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Influence Map: Ditko

Influence Map: DitkoPopular
SubmitterpijonMore Photos from pijon   Last Update2018/6/8 10:38
Hits1541  Comments5    
So I decided to try something a little different this time around. Rather than using the template, I decided to break the mold and step out from the grid. I focused on a single major influence on me for this influence map.
Sure, Jack Kirby probably would have been the obvious choice, the artistic giant who practically built the house of Marvel single handedly. But instead, I went with Steve Ditko, focusing on some of the characters he had a hand in creating. I always thought Ditko was remarkably unique and innovative in his comics style. Everybody was trying to be Kirby back in the 60's but nobody could even figure out how to imitate Ditko. So in the spirit of Ditko, I tried a quirkier approach here
It's all about Ditko heroes and art in my influence map:
Top: Spider-man, Blue Beetle, Dr. Strange
Middle: The Question, Captain Atom, The Creeper, Mr. A
(Ditko Self Portrait)
Bottom: Shade the Changing Man, Stalker, Squirrel Girl.
(Background from Dr. Strange)
There's plenty of other oddball Ditko characters like the Hawk and the Dove, Destructor, Speedball, Static, Killjoy and the Mocker but I just didn't have room for all of them!
There is one Ditko design that is an absolute classic that most of you are very familiar with but didn't know it was his. Although Jack Kirby was the creator of Iron Man, that original suit was big and bulky. Iron Man's classic red and gold suit that remained largely unchanged for years... yup, Ditko did that too.

Influence Map: Heromorph

Influence Map: HeromorphPopular
SubmitterTazmanMore Photos from Tazman   Last Update2018/6/30 20:36
Hits1269  Comments2    
I get a lot of joy from viewing the work of all the great artist that share here at Heromorph.
But the two that stand out for me are:
Starchild and Jinky

Influence Map: Newspaper Artists

Influence Map: Newspaper ArtistsPopular
SubmitterpijonMore Photos from pijon   Last Update2018/6/10 20:05
Hits1483  Comments7    
I figured this one would be an easy one to do and it was but once again, I feel like I've left out more than I've included! A couple of crossover artists here: Eisner started Spirit in the newspapers and later went to comics while Gil Kane started in comics before doing Star Hawks. Some of these others were big influences on some great comic artists, like Raymond's influence on Al Williamson, Foster's on Frank Frazetta and Caniff's on Jim Aparo.

Influence Map?...

Influence Map?...Popular
SubmitterMachobubbaMore Photos from Machobubba   Last Update2012/9/19 15:24
Hits2238  Comments4    
Okay extremely late, but hey just wanted to do this...

Influence Maps Too: DrunkenDragon's under the influence

Influence Maps Too: DrunkenDragon's under the influencePopular
SubmitterdrunkendragonMore Photos from drunkendragon   Last Update2018/6/16 16:48
Hits1384  Comments3    
Decided to use basic format, but progressive influences, and a wink to Hanna Barbera, who helped shape my sometimes warped sense of humor.
First row is the TV cartoon influences that inspired  my love of comics and Super Heroes.
Second shows the major comics, and specific issues that I have that influenced my original drawing and theme styling.
Third row depicts the major artists that influenced my design style, and
Last row shows my all time favorite artist for humor and exaggerated realism Norman Rockwell, also seen in the background image.
As well as a nod to the two artists that drew my attention to HeroMorph in the first place, and whose work I tried to duplicate when I first began manipulating.  Many others here have helped me develop since then, too, which is why I keep checking in to see what greatness shows up here daily!

Influence Montage

Influence MontagePopular
SubmitterMsVMore Photos from MsV   Last Update2012/8/30 9:13
Hits2494  Comments4    
A little late but here are my influences.  Upper left: Monsieur Paul (French); upper right Gil Kane (DC); left Franco Saudelli (italian); right Matt Baker (Golden Age); lower left Chief O'Hara (Heromorph drawing);  lower right Chief O'Hara manip.  Other influences Dave Stevens, Scott Campbell, Frank Cho, ChillyPlasma, BikerBot, Wolverine1607.

ISA: Harvey Dent Pitch Man

ISA: Harvey Dent Pitch ManPopular
SubmitterHisstorymanMore Photos from Hisstoryman   Last Update2008/5/21 19:39
Hits3134  Comments10    
Update: Added an important Two-Face detail, the dual colored suit.  Cleaned up some stray line.  I also livened up the text a bit.

As my wife said upon viewing:

"Corny, but appropriate"

ISA: Indigo

ISA: IndigoPopular
SubmitterchowyspizzMore Photos from chowyspizz   Last Update2008/5/12 23:04
Hits3781  Comments10    
I was making this one for an other manip, but well i just wanted to participate in the ISA challenge, so i just add the intel inside logo, very creative

i used some a Saint Seiya legs, a Witchblade action figure for the top and the hand, and other stuff i found on the net. the body is a frankenstein. some parts are kinda blurry, but in general i think its good manip

It's Gonna be a long night of Trick or Treating..

