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Lady Mix-A-LOT: Spider Woman/ Witchblade

Lady Mix-A-LOT: Spider Woman/ WitchbladePopular
SubmitterDark WandererMore Photos from Dark Wanderer   CategoryMonthly and other challenges    Last Update2018/7/4 8:26
Hits144  Comments5    
From my hand I play Polymerization
(Cards for Spiderwoman and Witchblade go to the graveyard)
SpiderBlade is now summoned in Attack Position..
Sorry been playing Yugi-Oh with my daughter lol.


HAPPY 4TH!Popular
SubmitterlordcoyoteMore Photos from lordcoyote   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2018/7/2 19:24
Hits103  Comments3    
And be sure to practice fireworks safety.

You're not invulnerable.

Guardian Creation

Guardian Creation
SubmitterWebGeekMore Photos from WebGeek   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2018/7/2 18:18
Hits78  Comments3

Slumber Party at Castle Maximo

Slumber Party at Castle Maximo
SubmitterMFMore Photos from MF   CategoryVideo Game    Last Update2018/7/2 17:25
Hits95  Comments1    
Another requested pic from the same gent over at dA, here's the ladies of the video game 'Maximo: Ghosts to Glory' having a slumber party in their PJ's and undies! Woo Hoo!

Stolen Sweets Tempting Tales #5

Stolen Sweets Tempting Tales #5Popular
SubmitterDragondackMore Photos from Dragondack   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2018/7/1 16:14
Hits228  Comments1    
Sasquatch Monster of the Northwest Makes his Brides

The gals are off on their annual Camping trip but this time to Oregon.
They have always heard the Bigfoot ,Sasquatch stories.
They had always believe them to be just plain local Hokum?
That is till this time out when they became part of the Legends themselves.

Influence Map: Heromorph

Influence Map: HeromorphPopular
SubmitterTazmanMore Photos from Tazman   CategoryMonthly and other challenges    Last Update2018/6/30 20:36
Hits132  Comments2    
I get a lot of joy from viewing the work of all the great artist that share here at Heromorph.
But the two that stand out for me are:
Starchild and Jinky

This is not a test

This is not a test
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2018/6/28 22:57
Hits91  Comments2    
It is rare that I make scenery images.  I'm usually buried in characters and what not, but every now and then I reach a point where I make significant breakthroughs. Breakthroughs which take my artistic ability to the next level...this image is one such breakthrough as I couldn't myself,  tell where the 3d ended and the backdrop began. Hopefully you won't either as the techniques I am now perfecting take my comics and my art in general to a whole new level of quality...the changes have been so few but they are significant. This forest is a perfect example. I hope you like it  as much I do and enjoy looking at it as much as I enjoyed creating it


SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2018/6/28 14:27
Hits92  Comments1    
Ever get the feeling you're being watched? Did you know that scientists believe that the ability is a type of energy? It radiates through solid objects like car windows...I mean, have you ever pulled up to a light and looked over to see someone looking at you? Yeah...what if you wore a suit of armor that absorbs psychic/psionic might very well lose a powerful instinctive Obsidian has. There's a reason he's always scanning...he knows this ability is impaired in his armor.Although he's also quite paranoid so he always assumes he's being watched.

 Influence Maps Too: MagnusCH's Influences - Live Action Superheros

Influence Maps Too: MagnusCH's Influences - Live Action SuperherosPopular
SubmittermagnuschMore Photos from magnusch   CategoryMonthly and other challenges    Last Update2018/6/27 14:05
Hits128  Comments6    
Just some of the shows that influenced me over my many years in Comic and Superhero genre

Influence Map: Comic Based TV Toons

Influence Map: Comic Based TV ToonsPopular
SubmitterpijonMore Photos from pijon   CategoryMonthly and other challenges    Last Update2018/6/26 17:26
Hits124  Comments3    
Thought an On Demand menu for the format might work...
I thought I was done with these but Ozzy's nitpick on my last one ended up providing inspiration for another. So I went in the other direction this time and rather than making it about the comics on which the media was based, I focused on the media this time (TV toons) rather than the comics from which they were derived. Thanks Ozzy!

Dr. Goldfoot & The Girl Bombs

Dr. Goldfoot & The Girl BombsPopular
SubmitterDragondackMore Photos from Dragondack   CategoryTV and Movies    Last Update2018/6/23 3:26
Hits235  Comments1    
Dr. Goldfoot & The Girl Bombs

I was inspired from the poster I did two months ago?
As I remembered there was a second movie.
So I looked it up and then came-up with a reboot movie Poster.

