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Red vs. Black: Blackface

Red vs. Black: BlackfacePopular
SubmitterGnostic85More Photos from Gnostic85   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2012/11/7 22:22
Hits1111  Comments1    
"When the black costumed vigilante Thoth began waging a campaign to wipe out crime in his neighborhood of Hughes' Point, white real-estate developer Randall Bates moved to try and stop him, fearing that if Thoth's campaign were successful, his own efforts to buy up and gentrify the neighborhood would fail. As the makeup-slathered gangster named Blackface, he plunged Hughes' Point back into chaos and left Thoth (and his alter ego, Sam Ibis) crippled.

"Bates is dead now, but Blackface lives on in the person of his spoiled, vicious daughter Tara, who uses both her business skills and outright violence to rule Hughes' Point with an iron fist.

"But her reign may be coming to an end. Ibis' prot?g?e, the Red Owl, is coming to Hughes' Point to end the makeup-wearing menace once and for all..."

Another rogue for my original superheroine, and some new experimenting with style. I'm planning to render a fight scene between Blackface and Red Owl with a minimal palette of just black, white, and red (although whether or not this will actually work in D|S has yet to be seen...)


SubmitterGnostic85More Photos from Gnostic85   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2012/10/9 20:10
Hits1069  Comments1    
"Roy Henry Harris was a washed-up former actor who was chosen by mysterious forces to become a solar-powered champion. As Perihelion, the Human Sun, he fought crime and protected the Earth from extraterrestrial threats throughout the 60s and 70s. However, in the 80s, he mysteriously disappeared, and has never been seen since..."

One of my older ideas. Lately, I've been trying to revisit some of the older superheroes I created so that my current superhero stories have more of a backstory to them. Of course, some of the older heroes, I can't even remember what the hell the underlying ideas were behind them...


SubmitterGnostic85More Photos from Gnostic85   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2012/9/15 15:53
Hits1287  Comments1    
A jorogumo (spider woman), the woman who calls herself Birdeater possesses the ability to feed off of people who have connections to birds. For centuries, her peculiar diet led her to prey on chicken farmers and the occasional takagari enthusiast, but during WWII, she became a nemesis to Tancho, Imperial Japan's crane-themed champion. After his death in the war, she preyed upon his widow, convincing her to take up his mantle to ensure that she herself would not go hungry, but the two women eventually fell in love, and lived happily together for many years.

When her lover died of natural causes in the 90s, Birdeater left Japan and migrated to Boston. As luck would have it, the industrialist Sam Ibis had become the vigilante Thoth to clean up his old neighborhood, and so for a few years, she bedeviled him, before one of his other enemies crippled him, ending his career.

Her next meal may not be far away, however; Ibis has passed on much of his old equipment to the new Red Owl. Barely into her twenties, the young superheroine might be able to provide years' worth of sustenance.

Possibly thousands of years old, Birdeater has potent mental abilities, enabling her to manipulate others, and can change her shape, though usually takes the shape of a beautiful Japanese woman in her early thirties. She draws sustenance by biting and drinking the blood of her victims, all of whom have some sort of connection to birds. As a rule, she takes only enough blood to sustain herself, and does not prey on the defenseless. Though she often prefers to feed upon one victim multiple times, she often develops romantic feelings for repeat victims...

Cmdr. Emmanuelle Sharon

Cmdr. Emmanuelle SharonPopular
SubmitterGnostic85More Photos from Gnostic85   CategoryVideo Game    Last Update2011/5/8 23:43
Hits1655  Comments0    
This is a portrait of Cmdr. Emmanuelle Sharon, the character I created for my main Mass Effect playthrough (in the game, of course, she's Emmanuelle Shepard.) I think this is probably one of the best renders I've ever done in terms of technique; I'm especially pleased with how the lighting and textures came out.

Black Eagle

Black EaglePopular
SubmitterGnostic85More Photos from Gnostic85   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2010/1/20 17:26
Hits1310  Comments0    
When Arber Besnik was a young man growing up in rural Albania, he discovered that he could fly. His neighbors believed him to be an abomination, and he was shunned. Then the Fascists invaded Albania, and Besnik offered his services to them. They decided to pit him against the Red Owl, the masked figurehead of the Albanian resistance, hoping that the Red Owl's defeat would demoralize the resistance. They drew inspiration from Albania's flag, and thus Besnik became the Black Eagle, a visual slap in the face to those who claimed to represent the Albanian people.

