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SmackDown: Rogue-ish Winds

SmackDown: Rogue-ish WindsPopular
SubmitterpetercottonMore Photos from petercotton   CategorySmackdown    Last Update2009/6/22 10:14
Hits4188  Comments9    
sorry for glutting the gallery the last few days, but hopefully i'm done for now. heres my Smackdown Pinup of my contestant of choice, Rogue. in case the Type is too hard to read, it saysssss:

Powers: Strength, Flight, ability to drain life force and powers,

Rogue is (c) to Marvel.

hope i can actually last thru this one....

On the Rocks

On the RocksPopular
SubmitterpetercottonMore Photos from petercotton   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2009/6/21 4:58
Hits3198  Comments10    
been trying to broaden my horizons, so heres an outdoor shot, with everyone's favorite sexy x-man, Rogue! so anyway, enjoy, and any comments, crits, suggestions, feel free to lay them on me.

Rogue is (C) to Marvel.

Around the Corner

Around the CornerPopular
SubmitterpetercottonMore Photos from petercotton   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2009/6/19 14:28
Hits4739  Comments16    
sooooooo, i blame Adam Hughes for this.



ever since he did his latex rogue cos a while back i just had to combine two of my loves, Rogue and Latexed Ladies.

course, it does make sense. she wore this(or a version of this, shush you canon-ists you) when she was evil, and evil lasses love latex, if comics and fanart is any judge of the matter.

okay okay, its still a stretch(heh, stretch) but i likes it, so

anyway, enjoy, and HOPEFULLY i should have more Rogue goodness in the future.

Rogue is (C) to Marvel.


PowerQuartet Popular
SubmitterpetercottonMore Photos from petercotton   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2009/5/22 16:33
Hits4235  Comments7    
so, i finally got these girls done. i should have a Q&A pic shortly, and possibly a short comic, depending on my mood and whether i can get a good enough script. i am quite happy with these girls, and i feel i managed to take the best of the characters they were based on, and give them their own personality.

for those who havent been following them in the HAC, left to Right
Sister Prodigy, Blond Bomb, Orbital Girl, and Madam Phantom and her spirit self. anyway, enjoy, and feel free to comment. and for once, these Characters, likenesses, and names, are (C) to me.

PS: i also have other charas in this universe in the can as well, including OrbitalGirls Sister, the groups first Villain, and some supporting characters.

Bash Bash Baby!

Bash Bash Baby!Popular
SubmitterpetercottonMore Photos from petercotton   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2009/5/1 19:07
Hits4081  Comments5    
welp, i did another group shot. sorry ^_^;

i originally designed this as another "this is my inspiritations" shot, with the mucho original title, Well of Ideas, but then i noticed just how much like a movie poster the overall composition was, and thought, well, might as well have some fun. so, its BASH BASH BABY! coming to a theater near you, NEVAR!

PS: yessums, i knows about the ickle small errors, and considering the mucho huge errors i worked ages on fixing, i do not mind them one bit.

So, enjoy, and comments, critiques are always welcome.

DC Galaxy Good Gals.

DC Galaxy Good Gals.Popular
SubmitterpetercottonMore Photos from petercotton   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2009/4/26 18:43
Hits6527  Comments13    
All of my Good DC gals in one place, with a height thingie as well. just wanted to see who i had yet to make full pictures of, and who i had. anyway, enjoy, and they're ALL (C) to DC.

Mistah J's Birthday Present

Mistah J's Birthday PresentPopular
SubmitterpetercottonMore Photos from petercotton   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2009/3/27 16:46
Hits3989  Comments10    
sooooo. i know i should do, you know, original ideas, but i was looking thru my old shit the other day, cringing like mad, when i found this among the smelly piles of old, bad art. I thought, hey! why not try to redo this? and thus, here ya go. dunno if its better or not, in terms of the actual picture, but i know that my art style is better, and my ability to use Daz, so hopefully it is.

anyway, feel free to critique, as i do like honest criticism. it makes me a better artists.

enjoy, and Batgirl, Harley, and Ivy are (C) to DC.

