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HM General Chit Chat Re: Renders 16 07 18 02:47 pm

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Noelle Blaze by  Jover

Noelle Blaze by JoverPopular
SubmitterJoverMore Photos from Jover   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2004/7/11 2:03
Hits4038  Comments6    
My effort for the holiday/offspring challenge, Noelle Blaze the Spirit of Christmas Vengeance. The child of Johnny Blaze the original (and best) Ghost Rider and one of Santa's daughters. Blessed with the love of Christmas from her mother's family and cursed with the demon that haunted her father's life, Noelle uses her powers to bring punishment to all the evil Grinches and Scrooges of the world.

Happy Holidays to Everyone!

bludwynd and tristis

bludwynd and tristisPopular
SubmitterBillyMore Photos from Billy   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2004/7/11 2:00
Hits2460  Comments2    
here is my rpg character and his girlfriend...i think this one was better than nightwing(my last post), but now i don't know...but thanx for the advice winterhawk...i guess i need all of it i can get. i'll keep trying. see you guys again soon...enjoy


SubmittermatrixblurMore Photos from matrixblur   CategoryOther Comics    Last Update2004/7/11 1:53
Hits3880  Comments9    
Okay, Dragondack. Here is what I came up with. Thanks for the base pic. The first issue of Matixblur mag's cover story, features the women of Thuderbolts.

Comic Babes By Winterhawk

Comic Babes By WinterhawkPopular
SubmitterWinterhawkMore Photos from Winterhawk   CategoryOther Comics    Last Update2004/7/11 1:51
Hits7483  Comments13    
After I finished my part on the first Call to Arms picture. I thought I would try a Multiple Character manipulation myself. If i knew we were going to be doing a new Call to arms project I probable would have saved this picture for that but alas that is not the case. What i Found difficult on this one, each model had a swimsuit on. some one peice and others two piece suits. some of the forms and shape of the bodies were gone so i had to comprimise will some of the shapes of the costumes. The biggest example is Wonder Woman, the WW on her chest does not really form to her body because of the swim suit. I also made it a good size for wallpaper. for those looking for a new desktop. All in all I am pleased with this one.
As normal Comments & critiques are welcome.

Cat Power!!! (repost)

Cat Power!!! (repost)Popular
SubmitterKallistiMore Photos from Kallisti   CategoryOther Comics    Last Update2004/7/11 1:51
Hits3833  Comments8    
Who knows what would motivated heroines and villianesses from three differet comic universes to team up? Whatever it is, rest assured that these feline females are out to stir up some trouble!

BLOODY KAT by billy

BLOODY KAT by billyPopular
SubmitterBillyMore Photos from Billy   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2004/7/11 1:49
Hits4441  Comments6    
here a manip of a kill me!)

i hope you don't mind kat...i just saw the model and cuoldn't help it..i mean it in the highest regards of flattery...besides she's a cool character...hope you enjoy!

Mary Marvel By Winterhawk

Mary Marvel By WinterhawkPopular
SubmitterWinterhawkMore Photos from Winterhawk   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2004/7/11 0:56
Hits4803  Comments11    
Another one done for a request. I don't remember who asked me to do this one but Here it is.
Just like the last time, I did Mary Marvel ( ) I used Adrianna Lima (Mmmm, Yummy) as the base model. I did most of it last night and finished the cape off this afternoon. Nothing Special, Just another quick one.


SubmitterJustinBLong2003More Photos from JustinBLong2003   CategoryTV and Movies    Last Update2004/7/11 0:52
Hits5023  Comments7    
I'M BACK.  I came across this picture and thought it was beautiful.  I wanted to use it for HeroMorph.  She reminded me of a female Doctor Octopus and there is one name Carolyn Trainer but she does not wear shades and has some lind of band around her brow.  But I took the liberty to change it.  So what I did to the picture was erase the girl who was in the reflection and put Spiderman from the movie in her place.  Then I added the tentacle from a picture of the Doc Ock from the Spiderman 2 movie.  I also erase the text around her.  Enjoy.

