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Your in My Way!!!

Your in My Way!!!Popular
SubmitterMeterManMore Photos from MeterMan   CategorySci-fi    Last Update2007/4/3 12:09
Hits2323  Comments5    
Thanks for viewing!!

X23 Unleashed!!

X23 Unleashed!!Popular
SubmitterMeterManMore Photos from MeterMan   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2007/4/8 10:22
Hits2458  Comments8    
I see someone else just posted an X23 too I guess great minds think alike....For as long as this thing took to render it begged to be posted so Enjoy another version of X23...

The Wait...

The Wait...Popular
SubmitterMeterManMore Photos from MeterMan   CategorySci-fi    Last Update2008/9/20 13:02
Hits3338  Comments10    
This image is inspired by one of my favorite fantasy picture called "The Seranade" by Dorian Cleavenger. If you've never seen his work I suggest you check it out.  Thanks.

As she sits there after struggling to get free for hours this pristine lord of the skies looks around her and see's whats left of those that dared to venture into the unmapped dark regions skulls and bones litter the pools beneath her she feels something slowly crawling up her side tighting a dark grip around her see can only hope she enjoyed all her extreme antics and adventures as she's left with nothing else but to Wait.....

The Swarm

The SwarmPopular
SubmitterMeterManMore Photos from MeterMan   CategorySci-fi    Last Update2009/10/12 11:45
Hits1607  Comments2    
A pic thats been rattling away in my head for awhile enjoy!!

The New Big 3!!!

The New Big 3!!!Popular
SubmitterMeterManMore Photos from MeterMan   CategoryOther Comics    Last Update2013/11/11 8:24
Hits1470  Comments3    
Here's a poster I made for my son.

the Itsy Bitsy Spider....

the Itsy Bitsy Spider....Popular
SubmitterMeterManMore Photos from MeterMan   CategorySci-fi    Last Update2008/9/17 6:28
Hits1852  Comments3    
Well I haven't posted for awhile and was happy and actually suprised to see my last image made it as a weekly favorite here Thanks to those who made that happen and please enjoy this one!

The DemonSlayer    Come Get Some!!!

The DemonSlayer Come Get Some!!!Popular
SubmitterMeterManMore Photos from MeterMan   CategoryFantasy    Last Update2009/4/2 11:45
Hits1883  Comments3    
Well while you check out my DemonSlayers .....Assest!!!  I wanna thank HeroMorph and all my fellow artists for nominating my Pic The Wait for Best 3D pic of 2008 I feel very honored to be nominated and congrats to HARLEY QUINN by Darkjedi great pic anyways back to Demons Chainsaws and other Goodies!! Your Bud MeterMan

The Cossover  You Prayed You'ld Never See!!!!!!!!!

The Cossover You Prayed You'ld Never See!!!!!!!!!Popular
SubmitterMeterManMore Photos from MeterMan   CategoryOther Comics    Last Update2007/3/24 10:24
Hits1745  Comments3    
Yes you seeing is beleiving. one made a deal with the devil for a child in return he would lead hells army against the forces of heaven. the other well he ummmm.. he..umm..hits people with measuring devices. God Help Us All!!  Thanks for veiwing..

Strength in Numbers!!

Strength in Numbers!!Popular
SubmitterMeterManMore Photos from MeterMan   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2009/1/11 16:16
Hits3263  Comments8    
Had fun making this one not exactly how I wanted it to turn out but still pretty cool I think based off of Frank Cho's Shanna the She Devil series.Made good use of the Rapty Pro character!

Smoke Break

Smoke BreakPopular
SubmitterMeterManMore Photos from MeterMan   CategorySci-fi    Last Update2007/4/4 1:09
Hits2151  Comments4    
This is kinda a follow up from my last pic "Your in my Way!"  My guess is next time she tells that Robot "Your in my Way!" He just might listen.....Thanks for Viewing!  

Shanna The SHE-Devil

Shanna The SHE-DevilPopular
SubmitterMeterManMore Photos from MeterMan   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2009/2/17 9:32
Hits2541  Comments2    
I found this pose from some concept art on the book they never used. Enjoy!


SubmitterMeterManMore Photos from MeterMan   CategoryFantasy    Last Update2007/4/5 19:21
Hits1772  Comments4    
just messing around and this is the result! Thanks for viewing!!!

Predator  Medival

Predator MedivalPopular
SubmitterMeterManMore Photos from MeterMan   CategoryTV and Movies    Last Update2008/6/28 14:58
Hits2040  Comments9    
I always have enjoyed the Predator concept and how they have visited us throught out time I did a drawing of a knight facing of against one before and finally got the chance to do a 3D version hope you like it! Thanks Swidhelm for the great Predator morph for M2. the armor is
Knight Errant from Daz    Good to back I've missed you all!

Poster for my Kid (Xmas)

Poster for my Kid (Xmas)Popular
SubmitterMeterManMore Photos from MeterMan   CategoryOther Comics    Last Update2013/12/22 8:13
Hits1672  Comments6    
I just finished the Special request my son asked me for He could choose 3 characters for his Poster. He chose Darth Vader, Grimlock and Godzilla. These guys presented a bit of a challenge due to size differences but I think it turned out well. I'm glad I got to finish it before Christmas.(barely) So let me know what you think.

Pirate Month - Capt. Treasure Chest!!!