PS: link to the old version,

Collage of Evidence

Collage of EvidencePopular
SubmitterpetercottonMore Photos from petercotton   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2009/3/19 21:12
Hits3339  Comments7    
soooo, i've been here at HM for 2 years today, and i wanted to do something special to mark the occasion. i was gonna just do a plain old PG render, but then i realized that you guys are prolly sick of her by now. so i thought, hey, the first pic i ever posted here was a batgirl pic. and i haven't shown off my new batgirl in a while, so i said hell, lets do that! and here ya go, done in the style of a Detective's evidence board. this is my batgirl, un-discovered by batman, non-paralyzed. i tried to throw in some tidbits to make it sure that she's not the cannon batgirl, but my own version. this isnt my character sheet, as i do have one of those in the can for her, but it was something fun i wanted to do. if any of you want, i'll post the seperate originals in the HAC.

anyway, thanks for 2 good years, and heres hoping for more!

PS: i know its chock full of little errors, and i'll prolly try to fix them at a later date, but for now i'm fine with them.

On the Prowl

On the ProwlPopular
SubmitterpetercottonMore Photos from petercotton   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2009/2/1 21:44
Hits3399  Comments7    
while i always like to put some space between uploads, i fear the bad old days of me doing a pic a month might be upon us soon, so i figured i might try to get some stuff up before then. hears a hopefully actiony piece of my new black cat, with fur trim and all. i hope i managed to get her playful joy at jumping around new york city dressed in tight black latex...but if not, well, she's still dressed in shiny black latex! ^_^

Black Cat is (C) to Marvel.

Race the Lightning

Race the LightningPopular
SubmitterpetercottonMore Photos from petercotton   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2009/1/31 16:13
Hits3738  Comments9    
this is my interpetation of Storm. i realise some may have an issue with it, since she's not the right shade or wutever. but considering that everysingly artist has colored her differently, i dont feel too bad going for this coffeeskinned look. i really quite like the tribal look i got, while also keeping some of her original costume intact. i hope my effects arent toooo shitty.

anyway, enjoy! and feel freee to COMMMEEENNNTTT.

Storm is (C) to Marvel.

PS: and for the record, my favorite version of storm was the barry windsor-smith one. least i think it was him. either him or kitson.

Goblin Queen

Goblin QueenPopular
SubmitterpetercottonMore Photos from petercotton   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2009/1/29 14:58
Hits4279  Comments16    
uhhh, hi. have some crazy maddy pryor.

Goblin Queen (C) to marvel.

Feel free to comment.  

I'mma Gonna...

I'mma Gonna...Popular
SubmitterpetercottonMore Photos from petercotton   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2009/1/19 20:47
Hits5001  Comments8    
its been a while. and in that while, i missed some self imposed deadlines. just so you know, if you think you feel bad about me taking so long on your pics, think how shitty i feel? i know exactly who needs a pic, and i know that they'll get done. but when, well, it'll get done, is all i can say.

anyway, enjoy this PG. who's in a rather pissy mood, i see. i wonder why?

Powergirl is(C) to DC.


Empowered PSA

Empowered PSAPopular
SubmitterpetercottonMore Photos from petercotton   CategoryOther Comics    Last Update2009/1/2 7:13
Hits3702  Comments6    
i really did have a lot of words to explain why you should read this wonderfully kookie series by adam warren, but then i realized....

who needs words when ya got pictures?

enjoy, and all characters are (C) to Adam Warren.

(and yes, i did this in 08, but forgot to post it until now, so the o8 tag still stands.)

For Freshmutt - Smackdown 3 Prologue!

For Freshmutt - Smackdown 3 Prologue!Popular
SubmitterpetercottonMore Photos from petercotton   CategorySmackdown    Last Update2008/12/24 16:19
Hits4676  Comments10    
for freshmutt, as a gift for winning smackdown 3! this is the rated g version. and yes, don't worry freshmutt, there will be a rated r version.


Congrats, Freshmutt!


