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Influence Maps Too

Subject: Influence Maps Too
by Lady Heromorph on 2018/6/2 7:04:06

For our June Challenge, we go back to an old favourite that pijon challenged us some time ago, so who better than him to start this challenge again:

pijon wrote:

Alright, since I haven't said it loud enough in the "Hello, is anybody home?" or in the gallery, I want to issue a challenge to everyone... mods, members, lurkers too! Don't worry! It's not hard (unless you want it to be) and I guarantee you'll like what you've done! Not only that, folks here might even learn a bit about you as an artist too.

Matthew M. Laskowski AKA fox-orion has created the coolest meme ever with this one.
It's called an Influence Map.
The idea is a very simple one: you take a 1462 H x 1000 W and divide it into a grid. You then fill those grids with 3x3, 2x2, 2x1 and 1x1 tiles containing images of whatever has inspired you as an artist.
Whatever you want... photos, paintings, comics, your art, someone else's art, 3D, vector, whatever... hell, if you wanna go off the grid, go nuts!

I challenge you all to create one

Get it HERE

I really would do like to do more of them, maybe more theme based, like genre inspiration map or movies or characters or comics or writers or places or a combination of all! So do as many as you like however you like but just do it!

I've heard a lot of people saying they want too see challenges and group participation is important. Everybody should step up for this one... ONE EVERYBODY CAN DO... NO EXCUSES.

Don't make me start calling you all out, one at a time!

Well, as a great man I once knew said... "Hello, is anybody home?"

And to help you start with some inspiration, here are some of the entries from the last Influence Maps Challenge:

You have until the end of June to post your Influence Map or Maps, as pijon did last time where he split his influences by theme.

This is also an opportunity to introduce yourself to the rest of the community, let us know you a little more.

Even if you are a long time member of Heromorph...