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DDJJ: 'The Thing' With Kevin Hart

DDJJ: 'The Thing' With Kevin Hart
SubmitterDragondackMore Photos from Dragondack   CategoryMonthly and other challenges    Last Update2019/1/14 20:06
Hits71  Comments0    
DDJJ: 'The Thing' With Kevin Hart

Some one said I'd better get these up today!

DDJJ: 'Switch' with Kevin Hart

DDJJ: 'Switch' with Kevin HartPopular
SubmitterDragondackMore Photos from Dragondack   CategoryMonthly and other challenges    Last Update2019/1/13 0:09
Hits104  Comments1    
DDJJ: 'Switch' with Kevin Hart

I was doin something for someone and thought of this!

DDJJ - Doc

DDJJ - Doc
SubmitterOzZyMore Photos from OzZy   CategoryMonthly and other challenges    Last Update2019/1/12 16:29
Hits75  Comments1    
Final one.

DDJJ - Family Feud

DDJJ - Family Feud
SubmittermagnuschMore Photos from magnusch   CategoryMonthly and other challenges    Last Update2019/1/12 15:22
Hits76  Comments3    
Skywalker Family Feud Starring Kevin Hart

DDJJ: Hart to Hart - the movie

DDJJ: Hart to Hart - the movie
SubmitterpijonMore Photos from pijon   CategoryMonthly and other challenges    Last Update2019/1/11 23:28
Hits80  Comments3    
Anyone remember the old TV show?!

DDJJ - Condorman

DDJJ - Condorman
SubmittermagnuschMore Photos from magnusch   CategoryMonthly and other challenges    Last Update2019/1/11 20:19
Hits58  Comments0    
Kevin Hart is Condorman...loved this movie when it came out

DDJJ:  'Total Recall'  With Kevin Hart

DDJJ: 'Total Recall' With Kevin Hart
SubmitterDragondackMore Photos from Dragondack   CategoryMonthly and other challenges    Last Update2019/1/11 18:57
Hits95  Comments2    
DDJJ:  'Total Recall'  With Kevin Hart

DDJJ - Twins

DDJJ - Twins
SubmittermagnuschMore Photos from magnusch   CategoryMonthly and other challenges    Last Update2019/1/11 18:02
Hits78  Comments3    
Shaq and Kev in the remake...

DDJJ - 3 D

DDJJ - 3 D
SubmitterOzZyMore Photos from OzZy   CategoryMonthly and other challenges    Last Update2019/1/11 16:38
Hits71  Comments2    
Why Not?    

DDJJ - Bats

DDJJ - Bats
SubmitterOzZyMore Photos from OzZy   CategoryMonthly and other challenges    Last Update2019/1/10 14:05
Hits65  Comments1    
Hey! If a comedian could do it the first time...

DDJJ: 'AVATAR' With Kevin Hart

DDJJ: 'AVATAR' With Kevin Hart
SubmitterDragondackMore Photos from Dragondack   CategoryMonthly and other challenges    Last Update2019/1/10 3:41
Hits83  Comments1    
DDJJ: 'AVATAR' With Kevin Hart

DDJJ - Sister

DDJJ - Sister
SubmitterOzZyMore Photos from OzZy   CategoryMonthly and other challenges    Last Update2019/1/9 8:10
Hits80  Comments3    
Yeah... Someone had to do it.  

