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Photo No. 1921-1950 (out of 1958 photos hit)
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Look Up in the Sky

Look Up in the SkyPopular
SubmittersturkwurkMore Photos from sturkwurk   Last Update2007/3/24 19:15
Hits1654  Comments2    
Some promo art I did last year

The Huntress: Strange Encounters

The Huntress: Strange EncountersPopular
SubmittersturkwurkMore Photos from sturkwurk   Last Update2007/3/24 18:48
Hits1841  Comments5    
one of my weirder tangents

Midnight Snack

Midnight SnackPopular
SubmittersturkwurkMore Photos from sturkwurk   Last Update2007/3/22 22:47
Hits1632  Comments8    
just messing around with a Vamp theme

Curse of the 4 galleries cover logo free

Curse of the 4 galleries cover logo freePopular
SubmitterWinterhawkMore Photos from Winterhawk   Last Update2007/3/20 14:04
Hits1716  Comments3    
Here is the cover for the Curse of the four galleries. with out the Logo's. Enjoy


SubmitterBandolinMore Photos from Bandolin   Last Update2007/3/5 20:48
Hits2031  Comments6    
First of a series of A.E.G.I.S. Characters I'm making.

Poser 7
SP 3 Character

Pirate Month is coming in March

Pirate Month is coming in MarchPopular
SubmitterWinterhawkMore Photos from Winterhawk   Last Update2007/2/21 12:51
Hits3363  Comments10    
Pirate month is almost upon us.
Heromorph will never be the same.
A month of events, challenges, contests and specials will soon begin. Prizes, glory, and endless wenches await.
Yo Ho yo ho, a Pirates life for me!

Quincy Risk

Quincy RiskPopular
SubmitterTartanninjaMore Photos from Tartanninja   Last Update2007/2/4 22:58
Hits1318  Comments4    
This is a character I play in a Champions Golden Age superhero game. Qunicy Risk is a mage turned hero in the 1940's. He's Dr. Strange and Philip Marlowe rolled in one.

Vampire Corps

Vampire CorpsPopular
SubmitterWebGeekMore Photos from WebGeek   Last Update2007/2/3 18:25
Hits1552  Comments2    
Who hunts the hunters... Vampire Corps

Little concept I had...

Avenger in Flight

Avenger in FlightPopular
SubmitterStarChildMore Photos from StarChild   Last Update2007/2/3 15:18
Hits1432  Comments3    
Here's another. Original character..but most of you probally know that already.


SubmitterWebGeekMore Photos from WebGeek   Last Update2007/1/20 16:20
Hits1660  Comments6    
Character Concept...

Road Dog - "As the City Burns"

Road Dog - "As the City Burns"Popular
SubmitterWebGeekMore Photos from WebGeek   Last Update2007/1/16 10:40
Hits1485  Comments1    
Road Dog - original character - think of her as cross between buffy the vampire slayer and Road Warrior. Trying to survive in a post Armageddon world...

Daz and Photoshop work...

Last Spotty #2: Spotty in Uniform

Last Spotty #2: Spotty in UniformPopular
SubmitterChup@CabraMore Photos from Chup@Cabra   Last Update2007/1/8 21:43
Hits2012  Comments3    
Last one, I promise

You'll notice that "Spotty's" boobs are much smaller in her uniform. The real reason was i was able to make her outfit fit better with 'standard' breasts, but a 'in character' reason would be like the following:

"Not much is known about this race, including its name; although it is believed that they are related to the Delvians due to their appearance and self-admitted plant-based biology.

"From sources that have chosen to remain nameless, it is known that, when sexually aroused, their body goes through subtle changes to be attractive to her mate. In at least one case her pseudo-mammary glands have increased in size, as well as her Gluteus Maximus. It is also believed that this race emits a 'pollen' thats acts as an aphrodisiac.

