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Superbabe, cheeky

Superbabe, cheekyPopular
SubmitterGnetsurpherMore Photos from Gnetsurpher   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2004/2/28 10:58
Hits5639  Comments9    
Ok, a little cheeky, cheescake shot of Supergirl.  This was a great Supergirl costume but that skirt WAS pretty short in the comics!  Anyway, please enjoy.  Comments are welcome by the way, on all of my manips.  Thanks!

White Queen

White QueenPopular
SubmitterGnetsurpherMore Photos from Gnetsurpher   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2004/2/28 10:52
Hits6144  Comments10    
Jamie Pressley's black and white head shot, colored and placed on the body of the model that's been used quite a lot here for different manips.  I saw her as Powergirl and Supergirl I think somehere here.

Supergal 2

Supergal 2Popular
SubmitterGnetsurpherMore Photos from Gnetsurpher   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2004/2/28 10:50
Hits5021  Comments4    
Same model, different pic.  With both pics I had to frankenstein the hand on the left? Right? from the one on the opposite side since it was originally cut off in the model pic.


SubmitterGnetsurpherMore Photos from Gnetsurpher   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2004/2/28 10:48
Hits4333  Comments5    
My version of Supergirl.  I know there's probably lots of things wrong like lighting or shading and if I was doing this for a pro job or something, I'd stress about it, but it's just a hobby really.

X-Men 139 cover

X-Men 139 coverPopular
SubmitterGnetsurpherMore Photos from Gnetsurpher   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2004/2/28 10:44
Hits3829  Comments4    
Did this one a few months ago.  It's the first cover I attempted.  Without the original cover having a background this was a rather quick one.  I'm proud of the capes.

Ultimate Wasp

Ultimate WaspPopular
SubmitterBatMicMore Photos from BatMic   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2004/2/28 4:45
Hits5817  Comments18    
been dying to do this character for a while but i could never find an appropriate model.this was basically a change of clothes with added insect wings, not too complicated.

Supergirl & Wonder Woman 2

Supergirl & Wonder Woman 2Popular
SubmitterJedifan227More Photos from Jedifan227   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2004/2/26 20:17
Hits5714  Comments6    
This is my submission for the "Hot Girl on Girl" contest. I spent about 1 1/2 hrs. on it. I think it's pretty damn hot! What do you guys think?

Ms Marvel  by Batmic

Ms Marvel by BatmicPopular
SubmitterBatMicMore Photos from BatMic   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2004/2/26 15:10
Hits4274  Comments6    
thought it would be nice to see a "before" pic along with the finished image. i couldn't think of a decent setting for her so i tried to play with the light a little bit.

Alpha Flight By Warm Fuzzy

Alpha Flight By Warm FuzzyPopular
SubmitterwarmachinexMore Photos from warmachinex   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2004/2/25 2:46
Hits3471  Comments3    
The canadian super hero team alpha flight by artist Warm Fuzzy.

Victoria Pratt as Cheetara by MilleniumBum

Victoria Pratt as Cheetara by MilleniumBumPopular
SubmitterwarmachinexMore Photos from warmachinex   CategoryTV and Movies    Last Update2004/2/25 2:42
Hits4173  Comments6    
The beautiful Victoria Pratt from Mutant X as Cheetara from Thundercats.

Siryn By Amy Karas

Siryn By Amy KarasPopular
SubmitterwarmachinexMore Photos from warmachinex   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2004/2/25 2:39
Hits3825  Comments3    
The model is Isla Fisher.

Hawkgirl by Winterhawk

Hawkgirl by WinterhawkPopular
SubmitterWinterhawkMore Photos from Winterhawk   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2004/2/24 21:26
Hits5364  Comments8    
After seeing Jover's Hawkgirl, I decided to give the character a try. Not much else to say started last night. finished this afternoon. Base pic from the models selection folder in the adult gallery. thanks cereal for the base.


SubmitterJustinBLong2003More Photos from JustinBLong2003   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2004/2/24 14:51
Hits21265  Comments15    
I was trying to do a piece that told a story instead of a pin up.  I know that it's not the greats picture reference, but i tried.  What I work on first was Giganta.  I increased her chest size to make her look bigger.  Then I tried to lighten the areas that were further away from her.  Then I changed the swimsuit on her to make it look like Giganta costume.  It still looks like a bra.  Then I put her into this city picture witch was not the best.  I tried to make her bigger then the buildings, but she still looks like I just cut and pase it in.  Then I put some rubble next to the buildings to make it look that Giganta is stomping through the city.  Then I added smoke to the rubble.  Then came in Wonder Woman.  I added stars to her panties, scan in Alex Ross painting of Wonder Woman belt, then change her skin to the red part of here outfit.  I added some one else hair to the body and tried to match the lighting to the sceen.  Then I distorted her body to make it widder on the bottom then the top.  I did not add the lasso because I though it would be a distraction.  If this was a real picture, Wonder Woman would probably be blured, but I wanted to keep her in focus so that you can ejoy it.  Over all I give a 7.


