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SubmittercattleMore Photos from cattle   Last Update2013/4/22 19:33
Hits755  Comments4    
A quick drawing of the Hulk. My favorite Hulk artist was Sal Buscema so I make him look as he did in the 70's.  

Ben Grimm

Ben GrimmPopular
SubmittercattleMore Photos from cattle   Last Update2013/3/19 19:20
Hits722  Comments4    
The Thing

Strippen': Happy Saint Paddy's Day!

Strippen': Happy Saint Paddy's Day!Popular
SubmitterTemporalDaveMore Photos from TemporalDave   Last Update2013/3/16 21:48
Hits663  Comments4    
Another simple single-panel comic strip I threw together the other day on behalf of our comics co. for this Saint Patrick's Day...
If you drink... Drive safe... If you drive... Never drive angry...

Kurt & Katie

Kurt & KatiePopular
SubmitterMFMore Photos from MF   Last Update2013/2/14 16:26
Hits766  Comments0    
A little Valentine's Day gift for my girl Flamin' Vixen featuring her Asassin's Creed OC and her favorite X-Man.

Fanboy and MJ's Valentine's Day '13

Fanboy and MJ's Valentine's Day '13Popular
SubmitterMFMore Photos from MF   Last Update2013/2/14 16:24
Hits700  Comments0    
Now we finally get to see what the 'black Kleenex'  Fanboy got MJ for Christmas really looks like. Hope that mocha, green tea and blueberry muffin didn't cost too much!

SpiderWoman & JR - together again?

SpiderWoman & JR - together again?Popular
SubmitterMsVMore Photos from MsV   Last Update2013/1/11 17:14
Hits1215  Comments6    
More Mixed Media.  Started with Dark Knight's flattering portrait of Jr in the HAC Gallery and manipped it.  Drank a bottle of McDeath (Cheap) Vodka and scanned it into the pic. Penciled a sketch of SW and coloured and inked on computer. I'm not happy with it but - my apologies to Jr to the extent it insults his feelings, such as they are.  No sheep were injured in the making of this manip/drawing/computer art.

Night Crawler part 2

Night Crawler part 2Popular
SubmitterThayneMore Photos from Thayne   Last Update2013/1/5 1:01
Hits1018  Comments6    
Another one that seemed to need darker pencils. Also contemplating inks on this one.

Venom part 2

Venom part 2Popular
SubmitterThayneMore Photos from Thayne   Last Update2012/12/30 0:13
Hits1069  Comments4    
Went over it with an HB and a 4B. Contemplating ink

Moon Knight

Moon KnightPopular
SubmitterDarqueImagesMore Photos from DarqueImages   Last Update2012/12/27 16:42
Hits893  Comments5    
The same pic submitted for the Secret Santa, only in its "untouched by Photoshop tweaking" form.  

I thought it'd be nice to show everybody the work prior to Photoshop.

Fanboy and MJ's Christmas '12

Fanboy and MJ's Christmas '12Popular
SubmitterMFMore Photos from MF   Last Update2012/12/23 16:12
Hits866  Comments2    
Merry Christmas! Fanboy and Mary Jane celebrate the holiday with a little gift exchange. Unfortunately you'll have to wait until Valentine's Day to see exactly what they got. P.S. 25 points if you know where I stole the piunchline from.

spiderman Santa

spiderman SantaPopular
SubmittergraffikMore Photos from graffik   Last Update2012/12/14 17:43
Hits918  Comments2    
Similar to previous spiderman I posted - redone - What-if spiderman were santa for x-mas - shooting toys and presents down the ventilator shafts of the high rises - Oh well - Just done for fun anyways enjoy

Based upon a webs coloring page - however the design is modified and a lot more stuff added- Used fence imagery in the red costume areas and created everything as you see except background which is a real one - Candy canes are real images - present is a random picture found and modified

marvel Girl

marvel GirlPopular
SubmittercattleMore Photos from cattle   Last Update2012/12/12 17:08
Hits812  Comments2    
Jean Grey in her second costume as marvel girl


SubmitterDarqueImagesMore Photos from DarqueImages   Last Update2012/12/6 21:01
Hits934  Comments5    
This is a first for me.. decided I wanted to draw the ol' Merc with a Mouth...

Little bit of a dynamic pose...
Used an Adam Hughes sketch of Cap' as a reference for my pose.