"According to unconfirmed reports, applying gender to the race may be a misnomer, as some have reported seeing an alleged female of the species with obvious male genitalia

"Finally, it is known that when facing possible danger, the race assumes a more fearsome form, with thorn-like protrusions from the fingers and the 'scalp' ".

Okay, way too much information, but I'm a gamer, so I'm good at coming up with backgrounds for RPG characters ^_^

One final comment: For some reason the walls buldged out when I did the 'clothed' render. I tried to save the file to try again, but my memory crapped out and ruined it (at least I got that one off).

Special Agent Red

Special Agent RedPopular
SubmitterWebGeekMore Photos from WebGeek   Last Update2007/1/7 21:42
Hits1664  Comments2    
A little espionage...
Daz and Photoshop...

Olympic Recliner Races / Heromorph Challenge #4

Olympic Recliner Races / Heromorph Challenge #4Popular
SubmitterRaddarMore Photos from Raddar   Last Update2006/12/30 14:21
Hits1933  Comments8    
In 2010 Sears Recliners joined forces with Lockheed Martin and produced the first jet recliner.  After a few initial mishaps, in which some 42 couch potato test pilots were killed, engineers worked out the bugs and the "Jet Seats" were mass produced.  Only two years after it's conception the recliners made their debut in the 2012 Olympic games held in New York.  These second generation recliners are capable of reaching speeds in excess of 800 MPH.  Now even the fatest and laziest couch potato can jet out and pick up his own friggin pizza.  Optional features include built in TV remote and dual 25 gallon beer kegs with drinking tube.  

Editors note: the 1st entry in Lady Heromorph's #4 challenge. Click here to see the rest

Olympic Recliner Races 2 / Heromorph Challenge #4

Olympic Recliner Races 2 / Heromorph Challenge #4Popular
SubmitterRaddarMore Photos from Raddar   Last Update2006/12/30 0:04
Hits1595  Comments5    
When I saw the catagories for the heromorph olympics and hit on "recliner races" this idea got stuck in my head.  After several days of building a couple of rocket recliners, I am glad to finally be done with it.  Thanks for checking it out.

Editors note: the 2nd entry in Lady Heromorph's #4 challenge. Click here to see the rest

Pulp Fiction - The Agent

Pulp Fiction - The AgentPopular
SubmitterTartanninjaMore Photos from Tartanninja   Last Update2006/12/19 9:55
Hits1831  Comments8    
Janet Smith is secret agent for the US government. There are few who can compare to this master of disguise. She can smell a lie and read a face.

She is the sexy spy of the investigation team know as Justice Inc.

This is from a series of portraits I'm doing for a 1930's Pulp Hero campaign.

Pulp Fiction - The Redeemer

Pulp Fiction - The RedeemerPopular
SubmitterTartanninjaMore Photos from Tartanninja   Last Update2006/12/7 21:40
Hits1476  Comments3    
Cross Kingsley is a boxer turned priest. He doggedly pursues salvation of others while protecting mankind from earthly and ethereal threats. His other charge is to protect and guide the young miss, Dixie Culpepper.

He is the divine muscle of the investigation team know as Justice Inc.

This is from a series of portraits I'm doing for a 1930's Pulp Hero campaign.


SubmitterWebGeekMore Photos from WebGeek   Last Update2006/11/20 20:30
Hits2120  Comments5    
Some Daz and PS work

Aquara in 3-Delicious

Aquara in 3-DeliciousPopular
SubmitterStarChildMore Photos from StarChild   Last Update2006/11/15 23:18
Hits1821  Comments2    
Nothing special here. I found a 3D base inage on the web that caught my eye [quite literally] and I had to do something with it. 2 hours later I turned her into one of my characters, Aquara. Not sure if this truly qualifies as 3D, since I didn't create the base, so if not Mods, feel free to move it to the proper gallery.