SubmitterJedifan227More Photos from Jedifan227   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2004/2/23 22:45
Hits2832  Comments1    
This one's for "thebear". he had posted the base, but i guess i beat him to the punch. Enjoy!

Superman Artistic

Superman ArtisticPopular
SubmitterJedifan227More Photos from Jedifan227   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2004/2/23 20:35
Hits3518  Comments2    
I found this pic on altavista, amongst all the bullshit. And I thought it was cool. Hope you like it.


SubmitterJedifan227More Photos from Jedifan227   CategoryOther Comics    Last Update2004/2/23 3:05
Hits3520  Comments5    
This is one of the fact I just did it! I loved this pose and had to use it. Enjoy!!


JLA ATTACK!!!Popular
SubmitterJunFanMore Photos from JunFan   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2004/2/22 12:01
Hits12716  Comments9    
This is my first submission here (personally), but I'm very proud of this piece.  I hope you all enjoy it.   Peace!   -Leif.

Supergirl 31

Supergirl 31Popular
SubmitterJedifan227More Photos from Jedifan227   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2004/2/22 2:14
Hits4216  Comments5    
Zdenka Podkapova is my favorite Supergirl model. More like these at!

Green Arrow by Jover

Green Arrow by JoverPopular
SubmitterJoverMore Photos from Jover   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2004/2/21 16:50
Hits3655  Comments7    
Been wanting to do this character for some time and I finally found the right combination of base pics (3 of them) to try it.


SubmitterBatMicMore Photos from BatMic   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2004/2/20 9:34
Hits2647  Comments5    
i enjoyed doing this pic. i think when you start to do an image that you are dreading and suddenly you can see it working out, it can be a surprise.
i drew in the webs, added some extra shading and also tilted his head up a bit. the base pic was a guy lying on the floor and when i rotaed it the head seemed  to hang downwards. i also experimented with light sources on this one.


SubmitterJesterGfxMore Photos from JesterGfx   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2004/2/19 21:21
Hits2716  Comments6    
This is my first attempt at a hero manipulation, after much time studying various tutorials. Thoughts?

PUNISHER by Batmic

PUNISHER by BatmicPopular
SubmitterBatMicMore Photos from BatMic   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2004/2/19 15:15
Hits2703  Comments5    
this was done in a few hours. maybe i could have spent more time on the belt but i really didn't know what to do with it.
the pouches were cut and paste and seem to work.

anyway that's enough apology, now tell me what's wrong with it.


SubmitterJustinBLong2003More Photos from JustinBLong2003   CategoryTV and Movies    Last Update2004/2/19 10:20
Hits5051  Comments3    
This is basically a rip off from Adam Hughes version of Tomb Raider.  I just shorten her hair, added a M-16 in her hand and shorten her sleeves.  This was done on a 8.5 by 11 white paper and a 3B pencil.

Daredevil by Batmic

Daredevil by BatmicPopular
SubmitterBatMicMore Photos from BatMic   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2004/2/18 13:19
Hits2361  Comments1    
why is so difficult to find a good photo of a male model. this was a toss-up between DD and Spider-man, i might Spider-man sometime but all the negative remarks about how difficult it is to do the webs kinda puts me off.

x-men 137

x-men 137Popular
SubmitterBrickMore Photos from Brick   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2004/2/17 22:30
Hits3802  Comments10    
My attempt to duplicate the cover of x-men 137.

It was a frankenstien's monster, and If I _ever_ try something like this again I will take better care in the organization of the project!

Catwoman by krimsonklown

Catwoman by krimsonklownPopular
SubmitterkrimsonklownMore Photos from krimsonklown   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2004/2/17 22:06
Hits4312  Comments2    
this be the second serious attempt at maniping.  to me, this was a bit easier than the jubs pic, dunno why, a lot of help from Darque Images on the mask...any way...let me know what you think, just remeber...this was from a while back...but ive got more in the works....we shall see, i reckon.