Captain Ameriwolf

Captain AmeriwolfPopular
SubmitterThayneMore Photos from Thayne   Last Update2012/11/16 13:14
Hits820  Comments2    
I think we started out with B suggesting this one. I did some digging, found some references. And bitched at B that Captain America's suit was never ripped as a wolf and they always darkened up his face. He made some comment that I thought meant change that fact, so I did. Also, it seemed to be the one most mentioned in the comments, so here ya go.


SubmitterThayneMore Photos from Thayne   Last Update2012/11/15 4:38
Hits715  Comments3    
B suggested him. I did some research and the pencil was on fire long before I had decided what to do.

Goblin Queen

Goblin QueenPopular
SubmitterThayneMore Photos from Thayne   Last Update2012/11/13 3:33
Hits828  Comments2    
Found a reference of Jaimie Bernhardt that floored me. And B listed Goblin Queen among other suggestions. Was rather proud of how this turned out. Was completely stunned at how good B made her look.


SubmittercattleMore Photos from cattle   Last Update2012/11/9 16:48
Hits670  Comments2    
A half spidey - Parker face. Steve Ditko introduced this during the webslinger's early days.

Captain Marvel

Captain MarvelPopular
SubmittercattleMore Photos from cattle   Last Update2012/11/4 11:55
Hits861  Comments2    
Monic Rambeau one of many who took the name Captain Marvel

Scarlett Witch

Scarlett WitchPopular
SubmittercattleMore Photos from cattle   Last Update2012/11/4 11:54
Hits948  Comments3    
Wanda Maximoff - Avenger  - Brotherhood of Evil Mutants

Didn't make the cut (ULTRON)

Didn't make the cut (ULTRON)Popular
SubmitterThayneMore Photos from Thayne   Last Update2012/11/1 5:11
Hits790  Comments3    
So while we were working on the Halloween project. I got thinking about HK47. Then I asked B if he could think of a homicidal robot in Marvel. He said Ultron.

Fanboy and MJ's Halloween '12

Fanboy and MJ's Halloween '12Popular
SubmitterMFMore Photos from MF   Last Update2012/10/31 18:14
Hits757  Comments4    
Just (barely) in time for Halloween, Fanboy and Mary Jane try to give each other a good scare this year. Which one do you think is more horrifying?

Galactus Vs. Marvel Zombies

Galactus Vs. Marvel ZombiesPopular
SubmittergraffikMore Photos from graffik   Last Update2012/10/28 22:33
Hits1126  Comments6    
Done for Halloween - Galactus vs. marvel zombies based on a DPS in Marvel Zombies #3 (volume 1)
originally created from the flat layer of that page of which I worked on - There is no line art - and I have permission to use this page as "fan-art"
More details on the image found in the forums here

Photobucket image is available here ->


SubmitterMachobubbaMore Photos from Machobubba   Last Update2012/10/26 14:51
Hits1147  Comments4    
Okay, so she was hidden in my runtime... Do know who she I now I made her way back, using a Card for reference... and I wikied her she controls the 4 elements......

PS.. Dark Wandere Do you see the reason this one was hurtful for me...


SubmitterThayneMore Photos from Thayne   Last Update2012/10/22 5:11
Hits975  Comments6    
Did a drawing of Havok a few days ago. Wasn't happy with it. Then I saw a pic of Cameron Diaz and got creative.


SubmitterThayneMore Photos from Thayne   Last Update2012/10/17 5:28
Hits922  Comments4    
Started out listening to music and reading a wiki on Meggan. Not sure what brought this out, but I'm not complaining.


SubmittercattleMore Photos from cattle   Last Update2012/10/15 16:03
Hits808  Comments4    
Enchantress created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in Journey into Mystery


SubmittercattleMore Photos from cattle   Last Update2012/10/10 18:24
Hits727  Comments2    
Sif is the sister of Heimdall and romantically linked to Thor


SubmittergraffikMore Photos from graffik   Last Update2012/10/9 6:06
Hits1044  Comments7    
Based on a coloring page similar to this at ->
original artist unknown

This is a image of spiderman based upon the swinging one similar there - I used imagery of fence into his costume so it's montage - I webbed his entire costume however Many parts were reconstructed like the forward hand - While it is based on the image it is completely redone


SubmitterThayneMore Photos from Thayne   Last Update2012/10/8 7:13
Hits994  Comments6    
Told ya I'd get around to it.


SubmitterThayneMore Photos from Thayne   Last Update2012/10/5 18:06
Hits886  Comments3    
So I have a couple new sketchbooks. This one has a rougher tooth than what I'm used to. Not to mention, my scanner laughs at me because the paper is much larger than it will work with.

Photo No. 91-120 (out of 1097 photos hit)« 1 2 3 (4) 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 ... 37 »