And Yes it makes for a good wallpaper too!

Mystery: Modesty Blaise - Adventure: The Miss From S.I.S. #3

Mystery: Modesty Blaise - Adventure: The Miss From S.I.S. #3Popular
SubmitterDragondackMore Photos from Dragondack   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2018/6/23 3:15
Hits267  Comments2    
Mystery: Modesty Blaise - Adventure: The Miss From S.I.S. #3

Modesty calls in a couple old friends to Perpetrate old Legend of
"The Bikini Bandits" in the Caribbean.
The legend They capture boat loads of Stuff to pirate it away?
But Modesty explained to Agents "Salt & Pepper" they
were there to hit Cartel & Mob Shipments for awhile
then disappear without a trace with no one knowing who they were.
All profits in Cash ,Jewels & gold to be done with the way
they want and all drugs to be sunk or burned!
It was going to fun Caribbean spring get together.

UFO: Does My Head Look Big In This?

UFO: Does My Head Look Big In This?Popular
SubmitterSadmanMore Photos from Sadman   CategoryTV and Movies    Last Update2018/6/21 15:20
Hits147  Comments3    
Another little idea that turned into an epic voyage of trial and error. To anyone considering drawing the interior of Shado's Moonbase control room, my advice is: don't!

(For those too young or too old to remember, UFO was a 1970's Gerry Anderson live-action TV series.

Coming soon

Coming soonPopular
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2018/6/21 13:41
Hits100  Comments3    
I promise.

Influence Map: Comics That Made Movies

Influence Map: Comics That Made MoviesPopular
SubmitterpijonMore Photos from pijon   CategoryMonthly and other challenges    Last Update2018/6/20 9:43
Hits170  Comments6    
I'm sure I could have filled this up with just the Marvel movies but I wanted to include others as well. My credits are spread pretty randomly in the Influence Map so I've included a list below more specific to who did each comic although that's a little dicey too as in some instances, I've credited the character's creators while in others, I've credited those whose story got adapted into the films. Not all of these films were great but the comics were and that's what I'm paying tribute to.

Hellboy - Mike Mignola
The Crow - J. O'Barr
Judge Dredd - John Wagner, Carlos Esquerra
The Punisher - Gerry Conway, John Romita Sr.
Watchmen - Alan Moore, Dave Gibbons
Blade - Marv Wolfman, Gene Colan
The Spirit - Will Eisner
Spider-Man - Stan Lee, Steve Ditko
Batman - Bob Kane, Bill Finger
Snowpiercer - Jacques Lob, Jean-Marc Rochette
Sin City - Frank Miller
Jonah Hex - John Albano, Tony DeZungia
Kick-Ass - Mark Millar, John Romita Jr.
Thor - Stan Lee, Jack Kirby
Heavy Metal -  various artists (movie in part based on stories by Dan O'Bannon and Moebius, Rich Corben and Bernie Wrightson)
Swamp Thing - Len Wein, Bernie Wrightson
Superman - Jerry Siegel, Joe Shuster
Ghost Rider - Roy Thomas, Mike Ploog
V for Vendetta - Alan Moore, David Lloyd
Wanted - Mark Millar, J.G. Jones
Road to Perdition - Max Allan Collins, Richard Piers Rayner
30 Days of Night - Steve Niles, Ben Templesmith
Captain America - Joe Simon, Jack Kirby
Wonder Woman - Charles Moulton, H.G. Peters
Black Panther - Don McGregor, Rich Buckler
Daredevil - Frank Miller
Old Man Logan - Mark Millar, Steve McNiven

Avenging Muppets

Avenging MuppetsPopular
SubmittermagnuschMore Photos from magnusch   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2018/6/19 20:06
Hits138  Comments4    
After the happenings in Infinity War...
they tried another reality...

They didn't stay long.

Influence Map Too: OzZy's Sci-Fi Influence Map

Influence Map Too: OzZy's Sci-Fi Influence MapPopular
SubmitterOzZyMore Photos from OzZy   CategoryMonthly and other challenges    Last Update2018/6/19 18:02
Hits138  Comments3    
So yesterday some guy at Facebook asked a question that made me think of my sci-fi books and that lead me to make an Influence Map with some of the sci-fi books that in some way influenced me.

I also wanted to keep fox-orion original directives so I followed his rule to fill the map.

Keep in mind that the ones presented are NOT all and are not presented in any special order:

The Star Beast by Robert A. Heinlein (1954) - This one is here not only to represent the work of Heinlein but also because it remains to this day among my top 3 books from this author, that I am a huge fan of.

