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SubmitterZwytMore Photos from Zwyt   CategoryFantasy    Last Update2016/3/11 18:24
Hits1370  Comments4    
May all mortal flesh kneel before the terrible might and beauty of Azraella!


SubmitterZwytMore Photos from Zwyt   CategoryOther Comics    Last Update2016/3/6 4:34
Hits1350  Comments1    
This is my take on Vampirella, Yeah her costume is a little more reserved but the concept is solid I think. Enjoy!

Night Moves

Night MovesPopular
SubmitterZwytMore Photos from Zwyt   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2016/2/9 18:11
Hits1220  Comments6    
Just a vampire engaging in vampire stuff... ;)

It's Cloberin' Time!

It's Cloberin' Time!Popular
SubmitterZwytMore Photos from Zwyt   CategoryFantasy    Last Update2015/5/9 14:53
Hits1463  Comments5    
Hey, I hadn't posted anything in a while so I thought I would drop in a couple of new pieces, here is number 1, hope ya like it. :)

Enter the Drow

Enter the DrowPopular
SubmitterZwytMore Photos from Zwyt   CategoryFantasy    Last Update2014/4/1 15:13
Hits1742  Comments3    
Silently she moves into position, readying her bow for the lethal shot...

The Fleet

The FleetPopular
SubmitterZwytMore Photos from Zwyt   CategorySci-fi    Last Update2014/3/30 8:25
Hits1287  Comments0    
Just a small fleet of capitol ships, patrolling a particularly beautiful area of space.

Update: Did a little work on the engine glows.

A Clash of Dragons

A Clash of DragonsPopular
SubmitterZwytMore Photos from Zwyt   CategoryFantasy    Last Update2014/3/23 11:56
Hits1477  Comments3    
The two dragons slowly circled each other, each of them sizing up their opponent, each of them too proud to die. Acid flowed from the mouth of the black dragon sizzling as it hit the floor of the ancient chamber, the red released a small gout of flame from the edge of its mouth, both promises of things yet to come.

A Playful Vamp

A Playful VampPopular
SubmitterZwytMore Photos from Zwyt   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2013/11/30 13:08
Hits1449  Comments3    

A Paladin and His Horse

A Paladin and His HorsePopular
SubmitterZwytMore Photos from Zwyt   CategoryFantasy    Last Update2012/10/16 15:17
Hits1899  Comments5    
Just something I put together while in a fantasy mood.

Firefox ***UPDATED***

Firefox ***UPDATED***Popular
SubmitterZwytMore Photos from Zwyt   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2012/10/15 11:55
Hits2034  Comments5    
UPDATED!!! Okay, Mozilla can use her as a mascot if they want but her name is Firefox.UPDATED!!!

Updated again. She ate the point lights and this was the effect. ;) No, really I decided to ditch the point lights and go with shaders, I think it worked much better.

Communion With Mother Luna

Communion With Mother LunaPopular
SubmitterZwytMore Photos from Zwyt   CategoryFantasy    Last Update2012/10/14 13:19
Hits1496  Comments1    
A werewolf, in case ya didn't notice. ;)

*UPDATED* Jade Project Crying *UPDATED*

*UPDATED* Jade Project Crying *UPDATED*Popular
SubmitterZwytMore Photos from Zwyt   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2012/10/14 1:03
Hits1646  Comments2    
Okay folks I am working on my liquid effects in Photoshop so please comment on this one. This is a portrait of a Character named Jade that my wife plays in a Pathfinder Game that a friend of mine runs. I gave her a single tear flowing from her left eye, let me know if the effect looks realistic or if it is crap, oh and you can comment on the portrait too. :)


UPDATE: Okay I found out how to reduce the opacity, reducing the size however will likely require me to redraw the tear. Reducing the opacity though seems to have made it not nearly as prominent and therefore "smaller" in a sense.

It's the car. Chicks love the car.

It's the car. Chicks love the car.Popular
SubmitterZwytMore Photos from Zwyt   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2012/10/9 20:05
Hits1630  Comments2    
What more needs to be said, the Batmobile is a character all of her own.

Puny War-Machines!!!

Puny War-Machines!!!Popular
SubmitterZwytMore Photos from Zwyt   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2012/9/22 3:45
Hits1669  Comments3    

Hulk SMASH!!!

Hulk SMASH!!!Popular
SubmitterZwytMore Photos from Zwyt   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2012/9/20 4:47
Hits1759  Comments7    
Just a little combat scene. Updated.

I told you... You wouldn't like me when I'm ANGRY!!!

I told you... You wouldn't like me when I'm ANGRY!!!Popular
SubmitterZwytMore Photos from Zwyt   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2012/9/19 12:27
Hits1547  Comments2    


SubmitterZwytMore Photos from Zwyt   CategoryFantasy    Last Update2012/9/14 2:19
Hits1866  Comments2    
She is walking along a dark street at night when she turns to her left and is startled to see an exact reflection of herself hanging in the air before her. What would happen if she touched it? Should she run? But where would she run all the world grows dark save for her and this strange reflection.  

The Helghast are still coming!!!