Of course, even though Besnik could fly, and even though he was faster and stronger than the Red Owl, his archenemy always prevailed. When the Fascists and the Nazis were driven out of Albania, the Black Eagle sought refuge in Italy, fearful of what his countrymen would do to someone who willingly collaborated with the Axis powers.

Besnik is dead now, but he may have finally gotten one over on his old foe, even though he never learned of it. You see, Besnik disowned his daughter, who emigrated to America and married the Red Owl's son (since the Red Owl never revealed his true identity to anyone, even his son was unaware of his lineage.) No doubt the old hero would be horrified if he were ever to discover that his beloved granddaughter carries his nemesis' genes...

Red Howlet: Busted

Red Howlet: BustedPopular
SubmitterGnostic85More Photos from Gnostic85   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2009/7/8 0:01
Hits1828  Comments1    
Hey all. Been some time since I've posted here. Been caught up in other things - got a job prospect out in Texas that starts in August, so been trying to prepare for that.

At any rate, here is my latest work. Hopefully the next time I do a comic page, I'll remember that they're supposed to read vertically, not horizontally.

BTW, fajr is the pre-dawn prayer in Islam. The other non-English words are Albanian; you can probably figure out what they mean just through context.

Red Owl: Glory Days (Aged Variant)

Red Owl: Glory Days (Aged Variant)Popular
SubmitterGnostic85More Photos from Gnostic85   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2009/5/2 18:28
Hits1482  Comments0    
A variant of my Red Owl pic...

Red Owl: Glory Days

Red Owl: Glory DaysPopular
SubmitterGnostic85More Photos from Gnostic85   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2009/5/1 18:50
Hits1462  Comments0    
Kreshnik Veton, the Red Owl, back in the days when he was still young enough to beat up on those Nazi bastards (and back when there was no shortage of Nazi bastards...)

Red Howlet & Allies

Red Howlet & AlliesPopular
SubmitterGnostic85More Photos from Gnostic85   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2009/4/11 1:33
Hits1817  Comments1    
It's never wise to become a neighborhood superhero without allies who've got your back. For Red Howlet, these are Enver and Qitta. Enver's a Turkish-descended powerhouse, super-strong, super-durable, and able to create shockwaves that can level buildings. His powers are mystical in origin (he creates shockwaves by speaking a magic word), and he's been told that one day he will be forced to use them in a way that will harm or kill many people in order to destroy a great evil. For the most part, though, he's a nice guy who enjoys playing a white knight for pretty girls, though occasionally, he overdoes it, as in this pic.

Qitta, by contrast, is not so much of a powerhouse. Born in Somalia, her family came to America during the war and relied heavily on the charity of 'Allam al-Wafiyah. When the man called Beit took over the Boston offices, he decided that her family owed a debt, and took her as payment, using her in an experiment to see if his powers were great enough to bestow superhuman abilities upon others. He turned her into a feral creature and unleashed her in Little Yugo, hoping she'd be enough of a threat to make the Red Howlet turn to him for help. The transformation crapped out, however, and Qitta reverted back to human form. Of course, Beit has not called off the debt, so Qitta still has to go out in costume whenever Beit orders her to make trouble. She usually ends up helping Red Howlet fight crime. (Thankfully, Beit never bothers to send anyone to make sure Qitta is actually making trouble.)

Of course, every alliance has risks. Both Enver and Qitta have ties to Beit, and Enver in particular believes that, whatever Beit's personal intentions, the coalition that Beit has formed can help him in his efforts to clean up his neighborhood, and would help Red Howlet if she were to join (not to mention the fact that part of him fears that Beit may be the great evil that he is destined to fight.) As such, Red Howlet is constantly aware that one day she might have to fight her friends.

The Red Owl and the Red Howlet

The Red Owl and the Red HowletPopular
SubmitterGnostic85More Photos from Gnostic85   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2009/4/4 16:32
Hits1561  Comments2    
Back in the days of World War II, Albanian soldier Kreshnik Veton chose to turn against the Axis forces that had occupied his homeland. Donning a garish red costume and a busted old Fokker D.VIII, he called himself the Red Owl, and through some combination of luck and ingenuity, managed to make trouble for the Nazis (it should be noted that historically, Albania was the only country occupied by the Nazis that managed to kick them out without help from the Soviets.)