SubmitterpetercottonMore Photos from petercotton   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2008/11/12 18:40
Hits4414  Comments10    
well, well, well. i actually completed a piece. glory be and all that. anyway, i'm not that happy with the effects or the background, but i figure something is better than nothing, and i'll prolly return to it anyway, if i get the time.

and oops, yeah its a supergirl piece. and while i still prefer my loli-supergirl as my main supergirl, just cause she contrasts so well with my powergirl, i like to do a womanly supergirl every now and then.

though oddly enough, even when i make her a bit older, i still prefer her to be willowly, and not  too stacked or muscular. prolly just me, i guess.

anyway, Supergirl is (C) to DC.

lets hope i can get other stuff done, but i doubts it.


Up THEREPopular
SubmitterpetercottonMore Photos from petercotton   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2008/10/18 16:05
Hits4510  Comments7    
heres an old one i was working on, then never posted, then hated it, and then completely re-rendered it. i like this better, but i'll post the old one in the HAC.

comments, crits, all welcome.

PG is (c) to DC.

PS: yes, i like PG too much. so?

Happy Anniversary HM!

Happy Anniversary HM!Popular
SubmitterpetercottonMore Photos from petercotton   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2008/8/15 7:50
Hits6652  Comments18    
this is to HM. happy Anniversary/Birthday, Guys.

also, anyone who wants to rag on my shitty handwriting can go jump off a very high bridge, into a very cold river.

PG, BG, SG, STAR, and ZEE, are all (C) to DC.

The 'Super' Life Excerpt Page 2

The 'Super' Life Excerpt Page 2Popular
SubmitterpetercottonMore Photos from petercotton   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2008/8/11 6:55
Hits4894  Comments6    
so, i've actually been getting shit on the 'super' life done. i doubt i'll get MUCH done, but still, i am working on it. as i am working on everyone elses requests >_>

enjoy, and i might do a few more one shot pages like this.

just need some ideas.

Powergirl, Supergirl, and Zatanna are (C) to DC.

The 'Super' Life Excerpt Page 1

The 'Super' Life Excerpt Page 1Popular
SubmitterpetercottonMore Photos from petercotton   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2008/8/8 14:36
Hits4807  Comments6    
yep, i AM actually working on the 'super' life, in my off time. anyway, enjoy, and yes i know the word bubbles suck, which is why there's a bubbleless version in the Hellfire, or there should be by the time i post this.

Powergirl, Supergirl, and Zatanna is (C) to DC.


i'll post a link to a text file of the script, i guess.



HM SM3  RND 2 PG 1

HM SM3 RND 2 PG 1Popular
SubmitterpetercottonMore Photos from petercotton   CategorySmackdown    Last Update2008/8/4 5:34
Hits3366  Comments6    
if it seems to lack some of the quality of my previous writings, it is because it does. comedy is harder to write in these days, but conversely it is more sought after. ah well. and yeah, i know there are errors galore, but eh.

anyway, enjoy!

Sunset Skies

Sunset SkiesPopular
SubmitterpetercottonMore Photos from petercotton   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2008/8/3 9:35
Hits5270  Comments7    
i could try to wriggle my way into saying this is a smackdown piece, but its not, just a simple powergirl pinup. been trying to up both my quantity and my quality.

enjoy, and Powergirl is (C) to DC.

Thw White Room

Thw White RoomPopular
SubmitterpetercottonMore Photos from petercotton   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2008/8/2 7:59
Hits6864  Comments7    
i already posted this elsewhere, but since some people here LIKE midgets, i figured someone would want it.
(if you are unsure of this comment, ignore it and watch jean's boobs. that works for me)

about the postwork, i did this BEFORE the starfire/firestar pics, so it is accordingly crappy.


Jean Grey is (C) Marvel

The Hot Shot

The Hot ShotPopular
SubmitterpetercottonMore Photos from petercotton   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2008/7/29 14:24
Hits3688  Comments8    
this one was originally called 'say cheese,' but that seemed a bit, well, cheesy, and cliched, so i changed it to the 'hot' shot. i hope the title makes some remenant of sense. anyway, i did this in prepration for a few firestar combo pics i have in the works, and also as a 'i'm very sorry pic' to VL for being so late on her request. >_< well, now that i gots a good Firestar, that should get done in a matter of time. i hopes.

anyway, i'm happier with the flames in this one, as i felt i managed to intregrate them well.

enjoy, and comments! i demand thee!

