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catching her breath...

catching her breath...Popular
SubmitterBillyMore Photos from Billy   Last Update2005/8/21 16:20
Hits3740  Comments13    
here's my first attempt at spiral...hope you like her...let me know what you all think....enjoy...

"Shaman" by The iMiJ Factory

"Shaman" by The iMiJ FactoryPopular
SubmitterThe_iMiJ_FactoryMore Photos from The_iMiJ_Factory   Last Update2005/8/18 11:56
Hits2733  Comments7    
Alpha Flight's resident mystic!

marvel team up

marvel team upPopular
SubmitterBatMicMore Photos from BatMic   Last Update2005/8/17 16:44
Hits3052  Comments8    
i saw this background of the future Freedom Tower, and thought it would be cool to see two of New York's finest heroes in front of it. i did spidey in black for a change cos we all know he'll be in this suit for the third movie ( fingers crossed) . Enjoy.


SubmitterBillyMore Photos from Billy   Last Update2005/8/12 12:46
Hits2496  Comments12    
told you i would be back!!! let the bell ring, the eagle fly and photoshop do it's magic...

it's good to be me, bay-bee!!!


SubmitterDoobieMore Photos from Doobie   Last Update2005/8/11 9:31
Hits3707  Comments14    
When the X-Men are called to battle evil mutants, these girls know that the X-Men are allways watching their backs.

90s Era Rogue

90s Era RoguePopular
SubmitterKev_IncalMore Photos from Kev_Incal   Last Update2005/8/10 11:26
Hits3467  Comments13    
Forget about 80s Nostalgia, let's go back to the 90s! Here's Jennifer Garner as 90s Jim Lee Era Rogue. Background is a pic I took in Seattle.

Splitting Personalities

Splitting PersonalitiesPopular
SubmitterDPercefulMore Photos from DPerceful   Last Update2005/7/29 16:15
Hits2956  Comments10    
This work is a quick one for me, roughly 8 hours over a 3 day period. I wanted to do another "dark art" piece....and this concept came to me. Originally wanted this to be Etrigan and Jason Blood....but I couldn't find a good base pic of Etrigan to work with. Enter Bruce Banner/Hulk. The giant chest wound is standard "dark Art" method. Basically took a pic of a pothole and overlayed it onto this Poser model. Did the same thing for the arm peeling effect. I textured the poser model by burning him with some natural brushes. I added some popping veins and overlayed them on the neck and hands. Hulk is from a statue i found on the Net (i can't remember the artist, Jim maybe) and some post work. The hand is from a hulk toy ad, matched it up and cut and pasted to get the hand in the right position. Added the text, as a space filler...and a little play on words. The background is from a hulk club shirt...with some rough coloring to it. Comments are welcome, as are questions on anything. Thanks for taking the time to look at this work.

Thanks to Biohaz, B, and Brick. Bruce Banner, B, Brick, of "b" things.


SubmitterdreamslayerMore Photos from dreamslayer   Last Update2005/7/24 11:43
Hits6036  Comments27    
this started out as a what if project:
"what if Magik (of the new mutants)had lived", but I think the original idea ran away from me
I think this is the largest pic I've worked on 90MB, let me know what you think.

Sue in 2 hours By Winterhawk

Sue in 2 hours By WinterhawkPopular
SubmitterWinterhawkMore Photos from Winterhawk   Last Update2005/7/23 8:08
Hits4159  Comments13    
A real fast manip I did in about 2 hours.


SubmitterWasmithMore Photos from Wasmith   Last Update2005/7/22 7:02
Hits2663  Comments7    
Somebody requested this (wonder who?).  I do not know this character vey well, and frankly had a tough time finding any decent reference pics, but maybe I got the basic idea right.

