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Poison Ivy - Dreaming of a Green X-mas (by DM711)

Poison Ivy - Dreaming of a Green X-mas (by DM711)Popular
SubmitterDivine_Monkey711More Photos from Divine_Monkey711   Last Update2006/3/13 20:18
Hits12778  Comments28    
This is my X-mas pic of the year. I did one last year of Carmen Electra as 'Rogue', and it came out well, so I thought... why not do it again? So this year I made Carmen into Poison Ivy. Hope yopu like it! And a big MERRY CHRISTMAS HEROMORPH!

Christmas at Heromorph By Winterhawk

Christmas at Heromorph By WinterhawkPopular
SubmitterWinterhawkMore Photos from Winterhawk   Last Update2006/3/11 0:53
Hits7674  Comments14    
Here is My picture for the December challenge, I included some other non-moderator members as well.
This is a comic Manip from an original cover by John Bryne. This was a lot of fun.
In the back row, we have Brick, then bricks old avatar the Green Arrow, And Winterhawk
Middle row: we have Matrixblur (complete with Penance box) and DragonDack.
In the front we have BikerBot and Miss Vee with Jr.McDeath and FuriousMax in the presents.
Billy, Optical, Kallisti and Black Alchemy are tree ornaments.
Happy Holidays
The version Posted here is only about 50% size. you can go to the address below for the full sized version.

October: Shade's Girls of Halloween in Techni... er... um TechniSinCity Color

October: Shade's Girls of Halloween in Techni... er... um TechniSinCity ColorPopular
SubmitterQuantumFXMore Photos from QuantumFX   Last Update2006/3/11 0:53
Hits10701  Comments21    
 Shade's Original Girls of Halloween
 Happy Halloween Everyone!
 Since I can't rip off Shade's work enough, I stole this piece of pumpkin themed cheesecake from him.
 Can you tell which comic book based movie I've been watching lately?
 Starting from the back we have Death from the Marvel Universe, Vampirella, Lady Death, Death from the Endless, Zatanna, and the Bunny from Monty Python and the Search for the Holy Grail.

September Poster Challenge-You Only Laugh Twice

September Poster Challenge-You Only Laugh TwicePopular
SubmitterBikerBotMore Photos from BikerBot   Last Update2005/10/22 0:37
Hits5855  Comments18    
It's rather sad that Harley Quinn wasn't around for the 60s Batman TV series, don't you think?  They made one movie, wouldn't it have been great if they made a second, and cast Joey Heatherton as Harlene Quinzel?

I swear ta Ghad, this started out as a simple Joey as Harley Manip, but then it gained a life of its own.  Once I found the wierdly lighted Adam West photo, I was off and running.

The background clown (a detail of the original) is by an artist named Claven, I believe it's CGI.  Impressive.  I know Harley is supposed to be in white face with that harlequin hat on, but I love Joey's hair too much to cover it up.

The title letters are from the actual James Bond movie poster.  I hope you enjoy my creative casting choices.  (Gert Frobe played Goldfinger.  In my movie, he plays King Tut...)  Leslie Martinson directed the 60s Batman movie.  Neal Hefti wrote the Batman theme song.
How did Tim Burton get back in time to direct this movie?  He took the Wonkavator...

This one is dedicated to Miss Vee.

Lady Heromorph Hazzed

Lady Heromorph HazzedPopular
SubmitterBiohaz_DaddyMore Photos from Biohaz_Daddy   Last Update2005/8/11 20:56
Hits7280  Comments21    
I had to take a shot at the coveted "Lady". I thought it might be time for an all original version. This is my semi-homage to a certain leg humper to boot.

Lady Heromorph

Lady HeromorphPopular
SubmitterAharmonaMore Photos from Aharmona   Last Update2005/8/11 20:56
Hits6069  Comments12    
Such a character was discussed on the boards and I tried my hand at it. I tried to represent as many characters as I could without ruining the character. Thanks to those that gave me a short review to make her better. The model is unknown. Can you guess the characters represented?

May Challenge - Black Bolt as a motivational speaker

May Challenge - Black Bolt as a motivational speakerPopular
SubmittermatrixblurMore Photos from matrixblur   Last Update2005/6/12 10:45
Hits4165  Comments10    
In an attempt to garner support and funds for a failing economy in Attilan, the Inhuman's sovereign travels the Best Western circuit speaking on......well, nobody's real certain as to what he actually says...