Wonder Woman

Wonder WomanPopular
SubmittermatrixblurMore Photos from matrixblur   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2004/7/11 0:46
Hits5779  Comments12    
An edgier, sexier WW for the times. Always said I would never do a Wonder Woman manip; there are too many out there already, but I came across this costume and thought it should be represented. I frankensteined this one quite a bit, because I already had the exact pose I wanted in mind. What took the longest time to do, was to find the perfect face and hair. Took me a couple days to find the right celeb face. Can you tell who it is?

Wonder Woman

Wonder WomanPopular
SubmitterDPercefulMore Photos from DPerceful   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2004/7/11 0:46
Hits3872  Comments7    
Started out with seeing the model (Nikki Ziering)...i liked her look and smile (although i didn't use a smile pic).  The original pic was fairly minor touch up there. The hard part was she had clothing all around her neck and upper chest area. I had to clone and heal it out and recreate things like the collar bones, neck muscles, and various skin textures (anything below the chin and above the breastplate was recreated for the most part). I also made the skin a little more milky and warmed it using the dodge tool.  The underlaying costume was originally a grey paint job. Shaded and lighted and used the color balance to get my colors. a little noise to create the textures...used a 1 pixel dodge and burn brush to create the seamwork.  The breastplate and waistplate were created using a grey layer. I then highlighted and shaded them and used the color balance to create the gold color. I decided to go with a layered breastplate as opposed to creating on giant piece and curving it. The bracelets were created using the same techniques. I added some little sparkles to the metal with a doged outer glow. I added the larger face in the background and highly contrasted the image for a different look, it jsut needed something. Once finished I ran the entire image through levels, colors, and variations to get the finished product.  Thanks to C2F artist Zac for his help....dan


SubmittermatrixblurMore Photos from matrixblur   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2004/7/11 0:45
Hits4133  Comments5    
this is my latest as of 2/28/04. tried to do her cape, but haven't mastered material folds yet. her metal accents came out nice, though. I like doing the more obscure heroines, but finding pics is difficult.

The Wasp

The WaspPopular
SubmittermatrixblurMore Photos from matrixblur   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2004/7/11 0:43
Hits4854  Comments14    
Saw Janet's new costume and thought it was pretty cool. Simple yet striking. Now I know from history, that as I write this,she probably has gone through 3 more costume changes, but I hope she keeps this one in her closet.

The Enchantress

The EnchantressPopular
SubmittermatrixblurMore Photos from matrixblur   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2004/7/11 0:43
Hits5895  Comments16    
Have to say that the headpieces on my last few manips have given me problems, but by the time I get to them, I've lost patience and am anxious to get to the next project. Maybe I should start with them first.
Interesting sidenote: Each time I try metalics, I do it a different way, and each time I'm relatively pleased with the results. Further proof that there is no one way to pull off a manip, but experimentation is key.
(still too chicken to attempt a hero with a cape, but soon...)

Sue Richards/Invisible Woman

Sue Richards/Invisible WomanPopular
SubmitterDPercefulMore Photos from DPerceful   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2004/7/11 0:43
Hits2586  Comments4    
I'll stop writing novels, or at least copying them.  First time playing around with the displacement filter.  Natasha Henstridge as Invisible Woman.


SubmittermatrixblurMore Photos from matrixblur   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2004/7/11 0:41
Hits3768  Comments7    
she already had a white tuft of hair, so I figured, what the hey.


SubmittermatrixblurMore Photos from matrixblur   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2004/7/11 0:40
Hits3748  Comments12    
While searching base models for a project, I came across this pic, and thought it would make a good Namorita.
It had a perfect background and the netting already wrapped around her. I thought this would make things simpler. I was wrong. Easier to just mask out the nude figure and go from there. Instead I spent most of my time trying to pull her body out from all those little holes in the net! AAAUUUGGH!