Firestar is (c) to Marvel.

Stellar Starfire

Stellar StarfirePopular
SubmitterpetercottonMore Photos from petercotton   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2008/7/28 11:47
Hits5409  Comments14    
this is one of those ones where you can work on it for days and just finally say 'ENOUGH! i did all i could do!' which explains why the flame aint all that great, but eh, i like it. enjoy, and hey, criticism helps, you know!

expect a firestorm in about 2 days, sos as to give this piece enough exposure/comments.

Starfire is (c) to DC.

SmackDown 3 Pinup: Powergirl

SmackDown 3 Pinup: PowergirlPopular
SubmitterpetercottonMore Photos from petercotton   CategorySmackdown    Last Update2008/7/15 7:36
Hits6159  Comments14    
i was just gonna include the foreground image, but i thought it would look a bit boring, so i added in some test images from the 'Super' Life. Here, enjoy, and lemme know which of the background images you like best.

Powergirl is (C) to DC.


SubmitterpetercottonMore Photos from petercotton   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2008/6/7 10:58
Hits6966  Comments13    
Pink?! - post in 3d.

"You wear PINK underwear while you fly around the city?! and people call ME stupid."

just in case, YES. >_< she's overage. i dont DO underage. she's stylised, not childized. see, it rhymes. >_< anyway, enjoy, and get used to my new powergirl, with her new, more acurate bust. >_> thanks goes to oshikai for those, i mean that, i mean her. >_<
be prepared for more powergirl pieces
much, much moar. ^_^

both supergirl and powergirl is (C) to DC.

Generation Gap

Generation GapPopular
SubmitterpetercottonMore Photos from petercotton   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2008/5/23 10:59
Hits3194  Comments7    
ummm, yeah. Generation X again. oh wells. enjoy and constructive comments welcome.

all those waiting for pics, dun worry, am slowly but surely working my way through the backlog. be patient, please.

Generation X, Husk, M, Jubilee, are all (C) to Marvel.

ISA: PCP Costume Design!

ISA: PCP Costume Design!Popular
SubmitterpetercottonMore Photos from petercotton   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2008/5/3 17:13
Hits5509  Comments15    
it's always healthy to poke fun at yourself every now and then. This is an entry in the Innapropiate Superhero Advertisement Contest. >_> and yes, i realize that all of my figures have cameltoe, perky nipples, and way too tight costumes. now you know why!  

enjoy, and yes i know about the small errors here and there. crits and comments ARE welcome however.

Ms Marvel, Rogue, and SheHulk are (C) to Marvel.

Always Smile

Always SmilePopular
SubmitterpetercottonMore Photos from petercotton   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2008/4/13 18:22
Hits3617  Comments4    
this one was a quicky i did while i was procrastinating on other's commissio-i mean work.

anyway, i got the intial idea from this great artist, as seen here:

but then i got to ever think superhero's are in a position where their publicist's are yelling into their ears "I don't care if your facing the combined might of every damn villain in existance! if their's a camera within 15 feet i want you smiling into it!"


yeah, i'm odd. but enjoy. also, tried some new postwork techniques, but i may need to refine them.

Caitlin is (C) to DC.

Worlds Finest - Redux

Worlds Finest - ReduxPopular
SubmitterpetercottonMore Photos from petercotton   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2008/3/26 15:04
Hits5060  Comments11    
well, its been a while since i posted, mainly due to no time, no inspiration. then i realised, that hey, in my pending folder, i had a piece i was GONNA upload, then for whatever reason, i didnt. so, here, you get that, to hold you over during this dry period. i have a comission, and a request in the works, and hopefully i'll be able to work on them over the weekend. so, enjoy this fifth version of batgirl, who is one of those chara's i can never get done to my satisfaction.

Photo No. 1-30 (out of 77 photos hit)
(1) 2 3 »