Years later, "Nick" Veton is the owner of a small gym in in Little Yugo, a slum in Boston inhabited by former residents of the Balkan countries, and finds his new home being invaded, this time by a pair of gangs at war with each other. Tired of watching all the punks walking around in front of his gym, Nick considers putting on the old costume, but he is beaten to the punch by his granddaughter Donjeta who, having found out about his past, has decided to try and follow in his footsteps, calling herself the Red Howlet. To say that Nick is displeased by this turn of events is probably an understatement...

(Artist's notes: This began as my attempt to write a story about obscure Golden Age superheroes, but since Alex Ross and Jim Krueger have cornered the market on that with Project Superpowers, I decided it would be easier to just create some new ones from scratch. I would also say that any resemblance between Howlet's costume and that of the Golden Age Nite-Owl in the "Watchmen" movie is purely coincidental; I was just trying to give her a classic Golden Age mysteryman-type look...)

Weakling of Mars!

Weakling of Mars!Popular
SubmitterGnostic85More Photos from Gnostic85   CategorySci-fi    Last Update2009/2/21 17:12
Hits2693  Comments5    
This is from a spoof of Edgar Rice Burroughs' Mars stories that I've been writing. The Mars stories almost always have the brave, infallible hero rescuing the princess, who is somewhere in the running for "Most Beautiful Martian Woman". Of course, my story, set in a Barsoom that has become hideously commercialized, has as its hero Rathis, a lowly office drone and sad sack whose most heroic deed was fixing the TV in the breakroom. He has a stroke of luck when Asmara, the daughter of his boss, takes a liking to him, but then she gets kidnapped, and he is forced to rescue her (or at the very least find a willing quest-subcontractor), facing off against the green savages, white apes, and Republicans (who arrived in Barsoom after Obama attempted to banish them to Mars.) It'll probably end up being a rip-off of Discworld if I ever actually make any progress in it, but maybe not.

I'm pretty pleased with how this one turned out. The real coup I think is Rathis' horrified expression, contrasted with the look of resignation on Asmara's face.


SubmitterGnostic85More Photos from Gnostic85   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2009/2/18 21:43
Hits2059  Comments3    
Wanted to try something new, so played around with a little gender-bending, trying to create a cute trans-superheroine...

Smackdown 3! Round 2: Of Phoenixes and Faeries

Smackdown 3! Round 2: Of Phoenixes and FaeriesPopular
SubmitterGnostic85More Photos from Gnostic85   CategorySmackdown    Last Update2008/8/25 1:48
Hits2271  Comments4    
Inspired after noticing that both Phoenix and Ystina have bird crests and were both at one point or another written by Grant Morrison...

Smackdown 3! Round 2: The Cold and the Icy

Smackdown 3! Round 2: The Cold and the IcyPopular
SubmitterGnostic85More Photos from Gnostic85   CategorySmackdown    Last Update2008/8/6 0:00
Hits1844  Comments2    
"Come along, little knight! Adventure awaits!"
"For the last time, I'm not a kid! I'm over 10,000 years old! Last survivor of the true Camelot!"
"Aww, you're a role-player, how adorable!"
"Adorable?! Lady, I defended this vile age from the Faerie Queen, a mad god, and thousands of costumed monsters while you couldn't be bothered to show up. You could at least take me seriously."
"Now now, there's no need to be mean, dear. I was still dead back then, and I'd prefer that you not remind me."

Smackdown 3! Part 1.5: The Ambush

Smackdown 3! Part 1.5: The AmbushPopular
SubmitterGnostic85More Photos from Gnostic85   CategorySmackdown    Last Update2008/8/4 0:29
Hits1663  Comments1    
In a strange reversal of the order of things, the poor bastard sent to ambush and teleport Ystina is himself surprised...

"Shining Knight! You have been selected for OH SHIT!"

Smackdown 3: Ystina, Shining Knight

Smackdown 3: Ystina, Shining KnightPopular
SubmitterGnostic85More Photos from Gnostic85   CategorySmackdown    Last Update2008/7/15 10:21
Hits2128  Comments5    
Born some 10,000 years ago, Ystina (or Justina) was a knight in a long-forgotten court who ended up in the 21st century after literally falling through time. After fighting off supervillains during the Crisis in Metropolis and trying to kill Gloriana Tenebrae during the Harrowing in Manhatten, Justina enrolled in a private school, intending to have some semblance of a normal life, but not long after was sighted among the many heroes who fought against Black Adam during "World War III".

Justina possesses no innate superhuman abilities, but is skilled in the use of swords and has demonstrated remarkable adaptability to unfamiliar situations. Also, she has a flying, talking horse, Vanguard.