(Also felt it was time to switch my old "ETD" logo for my new "Matrixblur Bolt")


SubmitterDPercefulMore Photos from DPerceful   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2004/7/11 0:39
Hits2659  Comments5    
My first submission here...with the teamup coming up and others posting here as well promoting a peace i thought i would join in.  anyway this is marrow after getting the crap beat out of her by wolverine. i opted for angelina jolie as marrow, don't know why just did. kept the outfit she had on, i think it works, it would work in the movies. i added some bruises, cuts, and various other lacerations and injuries. Primarily used the burn tool and set it to different ranges to achieve the look. the exposed bone was burned to give it that fresh out of the body look and then i just carefully transformed and masked them in. that's pretty much it. apologies on the background, i created it and masked around ms. jolie, but it never really looked good because of the limitations. thanks goes out to C2F artist Zac for the pointers and advice.  Feel free to look at how i made this piece in my tutorial over at



SubmittermatrixblurMore Photos from matrixblur   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2004/7/11 0:39
Hits2875  Comments5    
this is one of my favorites. used the "plastic wrap" filter to get her costume that shiny.


SubmitterDPercefulMore Photos from DPerceful   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2004/7/11 0:36
Hits2109  Comments6    
Proving to new artists, more is not necessary to make a manip with impact and flare.  dan


SubmitterDPercefulMore Photos from DPerceful   CategoryOther Comics    Last Update2004/7/11 0:36
Hits2669  Comments5    
I will be honest, I've only read one Fathom comic book...and I really couldn't get into it. I do however like the artwork of Michael Turner. This image just lent itself to Fathom, hence the manip.  I was really intrigued by the challenge of creating water as if it was part of the body. I think it turned out alright, I went for more of a power signature on it rather than just a lifeless water body. Done in photoshop, layers, layer modes, color balance, brightness/contrast were used to create the effects.  i want to thank C2F artist Zac for the help, had some issues with what really could spruce this thing up and he gave me some ideas that i really hadn't thought of. oh yeah the background is done in bryce, i wish i could photoshop random water that good.


Dani Moonstar

Dani MoonstarPopular
SubmittermatrixblurMore Photos from matrixblur   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2004/7/11 0:34
Hits3819  Comments8    
I just want to thank BA for his advice and tutorial about creases and wrinkles. This is my first manip trying those techniques. I still have to practice it a bit, but it is clear to see how they make all the difference in putting the finishing touches on a manip. Now on to learning capes!

Chyna + Cyblade = Chyblade!

Chyna + Cyblade = Chyblade!Popular
SubmittermatrixblurMore Photos from matrixblur   CategoryOther Comics    Last Update2004/7/11 0:33
Hits4112  Comments17    
From Cyberforce (thanks WH).
At first, I couldnt get the metalic look right, but some encouragement and advise from fellow heromorph artists (WH and Brick), I kept at it and got what I think is one of my best manips. In fact, I like her pose so much, that I'm going to use her in my first ever fight scene. maybe with Zealot, if I can find a suitable model. One with a full backside view. If anyone has one, I'd love to see it.

"Secrets???????the mother

"Secrets???????the motherPopular
SubmitterBrickMore Photos from Brick   CategoryOther Comics    Last Update2004/7/11 0:32
Hits2573  Comments8    
" He weeps for he has but one small tongue with which to taste the whole world".

Dr. Mung-Mung and his 'Mad Science Fair' creation, Tongue-Tongue, for the May Tick Challenge.

heh...   Please forgive me.

"oooo, catfight!"

"oooo, catfight!"Popular
SubmittermatrixblurMore Photos from matrixblur   CategoryOther Comics    Last Update2004/7/11 0:32
Hits5083  Comments8    
my first multi 'nip!
Alright, just two, but they take so long!
And all those little details I worked so hard on... GONE!
(he said "hard on", heh, heh)


SubmitterKallistiMore Photos from Kallisti   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2004/7/11 0:29
Hits2109  Comments3    
OK, so now i've caught up on unposted manips.  This is Eternity, one of the extremely powerful abstract Cosmic entities in the Marvel Universe. This manip might look easy, but it took an insanely long time to do. I plan to do almost all of the major Cosmic beings, including Infinity, Eon, Ego, Abraxas, all those, plus Silver Surfer, and if i'm feeling ambitious, maybe Galactus or the Watcher!


SubmittermatrixblurMore Photos from matrixblur   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2004/7/11 0:25
Hits2121  Comments4    
did this years ago. 'fore there was 'puters. hard to believe I knew how to use a pencil at one time.


