean.

I went into Poser and used the Poser 4 Nude Female model, and played until I was happy with her positioning. I relaized pretty early on that I wanted a real face. There are some things you can cheat away with poser, the face isn't really one of those... I wanted the clear lines and a definite pose, though, so scrounging through hours of source pics didn't appeal to me. For some reason, whenever I see a Fathom comic, I think of Claire Forlani, so she was my first (only, really) choice for the facial model. I scrounged up a decent pic of her and went searching for a base pic for the background. I ended up grabbing a pic that someone rendered in a 3d program of the sea bed.

Next, I set about attaching Claire's lovely face to the poser body, both of which I had desaturated. I matched the greys as closely as I could and then inverted the image to a photo negative. I applied the "plastic wrap" filter to the image with a fairly high highlight strangth, a medium level of detail, and a low level of smothness, to give the "watery" appearance. I duplicated the layer, and set one layer to a "hard light" setting with an opacity of 36%, and the other to a "luminosity" setting at the same opacity. The low opacity and layer settings allow the figure to seem transparent but solid at the same time.

Then I created a new, empty layer with the following effects: drop shadow, inner glow, inner shadow, bevel and emboss. I played with the seetings on the layer, changed the opacity to 74%, the fill to 3% and painted hair on her with a small paint brush using the color white. Unhappy with the lack of "motion" of the piece, I did another layer, similar to the hair layer, but with an outer glow, as well, and the opacity and fill set to 100%.
In this layer, I used a specail brush made of lots of individual dots. I "painted" the air bubles around her in white with it, staying roughly around the frame of her body,  deleting or undoing any I didn't like.  

I added a bit of grain (noise filter) to the background, to make it more photo-real, and then did the logo and signature.

Yes, there are an infinite number of little tweaks I gave the pic all the way through the process, but I can't remember them all without going through each saved version of the image (I save A LOT so that I can remember how I did a particular effect, or go back a step if necessary. Repeating your successes is much easier that way, as is avoiding repeating those elements which are particularly unsuccessful.) This is just the bare bones of how I did the pic.

Whaddya think?

Ultimate Captain America

Ultimate Captain AmericaPopular
SubmitterSquedgeMore Photos from Squedge   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2003/12/15 14:01
Hits3789  Comments2    
(My original post got screwed up... so I'm reposting, cause the pic isn't there anymore... Here's most of the original text of my post...)

I've long had a pipe dream of being able to manip in photo-realism, and (while still not there by a long shot) this is a big step forward, compared to my older stuff.

I rendered the body in poser, with the 'nude muscle man' figure as the base (of course, I tweaked it a little...) The face is that of David Boreanaz, which is a reasonably close match to Brian Hitch's Cap. I've never liked the idea of Brad Pitt as Cap, or nearly all of the other suggestions that have been made. I think Boreanaz is a suitable compromise of looks and talent. After all... this ain't Shakespeare.

I replicated the costume fairly faithfully. I left out the shoulder patches (cause I really don't like them, even if the Govt. *would* put them on the costume) and tried to make the costume materials as realistic as possible, in terms of what might be used as a movie costume. I know that's not realistic looking scale mail... But I don't think they'd use realistic scale mail. I'd bet they'd use neoprene with a shiny finish, so that's what I shot for.

Fabricated/painted all the clothes with the following exceptions: I frankensteined the pouches and boots, and the wrinkles, too. All the other tidbits are mine: the seams, the wrinkles, the textures, the shadows.

For the shirt, I copied the selection to be textured to it's own layer, desaturated it, and locked the transparency.
I used the gaussian blur filter to take away the detail, and the smudge, blur, color burn, and clone tools (variously, and with various opactities, but never more than say... 30% on any one of them) to remove the nipples. This gave me the base for the textured image. I duplicated the layer again, to have a layer to play with, and used the texturizer function (with the load texture function, I used a texture called scales which comes with Photoshop 7, but I reduced the total .pdf size before I used it, to make the "scales" smaller) to do the rough scaling of the shirt.
I used the fade last effect function to back off the scaling a little bit, then opened the Liquify filter and applied the image to a wireframe I had custom made for the image, to vary the consitency and add a bit of dimension to the scales. They tend to be pinched together in the "lower places" (grooves, curves, etc...) and fuller in the broad, flat, or raised areas of the body, like the meat of the pecs and shoulders.
I pulled the opacity of the layer down a little to help take more of the stark edge off the "scales," blending it with the blurred layer beneath it.
I then duplicated the layer again, filled the non-transparent bits with a solid blue, and set the layer to color. I duplicated that layer again and set the layer mode to color burn. Then I played with the opacities of the two color layers until I was happy with the coloration.
The shield he stands on was made from scratch, using concentric, painted circles, then merging them. I used the free transform:perspective tool, and nudged it into an acceptible angle, then used the plastic wrap filter on it, twice, and faded the plastic wrap a bit on the second time (using Poser 7's fade the last effect feature).

Covered it all in a bit of noice (monochromatic, gaussian) and faded it a bit as well.

Whaddya think?

Photo No. 1-6 (out of 6 photos hit)