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Mary Marvel

Mary MarvelPopular
SubmitterWolverine1607More Photos from Wolverine1607   Last Update2007/10/29 18:28
Hits6902  Comments10    
Here is my version I guess if you will of the Black Mary Marvel. Recent work for a friend. Everyone seems to like this one latley. And of course as well do I. So I gave it ago. This actually the second one I did. First one I had about 4 1/2 hours into it and I was actually toggling between the Mac and the PC and when I went back to the PC off my Flash Drive I lost everything I had done for it. Ohh well I guess. So I started over. Note for this I guess. The model is Stephanie Larimore. Lightning put in from a desktop background. Rest is me. Tried to do more with painting in hair and such. But anyways..... take a look comments... always welcome.  


SubmitterflinshadyMore Photos from flinshady   Last Update2007/10/18 6:04
Hits2546  Comments4    
The original photo is from ms mars' flickr site, I just had to photoshop it. Thankfully she liked it. She a talented lady she designs her own costumes, ironically this one wasn't made by her.
Check out her stuff tho it's cool & shes cute too!

In Your Face

In Your FacePopular
SubmitterCDAMore Photos from CDA   Last Update2007/9/4 13:09
Hits2310  Comments5    
Spider-man coming at you.

A few years back I submitted this image to Comics2Film. I was never happy with the way it came out so I completely revamped it for Heromorph.

Ultimate wasp by Dark Knight DK

Ultimate wasp by Dark Knight DKPopular
SubmitterDark_Knight_DKMore Photos from Dark_Knight_DK   Last Update2007/8/31 22:25
Hits4423  Comments4    
This is one character I had to do to replicate the Ultimate power #6 cover.

I was lucky to find this pose, because it's close to the one in the real cover, the only thing was that in the base pic she didn't have the whole legs, so I had to borrowed another pair of legs... other than that wasn't too difficult.




SubmitterchowyspizzMore Photos from chowyspizz   Last Update2007/8/30 13:06
Hits4768  Comments6    
i thint there arent so many of good old Enchantress, i used this model cuz i though she shouldnt look that young, but still be hot, otherwise ehy bodering with that name..
this one took me quit a time, i had some trouble with the helment and the background, i hope you enjoy, and please comment anything.

Hawkeye Kate Bishop

Hawkeye Kate BishopPopular
SubmitterchowyspizzMore Photos from chowyspizz   Last Update2007/8/26 23:25
Hits3723  Comments4    
new female version of hawkeye,  

Ultimate Scarlet Witch by Dark Knight DK

Ultimate Scarlet Witch by Dark Knight DKPopular
SubmitterDark_Knight_DKMore Photos from Dark_Knight_DK   Last Update2007/8/25 18:24
Hits5297  Comments5    
This is one character I had to do to replecate the ultimate power # 6 cover.

This one was difficult, first because I didn't find any pose similar to the actual cover and the one I had I didn't liked it at all, but with a change of head and a color correction it turn out to be pretty good... I had to recreate her feet because the base pic didn't have the feet (guess they're ok) and I borrowed some elements from the actual cover (the red things on her legs)

BTW: next week the last 2



Ultimate invisible girl by Dark Knight DK

Ultimate invisible girl by Dark Knight DKPopular
SubmitterDark_Knight_DKMore Photos from Dark_Knight_DK   Last Update2007/8/25 18:21
Hits8361  Comments16    
This is one character I had to do to replecate the ultimate power 6 cover.

As I said before this pic was made from 3 pics, a base body, a head (mmm... pretty face) and a right arm.

BTW: next week the last 2




SubmitterLocalHeroMore Photos from LocalHero   Last Update2007/8/25 9:23
Hits2822  Comments2    
Here we find Rahne Sinclair who has just caught the interest of a Savage Land T-Rex.

Well i've had this floating about unfinished for a few years now and finally managed to put it to bed. I seem to recall the pose was the first thing that attracted me to the pic, as it immediately cried out to be  made into a crouching hero - but which one? I decided that I would have a go at Wolfsbane - seeing as I hadn't really attempted fur. The model is estella warren. I cut the body from the background and began layering on hairs. This was build up in patches with additional shading done on each set. The grass was done in a similar way. I can't really recall why I got stuck with it, but I think that it  was the original hair that kept putting me off. In the end I just removed it all and added new hair using a wig image as a base and adding more layers. The background pic I have used before in my Rogue/Gambit transgender.