The Invisible Woman: Hazzed

The Invisible Woman: HazzedPopular
SubmitterBiohaz_DaddyMore Photos from Biohaz_Daddy   Last Update2005/7/11 12:56
Hits4097  Comments13    
This is my losing entry in the C2F Fantastic Four Contest.

a storm is brewing...

a storm is brewing...Popular
SubmitterVoltAmpereMore Photos from VoltAmpere   Last Update2005/7/11 0:21
Hits3324  Comments11    
Sue Storm, that is=) I was actually planning on making supergirl, but the cape would cover up the background... then i was gonna make her storm, but after working with the skin, hair and face, she didn't look african-american enough. So i decided to make a different storm =) hope you guys like it... by the way, what's with the censorship and stuff? i haven't been around lately and have no idea what's been happening...


SubmitterdreamslayerMore Photos from dreamslayer   Last Update2005/7/9 15:20
Hits4513  Comments20    
I'd been reading Marvels Age of Apoklip(spelling)
and loved the idea of Rogue as the First lady of Mutant-kind plus the costume wasn't to bad, blue cloke and all.
However it took me ages to find a costume design that made her look reagle with out losing her original color shading ie: Green and Yellow.
anyway let me know what you think.

Guardian of the Soul Gem

Guardian of the Soul GemPopular
SubmittermatrixblurMore Photos from matrixblur   Last Update2005/7/8 21:41
Hits4544  Comments25    
Here's a pic I been staring at forever, and always thought she should be MoonDragon.
So, as a diversion from a much larger project, I did this one real quick. Cape? CAPE?!?! You lucky you got some wrinkles outta me.

Invisible Woman

Invisible WomanPopular
SubmitterWasmithMore Photos from Wasmith   Last Update2005/7/8 12:59
Hits2911  Comments2    
I wanted to go ahead and post this alternate (and PG) version of Sue in honor of the Fantastic Four movie opening today.

"The Next Generation" - Generation X

"The Next Generation" - Generation XPopular
SubmitterAngelophileMore Photos from Angelophile   Last Update2005/7/8 2:40
Hits4459  Comments13    
I've been working on this manipsince last November/December time, so this represents over six months of work. Pretty much my magnum opus and all that.

So, here's Generation X in all their glory. They are:
Charlize Theron as The White Queen, Kenneth Branagh as Banshee, Milla Jovovich as Penance, Zhang Ziyi as Jubilee, James Marsters as Chamber, Bianca Lawson as Monet, Kirsten Dunst as Husk, J. August Richards as Synch and Dante Basco as Skin.

This was the mother of all frankensteining jobs - don't ask me how many man hours and layers went into this baby - too many to mention.

I hope the end result was worth the effort.

"Skin Redux"

"Skin Redux"Popular
SubmitterAngelophileMore Photos from Angelophile   Last Update2005/7/3 11:37
Hits2198  Comments2    
I already produced one version of this image here - but wasn't entirely happy with the way it turned out, so this is the amended version.

It will be going towards the final Generation X team manip, which I'm in the final stages of completing. Perfectionism means I keep going back to change things. ;)

Spider-Woman by Heroglyph

Spider-Woman by HeroglyphPopular
SubmitterHeroglyphMore Photos from Heroglyph   Last Update2005/7/2 0:13
Hits9082  Comments22    
Been awhile since I have posted. Comments appreciated.

1 for Canada Day

1 for Canada DayPopular
SubmitterviridislamentMore Photos from viridislament   Last Update2005/6/29 9:22
Hits3074  Comments8    
With Canada Day approaching i thought it was time for an Alpha Flight manip. So here's Guardian and Vindicator as they appear in Alpha Flight#1 (1997).

"Mallrat 2" - Jubilee

"Mallrat 2" - JubileePopular
SubmitterAngelophileMore Photos from Angelophile   Last Update2005/6/25 11:24
Hits2868  Comments5    
I'd actually done a version of Jubilee for my Generation X group manip a few months ago, but when I was compiling the final image I had a sudden attack of perfectionism and decided that the original left something to be desired. At first I was only gonna tweek but I've ended up doing the shot entirely from scratch.

The final image was about 60 or so layers, the coat being the most complicated - it's surprisingly hard to get decent images of a yellow coat so plenty of "Frankesteining" was required to put it together. Adjust Hues is your friend.

Zhany Ziyi (Couching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) became Jubilee's "actress."

Quite pleased with the end result, got really fiddly, even down to Jubilee's London Underground earings.


