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SubmittermatrixblurMore Photos from matrixblur   Last Update2004/7/11 0:41
Hits3996  Comments7    
she already had a white tuft of hair, so I figured, what the hey.


SubmittermatrixblurMore Photos from matrixblur   Last Update2004/7/11 0:40
Hits3956  Comments12    
While searching base models for a project, I came across this pic, and thought it would make a good Namorita.
It had a perfect background and the netting already wrapped around her. I thought this would make things simpler. I was wrong. Easier to just mask out the nude figure and go from there. Instead I spent most of my time trying to pull her body out from all those little holes in the net! AAAUUUGGH!

(Also felt it was time to switch my old "ETD" logo for my new "Matrixblur Bolt")


SubmitterDPercefulMore Photos from DPerceful   Last Update2004/7/11 0:39
Hits2842  Comments5    
My first submission here...with the teamup coming up and others posting here as well promoting a peace i thought i would join in.  anyway this is marrow after getting the crap beat out of her by wolverine. i opted for angelina jolie as marrow, don't know why just did. kept the outfit she had on, i think it works, it would work in the movies. i added some bruises, cuts, and various other lacerations and injuries. Primarily used the burn tool and set it to different ranges to achieve the look. the exposed bone was burned to give it that fresh out of the body look and then i just carefully transformed and masked them in. that's pretty much it. apologies on the background, i created it and masked around ms. jolie, but it never really looked good because of the limitations. thanks goes out to C2F artist Zac for the pointers and advice.  Feel free to look at how i made this piece in my tutorial over at



SubmittermatrixblurMore Photos from matrixblur   Last Update2004/7/11 0:39
Hits3086  Comments5    
this is one of my favorites. used the "plastic wrap" filter to get her costume that shiny.


SubmitterDPercefulMore Photos from DPerceful   Last Update2004/7/11 0:36
Hits2319  Comments6    
Proving to new artists, more is not necessary to make a manip with impact and flare.  dan

Dani Moonstar

Dani MoonstarPopular
SubmittermatrixblurMore Photos from matrixblur   Last Update2004/7/11 0:34
Hits4050  Comments8    
I just want to thank BA for his advice and tutorial about creases and wrinkles. This is my first manip trying those techniques. I still have to practice it a bit, but it is clear to see how they make all the difference in putting the finishing touches on a manip. Now on to learning capes!


SubmitterKallistiMore Photos from Kallisti   Last Update2004/7/11 0:29
Hits2262  Comments3    
OK, so now i've caught up on unposted manips.  This is Eternity, one of the extremely powerful abstract Cosmic entities in the Marvel Universe. This manip might look easy, but it took an insanely long time to do. I plan to do almost all of the major Cosmic beings, including Infinity, Eon, Ego, Abraxas, all those, plus Silver Surfer, and if i'm feeling ambitious, maybe Galactus or the Watcher!

Black Widow

Black WidowPopular
SubmitterStarChildMore Photos from StarChild   Last Update2004/7/7 2:49
Hits3604  Comments6    
I orignally did this manip for the homepage of my own Photomanipulation group, "LiveWires". I hope you like my favorite Russian hottie!


SubmitterBatMicMore Photos from BatMic   Last Update2004/7/6 23:31
Hits3019  Comments6    
this has took a while. the legs on the model took the longest i just couldn't get them right so i swapped them for these.still not happy with the fire effect i can't imagine what a microwave heat would look like.
i think i have to try ice-man now just to complete the set.

Sun Girl  (Most Obscure Post  Ever)

Sun Girl (Most Obscure Post Ever)Popular
SubmitterKallistiMore Photos from Kallisti   Last Update2004/7/2 16:19
Hits4887  Comments10    
OK so this is Sun Girl, from a pre-golden age Marvel comic called, well, Sun Girl.  she was also known to pal around with captain america and the original human torch. i just felt like doing a quickie and going really, really obscure. enjoy.

The Venom Suit

The Venom SuitPopular
SubmitterBatMicMore Photos from BatMic   Last Update2004/7/2 8:15
Hits2904  Comments3    
brand new pic. only took me about 2hours.
the main thing that i wanted to get across was that the venom suit (ultimate spiderman that is) was not black but a dark velvety purple.
ialso added some noise to the model so that he  blended more into the pic.