Photon v.2 (Update!)

Photon v.2 (Update!)Popular
SubmitterDivine_Monkey711More Photos from Divine_Monkey711   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2004/2/17 7:24
Hits3835  Comments4    
Beyonce Knowles as Photon of the Avengers.
My first version of this manip was the wrong color (bad research). But U guys corrected my mistake, so here is an updated, silver-suit, version.
Hope U like this one better.

BD69's Spidergirl

BD69's SpidergirlPopular
SubmitterBadDog69More Photos from BadDog69   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2004/2/16 12:00
Hits3398  Comments7    
Number one in my "along came a spider theme"
see the other 2 in the Adult Gallery

This manip started simple and became the beast from hell. As anyone whose done a Spidergirl manip can attest to "those damn weblines are killer!"

Took creative liscense with the costume variation (I thought it robbed her of her femininity to hide her eyes lips and hair)

comments welcome (praise and cash, even more so)

"Black & White" Marvel Team-Up (Sage & Emma Frost)

"Black & White" Marvel Team-Up (Sage & Emma Frost)Popular
SubmitterAngelophileMore Photos from Angelophile   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2004/2/14 12:57
Hits7790  Comments10    
Didn't come through in time for February's contest, but I decided to go ahead and finish the manip as a personal challenge. My take on the Marvel Team-Up cover using Emma Frost and Sage from the X-men comics.

More frankensteining used on their costumes, which I'm pretty pleased with as (for once) I've stuck true to canon. Lot of work went into Sage's costume. By comparison Emma's was easy. (Probably since there's so little of it ;) Comments appreciated as always..

vamp by batmic

vamp by batmicPopular
SubmitterBatMicMore Photos from BatMic   CategoryOther Comics    Last Update2004/2/14 10:54
Hits5826  Comments10    
anthor vampirella pic, i tried to make the boots a bit, more leathery and the blood was more of an afterthought. be honest and let me know what you think.

Tigra  -See? No tan-lines when you've got fur.

Tigra -See? No tan-lines when you've got fur.Popular
SubmitterDivine_Monkey711More Photos from Divine_Monkey711   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2004/2/14 1:24
Hits5303  Comments10    
The model is Katie Price (aka Jordan). I turned her into a brunette, altered her face, painted her fur, lines and silver cat-head by hand, and added the tail. Tough and challenging; I will never do fur again!
But I must admit, I'm quite happy with the result

Queen Medusa

Queen MedusaPopular
SubmitterDarqueImagesMore Photos from DarqueImages   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2004/2/13 23:53
Hits4033  Comments7    
Alright! Finally I have a manip to post! Took a total of 5 days to do this ( wasn't easy between work, the kids, and the wife) and finally I just got tiredof staing at it.  Turned out pretty good, all things considered.  The hair needs some work, but that was proving to be a serious painin the you know what, backgound could've been better, foregorund too (or the ground rather).  O.k. pick it apart now guys.

Batgirl by Dark Knight

Batgirl by Dark KnightPopular
SubmitterDark_Knight_DKMore Photos from Dark_Knight_DK   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2004/2/13 22:31
Hits5817  Comments6    
between my job my girlfriend and the experimentation with the path tool, It took me a while to finish this one, but at the end it was worth the time.

Supergirl 1000 by Heroglyph

Supergirl 1000 by HeroglyphPopular
SubmitterHeroglyphMore Photos from Heroglyph   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2004/2/13 11:53
Hits8870  Comments9    
Here is my submission for the Heromorph #1000 idea discussed in the forums. It features a Supergirl from three different eras: 70's, 80's and present day. Perhaps it could be some crisis in time sort of adventure.

"Twilight" - Thandie Newton as Nocturne

"Twilight" - Thandie Newton as NocturnePopular
SubmitterAngelophileMore Photos from Angelophile   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2004/2/13 4:07
Hits4049  Comments4    
Nocturne, the alternate reality daughter of Nightcrawler and the Scarlet Witch from the Exiles comic was a character I felt would be challenging as a photomanip. And, to be honest, it was inspired by a photo of Jolene Balock in subdued lighting from Maxim. The pic seemed to suit so well I was inspired to produce this photomanip.

The angles have all been changed to allow Nocturne to be clinging to the rockface rather than sprawled on the floor. Colourations were changed in Photoshop as per usual. All in all she's ended up looking rather like her Granny Mystique which is no bad thing.

Photo No. 17746-17780 (out of 18081 photos hit)