SubmitterZ71More Photos from Z71   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2004/7/11 0:23
Hits6371  Comments11    
This is now my 3rd try. I think I'm getting better.
My Catwoman is a very personnal view of this heroine.


SubmitterJesterGfxMore Photos from JesterGfx   CategoryOther Comics    Last Update2004/7/11 0:22
Hits3899  Comments2    
Gen-13's "Fairchild."  I'm still pretty new at this, but I think it's coming along.

Starro the Conqueror

Starro the ConquerorPopular
SubmitterSilverAgeMageMore Photos from SilverAgeMage   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2004/7/11 0:12
Hits2188  Comments4    
The Justice League of Americas' first recorded
cosmic baddie is sending a mind-controlling starfish
your way!

CZJ as Wonder Woman

CZJ as Wonder WomanPopular
SubmitterSquedgeMore Photos from Squedge   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2004/7/11 0:12
Hits5640  Comments6    
Another of my older manips. Couldn't go into too much detail on the process.. It's been too long.

Head is CZJ. Body is some unknown model. Clothes are painted on (except the boots which were just recolored and touched up --badly.)

The toughest work on the piece was with the background, cause this chick was posing in this old putt-putt course or something, and the "cave" walls had holes in the plaster where the chicken wire and stuff showed through...


SubmitterBMore Photos from B   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2004/7/11 0:11
Hits2547  Comments4    
Might as well post all of my Batman related pics...

This is Bats visiting his parents' grave on the anniversary of their murders. It was the response to a challenge to do a piece with dark lighting. It is, indeed, really, really dark. Apologies if you have to play around with your monitor settings to see it properly!

This was ninety-something percent Bryce. The main things added later were Bats' cowl and the edges of his cape, as well as the rain effect. I did this only a couple months ago, but with the benefit of hindsight and C2F reviews, I probably should have done more post-production.

Overall... There's a number of problems with it (I'll let you guys look for them this time, LOL), but I still quite like it.

More later.

Updated Birds cover

Updated Birds coverPopular
SubmitterGnetsurpherMore Photos from Gnetsurpher   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2004/7/11 0:10
Hits3536  Comments5    
This is the updated version of the origianl birds 59 cover i posted a few days ago.  A zipper and latch has been added to Black Canary, as well as some shadowing to get rid of her Uni-Boob.  She is now anatomically correct, so to speak!


SubmitterJustinBLong2003More Photos from JustinBLong2003   CategoryVideo Game    Last Update2004/7/11 0:10
Hits3447  Comments1    
This was base off Tomb Raider's costume in the second movie.  Penciled on a 8.5 by 11 inch white paper.

Gallery of the Endless: Dream

Gallery of the Endless: DreamPopular
SubmitterBMore Photos from B   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2004/7/8 22:16
Hits2439  Comments4    
This is Dream of the Endless, of course. The face was once Johnny Depp, but I doubt you can tell any more. (But would anyone look like Dream does?) The skin and eyes were recoloured. The whole face was stretched out a lot, and deep shadows added in strategic spots to create the appropriately gaunt look. The hair was done from scratch, as were the chest and cloak. The ruby was made using the same texture I used for the diamond effect for my Emma Frost piece, and then smudged, burnt and dodged a lot.
The text is taken from the prologue to Season of Mists, in The Sandman #21. I think it's the best description of Dream that Neil Gaiman ever wrote. And the same section also has fascinating descriptions of most of the other Endless... So there will be more of these. Eventually.


SubmitterBMore Photos from B   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2004/7/8 21:43
Hits2658  Comments3    
The Cassandra Cain Batgirl, Frankensteined together from a couple photos, background in Bryce.

Another piece I wasn't initially sure about posting. But what the hell... This was one of my earliest attempts at a cape, and it shows. The fall of it is all wrong, and it doesn't cast a shadow. Shame, cause I think the costuming is otherwise pretty good. I really ought to do another version of Cassie, to do her justice. Eventually. :p

Photo No. 16976-17010 (out of 17570 photos hit)