Elektra Wallpaper

Elektra WallpaperPopular
SubmitterPowermasterJazzMore Photos from PowermasterJazz   Last Update2004/7/1 22:51
Hits2858  Comments1    
I added a New York cityscape to the background. Enjoy.


SubmitterJedifan227More Photos from Jedifan227   Last Update2004/7/1 22:37
Hits2318  Comments4    
Ok, I have decided to do another Spider-chick, lol...but drawing web-lines with a mouse sucks!!! Anyway, I spent alot of time on this one, and I am pleased. I hope you morphers out there like it too. ENJOY!

Emma Frost

Emma FrostPopular
SubmitterBMore Photos from B   Last Update2004/6/30 20:38
Hits3341  Comments5    
Jaime Pressley as Emma Frost, caught in the middle of transforming into her diamond skin.

Face, hair and body Frankensteined together. The skin tone was all over the place, so I desaturated the piece to B&W and then recoloured everything. I did the usual stuff for the costuming. The diamond effect (which I'm really happy with) I created using a crystalline texture I made (a metallic Bryce abstract that I carved up into lots of little triangles) and a translucent mask. The light glinting off her hand I did based on a tutorial at Shiver 7 (, and the little refraction spectra were from scratch. The background (smudged Bryce, as usual) is the Xavier Institute from Grant Morrison's New X-Men.

For the logo-conscious, this was one of my first pics with a standardized logo. (I think Harley Quinn 2 was *the* first.) Yes, it's still just a handwritten B, but it's the *same* handwritten B I've used in every pic since.

I still really like this piece, though I've done better since.


SubmitterBMore Photos from B   Last Update2004/6/30 20:26
Hits2729  Comments6    
Elektra, walking away from a recent assignment.

Can't remember the model's name, but I think someone else has used this exact pic for another manip, so maybe y'all can enlighten me. Costuming done the usual way, background done the usual way. Sai made from scratch. Uh... can't really think of anything else to say. I like the bloodstain on the sign.

Um... no, that's it.

Psylocke Ultra

Psylocke UltraPopular
SubmitterJedifan227More Photos from Jedifan227   Last Update2004/6/28 3:13
Hits3393  Comments7    
I found this pic, and I was inspired. Although not my best work, I like it. I am doing a whole series of Ultra pics, and i am using the biggest, hi-res bases I can find. If anyone has any of men this quality, please send me a link or email them to me. Thanx!!!

Rogue Ultra

Rogue UltraPopular
SubmitterJedifan227More Photos from Jedifan227   Last Update2004/6/28 1:10
Hits3781  Comments7    
I decided to do another Rogue, this time in her classic costume, minus the jacket. This was a great pic, and I just had to do it. I worked longer on this one than most I have done. Enjoy!!!!


SubmitterbuttonMore Photos from button   Last Update2004/6/27 4:22
Hits3767  Comments5    
One of my first attempts....years ago.  Hopefully w time I will improve....see adult gallery.

Get out your 3d glasses - spiderman by brick

Get out your 3d glasses - spiderman by brickPopular
SubmitterBrickMore Photos from Brick   Last Update2004/6/26 16:51
Hits2437  Comments4    
Yeah, its recycled from my previous spiderman, but I wanted to try something different.

For best results lean back from the screen (take two asprin and close your eyes).

"Alone" - Milla Jovovich as Penance

"Alone" - Milla Jovovich as PenancePopular
SubmitterAngelophileMore Photos from Angelophile   Last Update2004/6/26 4:11
Hits3278  Comments6    
It's been a while but at last I managed to finish a new manip. This time of Penance from the Generation X Series.

I won't deny this one's been a challenge - I started out with a pic of a nude Angie Everhart and built up the costume from various other pics. I think there's about 50 or so layers in the costume alone. Her spines are a blend of sea urchin's, porcupines and any other spikey images I could find.

The model is Milla Jovovich, about the only one with that otherworldly quality that Penance needs.

Comments appreciated!

Sabra By Winterhawk

Sabra By WinterhawkPopular
SubmitterWinterhawkMore Photos from Winterhawk   Last Update2004/6/24 21:39
Hits3124  Comments10    
This was done by request for WarrenPeace. Hope you like it. This was a really fast manip. I don't know very much about this character and reference pictures were really hard to find. Anyway
Here it is.  Just bumping this back up to the top, cause it got pushed off the front page really fast.