(art by matrixblur, spellcheck by B)


SubmitterStarChildMore Photos from StarChild   Last Update2005/5/17 18:54
Hits4730  Comments23    
This one almost didn't happen. I couldn't think of what I wanted to do for weeks, and then when I finally came up with an idea I read the thread about bandwidth. Jeez talk about working under pressure. This manip took longer than I expected mainly because I didn't pre-design her. I just put it together on the fly. I know there are a few flaws here and there but considering the circumstances I'll accept your bashing like a champ! Comments about her listed below! Enjoy!

March challenge- Green Lantern:  The Movie

March challenge- Green Lantern: The MoviePopular
SubmitterJunFanMore Photos from JunFan   Last Update2005/4/17 16:11
Hits6217  Comments14    
Happy St.Patty's-Day!!!!   While I have dozens of projects going on, I just had to put them on hold to toss this  together.  I'm planning on doing a series of my personal "dream-movies" posters.  I was inspired by Wizard's pick to play GL (George Eads of CSI).  This is a preview of things to come when I finally finish the other stuff on my list!  Peace! (and green beer!)  -Leif.

HM/C2F Crossover: Spidey vs Rhino by Dark Knight and Bill turner

HM/C2F Crossover: Spidey vs Rhino by Dark Knight and Bill turnerPopular
SubmitterDark_Knight_DKMore Photos from Dark_Knight_DK   Last Update2005/3/14 13:17
Hits9432  Comments18    
Art notes:

Bill Turner:
I????????ve wanted to do a Rhino picture ever since I saw Biohaz Daddy????????s Rhino on C2F.???? I sent Dark Knight a copy of the cover of Spider-Man #30 and he agreed on the scene. He selected Spider-Man and I did Rhino. As an homage to Biohaz is used part of his for my Rhino????????s knees. ????I copied and pasted elephant, rhino, and triceratops on top of the Romita drawing from the cover. Most of the background is a screen cap I made from a DVD of the first Spider-man movie. Mary Jane is actually behind the Rhino. I replaced the storefront that was on the right with a picture from Google of a tanning salon. I added the bricks and the awning from Google. The street lamp is a copy and paste of the one further down the street. I recreated the whole scene in low res from behind and added it as a reflection in the window. I put in various posters that Dark Knight and I had done and put them behind the reflection so it would look like they were taped to the glass on the inside. I put the Heromorph logo on the awning and the C2F on the door and our names on the awning so it would look like it was our store. I put a car in front of the store and put a few reflections on it. That is me in the front seat. I cut a jagged hole in the window of the care and darkened it. Then I pasted broken glass from a car wreck picture around the hole. I put the antenna on the car with a Mr. Bill antenna ball. The people on the street are from various action movie scenes. The kneeling people????????s bodies are from True Lies but their heads are from Spider-man. The overturned dark car is from Jurassic Park 2 and the police cars are from Spider-Man 2.???? I made a Daily Bugle rack out of something on Google and I found a Daily Bugle with the headline =???????A Dark Knight for Spider-man???????. Since Dark Knight did Spider-man I thought it was a must to put in the rack window. It may look complicated but it was just a lot of copy and paste and dodge and burn. For a step by step check out this link :

Dark Knight:
I have to say that Bill is a great artist, I learned a lot of him, he's a perfectionist and you can see it on this pic.

My part in this project was simple, creating spiderman's costume,the front and the reflexion on the window, (and I can say that I'm getting good at doing webs), spidey was created from a pose that Bill sent me. I tried to recreate spiderman's movie costume with some brick texture and some lights in the webs.

I wish I could say more about it, but this action pic it's Bill's creation, and I only enjoy the ride.

Feb Challenge: Roger Rabbit (by DM711)

Feb Challenge: Roger Rabbit (by DM711)Popular
SubmitterDivine_Monkey711More Photos from Divine_Monkey711   Last Update2005/3/7 8:47
Hits4190  Comments10    
This is my "extreme makeover": Who framed Roger Rabbit? as a live action movie. Funnier than Schindlers List, Sexier than Fried Green Tomatoes and more exiting than Driving Ms.Daisy!
I used the Poster for the Movie Punisher, and added Schneiders head, a rabbit head and did some costume changes and text. In other words, it's a "quickie". I did however have some problems making his pants red, so I just made them dark, with a slight hint of red.