The Snow Queen by Joan D. Vinge (1981) - I love this author. Her work is among my favourite, this one specially with its sequel The Summer Queen. If you never read any sci-fi before, try this books.

Titan by John Varley (1980) - One of my favourite authors, almost at the level of Heinlein in my book, although diferent styles and writing. And Titan is easily one of his top 3 books.

Dreamsnake by Vonda McIntyre (1979) - I HATE SNAKES! That's a fact, but reading this book almost made me want to have a pet snake... and that says it all.

Brightness Reef by David Brin (1996) - David Brin wrote some of the best books I have in my library. And I could easily choose other book to represent his work here but the Uplift Universe is his top work for me.

The Man in the Maze by Robert Silverberg (1968) - Silverberg is my second favourite sci-fi author and this book is among my top 3 from him.

Azazel by Isaac Azimov (1988) - Azimov is not in my top 3 sci-fi authors but I love his work none the less and Azazel is a funny set of short stories that I can read over and over again and always make me smile. But that might also be because of my dark sense of humor.

The Gameplayers of Zan by M. A. Foster (1977) - This book was only the second sci-fi book I ever read. I was 12 years old at the time and never forgot the how it made me feel.

Dinosaur Planet by  Anne McCaffrey (1978) - I'm a big fan of dinosaur stories... and if you mix some sci-fi along, I'm hooked. Not to mention that I never read a book from Anne McCaffrey I didn't liked.

A Deepness in the Sky by Vernor Vinge (1999)  - When I first read this book I almost gave up... Until I found A Fire Upon the Deep by the same author and gave it a chance. Worth it.

Lensman Series by E.E. "Doc" Smith (1934 - 1948) - The first sci-fi book I ever read was Lord Tedric. It was a gift from my godmother and that ignited my love for sci-fi.
To this days, I still think the Green Lantern Corp was based on the Lensman series by E.E. "Doc" Smith. Change my mind.

Marune: Alastor 933 by Jack Vance (1975) - Jack Vance wrote some great sci-fi stories that I read often but this one is still the one I like best.

Solaris by Stanisław Lem (1961) - When I first found the books from Stanislaw Lem, I thought it was more of the same sci-fi stories I was used to read from british and american authors. Big Mistake!  

Influence Map Too: OzZy's Influence Map version 2018

Influence Map Too: OzZy's Influence Map version 2018Popular
SubmitterOzZyMore Photos from OzZy   CategoryMonthly and other challenges    Last Update2018/6/17 8:20
Hits128  Comments2    
This challenge is harder than it looks.

I tried not to include the same as I did last time but it was unavoidable and some of them lurked their way into this Influence Map as well.    

Anyways, since my free time to participate is almost none and I really want to make at least one map, I tried to include a wide range of influences.

Still doesn't even cover 1% of them.

Influence Maps Too: DrunkenDragon's under the influence

Influence Maps Too: DrunkenDragon's under the influencePopular
SubmitterdrunkendragonMore Photos from drunkendragon   CategoryMonthly and other challenges    Last Update2018/6/16 16:48
Hits139  Comments3    
Decided to use basic format, but progressive influences, and a wink to Hanna Barbera, who helped shape my sometimes warped sense of humor.
First row is the TV cartoon influences that inspired  my love of comics and Super Heroes.
Second shows the major comics, and specific issues that I have that influenced my original drawing and theme styling.
Third row depicts the major artists that influenced my design style, and
Last row shows my all time favorite artist for humor and exaggerated realism Norman Rockwell, also seen in the background image.
As well as a nod to the two artists that drew my attention to HeroMorph in the first place, and whose work I tried to duplicate when I first began manipulating.  Many others here have helped me develop since then, too, which is why I keep checking in to see what greatness shows up here daily!

Queen Sophia and the Sorceresses

Queen Sophia and the SorceressesPopular
SubmitterMFMore Photos from MF   CategoryVideo Game    Last Update2018/6/15 17:39
Hits121  Comments2    
Another request from over at deviantArt, it's the women of the Capcom video game 'Maximo: Ghosts to Glory', an homage to the classic Ghosts N' Goblins and Ghouls N' Ghosts games. From left to right, they are Mamba Marie the Swamp Sorceress, Aurora Lee the Snow Sorceress, Maximo's wife Queen Sophia, Sephonie the Desert Sorceress (also the Underworld Sorceress for a bit) and Lenore the Boneyard Sorceress.

Hot Summer Days

Hot Summer DaysPopular
SubmitterDark WandererMore Photos from Dark Wanderer   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2018/6/13 12:39
Hits313  Comments9    
Summer Days can be Hot.