It's Gonna be a long night of Trick or Treating..Popular
SubmitterMachobubbaMore Photos from Machobubba   Last Update2013/10/19 0:07
Hits1703  Comments2    
Trick or Treat... This is an entry for a quick render competition I made, I lost to this one...

jediadept - Tick pimp'n

jediadept - Tick pimp'nPopular
SubmitterjediadeptMore Photos from jediadept   Last Update2006/10/6 15:25
Hits4018  Comments12    
After threatening over the years to post something, I thought that I had better actually do it?

Since I missed the android deadline, I pimped my Tick avatar instead.

It's a bit rough, as I used Microsoft Digital Image Pro 7.0 with 256MB RAM, so be kind.

The picture is just a lot of cut and paste from the  internet, mostly advertisements. The Twi'leks are modified from the work of Giolon

Jinky Coloring Challenge:  WONDER WOMAN & BATMAN!

Jinky Coloring Challenge: WONDER WOMAN & BATMAN!Popular
SubmitterpijonMore Photos from pijon   Last Update2017/3/15 8:06
Hits1931  Comments8    
So here's my finished entry for Jinky Coloring Challenge.
...and here's Jinky's original B&W...

JMonteiro?s Inluence Map

JMonteiro?s Inluence MapPopular
SubmitterJMonteiroMore Photos from JMonteiro   Last Update2012/8/15 14:16
Hits2585  Comments11    
Hy all!
Just introducing myself around! Here?s a very small sample of an otherwise huge wall of influences that has an impact on my work.

Drop by anytime!

July Challenge: From the Manipers Pot by BikerBot

July Challenge: From the Manipers Pot by BikerBotPopular
SubmitterBikerBotMore Photos from BikerBot   Last Update2004/10/25 20:43
Hits4570  Comments13    
This is a scene (my first) from the final book of Roger Zelazny's First Chronicles of Amber series, "The Courts Of Chaos". Here we see former Prince, now Regent, Corwin of Amber astride Morgenstern, the Greatest of All Horses. At his belt is Grayswandir, The NightBlade, the moon-sword of the Pattern. He is on the Black Road, a road that travels through all the infinite realities caused by the reflections of Amber, and he is very near to the Courts of Chaos. The reason for his haste is that he carries the Jewel Of Judgement (if you look carefully, you can see it around his neck), from which the very Pattern of Amber was created, to the final Apocalyptic battle between the Lords of Chaos and the Lords of Amber.
He has just exited the Fire Gate, a Shadow on The Black Road near the Courts of Chaos. The Lords of Chaos are more desperate to stop him, hence the cars that tried to run him over. (You can see who won that battle.) The Lords of Chaos have now sent a Fire Angel to attack him. Will he survive...?
In the background, the Gods and Goddesses of Reality spin in the endless Yin/Yang of the Universe. If you look closely, you might see something even more Primeval...

Challenge/art notes first post.

Lady Heromorph

Lady HeromorphPopular
SubmitterAharmonaMore Photos from Aharmona   Last Update2005/8/11 20:56
Hits6160  Comments12    
Such a character was discussed on the boards and I tried my hand at it. I tried to represent as many characters as I could without ruining the character. Thanks to those that gave me a short review to make her better. The model is unknown. Can you guess the characters represented?

Lady Heromorph Hazzed

Lady Heromorph HazzedPopular
SubmitterBiohaz_DaddyMore Photos from Biohaz_Daddy   Last Update2005/8/11 20:56
Hits7336  Comments21    
I had to take a shot at the coveted "Lady". I thought it might be time for an all original version. This is my semi-homage to a certain leg humper to boot.

Lady Heromorph's Challenge #3 - BatSpawn Amalgam by Orlock

Lady Heromorph's Challenge #3 - BatSpawn Amalgam by OrlockPopular
SubmitterOrlockMore Photos from Orlock   Last Update2009/3/10 2:06
Hits3020  Comments5    
I drew this in ink on paper, scanned it in and proceeded to screw it up coloring

Batman+Spawn= Dark Stuff

Lady Heromorph's Challenge #3 - Spider-Spawn Amalgam by Orlock

Lady Heromorph's Challenge #3 - Spider-Spawn Amalgam by OrlockPopular
SubmitterOrlockMore Photos from Orlock   Last Update2009/3/11 15:47
Hits2735  Comments1    
Drew this in ink scanned it in and colored it in Photoshop.

Lady Heromorph's Challenge #3 - Wolverine/Cerebus Amalgam by Orlock

Lady Heromorph's Challenge #3 - Wolverine/Cerebus Amalgam by OrlockPopular
SubmitterOrlockMore Photos from Orlock   Last Update2009/3/9 21:26
Hits2429  Comments4    
I hadn't done anything in a very long time and decided to check out the challenges and this is what happened amidst children bugging me and about an hour and a half of work.

I drew this in ink on paper then scanned it in and colored it in Photoshop 7.