Pirate Month - Capt. Treasure Chest!!!Popular
SubmitterMeterManMore Photos from MeterMan   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2007/3/21 4:57
Hits1623  Comments6    
I finally got around to drawing a pirate for ya'll Let me know what you think and I don't expect to be able to color her any time soon so if anyone is interested in doing so drop me a line. Ohh Yeah almost forgot  AAARRR!!!! (pirate lingo)

Pacific Rim Meets Godzilla

Pacific Rim Meets GodzillaPopular
SubmitterMeterManMore Photos from MeterMan   CategoryTV and Movies    Last Update2014/8/2 14:36
Hits3775  Comments6    
Long Time no post! So here's one for the fans of GIANT Monsters and Giant Robots!

Never!! Interupt the hunt!

Never!! Interupt the hunt!Popular
SubmitterMeterManMore Photos from MeterMan   CategoryTV and Movies    Last Update2008/11/17 13:53
Hits2330  Comments7    
a little violence for you all! Enjoy!


SubmitterMeterManMore Photos from MeterMan   CategoryFantasy    Last Update2013/11/13 14:45
Hits1422  Comments4    
Here a fantasy scene I just finished it's a bit more of a mood piece haven't done something like this for quite awhile I hope you like it.

Monster vs Aliens!!!

Monster vs Aliens!!!Popular
SubmitterMeterManMore Photos from MeterMan   CategoryTV and Movies    Last Update2009/9/8 12:30
Hits1940  Comments6    
The true Monster VS Aliens!!! One of those Ideas I've been kicking around for awhile....You know the type!! and finally able to capture what I had in my head thanks to the New Freak!! perfect for hulk don't you think?

MeterMan Meets WinterHawk

MeterMan Meets WinterHawkPopular
SubmitterMeterManMore Photos from MeterMan   CategorySmackdown    Last Update2007/3/22 8:24
Hits1860  Comments8    
Ha Ha I had to do it!! Just because I could!!! This one is dedicated to Winterhawk for bringing me here. If any has any request and I get alittle free time I'll try to oblige... until then thanks for viewing.  

MeterMan meets Predator

MeterMan meets PredatorPopular
SubmitterMeterManMore Photos from MeterMan   CategorySmackdown    Last Update2007/3/28 9:56
Hits1767  Comments3    
More surplus from my vaults...enjoy

MeterMan meets Jr.McDeath

MeterMan meets Jr.McDeathPopular
SubmitterMeterManMore Photos from MeterMan   CategorySmackdown    Last Update2007/3/24 10:15
Hits3029  Comments13    
Another idea that had to be done after meeting Jr.McDeath it was just a matter of time before I had to draw him. On a serious note Man Rape is a crime!!!! Luckily for my cat like reflexes it was narrowly avoided!!

MeterMan & Thor

MeterMan & ThorPopular
SubmitterMeterManMore Photos from MeterMan   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2007/4/14 10:52
Hits2258  Comments14    
This is a Work in Progress I sketched this Idea out awhile ago but just started to put it together. If someone wants to save me the pain and Color it just contact me.. otherwise I will do it SOMETIME!!! Maybe..I was also toying with extending the End out to Include me calling Jr. And telling him Thor has Something he wants you to see as Thor Runs away!  Just so that Gay Bastard Thor doesn't get the last LAUGH  Anyways Hope you enjoy!!  

Love Thy Trophy!

Love Thy Trophy!Popular
SubmitterMeterManMore Photos from MeterMan   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2007/9/2 14:22
Hits2666  Comments12    
Well I'm still alive and kicking thought I'd post something since got some free time.. Thanks for viewing and hope to get more free time to chat in the future..

Hulk Smash Aliens!!!!!

Hulk Smash Aliens!!!!!Popular
SubmitterMeterManMore Photos from MeterMan   CategoryTV and Movies    Last Update2009/10/1 12:40
Hits1463  Comments1    
I think someone mentioned they wanted to see more action so here you go !!!

Hello Boys!! Reloaded!!

Hello Boys!! Reloaded!!Popular
SubmitterMeterManMore Photos from MeterMan   CategorySci-fi    Last Update2009/1/23 14:15
Hits3080  Comments6    
I thought I should see how an old pic of mine would look now With more experience and understanding and better harware and software.
I hope you enjoy the view!(or Vue!)
the Meterman

Godzilla vs Gamera

Godzilla vs GameraPopular
SubmitterMeterManMore Photos from MeterMan   CategoryOther Comics    Last Update2013/11/17 12:37
Hits1703  Comments10    
I thought I would add a bit of variety and post a Pic of the 2 Big G's battling it out.

Godzilla King of the Monsters (T shirt design by yours truly)

Godzilla King of the Monsters (T shirt design by yours truly)Popular
SubmitterMeterManMore Photos from MeterMan   CategoryTV and Movies    Last Update2019/5/28 15:01
Hits379  Comments2    
Any other Gfans out there?

G2014 Vs Slattern

G2014 Vs SlatternPopular
SubmitterMeterManMore Photos from MeterMan   CategoryTV and Movies    Last Update2014/8/3 6:53
Hits1061  Comments2    
G2014 Vs Slattern "Who is the King of the Rim?"

Fun with Zombies

Fun with ZombiesPopular
SubmitterMeterManMore Photos from MeterMan   CategoryOther Comics    Last Update2007/3/12 18:34
Hits2229  Comments6    
I'm new here let me know what you think...If you don't like half naked vampire chicks hacking up zombies with chainsaws ..I'm sorry ..Just blame winterhawk he invited me!
Well hello all you in the Heromorph community. I received an Email from Winterhawk awhile back he had seen some of my work I post at Rendo and was nice enough to invite me here.. I see you got pirates theme going maybe I can hit that later for now I bring you half naked vampire chick hacking up zombies with a chainsaw...thanks for viewing  

Photo No. 1-30 (out of 39 photos hit)
(1) 2 »