With this image, I wanted to spice SK up a little, so I went with a sort of Goth latex slut motif. I'm not sure if this is the final color scheme I'm going to use, but I'm very pleased with how this image came out. I'll post a list of materials later in case someone's interested...

EDIT: Probably should have mentioned that Shining Knight Justina is not my own creation - she was created by Grant Morrison and Simone Bianchi.

Blonde Phantom II

Blonde Phantom IIPopular
SubmitterGnostic85More Photos from Gnostic85   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2008/4/12 23:14
Hits2081  Comments1    
Continuing to develop my pitch for Marvel, I'm trying to find some characters for my proposed team that nobody else is using. With that in mind, here's Blonde Phantom II (or Phantom Blonde). The daughter of a semi-forgotten WWII superheroine, Wanda Mason can technically claim to have been a superhero for over 40 years, because she first adopted her superhero identity after traveling back in time with She-Hulk...

Black Vendetta

Black VendettaPopular
SubmitterGnostic85More Photos from Gnostic85   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2007/11/16 10:37
Hits1720  Comments1    
Just an idea I came up with. What if somebody decided to go all "V for Vendetta" on the Saudi monarchy...?


SubmitterGnostic85More Photos from Gnostic85   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2007/11/10 19:56
Hits2056  Comments2    
I had this idea to do a story with Quasar, but I don't know enough about her yet. So instead I have invented a distant cousin named Juna. A bored young woman from one of the Kree colonies, Juna heard about Quasar's exploits and thought, "I could do that, too!" Of course, she's nowhere near as experienced, so she often ends up getting defeated and humiliated, but she's the type who just picks herself up, stitches her costume back together, and rushes into the next adventure...

Smackdown: A new wench for Nightmother?

Smackdown: A new wench for Nightmother?Popular
SubmitterGnostic85More Photos from Gnostic85   CategorySmackdown    Last Update2007/11/9 21:57
Hits1820  Comments1    
As she rests in a hotel in Tokyo, Nightmother gets an unexpected visitor...

"You! What do you want?"

"At the end of this contest, I am headed back to a very tiny cell in Drapchi prison. I'd rather not go there. Please help me..."

"... No."

"I mean... I want to serve you with all my heart and body..."

"Better, but I already have a wench. Why should I take you in?"

"Because I'm really, really cute and fuckable?"


"Well, with me, you could have an extra tongue and mouth wherever you need it, allowing Zatanna to focus on sucking your toes..."


The Underworks

The UnderworksPopular
SubmitterGnostic85More Photos from Gnostic85   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2007/11/6 0:03
Hits1477  Comments0    
"There are an estimated 6,000 people living in the Elitian Underworks. We estimate that at least 2,000 of them are sex offenders who got loose during the turmoil way back. My name is PJ Drake, and my job is to hunt through the city's worst stretch of real estate in order to find some of its worst offenders..."

From a new script I'm working on...

Smackdown: Ruse meets Shulkie

Smackdown: Ruse meets ShulkiePopular
SubmitterGnostic85More Photos from Gnostic85   CategorySmackdown    Last Update2007/10/14 1:35
Hits1880  Comments1    
After finally getting away from Dead Girl, Ruse runs into She-Hulk...

"Oh this is just gonna suck..."

Smackdown: Beating a Dead Horse

Smackdown: Beating a Dead HorsePopular
SubmitterGnostic85More Photos from Gnostic85   CategorySmackdown    Last Update2007/10/13 12:51
Hits1784  Comments2    
Ruse takes on Dead Girl, and finds it's remarkably difficult to beat someone who's already dead...

Smackdown: Golden Oldie

Smackdown: Golden OldiePopular
SubmitterGnostic85More Photos from Gnostic85   CategorySmackdown    Last Update2007/10/12 23:37
Hits1623  Comments1    
For her first Marvel opponent, Ruse fights Sun Girl, an obscure costumed adventurer from the Golden Age, in the Middle East (Bahrain, maybe, or the Emirates...) Don't worry, kids, the action will get better. I bought two sets of Catfighting poses for V4 for this round...

(And yes, there's been another costume change. My computer is hemorrhaging memory at the moment, and another render of the golden scales and flowing hair might kill it unless I clear some disk space...)