SubmitterBMore Photos from B   Last Update2007/8/23 17:09
Hits3074  Comments11    
Hi, remember me?

My first post here in about 9 months or so... This is Dazzler in her New Excalibur costume. I wanted to do something involving power effects, and she seemed a good candidate. Body from Daz 3D, face collaged together from a variety of photos, costume and power effects from scratch.

The lighting on the face is wrong. I know this. I don't care enough to fix it. Thank you.

Split Personality

Split PersonalityPopular
Submitterkylun753More Photos from kylun753   Last Update2007/8/22 12:03
Hits2347  Comments3    
I saw a Ms. Marvel one another site a while ago and fell in LOVE with the manip.  I decided it was time for me to try my hand at textures.  This isn't anywhere near as talented as the other artists...(wish I could remember who it was! ) but it was the best I could do for now.  I thought the throw back to Rogue's days of sharing her body with Ms. Marvel would be fun.

Ultimate Power #6 by Dark Knight DK

Ultimate Power #6 by Dark Knight DKPopular
SubmitterDark_Knight_DKMore Photos from Dark_Knight_DK   Last Update2007/8/22 9:31
Hits4606  Comments13    
This is one of my biggest projects. When I saw the cover for the ultimate power #6 I thought it would by easy to recreate it, because the girls poses seems easy to find, but it was not, I spend a lot of hours watching porn to find the right pose and I got sick and tired (can't believe I said that!)... so what I decided was to frankenstein the bodies and I'm not so good at that... most of the frankenstein parts are the heads and in another cases the legs.

so I hope you like it

PS: I'll post every girl in a single pic in their full size so you can see all the details

PS 2: The name of the squadron supreme girl is Arcana?



Submitterhero454More Photos from hero454   Last Update2007/8/18 1:48
Hits3070  Comments7    
Stenographer by day...Crimefighter by night.

Trying out my new Wacom tablet.

Deathbird on a rampage! (by DM711)

Deathbird on a rampage! (by DM711)Popular
SubmitterDivine_Monkey711More Photos from Divine_Monkey711   Last Update2007/8/6 14:55
Hits4031  Comments13    
She's sexy, selfish and violent. And she's got guns. My kind of girl.
This was supposed to be a collaboration with Dark_Wanderer, but after waiting a year for him to finish his part, I did it myself. No offense DW.
This is of course J.Lo as Deathbird, with Stacy Kiebler (mostly) being the body double. A looong time ago I did another Deathbird manip (one of my first acctually)...I like to think I'm getting better. Check it out here .

Free Spirit

Free SpiritPopular
SubmitterHubCapMore Photos from HubCap   Last Update2007/8/2 12:08
Hits5341  Comments15    
I believe this character is from Captain America don't know much about her but wanted to do something different.

Its my first manip in 4 years so be gentle it felt like I was starting over again LOL.

Update: Added stars real quick at work may revisit them but at least they're there now ;)

Silver Surfer

Silver SurferPopular
Submitterortiz01lgndMore Photos from ortiz01lgnd   Last Update2007/8/2 6:57
Hits2968  Comments7    
I was finally able to locate the First Silver Surfer that i had attempted to submit during the contest. Tho its a bit late, here is the first of the missing three that I attempted to submit in the past. Hope you like it.

"Bamf!.. goes the Nightcrawler"....

"Bamf!.. goes the Nightcrawler"....Popular
Submitterse7endazeMore Photos from se7endaze   Last Update2007/7/30 21:38
Hits3096  Comments8    
Not too happy with the way this one turned out... oh well, back to the drawing board...


Supergirl Black Uniform

Supergirl Black UniformPopular
SubmitterWolverine1607More Photos from Wolverine1607   Last Update2007/7/25 19:07
Hits5683  Comments13    
I have been liking the posting of all the Supergirl images lately. Especially since I like superman and supergirl and they are two of my favorites. So I thought I would add to the mix of things. I have gotten busy lately with some outside work. But I have had this picture sitting there for like 3 months or so now, just needed a background for it. Its kind of a mix of uniforms from the comics and the movies. But kind of my own design I guess. The model is Sandy, the background was a misc. search I found, and I like the way it flowed into the picture. Besides the Model and the background the rest is mine. Should get a tablet soon, may help with the doing of things instead of by hand. Well still have some other things to attend to but please take a look, let me know what you think, love commetns. Thanks guys!!  