Ebony Veil

Ebony VeilPopular
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2019/1/9 6:06
Hits100  Comments5    
With a name like Ebony Veil one would expect a female...not so in this case. Ebony Veil is the name taken by the clone of Obsidian Mask. Fennec Ne'rdo was created by the Vizier of Obominous tyrant ruler and possibly an elder god in mortal form. Fennec truly believed he was the real Obsidian mask and his construction was even precise enough to fool Obsidian's enchanted blade "Godslayer" but not enough to fool his consort Aini. Fennec had been used to assassinate many high profile targets within the IGFW and caused a great deal of trouble for the Real Obsidian and himself. After his discovery as a clone Fennec issued a single order "Find Obsidian Mask and rescue him.". Fennec is as much like the real Obsidian Mask and possesses ALL f his knowledge up the point of his creation.  One notable difference is that unlike Obsidian, Fennec does not possess Cybernetic eyes retaining his elven night vision.  After the rescue of the ral Obsidian and the sunsequent defeat of Abominous, Fennec was, by his own request, turned over to IGFW authorities to answer for his crimes. Thanks to the efforts of the Scions of Justice and the true Obsidian Mask, Fennec was given the choice to serve the IGFW for 175 years, a far cry from the death sentence he most likely most likely would have received. His skills  and knowledge of IGFW Black Ops are identical to those of Obsidian Mask who served with distinction so the Federation was confident that he would continue to uphold those standards.  It is well known that Fennec is a clone though that is not what  ANYONE calls him.  Records to this date identify him as Obsidian Mask's twin brother and no one disputes it.   His current assignment is the leader of a small Special Ops group called "Black I.C.E." who handle high priority missions deemed too sensitive to outsource. The squad member's names are unknown to each other save for Fennec who is well known to each of them and who knows each of their identities.  Fennecs awards have cut his 175 years sentence down to a mere 75 years for outstanding performance and ability to accomplish the impossible.  It would be safe to say his skills may outshine those of Obsidian Mask given that he is constantly in action with little down time.  Fennec uses advanced IGFW technology and is what is known as a "Free Reign" agent allowed to work independently of handlers.  His code name Ebony veil is a play on Obsidian Mask... He chose it himself to honor his brother to whom is very grateful for helping him remain among the living, as IGFW laws do not permit cloning or clones and the latter are to be destroyed upon confirmation of their genome.  This law is the primary reason that Fennec's records were altered, and as far as his crimes are concerned, he committed them "Under Duress" i.e. Brainwashing.

DDJJ: 'Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse' with Kevin Hart

DDJJ: 'Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse' with Kevin HartPopular
SubmitterDragondackMore Photos from Dragondack   CategoryMonthly and other challenges    Last Update2019/1/8 20:53
Hits203  Comments5    
 'Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse'

Stayed up all night,till past 6AM on this!

I've had this poster kickin around for awhile?
I used it to do a picture with a few friends in it,

I think it turned out rather well.
Till I saw a few mistakes and did last minute fixes today!

DDJJ - Alice

DDJJ - Alice
SubmitterOzZyMore Photos from OzZy   CategoryMonthly and other challenges    Last Update2019/1/8 14:08
Hits75  Comments2    
Whelp... Since Dragondack started things with an image similar to my original idea I guess this will have to do...

DDJJ: Kevin Hart as Blade

DDJJ: Kevin Hart as Blade
SubmitterpijonMore Photos from pijon   CategoryMonthly and other challenges    Last Update2019/1/7 20:20
Hits88  Comments3    
Well, since Dragondack kicked things off with a Marvel movie character, figured I'd keep that trend going...

DDJJ: Kevin Hart is 'Venom'

DDJJ: Kevin Hart is 'Venom'
SubmitterDragondackMore Photos from Dragondack   CategoryMonthly and other challenges    Last Update2019/1/7 18:43
Hits95  Comments3    
DDJJ: Kevin Hart is 'Venom'

Well somebody had to start it?

Here's my first anyway!


SubmitterlordcoyoteMore Photos from lordcoyote   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2019/1/7 10:48
Hits105  Comments2    
Some lampshades just need to be hanged...

Lady Death

Lady DeathPopular
SubmitterchillyplasmaMore Photos from chillyplasma   CategoryOther Comics    Last Update2019/1/5 2:09
Hits165  Comments2    


SubmitterchillyplasmaMore Photos from chillyplasma   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2019/1/4 2:50
Hits166  Comments5    

New Rides.jpg

New Rides.jpg
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   CategoryTV and Movies    Last Update2019/1/3 12:52
Hits95  Comments1    
So In a colossal act of utter stupidity I accidentally deleted hundreds of files for popular media models... It made me physically sick. Some of them are no longer available anywhere and some I have no money to replace. On the plus side... I was able to reacquire a great many of them which now have to be sorted.   That being said I have acquired some upgraded versions of models that are this Star Destroyer.  So fns get ready for some updated images of some old favorites. New techniques, new models, and new outlook.

Doctor Who: One Shot Special: New New Year

Doctor Who: One Shot Special: New New YearPopular
SubmitterDragondackMore Photos from Dragondack   CategoryTV and Movies    Last Update2019/1/1 15:03
Hits163  Comments2    
Doctor Who: One Shot Special: New New Year

I though this still they were holding out @ the BBC,
waiting to air the Special on New Years day this year!

Happy Who year Everyone!

Buddy's After X-mas

Buddy's After X-masPopular
SubmitterMFMore Photos from MF   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2018/12/31 16:36
Hits129  Comments0    
My last pin-up of 2018 features my OC Buddy trying on a late Christmas gift from her clueless Aunt Sally from out of state. I might have to do a comic strip story about her in the coming year.