Lady Heromorph's Challenge -- Mission Impossible: Mystique by Orlock

Lady Heromorph's Challenge -- Mission Impossible: Mystique by OrlockPopular
SubmitterOrlockMore Photos from Orlock   Last Update2009/3/11 17:10
Hits3252  Comments4    
This was pretty fun to do!!!

Lady Mix-A-Lot  The Bat-Spider

Lady Mix-A-Lot The Bat-SpiderPopular
SubmitterTazmanMore Photos from Tazman   Last Update2018/8/3 19:01
Hits1513  Comments5    
Meet Bruce Parker ... The Amazing Bat-Spider
origin not yet known.

Lady Mix-A-Lot: Casper and Wendy

Lady Mix-A-Lot: Casper and WendyPopular
SubmitterpijonMore Photos from pijon   Last Update2018/7/5 10:30
Hits1438  Comments4    
Marvel, DC, Harvey and me.

Lady Mix-A-Lot: GoTG JR

Lady Mix-A-Lot: GoTG JRPopular
SubmittermagnuschMore Photos from magnusch   Last Update2018/7/29 18:45
Hits1387  Comments5    
Guardians of the Galaxy JR - The next generation.

Rocket and Lylla were reunited and had Yen Feng.

Peter and Gamora had Quintona.

Drax finally saw some beauty in Mantis and they had Junior.

And Groot...well...he is Groot.

Lady Mix-A-Lot: Lady Mixed alot

Lady Mix-A-Lot: Lady Mixed alotPopular
SubmitterdrunkendragonMore Photos from drunkendragon   Last Update2018/7/28 15:32
Hits1601  Comments8    
You didn't really think I'd miss this one, did ya?

Ok, so the lovely Lady HM has gone through some changes
And Id like start by saying I take NO credit for any of these designs
(Not even the Sir MixAlot version here.)
Details in the comments...

Lady Mix-A-Lot: Penny Vs Muppet Casting Party

Lady Mix-A-Lot: Penny Vs Muppet Casting PartyPopular
SubmitterDragondackMore Photos from Dragondack   Last Update2018/7/23 20:20
Hits1918  Comments1    
Penny goes out for what she thinks is a Voice Acting job with The Muppet's.
The Audition is at their Garden Party.
Where she soon finds out it is not a voice Job but a replacement part.
As Miss Piggy has left the show they are looking for a new one?


Lady Mix-A-Lot: Petora Quill

Lady Mix-A-Lot: Petora QuillPopular
SubmitterDragondackMore Photos from Dragondack   Last Update2018/7/7 17:11
Hits1691  Comments6    
With just one of her powers she steps through time,
From the future she arrives,strong deadly and Powerful.
She steps through time to help in the fight against the Titan Thanos.
The possible daughter of Peter Quill and Gamora.

Lady Mix-A-LOT: Spider Woman/ Witchblade

Lady Mix-A-LOT: Spider Woman/ WitchbladePopular
SubmitterDark WandererMore Photos from Dark Wanderer   Last Update2018/7/4 8:26
Hits1730  Comments6    
From my hand I play Polymerization
(Cards for Spiderwoman and Witchblade go to the graveyard)
SpiderBlade is now summoned in Attack Position..
Sorry been playing Yugi-Oh with my daughter lol.

Lady Mix-A-Lot: The Latest Princess

Lady Mix-A-Lot: The Latest PrincessPopular
SubmitterNolen_VoidMore Photos from Nolen_Void   Last Update2018/7/23 8:57
Hits1471  Comments9    
Someone said to me that if Disney bought Fox, the Xeno Queen would automatically become the next Disney Princess.  I had to do it.  Credit for the Xeno Queen base goes to Sonycrow from his Figures Compilation Sci-fi for Tabletop Simulator on Steam.

July, 22nd Edited by Lady Heromorph: This image has been drafted into the Lady Mix-A-Lot challenge.

Lady Mix-A-Lot:The Three World Reality Crash

Lady Mix-A-Lot:The Three World Reality CrashPopular
SubmitterDragondackMore Photos from Dragondack   Last Update2018/7/16 17:14
Hits1276  Comments4    
Jeannie's evil sister "Jeannie" pays a visit to The Big Bang Gangs Reality.
Where upon she sets in motion a Majik plan.
She will change them and drop them in another reality.
And watch the fun results of what is to come of their predicament?

LHM Challenge 1 PonisHER

LHM Challenge 1 PonisHERPopular
SubmitterSCTreeguyMore Photos from SCTreeguy   Last Update2006/11/26 23:46
Hits4278  Comments9    
Editors Note: The First challenge entry
Please click here to check the rest of the Lady Heromorph Challenge

Luba Shumeyko as... "Sandwoman"...

Luba Shumeyko as... "Sandwoman"...Popular
Submitterse7endazeMore Photos from se7endaze   Last Update2007/6/10 16:08
Hits16542  Comments17    
A Cross Gender work of a Spidey-Villain for "Spidey Month"... Enjoy! Spidey time

See you on the flipside...

Editors Note:

Winner of Spider Time! Month!!

Photo No. 361-390 (out of 496 photos hit)
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