Black Cat: Evening Rain

Black Cat: Evening RainPopular
SubmitterpsychegirlMore Photos from psychegirl   Last Update2007/7/8 0:41
Hits4668  Comments9    
Little manipulation of Ali Larter as Black Cat that I did.

I actually had the BG from awhile ago for another pic (It's from the Daredevil movie) but I decided to use it on this pic.

Been awhile since I've uploaded anything so I decided to do so before I get filed into the "Dead Artists" category.


Submitterortiz01lgndMore Photos from ortiz01lgnd   Last Update2007/7/3 13:21
Hits3209  Comments15    

Marvel Zombies: The Movie

Marvel Zombies: The MoviePopular
SubmitterEvilDeadAliveMore Photos from EvilDeadAlive   Last Update2007/7/2 5:08
Hits2272  Comments5    
I been meaning to make a Marvel Zombie picture for some time now. I just used Spider-man from one of the promos from the last movie and Caps from the 90's movie. Then just went zombie crazy. I changed thier faces first. Gave Caps is brain. And then just added layers after layers of blood. Then I added that grainning border I been using alot. I just dig it.

Black Racer

Black RacerPopular
SubmitterWasmithMore Photos from Wasmith   Last Update2007/6/27 13:57
Hits2833  Comments8    
Jodie Moore as the Black Racer.  The base image is from the jar.

This was one GOTW that I had problems finding a base image for, and I was 100% unfamiliar with this character.  The reference I used was not very good, and it was somewhat hard to make out the details.  I may have taken a few liberties, but hey, it's the creative process at work!


SubmitterEvilDeadAliveMore Photos from EvilDeadAlive   Last Update2007/6/20 5:13
Hits2132  Comments4    
I read that Gibson was trying to get a Luke Cage movie made. I saw this picture and added Gibson in there and loads of effects, color changes & text. Bam...Hero For Hire.

Iron Woman

Iron WomanPopular
SubmitterSCTreeguyMore Photos from SCTreeguy   Last Update2007/6/15 23:30
Hits2465  Comments6    
Just playing with different techniques...

Iron Spider-Man

Iron Spider-ManPopular
SubmitterJedifan227More Photos from Jedifan227   Last Update2007/6/9 13:34
Hits2077  Comments4    
I just had to try this out to see how it would look. I think it looks great. I plan to do a couple more of this suit, just to see what I can do.


Submitterortiz01lgndMore Photos from ortiz01lgnd   Last Update2007/6/2 19:14
Hits1876  Comments4    
From start to finish: *.5 hours. Yeah, I wasted a whole saturday on it! :(. o well. I know the legs look like crap compared to the upper body but hey, 8.5 hrs is enuff for one day. I'll post a tweaked version sometime in the future..... maybe.

Carmen Electra is... "Electro"...

Carmen Electra is... "Electro"...Popular
Submitterse7endazeMore Photos from se7endaze   Last Update2007/5/31 1:05
Hits2578  Comments7    
No pun intended... lol

A Cross Gender work of a Spidey-Villain for "Spidey Month"... Enjoy! Spidey time

See you on the flipside...

Ali Larter As Black Cat

Ali Larter As Black CatPopular
Submitterbatboy99More Photos from batboy99   Last Update2007/5/30 17:20
Hits3514  Comments11    
first let me say that i am extreamly happy with this manip, i think it turned out great, plus i thought the hair turned out good considering it was my first time using hair from a seprate picture

Felicia's night out

Felicia's night outPopular
Submitterthemonican2005More Photos from themonican2005   Last Update2007/5/29 22:48
Hits2562  Comments4    
I recently got back into Black Cat. She's an awesome character. I doubt anybody here remembers me because it''s been so long since I posted anything but it's good to still be here.

Lionheart of Avalon by ProudWulf

Lionheart of Avalon by ProudWulfPopular
SubmitterProudwulfMore Photos from Proudwulf   Last Update2007/5/29 12:55
Hits2685  Comments9    

Photo No. 541-570 (out of 1361 photos hit)
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