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Youkai Jerusalem / Spider Jerusalem

Youkai Jerusalem / Spider JerusalemPopular
SubmitterBersebahMore Photos from Bersebah   Last Update2008/12/29 16:43
Hits1820  Comments7    
This one is one of the three I got for christimas gift, to Daruma.

Happy new year everyone!!!    

PS:I've already sended it to Daruma before.


SubmittercattleMore Photos from cattle   Last Update2011/12/18 16:00
Hits1203  Comments0    
quick drawing of X23. First time I ever drew her.


SubmitterJustinBLong2003More Photos from JustinBLong2003   Last Update2004/10/20 16:22
Hits7717  Comments13    
From left to right.  Phoenix (Rachel Summers), Nocturne, Storm, Rogue, Emma Frost, Shadowcat Lockheed.  Another piece done in J. Scott Campbell style.  On a 11 by 17 paper.  With a 5B pencile.

X-Verse Storm

X-Verse StormPopular
SubmitterMachobubbaMore Photos from Machobubba   Last Update2009/10/8 11:02
Hits2182  Comments7    
Here is a little art I created using X-Verse Special Suit, Photoshop & Poser...

X-Statix [Pencils: Kevin Newburn]

X-Statix [Pencils: Kevin Newburn]Popular
SubmitterLocalHeroMore Photos from LocalHero   Last Update2011/9/11 9:38
Hits1003  Comments0    
Well I started this some time ago in PSP X2 but recently redid the inks completely in Sai. Following the pencils of our old friend Kevin Newburn whose work you can find at his webpage and also at tumblr page

I always enjoy working on Kev's stuff, his style just appeals to me.

x-statix is of course copyright Marvel/Disney

I have also flatted out the colors here and will post the finished one when i get around to shading it.

X-Men sequential page 2

X-Men sequential page 2Popular
SubmitterLatexMore Photos from Latex   Last Update2005/2/1 9:02
Hits1831  Comments2    
Havok and Psylocke from their time in Australia. Sequential watercolours. Page two of two.

X-Men sequential page 1

X-Men sequential page 1Popular
SubmitterLatexMore Photos from Latex   Last Update2005/2/1 8:56
Hits1687  Comments2    
Havok and Psylocke from their time in Australia. Sequential watercolours. Page one of two.

X-Men of Earth-0002

X-Men of Earth-0002Popular
SubmitterLordKuyohashiMore Photos from LordKuyohashi   Last Update2009/1/20 4:05
Hits1925  Comments1    
Took me nearly three years to get around to doing this. Can't really explain that.

Anyways, the idea is inspired by a really cool alt-realty comic called 'Exiles' that Marvel sadly has cancelled. The world needs Morph now more then ever, and we get screwed.

Anyways, the idea here is that the US government has taken anti-mutant sentiment and twisted it so that Robert Kelly is elected president in the 80's, assassinated in the last year of his second term, and succeeded by his VP, Henry Gyrich, who expands mutant control legislation to include all superhumans. The first casualties of this new war are the X-Men, killed before the new, multicultural team is ever formed. With Xavier and his people dead, it is up to Magneto to reform the X-Men, this time comprised of both mutants and more conventional superhumans.

His first pick is Peter Parker, a young fugitive whose family was killed by the Z-60 series of Sentinels (which heavily resemble Ultron) just because the lad could walk on walls. Renamed as Spider-Man, Peter Parker becomes the field leader of these new X-Men, which now includes Regent Namor of Atlantis, Canada's own Wolverine, Nightcrawler, young Tandy Bowen, who calls herself Dagger, fugitive astronauts Johnny Storm and Ben Grim, and Peter's wife and Magneto's daughter, the Scarlet Witch. Rounding out the team is Janet van Dyne, who secretly possesses no superhuman powers, and joins the team as a protest of the goverment's treatment of superhumans, and Josiah X, the son of the first recipient of the Super Soldier Serum, fighting what he sees as one of his country's greatest injustices against it's own people.

And yeah, I just now noticed that Josiah is shorter then Spidey and Namor's head is just....huge. It's really not that important in the grand cosmic scheme of things, I think.

X-Men nostalgia

X-Men nostalgiaPopular
SubmitterLatexMore Photos from Latex   Last Update2006/12/1 14:53
Hits1459  Comments3    
Small watercolour pieces of several of the X-Men (Rogue, Havok, Psylocke and a couple of almost-sequential Wolverines) from their time in Australia.

X-Men in Action

X-Men in ActionPopular
SubmitterJosephusMore Photos from Josephus   Last Update2010/3/23 5:56
Hits1627  Comments0    
Cyclops, Jean Grey and Wolverine, busting out of Doctor Doom's castle! Or some similarly sinister location... Thanks for looking!

X-Men (cover concept) pencils

X-Men (cover concept) pencilsPopular
SubmitterVincentMore Photos from Vincent   Last Update2008/10/10 12:35
Hits1686  Comments7    
some pencil work.


SubmitterCandraMore Photos from Candra   Last Update2011/2/5 14:21
Hits2165  Comments3    

Wonder girl colored pin up

Wonder girl colored pin upPopular
SubmitterPat2004More Photos from Pat2004   Last Update2005/3/31 21:29
Hits1674  Comments5    
only one Pin up, done as a "color" exercice

Wolvy V.S. Jason

Wolvy V.S. JasonPopular
SubmittercontentKILLERMore Photos from contentKILLER   Last Update2007/1/18 9:21
Hits1372  Comments3    
Having not got the chance to kill Nitro, Wolverine takes on the next biggest kid killer Jason Voorhees.


