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HM (Back) Issues IV

HM (Back) Issues IVPopular
Submitterco_04More Photos from co_04   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2008/6/11 7:53
Hits3401  Comments12    
Somehow these back issues keep turning up, vintage 1971-72 or so. I didn't know HM was even in business then, let alone had an imprint. Anyway, this is a combination of themes from Detective Comics #341, where Joker is disguised as Batman, & Harley Quinn #10, where Harley impersonates Batgirl.

Of all the Vee covers done thus far, to me this is the most convincing of that late Silver/early Bronze Age comic style.

So what other titles will turn up from the vaults--"House of VampireLover?" "Dungeons & DragonDack?" WonderWas?" "Jr Chronicles of McDeath?"


Shulkie Goes Splash

Shulkie Goes SplashPopular
Submitterco_04More Photos from co_04   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2008/10/26 12:38
Hits3438  Comments13    
She-Hulk, direct from the Heroines & Villainesses Weight Room, finds herself in the HM Heroines & Villainesses Dunk Tank for a mods fundraiser.

For Mr. BioHazard.

Miss V Showgirl From Hell (Alternate)

Miss V Showgirl From Hell (Alternate)Popular
Submitterco_04More Photos from co_04   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2008/12/15 22:04
Hits3481  Comments11    
Alternate cover art for the character. I decided to go with a simple portrait this time rather than an action shot as with the previous. Miss V is holding advanced 21st century weaponry such as the AA12 auto shotgun (to blast casinos) and the HK Mark 23 SOCOM. The tricky part was getting them to scale. Special thanks again to Mr. MC and his encyclopedic knowledge of these weapons.

I still don't know which cover is preferable, but maybe it's about time I quit goofing around and get on with the story already!

Maleficent Models

Maleficent ModelsPopular
Submitterco_04More Photos from co_04   CategoryTV and Movies    Last Update2009/4/8 13:22
Hits3486  Comments17    
Mal, updating her collection to more modern day goth, models her new crop top.

UPDATE: Publishers The Brothers Whimm decided to use this spot art for their new bedtime storybook. This is what it looks like applied on the opening page.

Zat Goes Splat In The Vat

Zat Goes Splat In The VatPopular
Submitterco_04More Photos from co_04   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2008/10/26 12:38
Hits3488  Comments11    
Zatana gets a surprise as she goes down in the Heroines & Villainesses Dunk Tank, a fundraiser for HM mods.  Just a good thing it wasn't Fecesface.

So who's next?

For Mr. OCP.   (Actually, I had to find a way to get out of drawing the fishnets!)

Heromorph (Back) Issues II

Heromorph (Back) Issues IIPopular
Submitterco_04More Photos from co_04   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2008/5/8 12:46
Hits3514  Comments7    
One thing I must say about MissVee's art is that she creates some of the most provocative & sexy poses for women. I would even say that they are under appreciated or at least underrated, but I always admire them. For instance, with "BG Seduced by Scarecrow" ( I saw the immediate value in the work for making some new comic art. I simply took Vee's pose of Batgirl here, and plundered it for my own misuse. However, the homage is paid by digging out the masthead that was implemented previously by yours truly of A Wonder Woman-Black Cat cover (see "Heromorph [Back] Issues", ), also based on original art by MV.

The style is a throwback to the old Bronze Age comics.

Heromorph (Back) Issues III

Heromorph (Back) Issues IIIPopular
Submitterco_04More Photos from co_04   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2008/5/8 17:54
Hits3528  Comments8    
Another HM cover for the Vee Stories title, this is a variation on a theme from a previous manip, "Batgirl v. Joker", The art is stylized once again in the manner of the Bronze Age comic style (hence the 25c and no UPC).  This time it's Harley Quinn rather than Joker administering the mayhem on Batgirl, using one of MissVee's very favorite recipes.  

Not sure why I left off Harley's tights.

Ms. Funsters Gives It To MissVee

Ms. Funsters Gives It To MissVeePopular
Submitterco_04More Photos from co_04   CategoryTV and Movies    Last Update2009/8/9 13:56
Hits3543  Comments9    
That's for the "thumbs down"!

Maleficent Goes Madison Avenue

Maleficent Goes Madison AvenuePopular
Submitterco_04More Photos from co_04   CategoryTV and Movies    Last Update2009/3/24 4:51
Hits3579  Comments11    
Chanel has just released their new  fragrance "Spellbound"* and has hired Maleficent as their spokesmodel. Coco was unavailable after inexplicably lapsing into a coma. (A little something different.)

*Not to be confused with Estee Lauder.

The Lady of HM

The Lady of HMPopular
Submitterco_04More Photos from co_04   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2007/3/16 18:15
Hits3606  Comments12    
Updated with graphic and optional cape.
Hope Lady HM approves

She Who Must Be Stopped

She Who Must Be StoppedPopular
Submitterco_04More Photos from co_04   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2009/4/15 4:15
Hits3679  Comments17    
Stage name: April Fewells  
Real name: Unknown  
Also know as:  April Fewell, April May, Shirley Eugeste, Harley Quinn*
Nationality: Unknown
Height: 5' 8"
Caucasion, sometimes brunette, sometimes blonde.