Edit: Final modification. Updated Lighting and Skin tones. There areno more remakes, revisions, alterations. This.Is. The. Finished. Result.

Hot Summer Days 2

Hot Summer Days 2Popular
SubmitterDark WandererMore Photos from Dark Wanderer   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2018/6/12 22:56
Hits210  Comments2    
An alternate version using their comic and tv skin tones of Green and white, with a few minor pose modifications

 Influence Maps Too: MagnusCH's Influences

Influence Maps Too: MagnusCH's InfluencesPopular
SubmittermagnuschMore Photos from magnusch   CategoryMonthly and other challenges    Last Update2018/6/11 20:40
Hits134  Comments4    
I just decided to throw in my major influences in both life and my art...

The major influences start with Walter Elias Disney, Jim Henson, and Stan Lee. I've lived my life through a lot of their inspiration.

Todd Mcfarlane and John Byrne got me interested in drawing and art.

Then a few others that have inspired me over my many years.

Webgeek's Influence Map

Webgeek's Influence MapPopular
SubmitterWebGeekMore Photos from WebGeek   CategoryMonthly and other challenges    Last Update2018/6/11 19:20
Hits164  Comments3    

Test Image

Test ImagePopular
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2018/6/11 18:59
Hits133  Comments1    
A preview of things to come but also a test image...I Loooove it.

The Great Mau

The Great MauPopular
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2018/6/11 14:32
Hits128  Comments3    
Emerson Davis was once an ordinary man, and archaeologist by profession and a veteran soldier he was content to live his life in pursuit of ancient Egyptian ruins.  He was utterly fascinated by the beings of the Egyptian pantheon and after defending a dig site which was later discovered to be a former temple of the goddess Bast, he was approached by the Goddess person no less.  He was offered to opportunity to learn about the Egyptian gods firsthand as Bast's Scion. The offer was too good to turn down so he accepted. Bast has bestowed him great powers and the name "The Great Mau" the cat king.  Mau possesses abilities  inherent to all cats, Strength, Agility, Night vision, enhanced senses, and the ability to communicate with and command cats.  Mau's armor is divine in nature and repairs itself each sunrise.  Mau goes where Bast commands and defends her (and the other god's of Egypt when asked) temples on whatever world they may be. Mau has a few loyal followers on every world where cats exist even on Katara, and Heigara...he Cannot command sentient cats but he can "Enthrall" them.  Mau dares not abuse his power as what the gods give they can surely take away.  Mau is a deadly hand to hand fighter and his claws are considered highly magical for purposes of what they can affect.  Mau has many weapons at his disposal both convention and not-so-conventional.  He is familiar with P.R.I.D.E. and their leader Panterra and is not impressed with man's genetic dabbling, although secretly he is envious of the power they possess as it, to some degree, dwarfs his own.  he is friendly towards them enough so that there is no ill will. Panterra and the others have a great respect for both Mau and bast though they bend their knee to neither.

Dark Alice

Dark AlicePopular
SubmitterNolen_VoidMore Photos from Nolen_Void   CategoryFantasy    Last Update2018/6/11 13:54
Hits146  Comments1    
A visual aid I generated for a D&D campaign I wrote.  Very much inspired by Skottie Young's "I Hate Fairyland" #1 cover.

Party Time

Party TimePopular
SubmitterNolen_VoidMore Photos from Nolen_Void   CategoryFantasy    Last Update2018/6/11 13:53
Hits129  Comments3    
Another picture for my D&D campaign.

Influence Map Too: Dragondack's Sci-Fi & TV Influence Map

Influence Map Too: Dragondack's Sci-Fi & TV Influence MapPopular
SubmitterDragondackMore Photos from Dragondack   CategoryMonthly and other challenges    Last Update2018/6/11 1:16
Hits181  Comments4    
Yes,yes there is always more isn't there with things like this?
Since I did mention them here are all the Sci-Fi shows I loved
Batman,Time Tunnel,Star Trek ,Lost in Space,Space 1999,
Voyage to the bottom of the Sea,U.F.O, for long ago then there's
the Cartoon shows,Jonny Quest and all the others too.

Influence Map: Newspaper Artists

Influence Map: Newspaper ArtistsPopular
SubmitterpijonMore Photos from pijon   CategoryMonthly and other challenges    Last Update2018/6/10 20:05
Hits162  Comments7    
I figured this one would be an easy one to do and it was but once again, I feel like I've left out more than I've included! A couple of crossover artists here: Eisner started Spirit in the newspapers and later went to comics while Gil Kane started in comics before doing Star Hawks. Some of these others were big influences on some great comic artists, like Raymond's influence on Al Williamson, Foster's on Frank Frazetta and Caniff's on Jim Aparo.


SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2018/6/10 12:32
Hits113  Comments3    
Imagine of you will a man composed entirely of light.  James Palmer is such a man. A former space explorer whose ship ventured far too closely to a black hole.  James should not have been able to survive for not even light can escape the abyss that is a black hole, but survive he did though not unscathed.  James underwent a transformation of cosmic proportions emerging from the other side of the wormhole as a being of pure light. he found that each wavelength of color allowed him to do different things control different aspects of reality as it were. Red, allows manipulation of heat and fire, yellow life, green positive emotions, blue death, orange healing, violet negative emotions, Infrared light is one type of light that is invisible to us. Gamma rays, X-rays, ultraviolet light, microwaves and radio waves are all visible to him, as well as being possible to manipulate. he is the ultimate stealth fighter.  Using light and radiation to combat cosmic forces beyond the reach of most mortals.  Illusions are the least of his powers but he can create anything he can envision as solid or ethereal light constructs. James is a good man brought up with strong values of life, goodness and responsibility.  Upon discovering his newfound abilities hes has sworn to use them for the cause of Justice calling himself Prizym.

Influence Map Too: The Dragondack Influence Map

Influence Map Too: The Dragondack Influence MapPopular
SubmitterDragondackMore Photos from Dragondack   CategoryMonthly and other challenges    Last Update2018/6/8 18:05
Hits235  Comments5    
Well I started writing names of Artists and influence's down.
There are so many!
Though quickly the list was up to over 50 or more.
I thought I had better trim it down to at least top 20 or so?

Though they are not in any particular order of assembly.
I like one as good as the next they are all influences to me.

Never mind over the years all the Sci-Fi shows I loved
Batman,Time Tunnel,Star Trek ,Lost in Space,Space 1999,
Voyage to the bottom of the Sea,U.F.O, for long ago then there's
the Cartoon shows,Jonny Quest and all the others too.
And Let's not get stated on the movies or Poster Art people.
All my Aritist are listed on my map for references also.

Influence Map: Ditko

Influence Map: DitkoPopular
SubmitterpijonMore Photos from pijon   CategoryMonthly and other challenges    Last Update2018/6/8 10:38
Hits170  Comments5    
So I decided to try something a little different this time around. Rather than using the template, I decided to break the mold and step out from the grid. I focused on a single major influence on me for this influence map.
Sure, Jack Kirby probably would have been the obvious choice, the artistic giant who practically built the house of Marvel single handedly. But instead, I went with Steve Ditko, focusing on some of the characters he had a hand in creating. I always thought Ditko was remarkably unique and innovative in his comics style. Everybody was trying to be Kirby back in the 60's but nobody could even figure out how to imitate Ditko. So in the spirit of Ditko, I tried a quirkier approach here
It's all about Ditko heroes and art in my influence map:
Top: Spider-man, Blue Beetle, Dr. Strange
Middle: The Question, Captain Atom, The Creeper, Mr. A
(Ditko Self Portrait)
Bottom: Shade the Changing Man, Stalker, Squirrel Girl.
(Background from Dr. Strange)
There's plenty of other oddball Ditko characters like the Hawk and the Dove, Destructor, Speedball, Static, Killjoy and the Mocker but I just didn't have room for all of them!
There is one Ditko design that is an absolute classic that most of you are very familiar with but didn't know it was his. Although Jack Kirby was the creator of Iron Man, that original suit was big and bulky. Iron Man's classic red and gold suit that remained largely unchanged for years... yup, Ditko did that too.

Legion of Doom Forclosure

Legion of Doom ForclosurePopular
SubmittermagnuschMore Photos from magnusch   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2018/6/6 23:55
Hits198  Comments4    
The new Legion of Doom HQ id Joker and Harley's new Doublewide...looks like everyone's finding themselves a little spot of home here.

Influence Map Too: The Heromorph Influence

Influence Map Too: The Heromorph InfluencePopular
SubmitterLady HeromorphMore Photos from Lady Heromorph   CategoryMonthly and other challenges    Last Update2018/6/4 18:31
Hits226  Comments4    
I did an Influence Map too because I wanted to thank all of our HeroMorph artists whose work appeared in this year's challenges so far. Thank you all for your contributions. You are my inspiration and what makes Heromorph great! Each contributing artist's name listed below is a linked to their gallery. Click on their links to be treated to even more of their great art...
Dark Wanderer
Jinky Coronado

Photo No. 176-210 (out of 17718 photos hit)