U-Go Girl

U-Go GirlPopular
SubmitterBMore Photos from B   Last Update2004/6/22 20:26
Hits2742  Comments5    
The third X-Statix girl. (And the last pic I'm posting for a while; don't want to flood the site too much!)

Winona's face, somebody's hair, somebody else's body. Costuming done the usual way. I extended her hair a bit, and made part of her breasts. The background's a photo of a supernova with a spiral effect done, and some post-production. It's supposed to be her teleportation effect.

This is the best manipped of these three pics, but Dead Girl is better overall IMO, because of the background. I really love how some of the wrinkles on this one came out, though. Problems... the face is too bright.

Venus Dee Milo

Venus Dee MiloPopular
SubmitterBMore Photos from B   Last Update2004/6/22 20:19
Hits2423  Comments5    
I did this after a fellow artist (and good friend) at C2F asked me for more X-Statix pics. This was a couple months after Dead Girl.

Alyssa Milano's head on a nude model's body. Costuming done the usual way, generic Roman-type background done in Bryce and smudged.

This is okay, but not as good as Dead Girl. The nose and neck are wonky, the background's too generic, and it's too smudgy in spots (even by my standards). I also should have made the energy brighter.

Dead Girl

Dead GirlPopular
SubmitterBMore Photos from B   Last Update2004/6/22 20:11
Hits2438  Comments8    
First HeroMorph posting!

This is, as the text says, Milla Jovovich as Dead Girl. It was about my ninth or tenth manip. Milla was originally posing for Versace. I gave her a slight haircut, got rid of her dress, then added the costume. I did the background in the 3D modelling program Bryce, and smudged it to match the painted look of the rest of the piece. Yes, it's supposed to look painted, not photorealistic.

My main problem with this piece, looking at the piece now, is the logo. It's floating, and completely lacks depth. There's also some ugly edges around, God alone knows why I never got rid of them. (shakes head)

This was the best manip I did for a very long time, and I'm still proud of it.

nova II by batmic

nova II by batmicPopular
SubmitterBatMicMore Photos from BatMic   Last Update2004/6/22 10:22
Hits2899  Comments10    
another nova from me. i have a thing right now for fiery femmes, my next one will be fire star.
quite a simple pic, the base was just some chick jumping in the air so i desaturated it, inverted it and using the curves, created a more metallic look.
the fire was done using the clouds filter and different lighting effects but  what i like the most is the reflections. it makes her more a part of the pic rather than simply being placed on top of a baxkground.

oh! and i did the background from scratch in case anyone was wondering.


SubmitterKallistiMore Photos from Kallisti   Last Update2004/6/19 16:02
Hits2226  Comments2    
Another character from Omega Flight, this is Flashback. He's the one on the right. The other guy is one of any number of temporal counterparts Flashback can summon at will.

Dazzler and Psylocke

Dazzler and PsylockePopular
SubmitterKallistiMore Photos from Kallisti   Last Update2004/6/19 5:48
Hits3925  Comments4    
once again, a pose i couldn't pass up. too few pixels, but oh well. i think it turned out ok.

Emma Frost 2

Emma Frost 2Popular
SubmitterJedifan227More Photos from Jedifan227   Last Update2004/6/18 20:25
Hits5185  Comments3    
This is a newer version of Emma. I loved the model, and the pic was high-res enough to get the look I wanted. Enjoy!

nova by batmic

nova by batmicPopular
SubmitterBatMicMore Photos from BatMic   Last Update2004/6/18 15:29
Hits2488  Comments6    
i've had this base for a while and that other pic of nova was the push i needed to do something with it.
the only thing i can't seem to work out is getting the starry reflections on the body, right now  it just looks like gold paint.  if any one has any ideas please let me know.


SubmitterFreshmuttMore Photos from Freshmutt   Last Update2004/6/18 5:17
Hits2768  Comments7    
This is Nova the herald of Galactus. The base is olympic diver Erin Quinn turned upside-down. I inverted the light and dark and used various photoshop effects on her skin. Everything else is from scratch.

Photo No. 1111-1140 (out of 1359 photos hit)
« 1 ... 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 (38) 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 »