You are looking at recent promotional photos of burlesque stage performer and comic extraordinaire April Fewells.  She is shown here with her ever popular stooge puppets (left) and performing her provocative "Examination" sketch (right).  She is believed to have disappeared in the Vegas underground. She is wanted on suspicion of arson and the assassination of at least two organized crime bosses.  Her known talents include singing, dancing, and ventriloquism, as well as some knowledge or expert knowledge of explosives and/or firearms.

If you have information regarding Ms. Fewell's whereabouts, please contact your local police or the FBI. Don't let her girlish pranksterism fool you, this woman is extremely dangerous!


*As those that have been following my Vee comic in the HM Comic Books know, I  inadvertently created a new heroine from the plot, Miss V. In order to continue the story, the villainess's name "Harley Quinn" will have to be dumped and replaced, as it is copyright DC Comics. As April, she has already demonstrated that she is as dangerous as she is funny as she is beautiful.  Despite keeping the "broad" in broad farce she is extremely dangerous and a deadly adversary of Miss V.

Salon des Refuses:  April Does Television

Salon des Refuses: April Does TelevisionPopular
Submitterco_04More Photos from co_04   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2009/5/24 7:53
Hits3900  Comments14    
1.   Promo shot for a new television show tentatively titled either "At Home With April" or more simply "The April Fewells Show". The new show was to be based on Ms. Fewells stage sketch comedy-variety, and featuring her wacky house pets. Only one episode was taped without incident, then production shut down indefinitely.  A side note:  In one of the adjoining TV studios where the evening news was broadcast, a popular investigative crime reporter died of mysterious circumstances.

April is seen here again as a brunette.

2.   In her segment "Mouse in the House", the ever-inventive April has a ruse to eradicate a pesky, refrigerator raiding rodent by donning a catsuit. Lots of bogus canned laffter, thrills and chills as cold things get poured down her open front.

My personal fave:  The "RetroFreeze" refrigerator prop (my own design).

Salon des Refuses: April @ Charlie Horse Saloon

Salon des Refuses: April @ Charlie Horse SaloonPopular
Submitterco_04More Photos from co_04   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2009/5/12 5:44
Hits4009  Comments20    
Colorized version of the sketch posted in the HFC. A scene from April's performance at the world famous Charlie Horse Saloon, in which she appeared for two nights only.

The kitschy set was done in the late Looney Tunes fashion, where the colors are off register from the objects. Mysteriously, it wasn't fire retardant, which later caused the Charlie Horse cabaret to burn to the ground.

HM Fundraiser II

HM Fundraiser IIPopular
Submitterco_04More Photos from co_04   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2009/1/17 23:22
Hits4009  Comments28    
Puzzle Time:  The HM Fundraiser games continue, especially in these tough economic times. The mods open the Heroines & Villainesses Pie Booth, and need a volunteer to test. Never one to be daunted by a little mess, this superbabe decides to be a good sport and steps up to take a few for the team.  

Who is she?

*ANNNH!*  Time's up.  

Blast! I had an entire presentation ready to go, only to find out that HM no longer accepts animated gifs. Oh well, you'll just have to find the answer below.

"Trick or Treat" by pijon and co_04

"Trick or Treat" by pijon and co_04 Popular
Submitterco_04More Photos from co_04   CategoryMonthly and other challenges    Last Update2008/10/31 17:12
Hits4121  Comments13    
Normally people dress up as spooks for Halloween. So what do normal spooks do for Halloween--dress up in something silly? Sexy? Or a combination thereof?  The housepets are no less amused, as the raven laughs while the dragon gropes.

An interesting combination of traditional (or Matt Busch-style) illustration and 3D digital art

 More Barnyard Philosophy

More Barnyard PhilosophyPopular
Submitterco_04More Photos from co_04   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2010/9/14 17:17
Hits4359  Comments7    
Again, April shows us that bad pickup lines may have originated in the animal kingdom. In this case, the studley(!) porcupine scamming the bunny hutch.

Catwoman's April 1st

Catwoman's April 1stPopular
Submitterco_04More Photos from co_04   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2009/4/1 9:30
Hits4483  Comments18    
For all you pranksters here at HM--Happy April Fools!

Maleficent Mellows Out

Maleficent Mellows OutPopular
Submitterco_04More Photos from co_04   CategoryTV and Movies    Last Update2009/6/2 6:29
Hits4558  Comments16    
Yet another page from drunkendragon's bedtime storybook. Looks like it's about bed time, in fact.

Maybe if I do enough of these pages, eventually I should have an entire storybook (Mr. Hazard assured me it was okay to post here).

The Black Queen In Nova Roma

The Black Queen In Nova RomaPopular
Submitterco_04More Photos from co_04   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2009/2/25 6:50
Hits4652  Comments12    
Photographed by Helmut Noodnik, 2009.

Selene strikes a rare pose for this world-famous art photographer.

