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My first Manip Ever!

My first Manip Ever!Popular
SubmitterOCPMore Photos from OCP   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2007/5/25 19:00
Hits2128  Comments6    
Long Time fan of all ya genius.
Few days ago downloaded the Max tutorial for PSP but didn't want to do a PG, so try to do a gender bender of my favorite old Captain Marvel.
I know it looks bad , but hey, is my first!!
Just trying a few things to see what could do with it.
The tutorial warned not to expect much the first time, and i realize the colors are wrong but i tried...
Please, comments and critics welcome.
Still not happy, but it's more like what i imagened...

Starting the Tour: From Portugal, here's Zakarella

Starting the Tour: From Portugal, here's ZakarellaPopular
SubmitterOCPMore Photos from OCP   CategoryOther Comics    Last Update2007/6/30 15:52
Hits5397  Comments4    
I had this ideia of making a world tour doing a manip from each hero/heroine from several countries. So I start with one from my own country. And man, this was not an easy task, from finding one characther create here to find the rigth model, but I think I did it.
Presenting, here's Zakarella, create by Roussado Pinto and Calberto in the beginning of the 70's. I don't think she ever star in a comic story, but she had her own comic book for several issues. She was inspired from Vampirella but she was a fugitive from Hell who in each story punish some evil soul. Funny thing, at that time Vampirella came from planet Drakulon, only in recent years was revealed she was from Hell as well.
One last thing, if anyone want to sugest any hero from your country feel free to do it here: or here:
I appreciate and thank you for the help.
*update* Add the Earth, it's supposed to be a scene from Hell, before she escapes.

World Tour in Comics: Spain

World Tour in Comics: SpainPopular
SubmitterOCPMore Photos from OCP   CategoryOther Comics    Last Update2007/7/6 5:28
Hits1879  Comments4    
From Spain here it is Sangre (Blood) created by Juan Carlos Cereza and Pepo Perez.
Don't know much about her but with that claws, she seems to be a real danger.

World Tour in Comics: France

World Tour in Comics: FrancePopular
SubmitterOCPMore Photos from OCP   CategoryOther Comics    Last Update2007/7/7 14:08
Hits1564  Comments3    
First I want to thank Cyanure for is sugestion.
And now here it is: Mikros, created by Malcolm Naughton (pseudonym of Marcel Navarro) and John Milton (pseudonym of Jean-Yves Mitton). From what I could find about it, he was a normal guy given insectoid powers by an alien race.

Mr. Canoehead goes to the beach - IT'S SUMMER!!!

Mr. Canoehead goes to the beach - IT'S SUMMER!!!Popular
SubmitterOCPMore Photos from OCP   CategoryOther Comics    Last Update2007/7/9 18:33
Hits1901  Comments8    
Just finish this one for Thayne_Luc. Thanx for your sugestion. It seems a very funny Character.
I guess the title should have been World Tour in Comics: Canada. So consider this one an attachment to the Tour.

World Tour in Comics: Brazil

World Tour in Comics: BrazilPopular
SubmitterOCPMore Photos from OCP   CategoryOther Comics    Last Update2007/7/13 20:23
Hits2710  Comments6    
Presenting from Brasil, here's Cabala created by Leonardo Santana and Wendel Cavalcanti. She is a mistical heroine, kinda like Dr. Strange, I think.
I couldn't done this one without the help from BraZZZil, who give me the base image and some ideias how to do it, so a Big Thank You, my friend.
Hope you like it.

World Tour in Comics: Holland

World Tour in Comics: HollandPopular
SubmitterOCPMore Photos from OCP   CategoryOther Comics    Last Update2007/7/15 8:06
Hits1888  Comments4    
From Holland, here it is Gutsman, the masked defender of male inadequacy (words from his creator in his website), created by Erik Kriek.
First time I try to make a suit all in black and white colors, so any tips on how to improve will be very welcome.
Wanted to add his sidekick/lover Tigra as well, but didn't look good for this background from the country. Maybe in the future will do it with a diferent background...