Gevruh: CHEREM

Gevruh: CHEREMPopular
SubmitterGnostic85More Photos from Gnostic85   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2007/10/11 21:49
Hits1295  Comments0    
"On the night that Gevruh declared war on his adopted homeland, he wanted to give the people a message. Raising his arms to the sky, he fired beams of his horrible red energy upwards, moving them in what looked like random motions. Within an hour, though, he had carved a single, enormous word in the sky..."


"It was a very clear message, aimed especially at the religious among them - Gevruh intended to consecrate the Holy Land anew by annihilating the people occupying it.

"He then spread his arms out and released all the energy inside him in all directions. For twenty horrifying seconds, everything and everyone within a mile radius experienced disintegration at the molecular level. Those who survived described feeling as though they were burning alive.

"Then, having made the first strike, Gevruh flew off to await the inevitable response from the IDF..."


SubmitterGnostic85More Photos from Gnostic85   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2007/10/8 22:13
Hits1664  Comments2    
Once a great hero of the Israelis, Gevruh snapped from the strain of trying to defend a bitterly divided country. He went on a rampage, killing dozens, including his brother, the Promise, before he was finally subdued.

Gevruh has superhuman strength and endurance, and an ability to generate bursts of destructive energy. But his real talent is his brilliant strategic mind. He managed to pull off his rampage by stirring up racial/religious tensions so that while he was randomly killing civilians, the police force was stuck dealing with an epidemic of rioting. Because of his tactical abilities, he was transferred to a top-secret bunker and given a new codename Qlipoth ("husks" in Hebrew - has negative connotations in Jewish mysticism). Among the most hawkish members in the Israeli government, Qlipoth is viewed as the ultimate trump card in the seemingly unending struggle for the Holy Land...

Smackdown: Mmm... hemo-donut...

Smackdown: Mmm... hemo-donut...Popular
SubmitterGnostic85More Photos from Gnostic85   CategorySmackdown    Last Update2007/10/4 19:10
Hits2020  Comments3    
Ruse sends Daruma a giant vibrating hemo-donut to help with his, erm, problem...

Smackdown: What the...?!

Smackdown: What the...?!Popular
SubmitterGnostic85More Photos from Gnostic85   CategorySmackdown    Last Update2007/9/25 21:06
Hits2056  Comments5    
Ruse arrives at the castle, but catches Daruma at a bad moment...

"Nrr... nrr... c'mon, dammit..."

"Erm... I got all the items from my list... is this a bad time...?"

"Go away! I'm watching porn!"

"Why are you rocking back and forth? Wait... is that the Supergirl tape? Oh my god... are you...?"

"Nrr... the next checkpoint's in Egypt! Now go away, dammit!"

"Oh dear god... I'm out of here!"

"Nrr... stupid lack of limbs..."

Smackdown: A Ruse Awakening

Smackdown: A Ruse AwakeningPopular
SubmitterGnostic85More Photos from Gnostic85   CategorySmackdown    Last Update2007/9/16 23:29
Hits2098  Comments2    
"Ughh... my head... where am I?"

"A small town in England, dear. It's about time you woke up. It's been incredibly boring babysitting you."

"What happened?"

"You were about to kill me, I was about to defend myself using my only superpower... and then one of those damn Morphettes dropped a bomb on us. Thankfully, your invulnerability saved me from being injured, but you were knocked out, so I felt obligated to make sure you were okay..."

"Wait... I remember you saying something, and then turning into one of the Marvels..."

"Me? A Marvel? That's absurd. Must have been a dream."

"But your costume..."

"Oh this? I had to change it. Between you attacking me and that bomb, my old one was quite ruined."

"But... your hair..."

"Merely a wig, of course."

"Nnn... You said you had one power..."

"Indeed. I don't like using it, because it's a strain, but I'm able to alter people's perceptions, make them distrustful of reality and memory... but of course, that bomb hit us before I could use it to my advantage..."


"Heh... a previously-undiscovered female Marvel from Tibet... what an absurd notion..."

Smackdown: Ruse Revealed

Smackdown: Ruse RevealedPopular
SubmitterGnostic85More Photos from Gnostic85   CategorySmackdown    Last Update2007/9/9 21:48
Hits2098  Comments5    
"Wondering how this fight just went in my favor? I've got the power of the Six Forgotten Devas flowing through me, their names so long forgotten that only the first letter of each name is known - S, H, A, Z, A, and M..."

"... Shazam... You're one of the Marvels?"


"Crap. I hate Marvels..."

Photo No. 1-30 (out of 64 photos hit)
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