Batgirl Bounces Back

Batgirl Bounces BackPopular
Submitterco_04More Photos from co_04   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2007/1/18 22:41
Hits4731  Comments8    
Part of a continuation that has yet to be finished, however the costuming technique seems to be getting easier to render and may be the most natural looking  I've done to date.

This one got me kicked off a previous site for the "What a great rack" line. Can you believe it?  

BG by MissVee and Chief Ohara

BG by MissVee and Chief OharaPopular
Submitterco_04More Photos from co_04   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2006/12/2 7:01
Hits4959  Comments14    
You wouldn't believe the junk I had to make this image out of.  Perhaps my most franked image to date. But, thanks to MissVee's fine art direction, I believe I've convincingly pulled it off (look up BG by MissVee in the Comic Art Gallery).  I practically traced right over it.

It went pretty fast at first, but then after tying eveyrthing together and then texturing, it went v-e-r-y s-lo-w-l-y. Many parts had to be enlarged and painted over to restore resolution.  I then used broad areas of color of different values to create a minimal sense of an interior.

I could probably work on this thing forever, but I'm not.

Shulkie Chanteuse

Shulkie ChanteusePopular
Submitterco_04More Photos from co_04   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2008/11/26 11:44
Hits5036  Comments18    
Frustrated by the inattention from Jr's office (see "Shulkie Alone" in the Members Gallery), She-Hulk slips back into her gown and back on stage to give another performance--this time a la Jessica Rabbit--for Messrs Wolf, WH, Tartan, Hazard, dockellis, and  those that appreciate.  (Inspired in part by MC's Songbird).

Naughty Boy

Naughty BoyPopular
Submitterco_04More Photos from co_04   CategoryTV and Movies    Last Update2007/4/26 10:14
Hits5124  Comments17    
More bad burlesque, this was actually much more difficult than it looks.  Besides being just a head swap, it's also a bikini swap, boob swap, hair swap, other added parts and lots of retouching.  The only thing left of the original model is the arms. I should post all my references just to show how far removed the final image is from its source.  Very much like customizing a stock car but with a different type of body.

Building the staircase was the worst.  But if that wasn't enough, I had to establish convincing consistent light throughout (hope it worked) and added the same crappy noise and distortions on all objects to give the impression that this is is an authentic screen cap.    

I think I got all seams covered.

She Hulk

She HulkPopular
Submitterco_04More Photos from co_04   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2008/10/5 14:23
Hits5216  Comments21    
A little unfinished, an idea I had for a poster.  Which I might do if ever I get time to include a background.

Update: 'kay I finally got this the way I wanted it.  Changed Shulkie's bikini from gold to purple, and added weight room w/ bground figures. 1000% improvement!

Ms. Funsters Returns

Ms. Funsters ReturnsPopular
Submitterco_04More Photos from co_04   CategoryTV and Movies    Last Update2009/7/26 23:37
Hits5326  Comments10    
If only for a lo-rez quickie.

Batgirl Dunk Tank

Batgirl Dunk TankPopular
Submitterco_04More Photos from co_04   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2006/12/6 20:04
Hits5338  Comments7    
More from the secret police files from the Gotham City Police Dept.  Batgirl takes a nosedive. Find out who the culprit is and win a prize from least, I think that's how it works.

The  clock starts now; good luck.

The Baroness In The Boudoir

The Baroness In The BoudoirPopular
Submitterco_04More Photos from co_04   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2009/3/4 14:31
Hits5359  Comments16    
Photographed by Helmut Noodnik, 2009.

The so-not-barren Baroness is captured by this world-famous art photographer.

HM Fundraiser II (cont.)

HM Fundraiser II (cont.)Popular
Submitterco_04More Photos from co_04   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2009/1/30 15:03
Hits5645  Comments34    
After testing and tasting a few more pies, Lady HM (see HM Fundraiser II) officially opens the Heroines and Villainesses pie throwing game, a HeroMorph fundraiser. The beautiful and valiant Wonder Woman sure makes a nice first target, especially for this unexpected participant who brazenly slips past referee Jr. and crosses the throw line to taunt Di with a pie. Although a messy situation, there is no need to alert the media.

Who is she?

(Buzzer  sounds)  Okay, time's up!  See the winning answer in the post below...

BG v. Catwoman

BG v. CatwomanPopular
Submitterco_04More Photos from co_04   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2007/2/12 21:12
Hits6083  Comments16    
Update:  Both Batgirl and Catwoman get the newer, lame (la-may) costumed look that they didn't have previously.  

BTW this segment may be a bit short, so would anyone like to see CW also get down and dirty?


Submitterco_04More Photos from co_04   CategoryOther Comics    Last Update2008/1/3 19:59
Hits6093  Comments19    
I have dusted off my (by now) infamous 'pixel doll'  once again, this time dressed up as Vampirella, in time for Halloween.

Brief Update: Jr's request is honored.  So, can Firestar be next?

Brief Update 2:  Okay, then.  I was actually not going to continue with this series, but since you insist, VL...
(And yes, as it happens I would care for kiss!)

Hope it's satisfactory.

Photo No. 31-60 (out of 69 photos hit)
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