SubmitterVoltAmpereMore Photos from VoltAmpere   Last Update2005/6/24 0:48
Hits2916  Comments10    
Ok, now this is the 6th time i've tried to upload this image... this costume's been lying around the house for a while now. Finally took my lazy bum make a manip of it, and finish it. This is actually a hybrid of Ben Reiley's last costume, the black costume, and spider-woman 2's costume. I never could get the spider emblem look right, even on paper. it always ends up looking like an ant with an extra pair of legs, probably because it's stretched around the major axis.

One fine day in prof. X's class....

One fine day in prof. X's class....Popular
SubmitterBillyMore Photos from Billy   Last Update2005/6/20 17:22
Hits3657  Comments14    
the psychology lecture droned on and on, but then colosus noticed something that caught his eye...kitty....

:) just a quickie to break from my current project...enjoy guys...let me know what you think...

Spidergirl--(Black Costume) "Gargoyle"

Spidergirl--(Black Costume) "Gargoyle"Popular
SubmitterJedifan227More Photos from Jedifan227   Last Update2005/6/20 8:24
Hits2927  Comments7    
May is stealthy in her black costume, watching over the streets of New York.

This one was difficult, but it was fun to see it finished. Took me about 6 hours. Most of the time was spent trying to find all the parts. The rest of it was doing that blasted spider emblem. Why do I do this to myself?? Its like torture!!!

"Atrophy" - Generation X's Penance

"Atrophy" - Generation X's PenancePopular
SubmitterAngelophileMore Photos from Angelophile   Last Update2005/6/18 12:59
Hits3744  Comments13    
The final figure for my Generation X manip, Penance has actually come together pretty quickly - it took about three or four hours to complete this image. The costume was maniped from various straitjacket pics, with an unnamed model providing the basic catsuit.

Penance's "actress" is Mila Jovovich. The hair started ut as dreadlocks and I created the spins using Photoshop's liquidize tool.

I'm pretty pleased with the end result - I think the hair's an improvement over the previous Penance figure I did.

June Challenge: The Punishteer

June Challenge: The PunishteerPopular
SubmitterDoobieMore Photos from Doobie   Last Update2005/6/14 13:47
Hits2696  Comments6    
Frank Castle was one of King Louis XIII most prominant Musketeers, until a ruthless Duke raped and murdered his family.  Now he deals Punishment to those who would do harm to others in the 17th Century as THE PUNISHTEER!


SubmitterDarqueImagesMore Photos from DarqueImages   Last Update2005/6/13 20:22
Hits1995  Comments6    
those that have seen the base pic should be proud somebody had an idea.  Baby Nightcrawler has his first "bamf" but he doesn't look to happy.  Think he bamfed in his diapie?

"Firelord" by The iMiJ Factory

"Firelord" by The iMiJ FactoryPopular
SubmitterThe_iMiJ_FactoryMore Photos from The_iMiJ_Factory   Last Update2005/6/10 11:00
Hits2384  Comments5    
A former Herald of Galactus, I chose bodybuilder Lee Priest as the model for this pic.

Spiderman-"Raining Sorrow"

Spiderman-"Raining Sorrow"Popular
SubmitterJedifan227More Photos from Jedifan227   Last Update2005/6/7 21:55
Hits2477  Comments9    
This is one of my more artsy pieces. I took the inspiration from a t-shirt I saw on Google. I found all the right pieces I needed from scratch and just made it happen. I like this one alot. I hope you do as well. It makes a great wallpaper at 1024x768.

The Black Queen "Kicked out of her apartment"

The Black Queen "Kicked out of her apartment"Popular
SubmitterGrimeyMore Photos from Grimey   Last Update2005/6/7 14:20
Hits4376  Comments12    
how could they be so cruel.


SubmitterJedifan227More Photos from Jedifan227   Last Update2005/6/1 2:48
Hits4550  Comments11    
My first attempt at Firestar. Hell I had to use that hot redhead for somethin'!!

Photo No. 811-840 (out of 1361 photos hit)
« 1 ... 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 (28) 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 ... 46 »