Lolethal Debut

Lolethal DebutPopular
SubmitterwetworksMore Photos from wetworks   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2018/12/30 6:38
Hits122  Comments1    
This is Lolethal, a villian I have been working on.Comic Villian


SubmitterlordcoyoteMore Photos from lordcoyote   CategoryFantasy    Last Update2018/12/29 13:04
Hits89  Comments0    
"Aw, c'mon boys. Surely you can find it in you to let little ol' innocent me go and forget about  this chest of treasure that I totally found just lying on the street?"

The Guys

The Guys
SubmitterLordKuyohashiMore Photos from LordKuyohashi   CategoryTV and Movies    Last Update2018/12/29 12:36
Hits90  Comments2    
Rando: "Hey, LordK, why don't you ever do portraiture?"
Me: "See that guy, top-left corner? That's Bill Murray."
Rando: "....Oh....Oh dear god..."

Yeah. That's why.

Enter He-Man

Enter He-ManPopular
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   CategoryTV and Movies    Last Update2018/12/28 18:00
Hits383  Comments1    
I make my way out of Skeletor's spike pit back up to the throne room, a task simplified by the fact that NOBODY is at their post  Everyone is focused entirely on He-Man.  There's unconscious bodies everywhere He-Man is no slouch when it comes to kicking ass but overall their injuries are minor because apparently he's holding back.  I'm running at a full clip when out of nowhere a massive cyborg with blue skin leaps in front of a doorway to bar my passage.  I can't stop fast enough and so the two of us collide tumbling into the adjacent room.  Faster than the metal jawed cyborg can think I do a quick Kip Up and we're facing each other.  We face off sword in hand, and he's smiling wide because he has obvious physical advantages... or so he thinks. The sounds of fighting echo throughout Snake Mountain as He-Man makes his way onward while this metal headed goon and I stare each other down.  I activate my energy blade and the look on his face tells me everything I need to know.  He's not certain he can beat me.  He points his cybernetic appendage at me and with the equipped weapon fires a blast at my head.  Just for the look on his face I let it hit me.  Instantly I am rewarded with a dumbfounded expression.

"I sincerely hope for your sake Cyborg that that wasn't your best move, because of it was..."

My words are cut off as he fires at the ceiling above me in a vain attempt to bury me alive under the ensuing rubble.

"How's that chrome dome?"

I rise from beneath the ton of rubble as if it were a pile of Styrofoam, and again the look on his face is one of utter confusion.

"Chrome Dome?  Seriously?"

He leaps at me with a new appendage attached, one designed for close combat.  As he swings I remove is entire cybernetic arm with a single swing.

"Go ahead do something else stupid I dare you!"  

My words do not fall on deaf ears as he scrambles to his feet and practically breaks his own neck panicking to get away from me.

I deactivate my sword and head further up as fast as I can.  As I near the throne room of the fortress I decide to slow things down and take to the shadows.

Upon entering the room I am greeted by the sight of He-Man and Orko face to face with Skeletor. In the distance I hear what sounds like a Lion's roar and I'm not sure I wanna be here anymore.
Turning my attention back to the magic Sword wielding barbarian and this sawed-off mage I am impressed by the sight.  The people of this world are positively massively muscled.  In He-Man's case I'm certain it's an aspect of his magical nature like the magically empowered heroes from my reality, but Skeletor and his goons?  I'm not even sure how he eats let alone works out.  I digress, as I ponder these idiosyncrasies, the two big men square off.

"Enough He-Man, drop your sword and surrender or else."

"I don't think so Bonehead, Castle Grayskull will never be yours, not so long as I draw a breath."

"Is that so you musclebound clod? Then behold Faker! Destroy He-Man!!!"

What happens next is a mind blower, what appears to be a clone of the intrepid hero steps out from the shadows, identical in every way except his blue-tinted skin.

"What the?" He-Man's words echo my thoughts.  "Nice try Skeletor but not quite."

As the two musclebound men engage in battle I'm unsure how Skeletor has enough power to match He-Man yet somehow fails to conquer Grayskull, let alone the world.  It doesn't matter really the fact that this is all going on isn't my primary concern and as Skeletor attempts to make his getaway I leap into action.  I pounce from above and using my infinitium blade I cut his miserable staff cleanly in two.

"You're next you skull faced piece of.."

"I surrender!"


"I said I surrender, to you hero.  Take me away."