World Tour in Comics: Mexico

World Tour in Comics: MexicoPopular
SubmitterOCPMore Photos from OCP   CategoryOther Comics    Last Update2007/7/15 18:57
Hits2302  Comments8    
From Mexico I choose not to go to your average superhero, instead here it is CerDotado (something like SuperPig or Gifted Pig) created by Polo Jasse.
From what I could find he's kinda a pig with superpowers and an anti-hero atitude. Like I said, not your average SuperHero.

*update* : just found a tutorial on how to clean over pixilated images and since I was not happy with the cape as well, though this pic was a good one to give it a try.

World Tour in Comics: Israel

World Tour in Comics: IsraelPopular
SubmitterOCPMore Photos from OCP   CategoryOther Comics    Last Update2007/7/19 20:18
Hits1887  Comments5    
From Israel presenting: Uri Oan, created by Michael Netzer. He was a former soldier given superpowers by a secret agency to defend Earth against an alien race. His bracelets has the control panel to a lot of different powers and they can also fire energy bolts.
The symbol on his chest represents a Jewish temple lamp (thank you internationalhero site).


SubmitterOCPMore Photos from OCP   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2007/7/25 1:01
Hits1617  Comments6    
When I find out that I could create my own avatar, I start doing this one for that purpose. So I just pick a base image I like and the flag of my country and let myself go. This is the finish image.
About the character itself, I call him Lusitano because that's how we call ourselfs around here. Dont know much about is powers, but he has superspeed and can blast fire from his hands, or so it seems...
The background is a image from a monument in the city where I live.

**update** Thanx to BraZZZil, who make the update for this  image, to show me what could be done in Photoshop. Now, I really need to try work with Photoshop in my next one.  Thanx again. Really like the result.

World Tour in Comics: Egypt

World Tour in Comics: EgyptPopular
SubmitterOCPMore Photos from OCP   CategoryOther Comics    Last Update2007/7/25 1:02
Hits2286  Comments3    
Here's Jalila, a female scientist who at the age of 16 survived an explosion at the Dimodona nuclear plant and gained super-powers from the radiation.
She protects the City of All Faiths from the warring Zios Army and the United Liberation Force (Thanx Wikipedia) , created by Dr. Ayman Kandeel and art by R.V. Valdez. Publish by AK comics, these characters are created by Egyptian writers but most of the art is from the Brazilian 'PopArt Comics Studio'.
This image was my real first try at Photoshop, starded in PSP9 and finish with Photoshop. Any tips how to improve are welcome .

Gutsman & Tigra

Gutsman & TigraPopular
SubmitterOCPMore Photos from OCP   CategoryOther Comics    Last Update2007/7/25 1:03
Hits2874  Comments6    
Just had to do a Tigra manip from Gutsman comics. And since I had this base image waiting for something, well, it just look perfect for this.
Almost everything done in Photoshop, my second try at it. Tried JrMcDeath way of cleaning the image on Gutsman face ( the base had a beard) and in Erik Kriek's ( the base was very small).
I know I made some mistakes at it, and I still have a lot to learn about Photoshop, but I'm pretty happy with the end result.  

Girl of the Week : Aquagirl

Girl of the Week : AquagirlPopular
SubmitterOCPMore Photos from OCP   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2007/7/31 19:19
Hits3935  Comments10    
My atempt at the girl of the week. I choose Aquagirl II (hope this is the rigth one) because Aquagirl I is like a gender bender of Aquaman, blond girl and even the costume is the same.
Did everything in Photoshop, except for minor ajustments in the background that I'm not able to do in Photoshop yet...
Anyway, I think I'm getting how to work with now...
You'll be the judges of it.

World Tour in comics: Australia

World Tour in comics: AustraliaPopular
SubmitterOCPMore Photos from OCP   CategoryOther Comics    Last Update2007/8/4 19:30
Hits2041  Comments5    
Finaly got some free time to finish this one. From Australia, here is Dark Nebula. Created by Tad Pietrzykowski and Glenn Lumsden. About this guy, his name is Mark Medula, he was an astronaut who after a figth to the death with an alien warlord, they both kill themselves but somehow the consciousness of the evil alien survived and inhabited Mark's body. This cause Mark to ressurrect with incredible superpowers. But also left him sharing his mind with the hostile alien who continually try to take control of his body.