SubmitterPat2004More Photos from Pat2004   Last Update2005/4/26 11:31
Hits2053  Comments7    
when you think bout women of your life...


SubmitterDarqueImagesMore Photos from DarqueImages   Last Update2008/12/15 5:35
Hits1371  Comments1    
Late night doodles over coffee begot this one, I liked it so I decided to color it in photoshop.

WOLVERINE: Time for a stogie . . . . . by KER1

WOLVERINE: Time for a stogie . . . . . by KER1Popular
SubmitterKER1More Photos from KER1   Last Update2008/2/5 14:37
Hits1252  Comments1    
Well I did a Wolverine head sketch for a client earlier, when he saw it he liked it so much that he decided he wanted a full body, so here's the marker commission I did of the ol' Canucklehead! Hope ya like! . . . The markers look a THOUSAND times better in person, scans never do them justice. . . .  This was done on Bristol by the way . . . I wanted to do the character the way he SHOULD look, short and stocky (he's only 5' 3") I also streamlined his "fins" on his head and boots (better for fighting I think) I also just wanted to do a pose of him just doin' every day things like lighting a stogie, instead of the usual "comin' at ya with claws extended" that everyone does . . .


WOLVERINE: BezerkerPopular
SubmitterKER1More Photos from KER1   Last Update2006/7/6 10:22
Hits1253  Comments2    
Wolverine has always been one of my favorite characters, and I felt i just HAD to do my take on him. . . . it was a challenge, but i think i pulled it off, hope you like!. . . . .I did this piece (and the others as well) with PRISMACOLOR colored pencils and pastel paper. . . . .i do commissions!. . . .and have lots more stuff here at HEROMORPH or you can click the link to see more of my stuff. . . . .thanx!

Wolverine Xmen Evolution

Wolverine Xmen EvolutionPopular
Submitteroutlaw2LKMore Photos from outlaw2LK   Last Update2005/12/16 23:16
Hits2073  Comments11    
The Xmen Evolution series was one of my favorite Wolverine costumes.  Just had to try it.

Penciled then colored in PS.

Wolverine in Red

Wolverine in RedPopular
SubmitterODSMore Photos from ODS   Last Update2007/7/27 18:51
Hits1459  Comments4    
Just an idea I had and decided to sketch out.  Pencils, inks, Prismacolor markers.

Wolverine Get New Duds......

Wolverine Get New Duds......Popular
SubmitterDarqueImagesMore Photos from DarqueImages   Last Update2007/3/11 21:08
Hits1416  Comments5    
I decided, after drawing up Ironman in an original costume, that I'd give other heroes a revamp as well.  This particular piece tool a total of eight hours from start to what I'm calling finished (because I suck at backgrounds).  I opted to drop the blue out of his costume and went with the "Ultimate"  color scheme... black and yellow.... not wanting too much yellow in the overall.
Cuz if you think about it, the color "yellow" doesn't exactly scream "killing machine that will stalk you and sink his claws into your skull".

Also, resized from original image...

Wolverine Get New Duds by DarqueImages Coloured by CDA

Wolverine Get New Duds by DarqueImages Coloured by CDAPopular
SubmitterCDAMore Photos from CDA   Last Update2007/4/7 9:36
Hits3072  Comments13    
Lady Heromorph Challenge #5.

"Who ya calling yella ??"

Kind of an amalgam of the various costumes.

Editor's note: this is the forth entry into the Lady HM's color this challenge click here to see the rest.

wolverine face in bw

wolverine face in bwPopular
SubmitterPat2004More Photos from Pat2004   Last Update2005/4/25 10:45
Hits1550  Comments5    
title said it

Wolverine claws

Wolverine clawsPopular
SubmitterserMore Photos from ser   Last Update2009/7/18 4:38
Hits1448  Comments2    

Wolverine - Exhuasted

Wolverine - ExhuastedPopular
SubmitterMarcos1968More Photos from Marcos1968   Last Update2005/9/3 16:16
Hits2078  Comments4    
This is my take on a superhero after a fight.  I wanted to do something more than just the standard pose like a model.  I wanted to show a different side of a hero.  I used three different models for the body parts.  I was going to color it but I figures it looked better in black and white.  I think maybe its a little dis-porportioned.  What do you think of my use of shadow?  Please tell me what you think.


SubmitterComic_BMore Photos from Comic_B   Last Update2012/9/15 23:54
Hits1079  Comments4    


SubmitterJeffSonMore Photos from JeffSon   Last Update2006/12/15 7:55
Hits989  Comments1    
Playing with textures in his jacket and the jeans.


SubmitterWebGeekMore Photos from WebGeek   Last Update2010/11/21 18:50
Hits1273  Comments3    
Computer Only Sketch


SubmitterPowermasterJazzMore Photos from PowermasterJazz   Last Update2009/4/20 11:08
Hits1634  Comments5    
Bub, I'm the best there is at what I do!


Wolverine Popular
SubmitterWLineMore Photos from WLine   Last Update2018/4/11 14:21
Hits127  Comments4    
My Wolverine image for 2018.
See inside the making of video and if you like my art and my videos, you can subscribe to my  YouTube Channel.

Photo No. 1-30 (out of 1109 photos hit)
(1) 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 ... 37 »