Pulp Fiction - The Cowboy

Pulp Fiction - The CowboyPopular
SubmitterTartanninjaMore Photos from Tartanninja   Last Update2006/10/21 10:42
Hits1492  Comments4    
Tex Mason, the dashing archeologist from Texas. Good with a gun, lasso or negotiating terms for a digging team in Cairo. He has seen too much not to believe in the ancient gods and curses. Of course, his partner, Calvin Bannister can't accept anything that doesn't conform to current scientific understanding.

He is one of the daring adventurers involved in the investigation team know as Justice Inc.

This is from a series of portraits I'm doing for a 1930's Pulp Hero campaign.

Pulp Fiction - The Aviatrix

Pulp Fiction - The AviatrixPopular
SubmitterTartanninjaMore Photos from Tartanninja   Last Update2006/10/16 21:34
Hits1635  Comments4    
Veronica Jones, ace pilot and peerless mechanic. Neice to the great Howard Hughes and member of the investigation team know as Justice Inc.

This is from a series of portraits I'm doing for a 1930's Pulp Hero campaign.

Angels 2050

Angels 2050Popular
SubmitterJunFanMore Photos from JunFan   Last Update2006/8/12 18:34
Hits2626  Comments12    
Just having fun with props and figures!  -Leif.

The Trio Escapes!

The Trio Escapes!Popular
SubmitterJunFanMore Photos from JunFan   Last Update2006/8/12 18:31
Hits1854  Comments3    
Hey guys and gals!  I've been way too busy w/ the real world lately, but I finaly did a few pics worth posting.  This is a prequel to my "Unlikely Accomplices" pic.   -Leif.

Blonde Death

Blonde DeathPopular
SubmittersaurMore Photos from saur   Last Update2006/7/4 13:27
Hits2245  Comments8    

Black Butterfly

Black ButterflyPopular
SubmitterWebGeekMore Photos from WebGeek   Last Update2006/6/13 20:50
Hits2041  Comments5    
Original Character set in the future.
DAZ, Bryce and postwork in PS...

Blue Avenger

Blue AvengerPopular
SubmitterJunFanMore Photos from JunFan   Last Update2006/6/7 14:52
Hits2377  Comments9    
Just a little departure from my usual stuff.  More actual 3D work than I usually do, but still a few days worth of postwork in there!  -Leif.

Lara Ann Jones

Lara Ann JonesPopular
SubmitternuttzoMore Photos from nuttzo   Last Update2006/5/25 12:56
Hits2544  Comments6    
a what if? Indiana Jones had a kid with Lara Croft in anime world.

p.s. i was bored, just got some new stuff for poser and only had time for this quickie

Daughters Of The Phoenix

Daughters Of The PhoenixPopular
SubmitterRoguewingMore Photos from Roguewing   Last Update2006/5/4 20:13
Hits3445  Comments11    
The daughters of Tyrala, also known as the Phoenix.
Their mother earned the nickname Phoenix after rising from the dead three times.

The fourth time she died, it was while giving birth to the four shown here.
Her immense power was divided among her daughters.

They are, from right to left:Gulkana, mistress of shadows and death;Solara, mistress of fire and light; Gytyra, mistress of life; Lunara, mistress of cold and ice.

All four are V3 with custom textures and bump maps by myself
Hair is from DAZ
Background and ground texture from NASA
Rendered in Poser Pro Pack, only postwork was in cropping the image

Escape From Impule

Escape From ImpulePopular
SubmitterGuestMore Photos from Guest   Last Update2005/12/21 12:21
Hits1983  Comments7    
Just discovered this site today. Here my latest idea for an ongoing series let me know what you think.

Soul Killer

Soul KillerPopular
SubmitterMcAfee2000More Photos from McAfee2000   Last Update2005/10/17 7:53
Hits1486  Comments1    
Francis thinks most people, mutant, and normals alike are toys.  He thinks their minds are like open books and are just too easy to play with.  He does not think twice about using his targets worst fears against themselves if the fear can kill his opponent, so much the better. The government planned that he would be the ultimate spy. They were wrong.

Photo No. 1921-1950 (out of 1958 photos hit)
« 1 ... 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 (65) 66 »