World Tour in Comics: Germany

World Tour in Comics: GermanyPopular
SubmitterOCPMore Photos from OCP   CategoryOther Comics    Last Update2007/8/9 15:59
Hits2398  Comments6    
From Germany introducing Wanda Caramba.
Created by Eckart Breitschuh, the only thing I can say about this charather is that she seems to be a bad girl with a lust for danger and sex.
Couldn't find out any bio in english and german is not one of the languages I speak well, so if anyone know anything about her, I appreciate the info.

World Tour in Comics: Italy

World Tour in Comics: ItalyPopular
SubmitterOCPMore Photos from OCP   CategoryOther Comics    Last Update2007/8/11 7:15
Hits1982  Comments5    
Introducing from Italy: Magico Vento (Magic Wind), created by Gianfranco Manfredi, and published by Bonneli Comics, this one was very fun to do because I?m a big fan of this character since his creation in 1997. This character was inspired by Daniel Day-Lewis in the Last of the Mohicans so I choose a base pic from a movie poster of that movie. Also tried some new things in Photoshop and I like how it came out.
Hope you like it.
Bio of this character in the first post.


SubmitterOCPMore Photos from OCP   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2007/8/26 17:25
Hits2953  Comments4    
My take on the girl of the week.
Just a quick one to try some new filters and such in Photoshop. I'm really enjoying learning to use this program. Still, don't know how to use the pen tool, but I'll get there...

World Tour in Comics: Sweden

World Tour in Comics: SwedenPopular
SubmitterOCPMore Photos from OCP   CategoryOther Comics    Last Update2007/8/29 13:06
Hits2420  Comments6    
For Sweden, I decided to go in a different direction and instead of your regular superhero (didn?t want to do Captain Sweden) so, I present you Pippi L?ngstrump ( Pippi Longstocking ).
I realize that in the original stories, Pippi Longstocking is a children's books, but I took some artistic liberty here and decided to do a kind of ?what if?? pic; just imagine her grown up and in a superhero suit. After all, she has super-strengh.
Pippi Longstocking is the creation of Swedish author Astrid Lindgren. Pippi, the daughter of a seldom-seen pirate, has long red ponytails, piles of gold, superhuman strength and boundless mirth. Her books are among the most translated children's books in the world, and have been adapted to television, film and animation.
Another attempt with filters and saturation and such in Photoshop, with this one I had very fun doing. Hope y?all like?
Ps. I found the base image at Lady Heromorph?s Challenge #1
so I also like to add this one to it.
***update** Thank you, CDA. I didn't saw that.

Editors Note: The 10th challenge entry
Please click here to check the rest of the Lady Heromorph Challenge

World Tour in Comics: Russia

World Tour in Comics: RussiaPopular
SubmitterOCPMore Photos from OCP   CategoryOther Comics    Last Update2007/9/2 16:25
Hits2890  Comments8    
From Russia, here's Octobriana.
Now, about this character I find more interesting the story about her real origin than the character itself. "According to the 1971 book Octobriana and the Russian Underground by Peter Sadecky, Octobriana was created in the 1960?s by a group of dissident Russian artists calling themselves Progressive Political Pornography (PPP). However it has been suggested that the story given by Sadecky was untrue and that Octobriana was, in fact, his own creation. Other sources sugest that Sadecky stole the character from two Czech artists, Bohuslav Konecny and Zdenek Burian, in creating a comic centering around the character of "Amazona."  Since Octobriana is still widely thought to be the product of dissident cells within the U.S.S.R., she is not copyrighted, and has appeared in a variety of artistic incarnations around the world. ( source: Wikipedia)"
I did everything in Photoshop, found a nice site with lots of cool tutorials and wanted to try some in this one. The chains, the necklace and the hair were created following that. Let me know what you think.
**update** After Dragondack picture,add the bullets and the snake.

World Tour in Comics: Croatia

World Tour in Comics: CroatiaPopular
SubmitterOCPMore Photos from OCP   CategoryOther Comics    Last Update2007/9/13 15:42
Hits2380  Comments9    
Mister Mačak is a black-and-white Croatian comic drawn by Robert Solanović and written by Darko Macan and Tihomir Tikulin - Tico. Mister Mačak means Mister Cat in Croatian, but it's translated as Mister Meow. Two albums are published.