"Iron Man From Egypt" January Contest

"Iron Man From Egypt" January ContestPopular
SubmitterDark WandererMore Photos from Dark Wanderer   Last Update2005/2/9 7:10
Hits7008  Comments31    
Here is my entry for the challange...What if Iron Man were from Egypt....This took about 30+ hours. I could not find an image to manip...So I drew it from scratch.

DynoMutt and The Blue Falcon by BikerBot and Winterhawk: Sept. Challenge

DynoMutt and The Blue Falcon by BikerBot and Winterhawk: Sept. ChallengePopular
SubmitterBikerBotMore Photos from BikerBot   Last Update2004/10/25 20:51
Hits5596  Comments14    
Here it is, what you've all been waiting for:  Scooby Doo as DynoMutt and Lou Ferigno as The Blue Falcon.  For the September Cartoon Challenge.

"*Zoooom!*" Warbird and Photon HeroMorph-C2F Crossover by BikerBot and Poison Ivy

"*Zoooom!*" Warbird and Photon HeroMorph-C2F Crossover by BikerBot and Poison IvyPopular
SubmitterBikerBotMore Photos from BikerBot   Last Update2004/10/25 20:45
Hits9745  Comments16    
Pretty self explanatory.  Every heroine needs a break now and then, and if you can fly, and one of your partners can fly, than why not have some fun?  *Grin!*

My "art notes" will be the first post.

July Challenge: From the Manipers Pot by BikerBot

July Challenge: From the Manipers Pot by BikerBotPopular
SubmitterBikerBotMore Photos from BikerBot   Last Update2004/10/25 20:43
Hits4504  Comments13    
This is a scene (my first) from the final book of Roger Zelazny's First Chronicles of Amber series, "The Courts Of Chaos". Here we see former Prince, now Regent, Corwin of Amber astride Morgenstern, the Greatest of All Horses. At his belt is Grayswandir, The NightBlade, the moon-sword of the Pattern. He is on the Black Road, a road that travels through all the infinite realities caused by the reflections of Amber, and he is very near to the Courts of Chaos. The reason for his haste is that he carries the Jewel Of Judgement (if you look carefully, you can see it around his neck), from which the very Pattern of Amber was created, to the final Apocalyptic battle between the Lords of Chaos and the Lords of Amber.
He has just exited the Fire Gate, a Shadow on The Black Road near the Courts of Chaos. The Lords of Chaos are more desperate to stop him, hence the cars that tried to run him over. (You can see who won that battle.) The Lords of Chaos have now sent a Fire Angel to attack him. Will he survive...?
In the background, the Gods and Goddesses of Reality spin in the endless Yin/Yang of the Universe. If you look closely, you might see something even more Primeval...

Challenge/art notes first post.

HM/C2F Crossover by Bill Turner and MysticMorgan

HM/C2F Crossover by Bill Turner and MysticMorganPopular
SubmitterBillTurnerMore Photos from BillTurner   Last Update2004/10/25 19:12
Hits6799  Comments19    
Night of the Sentinels: Where to start? The scene: The Sentinels have taken over and everyone is defeated, only two are left. Enemy????????s before this Sentinel takeover, now they must team up to save the Earth or die. After contacting Bill, he sent me two images that interested him. We decided to go with one and use the character Wolverine, for his choice, and I decided who better to help fight the Sentinels with Wolvey then Lady Deathstrike. He sent me his first rendering of Wolvey and said he would be gone for a couple of days, a mistake when working with me lol. When he came back I sent him the Lady and the Sentinel background. From that point on I learned why they call Bill the Perfectionist at C2F. Although most of my work was done, he kept at it, tweaking and improving, adjusting light, reflection etc., until I had a thousand versions of the image you see now.It was a pleasure working with Bill and I would do it again in a heartbeat he has a lot of talent and a good eye for detail. Both of our styles blend seamlessly and the image you see is great because he insisted on greatness. First place or last place, this will always be one of my favorites. Sooooooo Vote for us. Bill Turner and MysticMorgan

Photo No. 481-496 (out of 496 photos hit)
« 1 ... 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 (17)