The Helghast are still coming!!!Popular
SubmitterZwytMore Photos from Zwyt   CategoryVideo Game    Last Update2012/9/9 18:57
Hits1771  Comments4    
Darn it! I accidentally posted this in 2D art first, sorry about that.

Okay here is the updated version, complete with  shadow and lots of other stuff going on. I would have simply replaced the other pic with this one um... but I sorta forgot where the option was for that.

Update: Well I found the update option after I had already posted both pics...

The Helghast are coming!!!

The Helghast are coming!!!Popular
SubmitterZwytMore Photos from Zwyt   CategoryVideo Game    Last Update2012/9/8 17:34
Hits1725  Comments3    
Just a little something I cooked up from a freebie armor that I found by Royloo over at I thought it looked quite Helghasty. Technological advancements allowed for the miniaturization of the breathing apparatus so that it fits entirely into the face mask now and uses nano-tech to manufacture breathable gasses from raw elements found in the outer atmospheres of most known worlds. Storage cells in the suits back pack store breathable gasses in pressurized cells for use when the Helghast have to go into environments that have no raw materials from which to manufacture breathable gasses.

Eat Plasma Dirtbag!

Eat Plasma Dirtbag!Popular
SubmitterZwytMore Photos from Zwyt   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2012/8/11 3:33
Hits1409  Comments0    
Just a lil' Iron Man action, somebody went and got him all fiery and he is returning fire.

Iron um... who???

Iron um... who???Popular
SubmitterZwytMore Photos from Zwyt   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2012/8/9 0:01
Hits1644  Comments2    
Okay this is not an original design it's a preset from Daz that came with the super suit... but I thought this armor looked sweet so I tossed him up in t he sky and gave him some thrust and a little lighting... and here ya go? Who was that Iron... man???

The Hero

The HeroPopular
SubmitterZwytMore Photos from Zwyt   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2012/8/8 0:58
Hits1454  Comments0    
I haven't thought of a good name for this character yet so I just titled this piece "The Hero." I recently got the Daz 3D Genesis Super-suit and made this guy while messing around with it for 2-3 hours. Didn't do a background or any scenery it was more of an experiment with the suit. But I thought someone might enjoy seeing it.


SubmitterZwytMore Photos from Zwyt   CategoryFantasy    Last Update2012/8/3 19:57
Hits1588  Comments0    
The title says it all...

Not an inch closer...

Not an inch closer...Popular
SubmitterZwytMore Photos from Zwyt   CategoryFantasy    Last Update2012/8/1 23:45
Hits1546  Comments1    
I was wondering through the woods the other day and came upon well you wouldn't believe me if I hadn't had my camera with me!!! ;) Accidentally posted in 2D art first time.

Another Dragon

Another DragonPopular
SubmitterZwytMore Photos from Zwyt   CategoryFantasy    Last Update2012/8/1 23:42
Hits1515  Comments1    
I'm playing around with dragons lately it seems. I was just playing around with the lil' ole sub dragon and a backdrop and this was the result I thought it turned out rather well and thought I would share, even though I really didn't set out to do anything. Ahhh ok I accidently posted in 2D art the first time.

Desmund Troy a hobbyist among killers...

Desmund Troy a hobbyist among killers...Popular
SubmitterZwytMore Photos from Zwyt   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2011/2/19 15:04
Hits1802  Comments1    
Desmund is a (or was until someone quite literally bashed his head in) ruthless assassin and all round murderer in my Pathfinder rpg campaign. He has gray skin and red eyes because for some reason he ended up with the blood of ghouls in his family lineage (figure that one out). Desmund killed as a quite dedicated hobbyist thoroughly enjoying his work. He was a shadow dancer which means that he could use shadows to actually travel through entering into one and emerging from another somewhere else. His friend is of course a ghoul, the little critters were always quite friendly with Desmund and kept him company most of the time, you see his hobby / work wasn't very conducive to long term acquaintances.  

Matrix Anyone?

Matrix Anyone?Popular
SubmitterZwytMore Photos from Zwyt   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2011/2/15 5:20
Hits1850  Comments0    
Maybe I'm a few years late but I am still getting inspired by the Matrix films.

In death...

In death...Popular
SubmitterZwytMore Photos from Zwyt   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2011/2/13 1:27
Hits1819  Comments0    
In death the first thousand years, is like the tick of a clock. To we who are the damned that which you call time is our curse, it erodes away all that we ever knew or held dear until at the last all that we hold is the useless pale ash that once we called a soul.

My take on Psylocke

My take on PsylockePopular
SubmitterZwytMore Photos from Zwyt   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2011/2/7 18:18
Hits2457  Comments8    
Been tinkering with Daz Studio for a while and finally decided  to post something. I used the Cosplay Psylocke costume freebie that some others have used on here, made by Terrymcg but I recolored it and swapped out the V4 bodysuit for the leotard portion to capture the muscle highlights, tossed in a little setting and lighting for atmosphere and there ya go. :) Comments appreciated as this is the first render I have posted anywhere.

Fixed a kink in the sash that bothered me.
Eh well, just a minor fix...

Photo No. 1-29 (out of 29 photos hit)