Mister Mačak: Parody of Batman. His real name is Miroslav. Everything he possesses has mister or mačak in its name (Telemačak, mačkofon, Mistermobil...). He has a small black aircraft (Mistermobil) and lots of friends who usually need his help.

I really don't like this background for this "hero", but I'm trying to use one image from each country.


SubmitterOCPMore Photos from OCP   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2007/9/19 16:43
Hits1854  Comments6    
Hawkman from DC Comics.
I had this image dancing in my mind for the last days.
Finally got to put in paper.
Still a bit lack of pratice but overall, I think it looks OK. :)

World Tour in Comics: Turkey

World Tour in Comics: TurkeyPopular
SubmitterOCPMore Photos from OCP   CategoryOther Comics    Last Update2007/9/30 19:31
Hits2591  Comments8    
From Turkey, introducing: Kamra, a godlike being.
She is the only hope to control a war betwen Heaven and Hell and save an entire city from oblivion. However Kamra is not aware of her identity. In fact she is not even ready to invent her godlike powers.
Created by ?zg?r Kurtuluş (writer) e Ozan K???kusta (art).

World Tour in Comics: Cuba

World Tour in Comics: CubaPopular
SubmitterOCPMore Photos from OCP   CategoryOther Comics    Last Update2007/10/14 3:46
Hits2149  Comments6    
Yakro, the lizard man . Coming from a civilization of great technological and social advance, in a distant nebula, whose damaged ship falls in the planet Earth,  in pre-historical times and must deal with the earthlings who just start their presence in this planet. Yakro was a creation of Orestes Su?rez Lemus and began his life by  1990, in the comic magazine Pablo, and was one of the few Cuban comic charaters for adults that I could find. Heck, even find this one was a surprise to me? And if you?re wondering, the background is from a farm in Cuba.

Girl of the Week

Girl of the WeekPopular
SubmitterOCPMore Photos from OCP   CategoryOther Comics    Last Update2007/10/15 13:29
Hits5903  Comments9    
The beautifull, hot and dangerous: Abbey Chase!!!


SubmitterOCPMore Photos from OCP   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2007/10/24 14:50
Hits2404  Comments6    
Just a quick one for Darth Paul's Birthday.
Happy Birthday, Man!

World Tour in Comics: Colombia

World Tour in Comics: ColombiaPopular
SubmitterOCPMore Photos from OCP   CategoryOther Comics    Last Update2007/10/27 11:36
Hits2151  Comments5    
From the jungles of Colombia, here is MAKU.
Adventurous character who lives his adventures in the Colombian forest of the Amazon. His name comes from a tribe who lives near the borders of the Caquet? river. The Mak?, nomade people and, in addition, despised by the other tribes.
Maku story begun after he is saved by the tribe of the Mak?, who believes he was sent by the Gods to fulfill an ancient prophecy.
After he grows into an adult man, he is the chief of the tribe and he is kind of a mix between Tarzan and the Phantom.
Created by Jorge Pe?a.

 Fire in a  flight over Rio

Fire in a flight over RioPopular
SubmitterOCPMore Photos from OCP   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2007/10/28 9:41
Hits2529  Comments7    
Fire from DC Comics.
It was the first time I try to manipulate this character, but I'm quite happy how it turn out.    

Girl of the Week: Bulleteer

Girl of the Week: BulleteerPopular
SubmitterOCPMore Photos from OCP   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2007/11/1 13:53
Hits2280  Comments4    
Hope it's the rigth one.

World Tour in Comics: Canada

World Tour in Comics: CanadaPopular
SubmitterOCPMore Photos from OCP   CategoryOther Comics    Last Update2007/11/4 16:29
Hits3578  Comments12    
First I want to thank CDA for his suggestion (sorry, didn't feel like doing Northguard), who lead me to this character:
Fleur-de-Lys,a major supporting character in the Northguard series, also appeared on a Canadian postage stamp in 1995 as part of the Canadian Superhero Stamp Series. Created by Mark Shainblum and Gabriel Morrissette.
Ok, finaly I did the Canadian character,so...


SubmitterOCPMore Photos from OCP   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2007/11/13 12:51
Hits1331  Comments6    
Hope you like it, JR.

Photo No. 1-30 (out of 126 photos hit)
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