"Oh is that what you think is going on here?  You think I'm a hero?"  I raise my sword level with his head inches away from his bony face. "You're barking up the wrong tree motherfucker.  You left the hero behind you.  Allow me to introduce myself, I'm Obsidian mask assassin and mercenary for hire.  I am so much worse than that guy you're trying to kill back there and you know what? That reminds me, you tried to fucking KILL ME!"

"What-what're you talking about?"  He says terrified as he realizes I will probably kill him for real. Then his tone changes his bluff was called and it makes him show his true intent. "In that case, Die interloper!!!"

A flash of magical energy flies form his hand, magic that is absorbed harmlessly by my armor.

"No this cannot be? How is this even possible?"

"I'd tell you Skeletor, but then I'd have to...Oh yeah I'm gonna do that anyway, now where's She-Ra?" My shouts are interrupted by another magical blast from Evil-Lynn and I have finally had enough. Instantly my gun appears in my left hand and I put a round right between her pretty little eyes. In an instant the the fighting stops and everyone stands frozen in place horrified by this sudden act of brutal finality.


Skeletor's words echo off the walls and the utter silence is unnerving, eerie. I break it without remorse.

"I did, and you're next. Now answer me!"

In a flash He-Man's shield screams across the room slamming hard into my gun knocking it out of my hand and across the room. In the blink of an eye he's made the distance between him and me vanish and he grabs me by my helmet pinning me to a nearby wall.

"What have you done!?!?"  His voice is full of rage.  I'm not entirely sure why he's so pissed off until I see Skeletor holding Evil-Lynn's limp body tightly while sobbing uncontrollably.

"Are you guys serious?  Let go of me before this becomes a thing."

"You killed her!" HE-Man says in disbelief yet again.

"Like she just tried to do to me? Like he tried to do to me...TWICE!  Yeah, you're damned right I did.  I never killed anyone who didn't try to kill me first though."

"We DO NOT KILL OUR FOES ON ETERNIA!!!"   He shouts it like it's some sort of motto I'm suppose to know... Okay time to bring everyone up to speed.

"Okay you Whack-Jobs listen up.  I have no clue why your gods brought me here but I am absolutely gonna tell you this: You get two warnings then blood flows it is that simple. Now I am here to find the Princess of Power or her whereabouts and as of now I think I'm gonna make a shining example out of anyone who makes that job more difficult than it has to be...Including you hero boy!!!"

Just then Orko in a fit of rage does something stupid, he attempts to cast a spell. The magic is again absorbed harmlessly by my armor and now it's my rage that's up.

"Little legless wonder, have you lost your Gods damned mind?  Don't you know I can kill you?"

He man jumps to the rescue again pinning me to a wall.  My computer has rated his strength as on Par with Infinity-Man so there's no way I can survive a physical confrontation with him, but he doesn't know what flashing is so I summon my pistol and put two heavy concussion rounds into his chest.  They don't do any damage but they knock the big man across the room and onto his ass.  I reach into my belt and pull out an Anti-Matter grenade and start making threats like a common terrorist.

"That is the last time I let you put your hands on me and live, you got it? Next time I kill you dead and Eternia mourns it's greatest hero. Now before you get any ideas, you see this thing in my hand?  This is an anti-matter grenade. Antimatter annihilates Matter, you and everything in this entire universe is made of matter. So when this goes off the only thing left in this area and for miles in every direction...will be me. I am done fucking around with your rules and your planet.  All I want is for Skull Face to answer my question once and for all.  Now for the last time...Where is She-Ra?"

"Why are you searching for She-Ra?" He-Man asks as if he was oblivious to my previous inquiries.

"Finding her Numbnuts, and returning her safely to Castle Grayskull is my current contract."

"Who hired you?"

"Your sorceress if you must know."

"The sorceress hired YOU?" He asks in disbelief.

"I come highly recommended. If anyone can find her it's me, and I will find her no matter how many corpses I have to leave in my wake."

"Is killing your answer to everything?"  

"Get off your soap box Hero, I don't kill indiscriminately. Only when necessary."

"So killing Evil-Lynn was necessary?"

"First of all the first part of her name is FUCKING EVIL you blonde headed bimbo!!! Secondly do you see how the situation changed? people are paying attention and taking me seriously now. NECESSARY!!!"

Just then Skeletor looks up with a tear covered face (He can cry? How do you do that without eyes) and says.  Etheria, she's on Etheria, Hordak is holding her prisoner in his fortress.  Go find her, and I hope he kills you ...Mercenary!  In a puff of smoke he vanishes along with the corpse of Evil-Lynn. He-Man's doppelganger, an android of impressive power but not enough to defeat the hero, is the only villain remaining. I Summon Onyx and head for the window.  Just then He-Man places his hand on my shoulder. I look down and his hand and he quickly removes it.

"Look, if you searching for my sis- Er She-Ra she's a good friend of mine and I'd like to come with you if you don't mind?"

"Fine Hero, but we're playing by my rules.  Don't worry I don't harm innocents or kill indiscriminately. But if it becomes necessary I am very good at it though honestly I'd prefer stealth whenever possible."

"Okay your rules, but I don't kill...EVER."  

"Of course you don't...Hero"

Lote' CMO .jpg

Lote' CMO .jpgPopular
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2018/12/28 5:00
Hits148  Comments0    
My diagnosis? Well, you're screwed.  No seriously when someone comes in with a large parasitic organism attached to their brain there's only one diagnosis and that is... Okay, you're good now.  What I removed it while you were thinking about how screwed you were.  It didn't respond well to negative emotional states so while I did make you cry I also managed to remove it.  I... am... a... Genius.  I wonder if you can make money doing this? Meh, who cares as long as you're in good health I'm happy. Now, go see the nurse for some additional scans, just to be sure there are no babies, and you'll be all set. "  

When Lote' (pronounced You-tay) was first assigned the position of Chief Medical officer she couldn't believe it and she wasn't sure she deserved the position, but her skill implanted by the Golden Star Empire, combined with her three-year internship with the medical clones makes her a natural choice. The sight of blood does not make her squeamish, and her bedside manner is incredibly light, bubbly in fact.  Lote' loves to help people and loathes fighting so it was a great fit for her.  She has even begun her magical tutelage under Shadow's watchful eye to learn how to heal people using magic.  Thus far her magical mentor is very pleased with her "... accelerated rate of progress...".    

first ideal

first idealPopular
SubmitterTazmanMore Photos from Tazman   Categorysecret santa    Last Update2018/12/27 16:12
Hits101  Comments2    
this is what I started working on for the secret Santa until i remembered that Leetah was an Elf...
But here's a look at it anyway


SubmitterlordcoyoteMore Photos from lordcoyote   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2018/12/27 12:56
Hits113  Comments1    
And of course you gotta look your best when kicking @$$ while wearing a skin-tight leotard and stilettos.

The Mad Little Titan

The Mad Little TitanPopular
SubmittermagnuschMore Photos from magnusch   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2018/12/27 2:21
Hits114  Comments1    
Meanwhile on Titan...

Brainy Pencils

Brainy Pencils
SubmitterLordKuyohashiMore Photos from LordKuyohashi   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2018/12/27 1:55
Hits98  Comments1    
I dunno, I think it looked better as a pencil sketch. I know, I know, my own worst critic and all that. But I still say that, even after all these years, I need way more practice inking and colouring before I can honestly say I did a good job.

7 Wonders : Winter

7 Wonders : Winter
SubmitterwhizMore Photos from whiz   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2018/12/26 1:57
Hits99  Comments3    
hey HMers,
happy holidays one and all.
this year i'm feelin pretty festive and pumped for the coming new year.2018 was great artistcally real life had few ups and downs though.all in all i have a great new job and a wonderful family and friends in all 4 corners of the i have a looot to be thankful for.
in other news holy toledo !!! joinin in on the secret santa was a rush and a half!! you guys put together some amazitastic was an honor for me to put an image together for drunkendragon,who i consider a legend in the 3d world.go find his bat models and you'll know what i mean.
anyhoo thanks bunches for all the support over the last 8 years.
see ya's soon,

Aquaman - Movie style

Aquaman - Movie stylePopular
SubmitterWLineMore Photos from WLine   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2018/12/25 10:51
Hits102  Comments3    
Aquaman is in theatres right now and I couldn't let it pass without drawing him.

In the comments section, you will find a video with the Making Of.

And if you like my art and weekly videos, you can subscribe to my   YouTube Channel: Tempo de Arte

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Brazil.

Feliz Natal e um Bom Ano Novo desde o Brasil.    

Dragondack's Gift for the Secret Santas

Dragondack's Gift for the Secret SantasPopular
SubmitterSecret_SantaMore Photos from Secret_Santa   Categorysecret santa    Last Update2018/12/25 2:10
Hits208  Comments7    
Dragondack's gift for all the Secret Santas! Merry Christmas!

Photo No. 176-210 (out of 18019 photos hit)